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Les Yables Winners of 4vs4 Division 2

Monday April 29( Division 2 , Final)

M-O Brouillard's Brilliance, Key to Les Yables' Championship Triumph over the DHK

The Monday second division championship finals of the 4vs 4 division saw an intense showdown between Les Yables and DHK, captivating fans with their skill and determination. After a tough loss in the first game, Les Yables refused to back down. With unwavering resolve, they stormed back in the second game, levelling the series against DHK, setting the stage for a thrilling finale. In the highly anticipated third and deciding game, both teams left everything on the rink. Every play, every pass, and every shot carried the weight of the championship. It was a defensive battle, with neither side willing to concede an inch. Then, in a moment of pure brilliance, Les Yables seized their opportunity. With precision and finesse, M-O Brouillard led the charge, orchestrating a play to set up N.St-Onge for the 1-0 lead. The goal still left about eight minutes for a DHK response. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried to get the equaliser, Les Yables held firm stifling the offense while heavily relying on J-F Simard to make the key saves. With each heart-stopping moment, the tension in the complex reached a fever pitch. Every block, every save, and every clearance was met with a sigh of relief-from Les Yables’s bench. As the final seconds tickled down, Les Yables's players fought with unwavering determination, refusing to let their hard-earned lead slip away. And when the buzzer sounded, it marked not only the end of the game, but also the beginning of wild celebrations as Les Yables were crowned champions of the Monday division. Their victory was a testament to their resilience, teamwork, and sheer grit, and as they hoisted the championship trophy high above their heads, they knew that their triumph would be remembered for years to come. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Alexis Gervais, D.Marcotte and the rest of Les Yables for winning the Monday 4vs4 second division.

(4)DHK vs Les Yables(2) Game 1

(4)DHK vs Les Yables(5) Game 2

(0)DHK vs Les Yables(1) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the series goes to M-O Brouillard of Les Yables. Throughout the series, Brouillard dazzled fans and teammates alike with his spectacular highlight-reel plays, consistently delivering goals and assists when it mattered most. His unparalleled talent and determination were on full display, inspiring his team to reach new heights and ultimately claim the Monday division championship.