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Draft League Tuesday

Tuesday May 21

Sharks' Lead Slips as Penguins Rally for  Win

 (5)Sharks vs Penguins(7)

In an exhilarating showdown, the Penguins and the Sharks faced off in a game that saw dramatic shifts in momentum and a flurry of goals. The Penguins started strong, quickly getting on the board with the game's first two goals by R.Santosuosso and F.Bchara. Their early dominance suggested they might control the game-from start to finish. However, the Sharks were not to be outdone. They turned the tide with a remarkable comeback, scoring four straight goals to take a 4-2 lead with T.Mclean leading the charge with two tallies. Their offensive surge was impressive, leaving the Penguins scrambling to regain their footing. Despite falling behind, the Penguins regrouped and launched an unstoppable offensive assault. They responded with five consecutive goals, overwhelming the Sharks and sealing a thrilling 7-5 victory. During that stretch , Santosuosso went on to complete a hat trick while F.Bchara posted his second. It was a game that displayed moments of brilliance by both teams. Just when they seemed down and out, the players were able to turn the tide and overcome the adversity no matter how challenging it was. While the game could have gone either way, the Penguins had that extra gear in the end to outlast the Sharks in an entertaining battle.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Renato Santosuosso of the Penguins. Santosuosso's remarkable hat trick played a pivotal role in the Penguins' comeback victory, showcasing his skill, determination, and clutch play when it mattered most.

Ducks Spread Their Scoring Wings, Toppling Canucks

(14)Ducks vs Canucks(6)

The game initially stayed close with both teams exchanging goals in the early stages before the Ducks pulled away in dominant fashion. The Canucks held their ground early on, matching the Ducks stride for stride, refusing to let their opponents gain a significant advantage. As the game progressed however, the Ducks began to find their rhythm, unlocking their scoring potential with precision passing and clinical finishing. Their offensive onslaught proved too much for the Canucks to handle as the Ducks surged ahead, finding the back of the net time and time again. With a balanced line-up boasting talent and versatility across both lines, they deployed a relentless attack-from all angles, keeping the Canucks' defense on its toes throughout the game. Many contributed with J.Choudhry, C.White, T.Nardelli each scoring twice while J.DaLima and S.Panetta shared hat tricks. Together, both lines worked in tandem, seamlessly transitioning between offensive drives and defensive responsibilities. Their cohesive teamwork and synchronized efforts allowed the Ducks to maintain momentum and sustain their scoring tear throughout the game, ultimately securing a convincing victory over the Canucks.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Steve Panetta of the Ducks. Whether he was finding the back of the net with clinical finishing or setting up his teammates with pinpoint passes, Panetta's presence on the court was a constant thorn in the side of the Canucks' defense.