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4vs4 Monday playoffs

Monday April 15

Division 1 Semi Final

Dynamic Display, Chiefs' Offense and Defense Shines, Peters Unable to Keep Pace

With tight defense and relentless offense, the Chiefs left little room for the Peters to generate momentum, securing their wins with scores of 5-2 in both encounters. The Peters fell behind early in the opening game and knew that in order to have a chance they needed to play in front in the ensuing match,. To their credit, they pulled ahead 2-0 on goals-from L.Morello and K.Vincent set up by M.Lastoria. Despite finding themselves trailing, the Chiefs  weren’t overly concerned knowing that it was only a question of time before they would gain control. S.Vanier was able to get the Chiefs on board late in the first period which sent a clear message to his bench that the final stretch would belong to the division leaders. Once they entered the final period, the Chiefs found the extra gear, and took over completely with four unanswered goals. S.Vanier's dynamic performance in the final period showcased his ability to seize crucial moments and deliver when it mattered most. The skilled forward won many one on one battles that resulted in some  key tallies that helped solidify a second straight win, and a pass to the final.

(5)Chiefs vs The Peters(2) Game 1

(5)Chiefs vs The Peters(2) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sebastien Vanier of the Chiefs. The Chiefs stamped their authority on the semi-finals, sweeping past the Peters in impressive fashion. Spearheading their victory was the exceptional performance of S. Vanier, who controlled the tempo of the game and left the Peters struggling to keep up. Whether it was winning most of his board battles or unleashing a blistering shot, Vanier's presence on the court was felt throughout the series.

The playoffs continue to deliver excitement and drama as the Chiefs solidify their spot in the final, while the other semi-final matchup promises to be a clash of titans between the defending champions, Classics, and a determined Hustlers team. After a dominant performance in their playoff campaign, the Chiefs have punched their ticket to the final with an impressive display of skill and determination. Their path to the championship game has been marked by relentless offense, stout defense, and unwavering teamwork, making them a formidable opponent for any team they face in the finals. Meanwhile, in the other semi-final round, the defending champions, Classics, are set to take on the Hustlers in what promises to be a thrilling showdown. The Classics, known for their championship pedigree and ability to rise to the occasion in playoff situations, will face a determined Hustlers team eager to make their mark and upset the reigning champions. With both teams hungry for victory and a shot at the championship title, the semi-final matchup between the Classics and the Hustlers is sure to be closely contested, with each team leaving everything on the court in pursuit of victory.

Division 2 Round 1 Playoffs

Resilient Les Yables Overcome Game One Setback,  Snipers Unable to keep pace

Game One saw both teams locked in a fierce battle, with neither side willing to concede an inch. Despite a valiant effort-from Les Yables, the Snipers emerged victorious in a nail-biting shootout, claiming the initial advantage in the series. It was a pair of nifty goals by J.Hassan in the breakaways that put his side in front heading into game two. However, Les Yables refused to be deterred by the game one defeat. With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, they stormed back in game two, unleashing a relentless offensive onslaught that left the Snipers struggling to keep pace. Everyone had no choice but to pull their weight since they played undermanned just short of two full lines. The first period explosion set the tone for game two, which eventually forced this series into a shorter third and deciding game. Bolstered by their success, Les Yables entered the crucial third game with confidence and momentum on their side. They continued to assert their dominance on both ends of the court, overwhelming the Snipers with their speed, skill, and determination. M-O Brouillard scored barely 20 seconds in followed with back to back tallies by D.Marcotte. The Snipers knew they had to get on board first so they could have relied on their man on man game. Instead, the deficit forced them to open up which only created a deeper hole as the game went on.

(3)Les Yables vs Snipers(4) S.O Game 1

(6)Les Yables vs Snipers(1) Game 2

(3)Les Yables vs Snipers(1) Game 3

Degenerates Collapse, Assadi Consulting inc Prevails

In a dramatic playoff series marked by momentum swings and intense battles, Assadi Consulting inc emerged victorious against the Degenerates, securing a hard-fought win in a tightly contested game one followed by a stunning comeback in game two. Game one saw The Assadi Consulting inc and Degenerates locked in a fiercely competitive battle-from the opening face-off. Despite both teams trading blows and showcasing their offensive firepower, it was the Assadi Consulting inc who managed to edge out a narrow victory in a tightly contested affair. In game two, the Degenerates came out strong, building a sufficient lead that seemed insurmountable. S.Marricco lit up like wild fire scoring his clubs first four goals that put his side up 4-1 with only a period to kill off. However, The Assadi Consulting inc refused to back down, mounting a relentless comeback effort that culminated in a stunning collapse for the Degenerates. Assadi's resilience and never-say-die attitude proved to be the difference-maker as they stunned their opponents on two occasions. First, they notched three straight goals in less than three minutes to level. The second part of the story occurred later in the frame when the Degenerates pulled ahead 5-4 with less than two minutes to go. Unfortunately, a late penalty enabled the Assadi Consulting inc to have two extra players on the field after pulling out their net minder. Within seconds, S.Kalaydjian levelled the game which likely suggested that this contest was headed for a shootout. Rather than both sides keeping it tight with so much on the line, the Degenerates gave up a late odd man rush which saw the very same S.Kalaydjian capitalise on a swift pass by N.Kokovides. Out of nowhere, this series was decided on a dramatic finish that had its fair share twists and turns.

(3)Assadi Consulting inc vs Degenerates(2) Game 1

(7)Assadi Consulting inc vs Degenerates(5) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Marcotte of Les Yables. Marcotte's ability to come through in clutch moments and make a significant impact when it mattered most was a testament to his skill, determination, and leadership on the court. His goals not only energized his teammates, but also served as a catalyst for his team's success in the series.

As the playoffs intensify, the competition heats up with The Assadi Consulting inc and Les Yables securing victories in their respective playoff rounds, setting the stage for thrilling semi-final matchups. In the upcoming semi-final showdowns, the first place DHK will square off against The Assadi Consulting inc in what promises to be a highly anticipated clash. DHK, the top seed in the league, will look to assert their dominance and continue their championship pursuit against the resilient Assadi squad. On the other side of the bracket, the Sharpshooters will face off against Les Yables in another thrilling matchup. The Sharpshooters, known for their precision and offensive prowess, will be tested by the determined Les Yables, who have proven themselves as formidable contenders in the playoffs. As the semi-finals approach, anticipation is running high as teams eagerly await the thrilling matchups that lie ahead. With the top four teams in the league set to clash on the court, the stage is set for intense battles, unforgettable moments, and ultimately, the crowning of a new champion.