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Draft League Sunday quarter finals

Sunday June 9(Quarter-Finals)

F.Mastrocola's Hat Trick Propels Kraken Past Islanders in Tight Contest

(6)Kraken vs Islanders(3)

Entering the match as favorites, the Kraken knew they had a battle ahead of them, and the Islanders certainly delivered a challenge, keeping the score line tight and competitive. From-the first ball drop, both teams showcased their intensity and skill, with each side's goaltender being put to the test repeatedly. The Islanders managed to stay within striking distance for most of the game, trailing only by a slim 2-1 margin. However, in a crucial moment of the game, the Kraken managed to break through the Islanders' defense with a pair of quick, successive goals. This offensive burst not only widened their lead, but also paved the way for their progression to the next round of the playoffs. F. Mastorcola continues to demonstrate why he's the go-to player for the Kraken. Mastorcola put on an impressive display, netting a hat trick that proved instrumental in his team's victory. Despite the final score, both P.Tremblay of the Kraken and D.Apikian of the Islanders deserve recognition for their efforts, as the game was marked by relentless action and numerous saves. Their performance kept the game close and exciting until the Kraken's late-game surge. In the end, the Kraken emerged victorious, advancing to the next round, while the Islanders exited with their heads held high, having pushed the favorites to their limits in a memorable playoff contest.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Frank Mastrocola of the Kraken. Mastrocola's dominance was evident through his impeccable skill and precision. His ability to find open spaces and take high-percentage shots made him a constant threat. All his goals were perfectly placed showcasing his accuracy and composure under pressure.

Canadiens Overcome Early Deficit to Defeat Bruins

( 8 )Canadiens vs Bruins(6)

In an anticipated playoff matchup, the Bruins faced off against the Canadiens in a game filled with excitement and momentum swings. The Bruins came out strong, quickly grabbing a 3-1 lead and looking in top form. However, the Canadiens responded with determination, mounting an impressive comeback to take a 5-3 lead over the Bruins. From-that point on, the Canadiens managed to maintain their slight advantage despite multiple comeback attempts by the Bruins. The game was marked by relentless action and high-intensity play, with both teams giving their all. In the end, the Canadiens held off the Bruins with an 8-6 victory, advancing to the semi-finals. D. Roy stood out for the Canadiens, notching a hat trick that played a crucial role in securing the win. His ability to find the back of the net at critical moments kept the Canadiens ahead and energized the team. F. Roy and M. Salerno also had significant contributions, each scoring two goals. Their offensive efforts complemented D. Roy's performance, ensuring the Canadiens maintained their lead and weathered the Bruins' attempts to stage a comeback. Despite the Bruins' strong start and continued efforts to level the score, the Canadiens' resilience and timely scoring allowed them to emerge victorious. The Bruins fought hard, but the Canadiens' offensive firepower and defensive tenacity ultimately proved too much.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Dylan Roy of the Canadiens. Roy's goals were not only timely, but also showcased his exceptional talent and ability to rise to the occasion when his team needed him most. His performance not only energized his teammates, but also inspired confidence in their ability to overcome adversity and emerge victorious.

Wild Defense Crumbles as Flyers Cruise to Win

(3)Wild vs Flyers(10)

In what was expected to be a closely contested matchup, the Wild faltered as the Flyers delivered a commanding performance on the court. Known for their strong defensive game throughout the season, the Wild struggled to contain the relentless attacks of the Flyers, resulting in a one-sided blowout victory. Unlike their usual form, the Wild seemed unable to find their footing defensively, allowing the Flyers to exploit gaps in their defense repeatedly. The Flyers capitalized on these opportunities with precision, showcasing their offensive prowess and leaving the Wild scrambling to keep up. At the forefront of the Flyers' dominant performance was M. Destounis, whose masterful play proved to be the driving force behind their success. Destounis was unstoppable on the court, contributing significantly with an impressive six points, including goals and assists that left the Wild defense in disarray. Adding to the Flyers' offensive onslaught was M. Saia, who collected an impressive five points of his own. Saia's contribution further highlighted the depth and firepower of the Flyers' lineup, as they overwhelmed the Wild with their relentless attacking play. Despite their best efforts, the Wild were unable to contain the Flyers' offensive onslaught, ultimately succumbing to a decisive defeat. The Flyers' dominant performance not only secured their victory, but also sent a clear message to the rest of the league that they are a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Marino Destounis of the Flyers. Destounis was the primary catalyst behind the Flyers' dominant offensive display, contributing a remarkable six points to his team's tally. Whether it was scoring goals himself or creating scoring chances for his teammates, Destounis was involved in nearly every aspect of the Flyers' attack.

Heroic Effort by C.Stamadianos Leads Red Wings to Semi-Finals

(3)Predators vs Red Wings(6)

The game remained tightly contested for a significant portion, with both teams exchanging goals and maintaining a high level of competition. The Red Wings' tenacity was evident as they matched the Predators goal for goal, eventually reaching a 3-3 tie. However, it was the extraordinary effort of C. Stamadianos that made the difference. Logging extra minutes due to the team's short roster, Stamadianos took on a leadership role and delivered a remarkable performance. He scored four goals and added an assist, single-handedly driving the Red Wings' offensive surge. Stamadianos's skill and endurance were on full display, as he capitalized on scoring opportunities and kept the pressure on the Predators' defense. The Red Wings' defense also played a crucial role, tightening up and preventing the Predators-from regaining their momentum. With each passing minute, the Red Wings' confidence grew, and their coordinated efforts paid off as they pulled ahead. As the final buzzer sounded, the Red Wings celebrated a hard-fought 6-3 victory over the Predators. This win not only highlighted their ability to overcome adversity, but also punched their ticket to the semi-final round of the playoffs.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Chris Stamadianos of the Red Wings. Stamadianos's impact was profound. He scored four goals and contributed an assist, driving the Red Wings' offensive surge. His skillful play and relentless effort were pivotal in breaking the deadlock and shifting the momentum in favor of the Red Wings.

The excitement of the Sunday Draft division playoffs reached a fever pitch as the quarter finals concluded, leaving only four teams standing in pursuit of championship glory. The stage is set for an epic showdown with the remaining four teams. The match up’s are as follows:

(1)Kraken vs Flyers(6) This semi-final clash is set to be a battle of contrasting styles and immense talent. The Kraken will rely on their structured defense to contain the Flyers' offensive threats while looking to F.Mastrocola to spearhead their attack. On the other hand, the Flyers will aim to leverage M.Destounis’s scoring ability and the support of their well-rounded team to break through the Kraken's defenses and secure a path to the finals.

(2)Canadiens vs Red Wings(5) As the Canadiens and Red Wings prepare for their semi-final showdown, fans can expect a series filled with skill, strategy, and high-stakes drama. The Canadiens, with their balanced and formidable lineup, will aim to assert their dominance, while the Red Wings, driven by recent success and standout performances, will look to defy the odds and advance to the finals.

The semi-finals promise to be a captivating chapter in the Sunday Draft division playoffs, showcasing the very best of the remaining four teams. With all four teams hungry for victory, both series are set to deliver unforgettable moments and intense competition.