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Hurricanes winners of Draft division Wednesday

Wednesday June 19 (Final)

Relentless Hurricanes Overcome Stars for Title Glory

(7)Hurricanes vs Stars(5)

The Stars started the game playing to their strengths, focusing on a robust defensive strategy that has defined their season. Their disciplined play kept the Hurricanes at bay in the first half, maintaining a tight grip on the game and frustrating their high-scoring opponents. However, the Hurricanes' relentless pressure eventually cracked the Stars' defense. Leading the charge was T. Settino, who not only disrupted the Stars' plays but also created numerous high-quality scoring opportunities. His vision and playmaking were instrumental in turning the tide in favour of the Hurricanes. It helped having your goal scorer M. DiLena in fine form once more finding the back of the net, not once, not twice, but three times, achieving a spectacular hat trick. His timely goals energized the Hurricanes and shifted the momentum completely. Along side DiLena, F. Federico had a stellar performance as well, contributing significantly with two goals and two assists. Federico's all-around game and leadership on the floor provided the Hurricanes with the edge they needed in such a high-stakes match. Despite a valiant effort-from the Stars, who continued to fight hard till the final buzzer, the Hurricanes' firepower proved too much to handle. The game concluded with the Hurricanes securing a well-deserved championship victory, celebrating their triumph after a season of hard work and perseverance.

The Allo Mon Coco Ste Dorothee player of the game goes to Tony Settino of the Hurricanes. There is no question that T. Settino is the catalyst behind the Hurricanes' championship win. Settino's defensive acumen and playmaking abilities were on full display as he broke up numerous plays and set up six of the Hurricanes' seven goals. His exceptional vision and passing earned him the well-deserved title of player of the game.