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4vs4 Monday

Monday September 18

Deeper Orient roster outlast Classics in season opener

Despite a closely contested first game, it was just a question of time before the Orient would overwhelm the Classics. The first encounter was closer than it should have been with the Orient edging out the recent champions in a shootout. The Orient were deeper utilising tier overall speed that had them keep the ball longer. If it wasn’t for S.Morante making a ton of key saves, the Classics would have been blown out of the water. Instead, they hung in there for as long as possible, and managed to force a shootout thanks to a wicked shot by M.Mavroudis to tie the game. Entering the shootout , both goaltenders were the real story with M.Jobin remaining calm and collective to deny all three shot attempts. The Orient did take it in the end when A.Laramee patiently waited out Morante on a hard wrist shot .Looking back, the Classics were content to go the distance with a much more prepared club compared to their anemic roster. You almost sensed that the second encounter was going to be an issue for the Classics since they looked to be hanging on chasing a quicker opponent. To their credit however, they stayed neck in neck for a good solid period until the flood gates finally opened for the Orient. Once O.Ducharme made the score 3-1, the journey was over for the Classics, who simply couldn’t keep up anymore. A.Laramee and J.Saydi riffled a pair each while M.Jobin made it look easy earning a shutout.

(2)Classics vs Orient(3) S.O

(0)Classics vs Orient(5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Jobin of the Orient. Unless it’s a precious shot, you’ll likely not beat the Orient net minder. M.Jobin allowed only two goals in four periods while denying three straight shootout attempts.