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D Thursday division

Thursday July 4

C.Gingras Leads Fatal Demons to Victory with Impressive Scoring Spree

(7)Fatal Demons vs Rated R(4)

From-the opening draw, the Fatal Demons set a blistering pace, controlling possession and creating numerous scoring opportunities. Their aggressive fore-checking and swift transitions left Rated R scrambling to keep up. The Demons' offensive pressure paid off as they quickly found the back of the net, establishing an early lead that they would not relinquish. C. Gingras emerged as the star of the show, demonstrating his exceptional skill and scoring ability. Gingras was virtually unstoppable, weaving through defenders and firing precision shots that left the Rated R goalie with little chance. By the end of the game, Gingras netted an astounding five goals, propelling the Demons to a commanding victory. Despite their third period deficit, Rated R displayed commendable resilience and fought back fiercely . They tightened their defense, executed crisp passes, and increased their offensive pressure. This newfound intensity allowed them to capitalize on a few defensive lapses by the Fatal Demons, resulting in several quick goals. C.Pisanelli orchestrated much of the momentum bagging two tallies and an assist. However, the gap proved too wide to close completely. The Fatal Demons' defense held strong under pressure, and R.Ranieri made several key saves to maintain the lead, and close out the game.

J.Saydi's Hat Trick Highlights White Hawks' Impressive Win Over OGC

(3)OGC vs White Hawks(5)

The game started with OGC asserting their presence on the rink. They came out with high energy and quickly established control, using their speed and teamwork to create scoring opportunities. Their efforts paid off late in the first period when J.DelTorto broke the deadlock with a well-executed play , culminating in a goal that put them ahead 1-0. The second period saw a shift in momentum as the White Hawks regrouped and intensified their efforts. J. Saydi spearheaded the resurgence with his electrifying play. Saydi was the catalyst behind it all as the slick and speedy forward went on a tear to overwhelm the oppositions defense and net minder. Four of the five Winter Hawks goals stemmed-from Saydi, who went on to complete his hat trick early in the third period to put his side in the drivers seat. What looked like a promising start for the OGC didn’t quite end the way they wanted it to. The Winter Hawks eventually took over generating more ball possession which translated into a bunch of goals that left the OGC struggling to keep up.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carl Gingras of the Fatal Demons. C. Gingras' performance was a master class in offensive prowess. His five goals were a mix of skill, speed, and situational awareness, making him undoubtedly a difference maker for the Fatal Demons success.