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4vs4 Monday

Monday May 27

Madmask and Country Club Trade Wins to Kick Start Summer Season

The MadMask started their season with a bang, narrowly edging out the Country Club in a closely contested match. Both teams played with high energy, but it was the MadMask who managed to pull play ahead while the Country Club made it close only to run out of race track. N.Beaupre scored two big goal that included the winner. In the second game of the night, the Country Club bounced back with a dominant performance, defeating the MadMask 5-2. This game highlighted the Country Club's ability to regroup and come back stronger after a defeat. C.Payette and S.Pilot each scored twice and J-D Lowe was able to secure the win by feeding an empty cage. The Country Club's defense was much tighter in this game, effectively shutting down the MadMask's scoring opportunities. The MadMask struggled to maintain the same level of intensity and cohesion they had in the first encounter, resulting in a lack of scoring chances and defensive lapses. Overall, both teams got off to a pretty good start collecting a win with plenty of promise ahead of them.

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Classics Bounce Back with Purpose after Slow Start to Sharpshooters

The Sharpshooters came out strong in the opening game, overpowering the Classics with a high-scoring offensive display. Z. Giosi was the standout player, delivering an exceptional performance that left the Classics struggling to keep up. Giosi was on fire, scoring four goals and demonstrating remarkable skill and precision. The Sharpshooters' offense was relentless, consistently breaking through the Classics' defense and creating numerous scoring opportunities. The Classics had difficulty containing the Sharpshooters' attack and couldn't generate enough offense except toward the end of the game when they were forced to pull out their net minder for the extra attacker. Although they managed to get a bulk of their goals with the man up, it just wasn’t enough in the end as the Sharpshooters held on. In the second game, the Classics responded with a determined and cohesive performance, securing a well-deserved victory. Key contributions-from K. Araujo, T. Karvouriaris, and M. Destounis, each scoring twice, were instrumental in their success. The Classics tightened up their defense, making it harder for the Sharpshooters to find scoring opportunities. Despite the loss, the Sharpshooters remained competitive, but couldn't match the Classics' intensity and execution in the second game.

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Assadi Consulting inc Overcome Snipers' Challenge with Late Surge to Win Both Their Games

The Assadi Consulting inc demonstrated their formidable depth and balanced scoring in their first game of the season, securing a comfortable victory over the Snipers. The Assadi Consulting inc’s cohesive team play and relentless pressure proved too much for the Snipers to handle. They displayed a well-rounded offense, with multiple players contributing to the scoreboard. They were able to control the pace of the game, effectively neutralizing the Snipers' offensive efforts. In the second encounter, the Snipers put up a much stronger challenge, keeping the game tied after the first period. The game was highly competitive, with both teams battling hard and staying neck-and-neck for the majority of the match. The Snipers showed significant improvement and determination, making the Assadi Consulting inc work harder for their win. Eventually ,the Assadi Consulting inc’s depth and stamina came through in the end, allowing them to break the tie and secure the victory. N.Chiminian was the one who broke the deadlock as part of his hat trick that came late in the game. While the Assadi Consulting inc won the first game with ease, the Snipers proved their mettle in the second match by keeping it closely contested until the Assadi Consulting inc’s late-game push.

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The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Zackary Giosi of the Sharpshooters. The Sharpshooters started their season on a high note, thanks to an exceptional performance by their young talent, Zack Giosi. Scoring four goals and adding an assist, Giosi was instrumental in leading his team to a victory over the Classics.