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Tuesday March 19

Team Canada’s depth proves too much to handle for Armenia.

In a David vs Goliath type ball hockey match-up, Armenia held their own and gave Canada all they could handle. It was clear from the start that this was going to be a very tall order for the Armenian squad, who despite being severely outshot and out chanced, managed to keep it fairly close, thanks in large part to R.Ranieri 's brilliant performance in goal. From the opening faceoff, Canada showcased their formidable skills, controlling possession and dictating the pace of the game. They never trailed throughout the game and as usual, their transition game and offensive depth was on full display, as 5 different players managed to find the back of the net. Although the odds were stacked against them, it was most definitely a good test for Armenia, who can look at this as a good building block, as they remained resilient versus a powerful adversary.

 (5) Canada vs Armenia (2)

 Italy hangs on and triumphs Over Pakistan in back-and-forth Nail-biter.

An intense and fiery match-up was expected, as both teams looked to get back in the win column and build any kind of momentum. From the opening whistle to the final buzzer, both teams left it all on the floor, showcasing skill, determination, and unwavering teamwork.  Pakistan came out strong, taking a 3-1 lead and moving the ball with precision and efficiency and limiting team Italy’s chances offensively. The game however turned in the 3rd period, where Pakistan got into penalty trouble and allowed Italy to capitalize by scoring 2 powerplay goals on blistering slapshots by veteran d-man P.Musto.  Pakistan, refusing to back down, tested Italy's defense and kept the pressure on throughout the remainder of the game, but C.Confuorti and Italy’s defence held the fort and stifled Pakistan’s repeated chances to emerge victorious, clinching a hard-fought 6-5 win.

(6) Italy vs Pakistan (5)

 Greece’s firepower proves too much for Haiti to contain in rout.

Playing a team like Greece requires an overall team effort and of course a good start, which wasn’t the case for team Haiti on this night vs a tough opponent.  Team Greece’s transition game was on full display, as the ball moved quickly from defence to offence, overwhelming Haiti, who were constantly forced to defend and be on their heels. Led by K. Kuczmarski, N.Chiminian & J. Amanatides, Greece never trailed in the game, scoring 2 goals in every frame while rolling 3 solid lines, en route to a 6-1 rout.  Their disciplined positioning and tenacious defending stifled Haiti's offensive momentum, limiting their opportunities to create scoring chances. The lone bright spot for Haiti came in the late stages when they spoiled A. Ekonomakis’s shutout bid. Top of Form

(6) Greece vs Haiti (1)

SalumiVino Player of the week: P.Musto Thanks to the Grizzled veteran d-man’s knack for the spotlight, providing 2 big powerplay goals which swung the momentum in Italy’s favor allowing them to come home with the victory.