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Armadillos winners of D Thursday division

Thursday May 2(Final)

Dynasty in the Making, Armadillos Inch Closer to Glory on Decisive Win over Generals

(0)Generals vs Armadillos(4) Game 1

In a thrilling kick-off to the Thursday division playoff finals, the Armadillos surged ahead, claiming a pivotal 1-0 series lead with a commanding 4-0 victory over the Generals. The match showcased the Armadillos' formidable prowess on both ends of the rink, leaving the Generals struggling to keep pace. N.Kakouras emerged as a standout performer for the Armadillos, netting two crucial goals in the opening period, setting the tempo for his team's dominant performance. His offensive prowess proved to be a game-changer, putting the Generals on their heels right-from the get-go. Backing up Kakouras’s offensive outburst was goaltender A. Ekonomakis, who delivered a stellar performance between the pipes, thwarting every scoring opportunity the Generals could muster and securing a well-deserved shutout. His remarkable display of skill and composure under pressure provided the Armadillos with a solid foundation to build upon throughout the game. As the Armadillos celebrate their series-opening triumph, the Generals are left reeling, forced to regroup and reassess their strategies heading into the next matchup. With the momentum firmly on their side, the Armadillos are poised to capitalize on their early success and continue their quest for championship glory.

Heart-Stopping Drama, Armadillos Capture Title with Late Heroics in Shootout

(5)Generals vs Armadillos(6) S.O Game 2

With the Armadillos holding a 1-0 series lead, anticipation was high as the Generals aimed to mount a comeback and claim the coveted title. From-the first drop of the ball, both teams came out firing on all cylinders, displaying skill, determination, and a hunger for victory. The Generals quickly gained the upper hand, surging to a 3-1 lead early in the game, leaving the Armadillos facing an uphill battle. However, the Armadillos refused to be outdone. Rallying together with grit and determination, they launched a relentless offensive onslaught, clawing their way back into contention and seizing control of the game. After rattling off four consecutive goals  with L.Panetta spearheading the offense on two goals and an assist, the Armadillos found themselves on a path to victory with little time left over. But just when it seemed the Armadillos had the championship within their grasp, the Generals dug deep and mounted a ferocious comeback of their own. With time ticking away and desperation setting in, the Generals rallied to score two late, crucial goals by O.Valiquette and V.Lamarche, levelling the score at 5-5 and forcing the game into overtime. Overtime saw both teams trading chances in a tense battle, but neither side could find the back of the net, setting the stage for a dramatic shootout to determine the champion. In the high-stakes shootout that decided the fate of the championship title, the spotlight shone brightly on the goaltender A. Ekonomakis of the Armadillos. With nerves of steel and lightning-fast reflexes, Ekonomakis rose to the occasion, thwarting all three attempts-from the Generals with breathtaking saves. As Ekonomakis stood tall between the pipes, it was up to the Armadillos' sharpshooter, J. Mandracchia, to seize the moment and deliver the decisive blow. With the weight of the championship resting on his shoulders, Mandracchia calmly stepped up to the ball, his focus unwavering. With a swift flick of his stick, Mandracchia unleashed a perfect shot sealing the championship victory for the Armadillos in dramatic fashion. The Armadillos' jubilant celebration marked the culmination of an electrifying championship run, capping off a journey filled with heart-stopping moments and unforgettable victories. Dating back to 1998, the team's captain, John Kontitsis, has been a steadfast leader, guiding his squad through countless battles on the road to glory. With a legacy spanning over two decades, Kontitsis has been instrumental in shaping the Armadillos into a perennial powerhouse, instilling a winning mentality and a culture of excellence within the team. His leadership both on and off the court has been pivotal in propelling the Armadillos to their remarkable tenth championship title. On behalf of, congratulations go out to John Kontitsis and the Armadillos for getting it done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to A.Ekonomakis of the Armadillos. Facing off against a formidable opponent in the Generals, Ekonomakis showcased his mastery between the pipes, delivering a flawless shutout performance that left the opposing offense frustrated and unable to find the back of the net throughout regulation and overtime. But Ekonomakis's heroics didn't stop there. As the game 2 extended into a dramatic shootout, he stood tall under immense pressure, denying three consecutive shootout attempts-from the Generals with unmatched precision and composure. His clutch saves not only preserved the Armadillos' lead, but also secured the championship for the Armadillos.