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Draft League Sunday

Sunday May 21

Flyers barely hang on after better start vs Kraken

(7)Flyers vs Kraken(5)

The Kraken gave up some early goals, and were stuck playing catch up the rest of the way. The Flyers kept up the pressure as they slowly built themselves a nice 4-1 lead by about the mid way point of the game. E.Allen set things in motion by scoring two goals while taking care of his own end by breaking up some plays. While it seemed like the Flyers were on their way to an easy night, this game had more in store, with the Kraken showing more bite in their game. A dormant offense finally got to work as they eventually got to M.Savoro a few times . At one point, the Kraken pulled themselves within one when G.Papdakis scored with only two minutes left on the clock. Knowing that it takes only one shot on net for an equaliser, two minutes is enough time when riding such a momentum. Unfortunately, the comeback effort eventually came to a halt thanks to D.Galloro’s second of the game.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Errol Allen of the Flyers. He showed right away to his teammates that the slick defenseman came ready to play. E.Allen set the tone on two early goals, and was a force throughout the time carrying much of the play.

Panthers picking a terrible time to end season, Sabres looking in fine form for what’s ahead

(4)Panthers vs Sabres(9)

They have reached the end of the regular season, and both these teams wanted nothing less than a positive finish. Even if it involved losing, as long as it’s a close game that could have gone either way. Sadly for the Panthers, they picked the worse time to play this poorly. Too many things went wrong for a side that’s aspiring to make a legit run into the playoff season. The Panthers look to pride themselves on how they play without the ball, but tonight they were clearly schooled by a side that looks ready and primed to cap off a strong and successful season. Just past the mid way point, the Sabres were smooth sailing riding a 7-1 lead. As expected, the father son tandem between C.Zafiropoulos and A.Zafiropoulos were there to pop a couple each. M.Tzouvadakis kept the Panthers offense honest making some key saves early on. Three goals came due to penalty shots for the Sabres with J.Martuccio, L.Bavellas and A.Zafiropoulos getting the better of B.Allahwardeyan. Its just not the way you want to end your season knowing that you have the potential to go far if you’re the Panthers. For a third place team, this loss has to cause some concern for how out of sync they were. With two weeks to put it behind them, the Panthers will have to dig deep and regain their confidence in order to compete well enough in the playoffs. Its not like they don’t have the players, but a question of putting it together.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to M.Tzouvadakis of the Sabres. Maybe he wasn’t influential for the win, but the net minder made it easier for his side to built a huge gap by allowing only one goal after thirty minutes of play.

Bruins getting hot at the right time in rout of Canadiens

( 8 )Bruins vs Canadiens(4)

You always want to have a strong end to your regular season. For the Bruins, they strung three consecutive wins, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. However, the same cant be said for the Canadiens, who looked flat footed and a step behind in the first portion of the game. They only got on board passed the mid way mark which saw them down 4-1 by that point. Sometimes, you just need that first tally to spark some sort of life. Rather than things getting better, the Canadiens couldn’t make ground as the Bruins would reply a couple of times in order to maintain there lead. A.Zakarian and N.Macri were to much for the Canadiens defense to handle. Both players have a strong front net presence which makes it hard for most players to contain. By the time it was said and done, the two power forwards had each scored twice while chipping in with some assists. The Canadiens could have used some of there guys to get going early on but only started to be more engaged when the game was perhaps out of reach. R.Santosuosso had a strong performance in the losing cause as the forward bagged three of the four goals scored by the Canadiens.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Alex Zakarian of the Bruins. When A.Zakarian is on top of his game, watch out if you’re the opposing defence and net minder. The power forward will use his size and strength to release some heavy shots that only a ready and focused net minder will have a chance to stop. Tonight, he riffled a pair while setting up a couple of teammates.

