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4vs4 Monday

Monday November 13

Peters unable to match Orients pace

The opening game set the tone for the showdown, as the Orient displayed a formidable combination of precision passing and tight defense. It seemed no matter how hard the Peters tried to generate something, the Orient kept getting in the way by recuperating the ball or keeping it for long stretches. Enough ball possession by high end players will eventually translate onto the scoreboard. The Orient unleashed most of their tallies by the second period on the backs of M.David’s three helpers and J.Saydi’s pair of goals. With a chance for the Peters to redeem themselves in the ensuing match, the Orient proved once more to be a step ahead. This time, they converted three times in the first seven minutes alone with L.Bourgeault striking twice. Its very difficult to find answerers when the opposition limits your gaps and space. Unless the Peters found a way to score first in either game, these results were perhaps likely expected since they were stuck dealing with a shorter bench.  

(1)The Peters vs Orient(4)

(1)The Peters vs Orient(4)

Degenerates and Assadi Consulting inc go the distance in a double thriller

In a jaw dropping display of skill and determination, the Degenerates and the Assadi Consulting inc faced off in back to back games that pushed the boundaries of excitement. Both encounters were so evenly matched that regulation time proved to be insufficient to determine a winner, leading to consecutive shootouts where the Assadi consulting inc converted on one extra play for the extra point. The first encounter saw the Degenerates battle back-from a 2-0 deficit before A.Papazian decided matters in the shootout as the lone successful goal scorer. While much of the second game resembled the first one, this time it was the Assadi Consulting inc that fell down by a pair trailing 3-1. Since both sides were showing an incredible amount of resilience, it came to no surprise that the Assadi Consulting inc bounced back as well getting the games next two goals. Once again, the clock expired, and the two sides were stuck showing off their individual skill set going up against the net minders one on one. Unlike the previous shootout where R.Ranieri of the Degenerates and M.Melo of the Assadi Consulting inc stole the show, this time it was the players turn to shine. N.Katsifolis and P.Paikopoulos each buried their chances for the Degenerates while N.Chiminian and M.Tavouras did the same for the Assadi Consulting inc.

(2)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(3) S.O

(5)Degenerates vs Assadi Consulting inc(5) S.O

Classics use defence and offense in both their wins over the Dragons

The opening game proved to be a defensive showcase, with both the Dragons and the Classics locking horns in a tight contest. The goaltenders on both sides signed up for their first game and did not disappoint with P-O Girourad getting the better of his counter part D.Delaronde. Each team fought fiercely for ball control, resulting in a low scoring affair. The Classics scored the games first two goals courtesy of A.Kakivelis and L.Velenosi while D.Lombardi struck late for the Dragons to spoil P-O Girouard’s shutout. The second game unfolded as a tale of offensive brilliance for the Classics. The Dragons initially matched their opponents intensity, resulting in a close contest throughout the entire first period. However, the Classics looked like a different team entering the final frame as they unleashed early on with three quick goals. By the time it was said and done, the Classics had scored six unanswered tallies to down the Dragons twice on Monday night. C.Kakivelis rattled of a pair in the first period while four different players took turns finding the back of the net by the second frame. The Classics double triumph against the Dragons not only demonstrated their versatility, with a tight defensive win followed by an explosive offensive showcase , but also highlighted the teams resilience and adaptability.

(1)Dragons vs Classics(2)

(3)Dragons vs Classics(6)

Hustlers bounce back after landslide defeat to Punishers

In a true testament to their character and determination , the Hustlers showcased an inspiring bounce back performance after suffering a landslide defeat in their opener against the Punishers. The subsequent game was a remarkable display of grit, teamwork, and an unwavering spirit that underscored the essence of sportsmanship. Unfortunately for the Hustlers, they put it all together a little to late into the season with the playoffs looming around the corner. The first game against the Punishers was a tough pill to swallow. Facing a formidable opponent, they found themselves on the receiving end  of a landslide defeat, a result that could have easily dampened their spirits. However , instead of letting the loss define them , the Hustlers felt confident about their chances and proved it on the court that they can defeat anyone.  If they could have applied the same competiveness nature-from the beginning of the season, they would have been in the conversation of a team competing for the big dance. Instead, a slow start coupled with some lack of urgency has them now looking-from the side lines.

(7)Punishers vs Hustlers(2)

(2)Punishers vs Hustlers(4)

Snipers stage incredible comeback to take points away of a sure Sharpshooters win

From-the opening face off, the Snipers established their control and never let up handing the Sharpshooters a thumping defeat. The win came as a collective team effort that saw six different players score. Apart-from A.Lepore’s power play goal, the Sharpshooters had nothing to show for offensively. The second game promised a redemption opportunity for the Sharpshooters, and they came out determined to make amends. This time, they made sure to get a better start with their forwards finally clicking. A.Lepore was the driving force behind much of his teams offense generating points on all six goals that helped M.Kardum rattle off a pair. With everything looking like a complete turn around compared to the first game, the Sharpshooters felt confident about their chances up 6-3 with less than three minutes remaining. They looked fuelled with desire in order to level the series. But as time was winding down, the Snipers orchestrated a series of electrifying plays that culminated in not one, but three late goals. What once appeared like a sure deal for the Sharpshooters, ended off with a sour taste despite tying the game after a shootout round. Talk about mental toughness if you’re the Snipers. Rather than packing it in, the approach of battling back was a testament to their never give up attitude and ability to elevate their game when it mattered the most.

(6)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(1)

(7)Snipers vs Sharpshooters(7) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jafar Hassan of the Snipers. In a stunning display of skill and clutch performance, J.Hassan emerged as the player of the night scoring two big goals and an assist that overcome a bleak 6-3 deficit into a tie game.