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Tuesday March 26

 The well-oiled Greek machine keeps on rolling.

In a highly anticipated match-up between these 2 juggernauts, the intensity and physicality was on full display. From the opening faceoff to the final buzzer, Greece showcased their dominance on the court with a stellar performance characterized by swift transitions and impenetrable defense. Right from the get-go, Greece asserted their control over the game, with their seamless transitions from defense to offense. They kept the pressure on Italy throughout the entirety of the matchup, making it challenging for the Italians to gain any offensive traction or momentum. Greece deployed effective team defence shutting down Italy’s big guns and lead by S.Athanasopoulos, who produced 2 goals and an assist and timely interceptions. This defensive prowess not only stifled Italy's scoring chances but also allowed Greece to maintain their lead comfortably. Italy did manage to get on the board and spoil P.Blais shutout, but it was too little too late.  

(4) Greece vs Italy (1)

 Goaltending and team defence help Armenia prevail over Haiti.

In an intense showdown between Armenia and Haiti, 2 teams who battle hard and rely on a team game, fans were treated to a nail-biting contest that went down to the wire. The game was a defensive battle from start to finish, with both teams playing a perimeter game with limited scoring opportunities. The game had a playoff type vibe as Armenia and Haiti traded blows throughout the match. Armenia held a narrow 2-1 lead after 2 periods of play and that’s when Haiti turned it up a notch in the 3rd period. Their relentless attacks resulted in S.Louis tying the game on a nice slot shot and if not for JF Aumais brilliant netminding, Haiti would’ve won in regulation.  As expected, the game required a shootout, where once again Aumais was flawless and with Y.Derohannessian providing the heroics and securing the win in a shootout for Armenia.

(3) Armenia vs Haiti (2)  S.O

 Pakistan has no answers for Canada’s relentless attacks.

Coming into this match-up, Pakistan knew they had little to no margin for error and had to deploy a near perfect defensive strategy to have any chance against Canada. From the onset, Canada asserted their dominance, displaying an impressive transition game that was impossible to contain. With fluid passing and strategic positioning, Canada dominated ball possession and created numerous scoring opportunities. Pakistan had no answer for the dynamic duo of A.Mirolla and M.David, who caused fits in the offensive zone.  The Canadian team effectively neutralized Pakistan's offensive threats, limiting their opponent's opportunities to capitalize, by keeping them on the perimeter. Perhaps O.Wahid and his troops will see this game as a painful stepping stone in their development and will surely make the necessary adjustments to get back in the win column.  

(5) Canada vs Pakistan (1)

 SalumiVino Player of the week: JF.Aumais Thanks to his stellar goaltending performance with his momentum killing saves, thus allowing Armenia to remain competitive and emerge victorious in the shootout.