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4vs4 Monday

Monday March 25

Classics prevail over Peters in two close encounters

The first match was a high scoring affair filled with fast paced action. Although the Peters pulled ahead 2-1 after the first period, it was the Classics that launched a relentless assault on the Peters defense accumulating five goals in that single period alone. P.Karvouriaris displayed his scoring touch by bagging a pair. Unlike the first encounter, the second game was a defensive battle with both teams tightening up while heavily relying on their goaltenders. C.Gingras did score early on suggesting for more goals to come. But with A.Ekonomakis guarding the cage for the Classics coupled with C.Fortin sharing the task for the Peters, this contest saw both sides struggle to solve the goaltenders. The Peters had no choice but to push the pace a little harder since they needed the equalizer. Unfortunately, after some numerous attempts, the Classics defense held firm and A.Ekonomakis stole the spotlight earning a well deserved shutout.

(6)Classics vs Peters(4)

(1)Classics vs Peters(0)

Les Yables dominate opener, Degenerates strike back to split

The opening match was a dominant display by Les Yables, as they dismantled the Degenerates with a commanding 5-0 victory. From-the opening faceoff, Les Yables asserted their dominance, controlling possession and launching a relentless offensive onslaught. Their precision passing and clinical finishing left the Degenerates struggling to keep pace. Despite their best efforts, the Degenerates were unable to find an answer to Les Yables' relentless attack. With a shutout performance-from J-F Simard and goals coming-from all different players, Les Yables secured a convincing win in the opener. Determined to bounce back, the Degenerates came out strong in the second game, looking to turn the tide in their favor. This time, it was a much tighter affair, with both teams battling fiercely for control of the match. The Degenerates won the opening frame 3-2 thanks to a pair of tallies by the very same J.Courteau. Despite an entire period left over to play, the Degenerates continued to push the pace knowing that a younger and resilient team wasn’t going away. To their credit, they stuck with the game plan by making sure to win their one on one battles while relying on R.Ranieri to make the big saves.

(5)Les Yables vs Degenerates(0)

(3)Les Yables vs Degenerates(4)

Snipers and Assadi Consulting inc clash in in dueling shootout showdown

The first game was a thrilling display of skill and determination-from both sides. From-the opening faceoff, it was clear that these teams were evenly matched, with neither giving an inch on the court. Despite numerous scoring opportunities for both teams, regulation time ended with the score deadlocked, leading to an exhilarating shootout. The Snipers showcased their sharpshooting skills, edging out the Assadi with precise shots and stellar goaltending. In the end, it was the Snipers who emerged victorious in the shootout with J.Hassan netting the lone goal while C.Malkoun denied all three attempts, claiming a hard-fought win in the first encounter. The second game proved to be just as intense as the first, with both teams refusing to give ground. The Snipers and the Assadi Consulting inc battled fiercely for control of the game, trading scoring chances and defensive stops throughout regulation. Despite their best efforts, neither team could find the edge, resulting in a deadlock at the end of regulation time. With the game tied, the teams headed into another shootout, but even the extra competition couldn't break the stalemate. In the end, the second game concluded in a draw, with neither team able to claim victory after an intense back-and-forth battle.

(4)Snipers vs Assadi Consulting inc(3) S.O

(4)Snipers vs Assadi Consulting inc(4) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Courteau of the Degenerates. After a thumping loss in the opener vs Les Yables, J.Courteau fiercely won two big battles in front of the net notching a pair of big goals that would set the tone for a bounce back win for the Degenerates.