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Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday November 15

Golden Knights stage epic comeback to seal thrilling 11-10 victory against Hurricanes

(11)Golden Knights vs Hurricanes(10)

In a wild roller coaster turn of events, the Golden Knights overcome a 9-5 deficit to snatch a heart stopping 11-10 win over the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes stormed out of the gate building a 5-1 lead on the back of T.Nardelli’s quick hat trick and assist. The ball was finding the back of the net for the Hurricanes with alarming frequency leaving the Golden Knights wondering what was going wrong. Undeterred by the horrible start however, the Golden Knights regrouped vowing to turn the tide in their favour. Their pace really didn’t come into effect until passing the mid way point of the contest. Despite facing an uphill battle of monumental proportions, the Golden Knights did something remarkable by scoring at will showcasing incredible fire power coming-from all directions. S.Marricco  used his ability to protect the ball which resulted in four goals for the power forward. G.Lamothe was also involved in the action netting a pair while T.Angelis may have scored the games most important tally to snap a late 10-10 tie. It goes without saying that everyone on the Golden Knights team was instrumental for the comeback. The victory not only showcased the teams offensive firepower, but also demonstrated their mental toughness and ability to rally against the odds.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Angelis of the Golden Knights. With so many goals to go around, T.Angelis rattled off his second when the game was on the line with overtime looming only a few seconds away.

K.Olivera’s electrifying start paves the way for the Rangers

(9)Rangers vs Senators(5)

The Rangers exploded out of the gate in a hockey frenzy, leaving the Senators in the dust as they surged to a commanding 4-0 lead just passed the ten minute mark. K.Olivera set the court on fire setting the tone with three of his clubs four goals. The Senators wondering what just had happened, figured out a way to slow things down and start playing some hockey. They were able to get their offense going bagging four goals in the first half of the game, but couldn’t keep the Rangers off the score sheet as they barely made ground. Its very difficult playing catch up against a team that has the legs on you. The Rangers like using their speed ,and unless you play with the lead, its very hard to storm back-from a significant deficit. No matter how hard the Senators battled, the Rangers kept enough of a distance to play comfortably ahead. In the end , the electrifying start to the game by the Rangers proved to be the determining factor as to why they walked away with the win. M.Ferraro and M.Santoro scored two goals each for the Rangers while S.Graziani did the same, but in a losing cause.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to K.Olivera of the Rangers. His individual brilliance and ability to capitalise early on with four goals undoubtedly left a lasting impression to his teammates.

S.Tosi’s hat trick propels Stars in tight battle with the Oilers

(6)Stars vs Oilers(4)

In a closely contested battle that had the fans on the edge of their seats, the Stars emerged triumphant with a 6-4 victory over the Oilers. Its now reached the point that S.Tosi will always play a significant role for the Stars. The skilled forward has yet to have a let down game and tonight wasn’t different as he struck three times while setting up L.Cannistraro’s opening tally. The game was extremely close with both sides trading goals. Saving his best for last, S.Tosi scored twice in a minute to help maintain the slight advantage. The Oilers also pushed late, but were stuck trying to level only to fall short. J.Fidrilis carried much of the Oilers offense as the sniper cashed in twice while setting up M.Lauzon. While S.Tosi’s performance took centre stage , the Stars victory came as a collective team effort. B.Verducci made the saves at the right moment to earn the win over a solid counterpart in T.Sauk.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Sergio Tosi of the Stars. Tosi’s goals  served as a catalyst for the Stars, shifting the momentum in their favour and providing a spark that resonated throughout the team.