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Masters 35+ division

Friday January 27

 O.Valiquette strikes twice on the power play to send off  Generals to a landslide win

 (9)Generals vs Sonic(1)

 It was looking like this contest was going to be a close affair for how well Sonic played in the first period. Both sides traded a goal each, and things appeared to be rolling along just fine. That was up until an unfortunate penalty enabled the Generals to smell blood and feed off it. And who other than a power play specialist to get the job done. O.Valiquette parked himself in his office, and made sure to bury his two chances to help create a snow ball effect that couldn’t be stopped. The Generals went on to hit nine goals by the time it was said and done that saw O.Valiquette hit his eventual hat trick by the third period. P.Blais still had a fairly busy game stopping every shot his way expect for T.Ruvo’s first period marker.

Generals putting up double digits despite playing back to back games

 (14)Generals vs United Masters(4)

It would be safe to assume that playing in a back to back game with no breaks whatsoever would eventually catch up to you. Somehow, the Generals defied the odds, and actually looked like the fresher and  quicker team going up against the United Masters. Like in the earlier contest, the first period saw both teams trade a goal which suggested for a pretty close game considering that the Generals would need to conserve their energy. That couldn’t be further than the case with the Generals looking like the ones who were the rested side while the United Masters appeared to be a step behind on almost every play. At one point, the Generals were just burying their chances no matter how they generated them. They easily hit fourteen goals making one play seem easier than the other regardless how the United Masters tried to contain them. Natural goal scorers don’t tend to miss much when given the opportunity. Every single Generals player participated in the score sheet which is expected when you put fourteen behind the net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Olivier Valiquette of the Generals. While many can share this acolyte, the sharp shooter did have an impact in the opener bagging two straight power play goals to set the momentum.