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Thursday April 11

A Tale of Two Halves, Team Greece's Early Surge Holds off Team Italy's Furious Comeback Attempt

(5)Team Greece vs Team Italy(4)

In a thrilling showdown on the ball hockey rink, fans were treated to a gripping clash between two powerhouse teams: Team Greece and Team Italy. The game unfolded with intense speed and precision, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats-from the first drop of the ball. The second period proved to be a defining moment in the match as Team Greece asserted their dominance, surging to an impressive 5-0 lead. With flawless coordination and relentless offensive pressure, they seemed poised to run away with the victory. And why not when they occupied every area of the court-from their power play goal by A.Kakivelis to a huge shorthanded marker-from C.Kakivelis. Then, in a dramatic turn of events, Team Italy fuelled a comeback  with two consecutive power play goals by C.Gingras and P.Musto, adding an extra layer of intensity to an already electrifying match. With the odds seemingly stacked against them, they capitalized on the advantage before adding two more tallies to pull themselves within one. Although they set the stage for  a thrilling finish, Team Italy ran out of race track, ultimately falling short in a game that left a lasting impression on the fans and opponents alike.

Canada Soars, A.Mirolla's Hat Trick Powers Team Canada to Victory Over Armenia

(6)Team Canada vs Team Armenia(1)

From-the opening draw, it was evident that Team Armenia came ready to compete against the powerhouse Team Canada. With solid defense and strategic play, they managed to keep the game close in the early stages, frustrating their opponents with their resilience and tenacity. Eventually, Team Canada's depth and offensive prowess began to take control. Despite Team Armenia's best efforts, they found themselves unable to contain the relentless pressure-from the Canadian squad. Part of their success came-from A.Mirolla’s clinical finish as the power forward put three behind a very good goaltender in J-F Aumais. It really wasn’t up until the dying moments of the second period where this game took a turn in favour for Team Canada. Once K.Leveille and K.Vicent struck late in the frame, Team Canada played the clock in their favour forcing Team Armenia to open up and dig themselves deeper. Although Team Armenia fought valiantly throughout the game, they ultimately couldn't keep up with the offensive firepower of Team Canada. In the end, Team Canada emerged triumphant with a commanding win, maintaining their status as the front runners of the division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Mirolla of Team Canada. A.Mirolla’s presence was felt on the court as he consistently created scoring opportunities and displayed remarkable offensive prowess. His ability to find the back of the net three times proved to be a difference-maker for Team Canada, with each goal inspiring his teammates.