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Generals winners of Masters 35+ division

Friday April 21(Final)

Generals backed by J.Brunet’s OT winner in game one win vs United Masters

(3)Generals vs United Masters(2) O.T Game 1

Throughout the entire game, the United Masters showed that they were able to keep up with the Masters 35+ division giants. When your ready to play engaged in a final, expect for everyone to up their game and battle hard the entire time. The United Masters made things extremely difficult by paying attention to many details which is the bare minimum required in order to have a chance and defeat the Generals. If not for giving up an overtime power play goal, the United Masters could have easily taken this encounter and find themselves ahead in the series. Instead, a late costly penalty enabled a power house five man unit to get to work. And who other than your top gun to deliver. Every time J.Brunet shoots-from the point, you can put a good dollar that the chances are good for it go in. The Generals look for that play when its available knowing that his shot usually hits its target. Unfortunately for the United Masters, they couldn’t kill the penalty off in time, and were stuck enduring a difficult loss knowing that they came that close. Although you never want to lose when hitting this stage of the season, the United Masters took something valuable-from the loss which was the confidence of challenging a heavy favourite.

Generals perfect season comes to an end, United Masters turn the tides with shootout win

(5)United Masters vs Generals(4) S.O Game 2

All good things come to an end. Up until this point in time, the Generals didn’t know what it felt like to lose a hockey game . After all, they went perfect all season long making one game look easier than the other as they kept humiliating their opponents. But after a very close encounter in game one, they knew that the United Masters weren’t a push over and were going to make things very hard for them. They did however every get a strong start scoring twice in the first two minutes alone. O.Valiquette and D.Lafleur made the score 2-0 only two and a half minutes in. That kind of a trend may have suggested that the Generals would have smoked the United Masters out of the water. That couldn’t be further -from the case as they just stuck with it on the right mind set. A quick response by the captain G.Missakian cut the lead in half, and the United Masters slowly started to take over winning a huge second period on a pair of goals by the M.Batri. Being up 3-2 heading into the third period versus the Generals is a deal you definitely take. However, the Generals weren’t going to go down that easily as they rebounded early in the frame thanks to V.Lamarche. The two sides were now dead even at three goals a piece with just over ten minutes to play. Usually, these are pressure situations when playing for all the marbles, but not for the United Masters as they felt confident playing as the underdogs. It seemed more like the Generals were the ones playing on their toes wanting to avoid any breakdowns. With regulation time solving nothing, neither did a five minute sudden death. The United Masters season was now hanging on to having to win a breakaway contest. Since both sides have the quality players and more importantly the goaltenders, the hope remained high for the United Masters. C.Stavriadis had no choice to try and deny some high end talent . Apart-from O.Valiquette’s beautiful back hand top corner goal, the net minder was able to stop J.Brunet and J-R Turgeon to edge out P.Blais who, couldn’t stop C.Lato and N.Malkhassian. This result finally gave the Generals their first loss of the season which now came down to a short fifteen minute game to see who would prevail.

Generals repeat as champs on J-R Turgeon overtime goal

(0)United Masters vs Generals(1) O.T Game 3

Fifteen minutes and the potential for more was all the time left over for this series to be decided. With goals hard to come by, the two sides avoided as many mistakes as possible to not fall behind. It was really a question of timing your breaks. The United Masters didn’t change anything about their approach and made sure to eliminate as much time and space. They kept the gaps close, they stuck with their man and waited for break out chances to  arise in hopes of scoring first. But neither team was able to capture the moment, at least not in the fifteen minutes of regulation time. For a third straight game, this series went into extra time where things finally got settled. The strategy is quite simple when you get to this point. You know that any shot on net can potentially make the difference between being crowned champs or falling on the short end. It took only one minute into overtime for J-R Turgeon to use a hard low shot that beat C.Stavriadis short side. As soon as that ball crossed the line, the Generals spilled onto the court in celebration of what just had happened. It came as a joy of relief for a team that had the expectations of winning this division. Throughout the entire season, the Generals barely met resistance and never once had to face any adversity. Finally, they matched up against an opponent that came to play on Friday night. The United Masters believed in their capabilities of giving the Generals a real challenge. They played so well that only a small detail, break or ounce of luck made the difference. Tonight, the Generals made that one single extra play to give themselves the edge. It was a thriller series-from start to finish with lots of twists and turns and emotion. Even though the United Masters fell short, credit to them for pushing the limit versus a side that the odds makers had as heavy favourites. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Olivier Valiquette and the rest of the Generals for completing a dominant regular season, and more importantly a successful post season.

The SalumIVino player of the night goes to Jeremi Brunet of the Generals. The Generals have no shortage of talent, but no one can deny what their main general brings to the table. J.Brunet is a force that’s unmatched and was perhaps a main reason why they pulled it off in a very close encounter with the United Masters.