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4vs4 Monday

 Monday June 3

Hitmen Show Resilience but couldn’t Match Depth of Classics

The Classics secured a dominant victory in their two-game series against the Hitmen, demonstrating both offensive prowess and defensive solidity. In the first encounter, the Classics capitalized on the Hitmen's short bench and depleted lineup, cruising to a decisive 7-0 victory. The Classics controlled the game-from start to finish, showcasing their depth and skill. Their relentless offensive pressure overwhelmed the Hitmen, who struggled to mount any significant response. The Classics' defense also played a crucial role, shutting down any attempts by the Hitmen to get on the scoreboard. Despite their depleted lineup, the Hitmen put up a much stronger fight in the second game. The match was far more competitive, with the Hitmen showing resilience and determination. However, the Classics' experience and talent ultimately prevailed, as they secured a 5-2 win. The Hitmen's efforts to stay in the game were commendable, but the Classics' ability to capitalize on key opportunities and maintain control of the pace proved decisive. C.Gingras didn’t need to put much of an effort which still saw him dominate the score sheet with a total of ten points.

(0)Hitmen vs Classics(7)

(2)Hitmen vs Classics(5)

Goaltenders A.Coutu and M.Davis Impress in Split Series

Despite being a short bench, the Degenerates managed an impressive 4-2 victory over the Country Club in the opening game of their series. The Degenerates' resilience was on full display as they fought hard to control the game. Key to their success was S. Marricco, who scored a pair of crucial goals that set the tone for the win. Goaltender M. Davis also delivered a stellar performance, making several key saves to keep the Country Club at bay. The second encounter saw a rejuvenated Country Club team utilizing their speed and stamina to outpace the Degenerates, resulting in a 2-0 victory. Goaltender A. Coutu was instrumental in securing the shutout, displaying exceptional skill and composure between the pipes. The Country Club's ability to capitalize on their physical advantage and maintain pressure on the Degenerates was evident throughout the game, leading to a well-earned win. Overall, the series ended in a split, with each team demonstrating their strengths and resilience. The Degenerates' determination and the Country Club's athleticism made for an exciting and competitive matchup.

(4)Degenerates vs Country Club(2)

(0)Degenerates vs Country Club(2)

Madmask Edge Out Snipers in Low-Scoring Battle, Prevail in High-Scoring Clash

 In their initial clash, the Madmask eked out a narrow 1-0 victory over the Snipers. The game was characterized by strong defensive plays and outstanding goaltending. A. Drouin-Paquin was the star, earning a shutout and denying the Snipers any chance to score. The decisive moment came -from F. Boisjoly, who netted the only goal of the game late in the first period that held firm till the end. The second encounter between the teams was a stark contrast to the first, with both sides displaying offensive firepower. The Madmask started off strong, racing to a 5-3 lead by the end of the first period. Despite the Snipers' efforts to fight back, the Madmask managed to hold on for a thrilling 7-6 victory. F. Boisjoly was instrumental once again, scoring four goals and leading his team to another hard-fought victory. The Madmask demonstrated their versatility with a tight defensive win followed by an offensive showcase. F. Boisjoly's crucial contributions in both games were instrumental in their results. Despite the losses, the Snipers displayed their offensive potential, making for an exciting clash and setting the stage for future encounters.

(1)Madmask vs Snipers(0)

(7)Madmask vs Snipers(6)

Power Play Goals Save Assadi Consulting inc, But Sharpshooters Strike Back to level mini series

 The first game was a nail-biter, with the Assadi Consulting inc narrowly edging out the Sharpshooters. Despite their status as favourites, the Assadi Consulting inc found themselves in a tough battle. The Sharpshooters played with intensity and matched the Assadi Consulting inc’s efforts throughout the game. The turning point came when the Assadi Consulting inc capitalized on three consecutive power play opportunities to score their goals. Their power play unit was in top form, demonstrating precision and skill that ultimately secured their victory. The Sharpshooters fought hard, but the Assadi Consulting inc’s special teams made the difference. Following a heart felt defeat, the Sharpshooters turned the tables on the Assadi Consulting inc with an impressive 3-2 victory. Z. Giosi was a big difference maker, scoring two pivotal goals that gave the Sharpshooters the edge. His offensive contributions were crucial in creating and maintaining their late lead. Not to be overshadowed, M.Vinciguerra was exceptional in net, making a series of crucial saves, especially in the closing moments to ensure the Sharpshooters held onto their lead. His stellar goaltending was instrumental in his clubs ability to fend off the Assadi Consulting inc’s relentless attacks.

(4)Sharpshooters vs Assadi Consulting inc(5)

(3)Sharpshooters vs Assadi Consulting inc(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Francois Boisjoly of the Madmask. F. Boisjoly's crucial contributions in both games were instrumental in their victories. After netting his clubs lone goal for the narrow result, Boisjoly went on a tear in the second match posting four big goals to help his club capture a second straight win.