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Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday September 13

Golden Knights stuck enduring a thumping vs Blues

(8)Golden Knights vs Blues(15)

From-the drop of the ball, the Golden Knights had no time to settle and conceded goals that that kept coming in waves primarily stemmed by C.Arnoldo , T.Nardelli and K.Labelle. The three were the main part of a flowing attack that never slowed down accumulating a whopping 18 points combined. The Golden Knights struggled leaving to much open space that enabled the Blues to walk in at will. Hesitant and indecisive in defense, they turned over the ball a little to often, conceding territory and possession. They did hold their own in the first portion that had their offense keep pace, but were nowhere to be seen after the mid way point. The Blues just kept pushing the pace with no limits in sight. It got to the point where the Golden Knights didn’t have the will to compete anymore knowing that this was a lost cause. P.Elizardo occupied the attack for the Golden Knights with five points while some of the spares contributed as well with P.Carone, M.Moison and D.Morrone doing their part. It wasn’t about the offense for the Golden Knights, but more so their play without the ball.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Nardelli of the Blues. Leading all players in the points department, T.Nardelli had a field day collecting an impressive seven points that included a hat trick.

Rangers erase three goal deficit to top Senators

(4)Senators vs Rangers(5)

The Rangers took advantage of a late collapse by the Senators netting three consecutive goals. The two goal deficit was put almost immediately in the rear view mirror for the Rangers as they found a momentum swing that was to much to handle for the Senators. And who other than your top goal scorer to get things going. S.Todd needed less than a minute to string a pair of goals to tie the knot. Things did settle down as both sides took a cautious approach since the game was all evened up. As the game was winding down to its final minutes, M.Ferraro seized the moment by bagging his clubs biggest goal. The tally came with only three minutes left in the game in which the Rangers tightened the gaps even more making sure that the Senators would not get to B.Mourad. The net minder had an incredible second half going flawless for over twenty minutes. The Senators caused most of their damage in a short four minute span where they tallied three times. Apart-from that, the offense remained dry as they struggled to get much going offensively.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Brian Mourad of the Rangers. With his club trailing by two, B.Mourad felt confident that the Rangers would pull through knowing that he could make all the necessary stops in order for the comeback to happen.

Hurricanes spoil 4 goal game by J.Fidrilis with 7-4 win

(4)Oilers vs Hurricanes(7)

Its unfortunate to have a four goal game and your team falls short in the win column. With the help of M.Lauzon feeding him on each play, J.Fidrilis was the only player to find the back of the net for the Oilers. It just goes to show that hockey relies on all your elements in order to get the right result. The Hurricanes looked for balance, structure and an overall team game in order to defeat the Oilers on Wednesday night. Starting with their goaltender G.Kanaras standing firm to E.Allen doing his usual breaking up plays while joining the rush, many players chipped in that involved six different goal scorers. It wasn’t really up until the twenty eight minute mark that this game tilted in one direction. That’s when M.Kardum snapped a 3-3 tie with his first of two followed with goals by B.Monette and P.Desforges.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to George Kanaras of the Hurricanes. After some back and forth action with both sides trading three goals a piece, G.Kanaras decided to tighten the screws making it that much harder to be beaten.