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Draft League Wednesday

Wednesday May 24

Ducks disappear in second half of the game, Senators pull away in convincing fashion

(10)Senators vs Ducks(5)

On Wednesday evening, the Ducks had their hands full versus the Senators. For about half the game, they hung neck and neck with them, but ultimately crashed and burned in the second portion. Talk about nothing going right for a side hoping to do way better. When you cant get to the ball first or run back to try and slow down a rush, you’ll often pay the price. The Senators did an excellent job boxing out the Ducks while excelling on their transition game. It seemed like everyone was touching the ball before somebody would go on to score. At least five players collected three points or more with R.Kilgour and M.Lafleur sharing the most with five points apiece. There was no question that the Ducks couldn’t match the pace of a quicker and more engaged team. The lanes just kept opening up for the Senators, who have enough quality to bury their chances. This is a good result for a side that seem to have all the elements to go very far into the post season.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Richard Kilgour of the Senators. Always responsible at both ends of the court, R.Kilgour was glad to have a very productive night collecting two goals and three assists.

F.Girard and B.Sorice set the tone for Stars thumping over Hurricanes

(5)Hurricanes vs Stars(12)

Its hard enough to stop one player, but when two are playing at the height of their game, it becomes that much more difficult. Twenty minutes had gone by and the Hurricanes were late to receive the memo on how to slow down F.Girard and B.Sorice. The dynamic duo made an early mess combining for five goals that saw F.Girard complete a natural hat trick in only five minutes. Its never pleasant falling behind by such a large margin in a fairly short period of time. The Hurricanes did show some character despite the awful start by getting involved more offensively thanks to T.Angelis’s hat trick. Still , they were too far behind, but took it upon themselves to remove their net minder for the extra attacker after trailing 9-4. Surely, it was a desperate move trying to overcome a five goal deficit with just over ten minutes remaining. Eventually, the Stars would close out the deal for good when N.Boctor-Awad and P.Carone each fed the empty cage. This victory for the Stars was an important one as they’ll need only a couple of points with two games remaining to try and capture a top two seed which would give them an automatic first round bye.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Fred Girard of the Stars. It took him only five minutes to score a natural hat trick that helped provide a 6-1 lead only twenty minutes into the game. The forward went on to notch a total of five goals and a helper.

Ducks challenge much better in second game despite dropping it late to the Golden Knights

(9)Golden Knights vs Ducks(7)

Considering how the Ducks looked earlier in their loss to the Senators, this contest was a lot more promising for how they played it out. They actually looked like the less tired team as they often got to the ball first. Unfortunately, a bad start and a heart breaking finish saw them fall short. The Golden Knights got the ball rolling right away netting two early goals as it looked like it was going to be another long night for the Ducks. However, that didn’t change the mind set of just keeping at it. Even though the Ducks fell behind 6-3 at one point, they kept battling back by applying some serious pressure. Eventually, that hard worked appeared to pay off when D.Galloro evened the score at seven goals apiece with less than a minute remaining. For sure the thought of heading into overtime crossed everyone’s mind. But with about thirty seconds left to go, T.Settino made a brilliant move to release a back hand-from the slot area that beat G.Kanaras top corner. That was T.Settino’s seventh point of the game sharing the same amount with T.Nardelli. The Ducks may have dropped a game that they felt they deserved better, but wont be overly disappointed considering it was their second match, and that it could have easily gone either way.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste-Dorothee player of the game goes to Monika Estrela of the Golden Knights. Throughout the entire time, M.Estrela kept making the right play. Her passes kept getting through, and four goals stemmed-from the smart and gritty forward.