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Draft League Sunday

Sunday September 17

Flyers prevail in wild win over Kraken

(9)Kraken vs Flyers(10)

No doubt, the Kraken and the Flyers decided to trade chances on Sunday night. Sure, it was exciting for the forwards as they ran up the score by utilising all their weapons up front. On the other hand, the goaltenders were the ones paying the price having only themselves to rely on. No one knew where this thing was headed with so many twists and turns. When teams combining for nineteen goals, some players will stand out more than others . For the Flyers, S.Koulieris and D.Fortier had productive nights sharing hat tricks while F.Mastrocola did the same but in a losing cause. Trying to find turning points in this type of game is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You really cant point at anything in particular that would have shifted the tides. It came down to who have the better finish since both teams kept outdoing one another with no direction. In the end, M.Destounis scored perhaps the biggest goal of the game that stood up for the winner.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Steve Koulieris of the Flyers. Despite being out of the loop for a while, the forwards hasn’t forgotten how to score and produce points by notching a hat trick and three assists.

Sabres outlast Red Wings in high scoring affair

(12)Sabres vs Red Wings( 8 )

It’s a game of mistakes, and there going to be chances. The Sabres and the Red Wings danced throughout the entire game never taking a shift off that had everyone expose the defenceless net minders. Both goaltenders knew they were going to be in tough as the shots and high end scoring never ended. The Sabres were a little more in control of the situation since they managed to play in front. Its seemed every time the Red Wings would battle back, the Sabres kept enough distance ahead by responding. Offense was widely spread out-from the regulars while the spares between S.Kavaldjian and C.Cusson did damage combining for five goals. Momentum didn’t apply much in this contest with neither side able to pull stay consistent long enough. Due to their better start and ability to answer back, the Sabres did just enough to hold on to a high scoring tilt with the Red Wings.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Nick Macri of the Sabres. Hard to contain, N.Macri will always be involved, and tonight was no different as the power forward collected five big points to help lead the way.

One to forget for the Canadiens as the Blackhawks cruise for easy win

(0)Canadiens vs Blackhawks(12)

It was a case of two badly mismatched teams as the Blackhawks ran circles around the Canadiens in what ended as a massive thumping defeat. The Canadiens struggled to get the ball out of their end throughout the entire game as the Blackhawks kept up the onslaught extending their winning ways. Its very difficult to pin point any positives if your the Canadiens. At least if they could have gotten one by G.Follano to say that they spoiled the shutout. In reality, the only positive was when the final buzzer sounded. Sometimes, things just don’t go your way no matter how hard you try. The Canadiens did have some chances and decent moments but couldn’t convert having to go up against an established net minder in G.Follano. Its very possible that this may be the first time that a team has been shutout in the  Draft League. The league manager will need to very the archives if its happened before. Regardless, whether it did ort not, its very rare and difficult to do. Credit to the Blackhawks for keeping a very clean score sheet.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to G.Follano of the Blackhawks. Although he didn’t need to be at his best, G.Follano did do something remarkable by not allowing a single goal in a format that’s extremely difficult to do.

Islanders battle back late , pull off thrilling overtime win

(9)Panthers vs Islanders(10) O.T

During the most of part regulation time, the Panthers couldn’t get over the hump of playing in front. Then, that finally changed when A.Albot scored on a penalty shot followed with a quick tally that provided a two goal lead with less than six minutes remaining. Finally, the Panthers broke the momentum, and shifted it their way in what appeared to be a perfect time. You almost have to feel like you let this one slip away if you’re the Islanders, and why not since you were in control for nearly the entire game. This become a test of character on how one team is to respond when having their backs to the wall. And while many would have likely packed it in, the Islanders had a different approach, and that was to battle harder in which they did by getting two late goals. Once T.Scarpelli bagged his hat trick to pull his side within one, A.Kavaldjian brought it a step further by netting the equaliser right before ending it in style with the overtime winner.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Claude Kfoury of the Islanders. Never once did C.Kfoury take a shift off. His pace and determination to win the game came a long way leading all teammates with six points that included a hat trick.

Strong start propels Bruins past Predators

(5)Predators vs Bruins(12)

The Bruins got off to the start they wanted and never looked back en route to a convincing win over the Predators. It wasn’t up until the fifteen minute mark that the Predators were able to finally stop the bleeding. Although it looked like the damage had already been done with the Bruins up 5-0, the Predators showed immediate signs of  life on three quick goals. Out of nowhere, they caught fire and looked to build of it. Unfortunately, the Bruins weren’t impressed as they went back to their good habits by taking over for good. The offense rode in harmony with many contributing. M.StMartin didn’t score but helped set up five goals. E.Gabrielli, M.Porato and  Z.StMartin all chipped in with a pair while A.Benedetto rebounded after a shaky sequence to get the job done in net.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mathis StMartin of the Bruins. Feeling generous, M.StMartin enjoyed moving the ball to his teammates that resulted in him collecting five nice assists.

Kings use strong finish to down Wild in overtime

(7)Wild vs Kings( 8 ) O.T

It took a while to get going, but the Kings eventually got there as they barley edged out the Wild in overtime. The better start did belong to the Wild as they got most of their scoring done in the first portion of the game. M.Moison and M.DiNiro scored two goals each, P.Carone was lighting it up with four points, and V.Orsini was doing his part in net making the key stops. It’s not like the Kings were in a huge jam, but something had to give. Eventually, the tides started to shift and things were slowly falling into play. That’s when their top guns took over with T.Settino leading the charge with help of a  natural goal scorer in S.Marricco. The catalyst and motor behind the structure of the team is T.Settino, who always makes that impact . After setting up three goals while netting the equaliser, T.Settino made a huge play in overtime by using his back hand that barely touched S.Marricco as the ball trickled behind the goal line.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to T.Settino of the Kings. Unless you pay very close attention to him throughout the entire game, the highly skilled forward won’t ever be denied and provide a huge impact for his team.