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Draft League Sunday

Sunday May 26

Kings’ Explosive Start Secures Victory Over Islanders

(6)Islanders vs Kings(13)

From-the very first drop of the ball, the Kings were relentless in their attack. They wasted no time running up the score, putting the Islanders on their heels immediately. The Kings' aggressive play and sharp shooting saw them race to an astonishing 9-0 lead in the early portion of the game. Their forwards were clinical, and the Islanders' defense had no answers to the barrage of goals. Despite the early blowout, the Islanders managed to regain some composure and showed admirable resilience. In the latter stages of the game, they fought back and found the back of the net six times. This late surge highlighted their potential and fighting spirit, even though the gap created by the Kings was insurmountable. The Kings, determined to maintain their dominance, continued to press forward and added  more goals to their already impressive tally. Their offense was a well-oiled machine, with players such as M.Porato and A.Kalaydjian rattling off four markers each while D.Lucchesi bagged a hat trick contributing to the score line.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Mike Porato of the Kings. With his exceptional performance of four goals and five assists, Mike Porato was unquestionably the standout player of the game. His offensive mastery and leadership on the rink were instrumental in leading the Kings to a resounding victory over their opponent.

Passarelli's Heroics Lift Bruins Over Sabres

( 8 )Bruins vs Sabres(7)

The game was a high-energy affair with both teams showcasing their offensive firepower. The Sabres and Bruins traded goals throughout the match, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The Sabres showed incredible resilience, battling back to even the score at 6-6, demonstrating their determination and skill. Just as the Sabres clawed their way back into contention, the Bruins responded swiftly. First, A.Passarelli was there to snap the tie while his son T.Passarelli scored a couple of minutes later with his fourth of the contest that ultimately held for the winner. The Sabres continued to fight, managing to score once more to keep the game within reach thanks to F.Melancon’s second, but the damage had already been done as the Bruins killed off the final 30 seconds in order to close out the game. The Bruins' ability to respond under pressure and Passarelli's standout performance were the keys to their thrilling 8-7 victory. Despite the Sabres' valiant effort to narrow the gap, the Bruins' timely goals ensured their triumph in this exhilarating match-up.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tristan Passarelli of the Bruins. From-the opening faceoff to the final buzzer, T.Passarelli was a force to be reckoned with on the offensive end. His skilful stickhandling, lightning-fast shots, and impeccable timing left the opposing defense scrambling to contain him. Passarelli’s ability to find open space and capitalize on scoring opportunities proved to be the difference-maker for the Bruins. The young talent accumulated an impressive four goals and two assists that included the overtime winner.

Back-and-Forth Battle Ends with Kings' Overtime Victory

( 8 )Flyers vs Kings(7) O.T

The game was a showcase of tenacity and resilience-from both teams. The Kings repeatedly took the lead, only to see the Flyers respond each time with equal determination. Every time the Kings edged ahead by one goal, the Flyers found a way to level the score, demonstrating their unwavering spirit and offensive prowess. As the game progressed, the Kings managed to carve out a 7-5 lead, appearing to have the upper hand. Everything was going well for a team that just played an hour earlier-from M.Lang scoring four goals to S.Kalaydjian converting on a pair. However, the Flyers were not ready to concede. In a dramatic turn of events, they surged back with two late goals by C.White’s second and M.Saia’s hat trick, tying the game at 7-7 and sending it into the sudden death frame. As the game moved into overtime, both teams pushed hard for the winning goal, but it was C. Roberts who emerged as the hero for the Kings. Roberts scored the decisive tally sealing the victory for his team in what was a thrilling way to cap off an exciting game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Chris Roberts of the Flyers. As the tension mounted in overtime, Chris Roberts seized the moment and delivered the game-winning goal for the Flyers. His clutch performance under pressure showcased his composure and ability to rise to the occasion when it mattered most, earning him the admiration of his teammates.

