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E Division and Open

Thursday November 16


P.Chery’s late game heroics sinks Altius in back-and-forth thriller

In an intense ball hockey showdown and possible playoff preview, The Chiefs and Altius put on quite a show. The Chiefs emerged victorious with a narrow 5-4 win over Altius in a game that showcased skill, determination, and a flurry of action, particularly in the final period. Both teams displayed remarkable defensive prowess throughout most of the game, keeping the scoreline tight. However, it was in the third period where the action truly unfolded, with both teams combining for 7 goals, with none bigger than P.Chery’s 2nd of the night, breaking the deadlock and propelling his team to victory.  The late-game heroics of the Chiefs once again showcased their ability to perform under pressure and get results.

(5) Chiefs vs Altius (4)



Fatal Demons hang on for a hard-earned victory over the Krazy Train

Regardless of their position in the standings, when these 2 teams meet each other, it’s always an intense showdown with plenty of action. The Fatal Demons emerged victorious with a narrow 5-4 win in a game that showcased the competitive spirit of both teams, as they exchanged goals throughout the match. Despite facing a short bench, Krazy Train demonstrated their resilience and kept the game close. The score was tied heading into the final frame until the Fatal Demons broke the tie early in the third period, courtesy of M.Mavroudis, who came up clutch bagging both the go ahead goal and the insurance marker. The Demons then went into shutdown mode as they managed to limit Krazy Train's offensive efforts, securing their lead until the final buzzer.

(5) Fatal Demons vs Krazy Train (4)


Generals score early and use balanced attack to stifle the Brew Crew

Playing a team like the Generals requires an overall team effort and of course a good start, which wasn’t the case for the Brew Crew on this night vs a tough opponent. The veteran Generals quickly got on board with the game’s first goal less than a minute into the first period and they never looked back. Once again, the Generals showcased a well-rounded offensive performance, with five different players finding the back of the net. Their ability to spread the scoring load proved to be a key factor in securing the win. The team's balanced attack kept the Brew Crew on their toes, making it challenging for them to predict and counter the Generals' offensive plays. The Generals' solid defensive efforts kept the Brew Crew mostly on the perimeter, limiting their chances to penetrate and create high-quality scoring opportunities.Top of Form

(6) Generals vs Brew Crew (3)



Fatal Demons offensive firepower proves too much for HC Fennecs

Even though it was their second game of the night, the Fatal Demons displayed exceptional stamina, unleashing an offensive onslaught that left HC Fennec struggling to keep up and emerging victorious with a final score of 9-5. The dynamic duo of T. Langiano and M. Destounis played a pivotal role in the Fatal Demons' success, combining forces to accumulate an impressive 10 points. Ball possession was a key factor in the Fatal Demons' dominance, as they dictated the pace of play. Despite the loss, M.Jaffar of the HC Fennec put up an impressive four points, including a hat trick. The Fatal Demons are clicking on all cylinders heading towards the playoffs as they battle for top spot in this highly competitive division.

(9) Fatal Demons vs HC Fennecs (5)




Armadillos get goals in every period and easily dispatch the Rated R

The Armadillos faced off against Rated R, emerging victorious with a convincing 6-1 win. They asserted their dominance early and never trailed throughout the game, showcasing a well-rounded offensive performance. They managed to get tallies in every period, with goals coming from five different players, highlighting the team's depth and scoring versatility, with N. Chiminian leading the way adding with two goals and an assist.  On the defensive end, the Armadillos maintained a solid presence, preventing Rated R from gaining momentum and effectively shutting down their scoring opportunities.  Rated R didn’t help their cause taking several trips to the penalty box and allowing the Armadillos to capitalize on their powerplay.


(6) Armadillos vs Rated R (1)




 SalumiVino Player of the week: Patrick Chery

The rugged forward always brings his grit and intensity when he plays and tonight was no different as he scored 2 big goals for his team including the game winner in the late stages of the game.