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Chiefs Winners of 4vs4 Division 1

Monday April 29( Division 1, Final)

Chiefs Dethrone Dynasty Classics in Overtime Drama

In a heart-stopping best-of-three series that captivated fans-from start to finish, the Chiefs emerged as the new champions, dethroning the Classics in a dramatic overtime showdown. The championship series went down to the wire, with both teams leaving everything on the court in pursuit of glory. Ultimately, it was the Chiefs' skilled captain, J. Gagne, who delivered the winning goal in overtime with a stunning one-timer that sealed the victory. Game one set the tone for the intense series, as the Classics emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle that extended to a shootout. P.Karvouriaris’s heroics in the shootout secured the win for the Classics, setting the stage for a thrilling back-and-forth series. In game two, the Chiefs responded with authority, dominating the Classics with a commanding 3-0 victory. Once again, J. Gagne led the charge with two impressive goals, showcasing his skill and leadership on the court. With the series tied at one game apiece, game three proved to be a true test of resilience and determination for both teams. In a nail-biting contest that had fans on the edge of their seats, it was J. Gagne who emerged as the hero once again, netting the game-winning goal in overtime to secure the championship title for the Chiefs. P. Chery proved to be a force to be reckoned with, playing a pivotal role in winning physical one-on-one battles and effectively getting under the skin of the Classics. His tenacity and aggressive play style disrupted the opposition's game plan, providing crucial momentum shifts for the Chiefs. Additionally, K. Duplin emerged as a key offensive threat for the Chiefs, coming up clutch with several important goals during critical junctures of the championship series. Both G.Vermette of the Chiefs and A.Ekonomakis of the Classics showcased their brilliance throughout the three games, making spectacular saves and keeping their teams in contention until the final buzzer. Their stellar performances only added to the intensity and excitement of the championship finals. In the end, the Chiefs' unwavering determination, coupled with J. Gagne's clutch performances, proved to be the difference-maker as they celebrated a hard-fought victory and claimed the ball hockey championship in a memorable and thrilling fashion. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Jonathan Gagne and the Chiefs for claiming the Monday first division championship.

(2)Chiefs vs Classics(3) S.O Game 1

(3)Chiefs vs Classics(0) Game 2

(2)Chiefs vs Classics(1) O.T Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the series goes to Jonathan Gagne of the Chiefs. Gagne's exceptional performance throughout the championship series was nothing short of spectacular. His leadership, skill, and determination were instrumental in guiding the Chiefs to victory and dethroning the Classics in a hard-fought battle for supremacy. From-his clutch goals to his pivotal contributions in key moments, Gagne's impact on the series was undeniable. His ability to rise to the occasion when it mattered most earned him the admiration of teammates and fans alike, solidifying his place as a true champion.