Kings outlast Wild in high scoring affair

(7)Wild vs Kings(10)

A thrilling, high-scoring affair between the Kings and the Wild came down to its final minutes, where the Kings ultimately  prevailed thanks to a pair of tallies by A.Amicone. This contest looked like the Kings had the potential of thumping their opponent after mounting an early 4-1 lead. But that was only part of the story as the Wild had other plans. Powered by C.Arnoldo’s back to back tallies along with a collective push back, this game turned into a back and forth barn burner with no indication of who was going to prevail. Both sides have no shortage of talent up front, and looked completely disinterested on trying to help out their goaltenders. It really came down to who would apply that last wave of pressure. The score was all evened up at seven goals apiece before A.Amicone seized the moment converting on two occasions in a very short span. Since time was now a factor, the Wild knew that there night was over. Depending on how both teams look at this end result, you almost have to wonder who was pleased with the overall game. Are you glad if you are the first place Kings that needed the final couple of minutes to defeat the bottom dwellers Wild ? In the perspective of the Wild, this loss felt like a victory knowing that they can challenge the front runners. As for the Kings, no matter how nice a 9-1 record is, nothing will come easy in the post season.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Angelo Amicone of the Kings. In what was a crazy finish to a wild and high scoring affair, A.Amicone was there to put the final seal by notching two consecutive goals that snapped a 7-7 tie.

Blackhawks cold heading into playoffs, Predators in opposite direction collecting third straight win

(2)Blackhawks vs Predators(11)

Its one thing to be cold heading into the post season, but the Blackhawks look like rock hard icicle sticks with no heat in sight heading into the playoffs. They have to be asking how does a team that started off with a 5-1 record lose four consecutive games by a landslide. Its so bad that every area of their game is talking a hit. The offense, defense, goaltending, trying to create offense, trying to defend properly. None of it is coming together, and the Blackhawks need to start figuring things out soon if they plan on sticking around . Tonight was another blunder filled with a comedy of errors. While its obvious that the Blackhawks are dealing with their issues, the Predators have to be pleased with their overall game. And why not when your controlling most of the contest that resulted into eleven goals for and only two conceded. Many chipped in offensively with F.Bchara leading the charge with five points. Somehow, M.Braun couldn’t get at least one to go in, but was able to set up four instead. After facing close to thirty shots, B.Verducci wasn’t overly busy allowing only two goals. Overall, it was a gratifying way to end the season if you’re the Predators, who strung three consecutive wins together.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Ben Verducci of the Predators. Unless you beat him good, the net minder will deny you. The Blackhawks saw only two players figure out a solid dialled in B.Verducci.

The Sunday night Draft regular season came to an end. In a division of twelve teams, everyone will participate in the playoffs. The top four seeds will skip the first round and be placed automatically into the quarter finals. The first round match ups are as follows:

(5)Bruins vs Wild(12) Despite being in last place, do not count out the Wild. This team can surprise with some key components. Since the Bruins are coming off a hot streak, this opening series should be a close one even if the Wild have only one win to show for.

(6)Predators vs Red Wings(11) Both sides just came off landslide victories to cap off their season. When reaching this stage, it will be important to grabbing that good start to your game. Neither team has a significant advantage over one another sharing a similar goals for and goals against differential. Its playoff time and anything cane happen. The Red Wings will rely on some of their speedy players up front while the Predators have some goals scores that need to be contained.

(7)Blackhawks vs Canadiens(10) If the Blackhawks don’t shape up, they might as well not even show up for this one. The Canadiens have a coupe of players that can score on a regular basis and will look to exploit a fragile Blackhawks team. That being said, there is too much leadership for the Blackhawks to simply cave in. The game plan is simple, play tight in your own zone since it doesn’t involve much running, and patiently wait for your chances.

(8)Flyers vs Kraken(7) Too much pride on the line for these two teams. Both sides know each others tendencies very well and will need to exploit the weaknesses. Some strategy will be involved as the Flyers will look to put the right players together in order to keep the Krakens weapons in check. It will come down to how much influence T.Settino will have throughout the entire game for the Kraken.