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Draft League Sunday playoffs

Sunday January 29(Semi finals)

 Fast start fuels Team Purple rout of Team Pink

 (8)Team Purple vs Team Pink(5)

 Playing with emotion and energy can come a long way. Team Purple was able to taper that emotion making sure they were dialled in right away getting the games first three goals by the nineteen minute mark. When you play that way, teams are usually at their best. Now, that’s not to suggest Team Pink didn’t have some of that will as well. The problem was  that it started to show after a disastrous start which ended up making the entire difference between winning and losing. Even though they managed to pull themselves within one, it still wasn’t enough to carry their momentum. That’s when Team Purple’s sleeping giant woke up and got to work. It didn’t seem to matter that Team Pink had the memo on C.Zafiropoulos’s ability to score at will. With the game still very close and with plenty of time left over, the sharp shooter took it to another level, posting three consecutive tallies to put a clear direction of where this game was headed. The natural sniper had another four goal night and has yet to be figured out. R.Santosuosso chipped in as well with a pair while Q.Joseph had a really strong performance collecting four points as a defenseman.

 The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Costa Zafiropoulos of Team Purple. What more can you say when your leader delivers in a really important game. C.Zafiropoulos had four goals in which three came at a very crucial time ultimately making the difference in this series.

 Team White pull away after Team Red battled back to even the score

 (8)Team White vs Team Red(4)

 It looked like at one point Team Red may have had the formula on how to take done the regular season champions. Despite being down 3-1, M.Barone led the charge rattling off two straight goals to even the score for Team Red. That sequence occurred just passed the thirty minute mark, and the tides appeared to be shifting in the right direction for Team Red. This was a test to see how a good teams react under pressure knowing that the game could go either way. Not only did Team White pass the exam, but they did it with flying colours. The onslaught began as soon as R.Tannous notched his second on a penalty shot. From –there, Team White showed why they are on stop of the standings as they took over riding five of the games next six goals. What made the surge impressive was that it didn’t rely on any one player in particular. Apart -from R.Tannous scoring twice, Team White got contributions-from many different players. Again, G.Villeuenuve was vital for the win as the goaltender continues to impress having allowed only three goals on thirty five shots.

 The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Rodrigue Tannous of Team White. As Team Red looked to be peaking in a come back effort, R.Tannous was there to halt the momentum for Team White by scoring a huge penalty shot for his second of the contest.

 The Sunday Night Draft League is now down to its final two teams. If the regular season standings is any indication of who should be here, than this final makes sense that the top two seeded teams will face off against one another. Good teams will rely on their strengths to going all the way. And since there is no shortage of weaknesses-from the two sides, expect this to be a good final decided toward the end. G.Villeneuve and B.Berducci have the goaltending covered, offensively both teams scored about the same amount of goals during the season. The only indicative stat that favours Team White is there impressive 35 goals against vs Team Purple’s 57 . However, that wont really mean much when you have a C.Zafiropoulos scoring goals at will. Time will tell as this should be a dandy final between two deserving teams.