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4vs4 Monday

Monday July 8

Captain M. Boisjoly Guides Mad Mask to Double Victory

In the first game, the Mad Mask's relentless pressure and cohesive play led them to a solid victory. Their aggressive fore-checking disrupted the Degenerates' play, creating numerous turnovers that the Mad Mask capitalized on effectively. The second game was a closer contest, ending in a 4-3 victory for the Mad Mask in a thrilling shootout. Once again, their fore-check played a crucial role in keeping the Degenerates on the back foot. Captain M. Boisjoly was exceptional across both games, demonstrating exceptional leadership and skill. He was instrumental in creating numerous scoring opportunities, tallying four points and securing the decisive shootout goal in the second game. His engagement and performance were key factors in the Mad Mask's success. While the Madmask had a night to feel good about, the Degenerates will need to regroup and reassess in order to put things back in order.

(5)Madmask vs Degenerates(2)

(4)Madmask vs Degenerates(3) S.O

Assadi Consulting inc’s Mastery of Possession Leads to a Pair of Victories Over Classics

Throughout both games, the Assadi Consulting inc’s ability to maintain possession and control the ball was evident, allowing them to create scoring opportunities and limit the Classics' chances. The opening game saw the Assadi Consulting inc take control early, using their superior ball possession to dictate the pace. Their well-coordinated offense and tight defense prevented the Classics-from finding their rhythm. The Assadi Consulting inc’s relentless pressure paid off with a 4-2 victory, thanks to goals-from four different players, who capitalized on turnovers and maintained consistent pressure in the offensive zone. The Classics managed to score twice, but their efforts fell short against the disciplined and cohesive play of the Assadi Consulting inc. The second game began similarly, with the Assadi Consulting inc quickly establishing dominance and building a substantial lead. Their precision passing, effective fore-checking, and control over ball possession allowed them to outmanoeuvre the Classics. As the game progressed, it seemed the Assadi Consulting inc were on their way to a rout. However, midway through the match, C. Gingras of the Classics ignited a remarkable comeback. In a stunning display of skill and determination, Gingras scored four consecutive goals in just three minutes, dramatically shifting the momentum and bringing the Classics back into the game. Despite Gingras' heroics, the Assadi Consulting inc regrouped and tightened their defense, ultimately securing a second straight victory.

(4)Assadi consulting inc vs Classics(2)

(7)Assadi consulting inc vs Classics(4)

Epic Showdown, Sharpshooters Win Shootout, Hitmen Bounce Back in Second Game

In a high-octane opening game, the Sharpshooters managed to clinch a nail-biting victory over the Hitmen with a final score of 6-5. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both teams showcasing exceptional offensive prowess. The Sharpshooters ultimately secured the win in the shootout, thanks to D. Greco's decisive lone shootout goal. The intense back-and-forth battle kept everyone on the edge of their seats, highlighting the competitive spirit and skill of both teams. The second game of the night saw a complete shift in momentum as the Hitmen bounced back with a dominant performance. M. David took it to another level, demonstrating his exceptional playmaking abilities by breaking up plays and creating scoring opportunities. By the end of the night, David had racked up an impressive six points, leading the Hitmen to a resounding 6-2 victory over the Sharpshooters. The Hitmen's relentless offense and solid defense ensured their triumph, showcasing their potential for the rest of the season.

(6)Sharpshooters vs Hitmen(5) S.O

(2)Sharpshooters vs Hitmen(6)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marcel Boisjoly of the Madmask. M. Boisjoly showcased exceptional leadership and skill, guiding his team to a pair of impressive victories. Over the two games, Boisjoly collected four points and delivered the decisive shootout winner, exemplifying his ability to perform under pressure.