Exhausted Sabres Fall to Wild

( 8 )Wild vs Sabres(4)

The game began with the Sabres in control, quickly establishing a 3-0 lead. Their fast start showcased their offensive capabilities and put the Wild on the back foot early. However, the tide turned as the Wild regrouped and took over the game. They mounted a relentless comeback, scoring eight goals to seize control. A. Zafiropoulos was instrumental in the Wild's resurgence, netting a hat trick that energized his team and demoralized the Sabres. M. Taha also delivered a stellar performance, matching Zafiropoulos with a hat trick of his own. Taha credited his new equipment for his scoring success, noting that it gave him the confidence and edge he needed on the rink. It was clear the Sabres energy level waned since they played in an earlier game. Unable to keep a good thing going, the Sabres just didn’t have the energy required in order to compete with a fresher and structured Wild team. Other notables in the win include L.Bavellas, who scored twice, S.Stavropoulos, who set up three goals, and of coarse the goaltending by M.Tzouvadakis that was able to bounce back and deliver a strong performance between the pipes.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Moe Taha of the Wild. Taha's offensive prowess was on full display as he consistently found openings in the Sabres' defense, capitalizing on scoring opportunities with precision. His ability to control the ball and create scoring chances for himself and his teammates was instrumental in the Wild's comeback victory.

Blackhawks Push the Favorites Kraken to the Limit

(9)Kraken vs Blackhawks(7)

Despite their struggles this season, the Blackhawks came out of the gate with determination and energy. They quickly found their rhythm, mounting a strong offensive attack that caught the Kraken off guard. With precision passing and sharp shooting, the Blackhawks surged ahead early in the game, establishing a solid foundation for their challenge. Facing a determined opponent, the Kraken remained composed and focused on their game plan. As the match progressed, they gradually gained momentum and began to assert themselves on both ends of the rink. With a combination of skilful playmaking and opportunistic scoring, the Kraken managed to chip away at the Blackhawks' lead, showcasing their resilience and determination. As the game reached its climax, both teams fought tooth and nail for every opportunity. The Blackhawks refused to back down, maintaining their intensity and pushing the Kraken to their limits. However, in the end, it was the Kraken who managed to seize the slight advantage in the closing moments of the game, securing a hard-fought victory with a narrow margin. A key goal came by C.Pirone as it held for the winner. Naturally, F.Mastrocola cashed in three times for a hat trick for the Kraken while D.Lipinski, R.Maestra and M.Braun did mot of the damage for the Blackhawks posting two goals apiece.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Carmine Pirone of the Kraken. His defensive brilliance and timely offensive contribution were instrumental in propelling the Kraken to victory and overcoming a resilient Blackhawks team.

S.Boulerice Leads Panthers to Victory with Four Goals Against Red Wings

(6)Red Wings vs Panthers( 8 )

The game began with the Panthers struggling to find their rhythm, allowing the Red Wings to take an early lead. Despite the slow start, the Panthers remained resilient and focused on turning the tide in their favour as the game progressed. As the game unfolded, the Panthers found their stride and mounted a relentless comeback. Led by the offensive prowess of S. Boulerice and E. Gabrielli, they began to chip away at the Red Wings' lead, showcasing their determination and skill on the rink. In the closing stages of the game, both teams traded late goals in a back-and-forth battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats. However, it was the Panthers who ultimately emerged victorious, capitalizing on key opportunities to secure the 8-6 win in a thrilling finish. S. Boulerice was the standout player of the game, delivering a monster performance with four goals to lead the Panthers to victory. His offensive firepower and ability to find the back of the net proved to be the difference-maker in the game. E. Gabrielli also made a significant impact, chipping in with a pair of goals to support the Panthers' comeback effort. In the end, the Panthers' resilience and offensive firepower led them to a hard-fought victory over the Red Wings.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to S.Boulerice of the Panthers. Throughout the game, Boulerice stepped up in critical moments, delivering timely goals to propel the Panthers to victory. His knack for capitalizing on scoring opportunities and his unwavering determination to lead his team to success were evident as he netted four crucial goals that swung the momentum in favour of the Panthers.

Blackhawks Fall Short Again in Double-Header Night

(9)Canadiens vs Blackhawks(7)

Despite having already played earlier in the evening, the Blackhawks put up another formidable challenge, this time against the Canadiens, ultimately falling just short with an identical final score of 9-7. The game kicked off with an explosive start-from the Canadiens, as M. Salerno quickly secured an early hat trick, demonstrating remarkable skill and precision. Salerno's three goals set the tone for the Canadiens, who were determined to dominate the game. The Blackhawks, however, refused to be overshadowed. They battled fiercely throughout the match, showing remarkable resilience and tenacity. The problem was that they kept trailing as they were unable to  make enough ground to level. The Blackhawks' earlier game seemed to take its toll as fatigue set in during the latter stages, but they continued to push hard, showcasing their fighting spirit until the final whistle. Unfortunately, they just ran out of steam dropping a second game that could have easily gone their way. While the Canadiens emerged victorious, the Blackhawks' determination and effort were commendable.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Max S.Salerno of the Canadiens. M.Salerno scored an early hat trick, energizing his team and putting the Blackhawks on their heels. His quick goals provided a solid foundation for the Canadiens' offense, ultimately setting the tone the rest of the way.

Folini's Overtime Magic Lifts Red Wings Over Predators

(10)Red Wings vs Predators(9) O.T

The Predators and Red Wings traded goals throughout the game, keeping the score close and the tension high. Both teams showcased their offensive firepower, with players-from both sides finding the back of the net in a relentless pursuit of victory. The highlight of the night came in overtime, when L. Folini of the Red Wings scored a sensational game-winning goal. Folini's highlight reel play saw him deke past two defenders and the goaltender, capping off a beautiful goal that sealed the win for the Red Wings. Prior to the overtime, both teams displayed remarkable effort and resilience. Goals came-from many with E.Amaral and F.Bchara each scoring hat tricks for the Red Wings while J.Bergola was definitely the Predators top gun collecting six points that included a hat trick. It was a game that that highlighted both teams ability to perform under pressure, which can only suggest that these two teams will be primed for the playoff season starting next week.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Livio Folini of the Red Wings. The game was decided in spectacular fashion when L.Folini decided to take over. The forward turned heads by mesmerizing the Predators players and goaltender on a brilliant finish that would have made the TSN top highlights of the season.

The Sunday Draft Division regular season came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday night. As the season wrapped up, all 12 teams will be geared up for the playoffs, with the top four seeds earning an automatic spot in the quarterfinals, thereby skipping the first round. The first-round matchups promise to deliver intense action and thrilling competition. The matchups are as follows:

(5)Red Wings vs. Blackhawks(12) The Red Wings enter the series as favourites, boasting impressive depth across their roster. However, the Blackhawks possess a couple of game-breakers who could make the challenge quite daunting for their opponents. Ultimately, this series has all the makings of a thrilling battle between two competitive teams. While the Red Wings may have the edge on paper, the Blackhawks' game-breakers could prove to be the X-factor in what is sure to be an exciting playoff series.

(6)Flyers vs. Sabres(11) The Flyers will look to capitalize on M.Destounis' skill and offensive prowess to generate scoring opportunities and take control of the game. With his ability to create plays and find the back of the net, Destounis will be a key factor in the Flyers' game plan as they aim to secure victory over the Sabres. However, the Sabres won't be backing down easily. They understand the importance of solid defense and will focus on shutting down the Flyers' offensive threats while remaining disciplined in their own end. With a defensive mindset and a patient approach, the Sabres will wait for their chances to arise and capitalize on any opportunities that come their way.

(7)Kings vs. Islanders(10) The Kings will look to leverage their strong defensive play and the exceptional goaltending of M. Freda to gain an edge in the series. However, the Islanders pose a formidable challenge with their roster boasting a couple of highly skilled and fast-paced players in P. Stroubakis and Z. Giosi. These dynamic players have the ability to change the course of the game with their speed and skill, putting pressure on the Kings' defense and goaltender. It's sure to be a compelling matchup as both teams vie for supremacy on the ball hockey stage.

(8)Bruins vs. Panthers(9) With a balanced line-up featuring players who excel in both offense and defense, the Bruins have the elements needed to make a deep playoff run. They will look to capitalize on their depth and versatility to outmatch their opponents and secure victory in the series. That being said, the Panthers won't be an easy opponent to overcome. With a roster that also boasts a variety of skilled players, along with the exceptional goaltending of B. Verducci, the Panthers pose a significant threat to the Bruins' playoff aspirations. As the Bruins and Panthers prepare to go head-to-head in the playoffs, fans can expect a hard-fought battle between two talented teams. While the Bruins may have the advantage in terms of depth, the Panthers' exceptional goaltending and skilled players make this matchup one to watch.