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League Structure

Updated 29/01/2024

LEAGUE STRUCTURE has 3 categories for the men?s divisions: competitive (div.A&B), semicompetitive (div. C&D) and recreational (div.E&F). To participate at the National Championships, a team must be registered in the A, B, C, or D divisions.

  • A Division winners get a spot at the A National Championship?
  • B Division winners get a spot at the B National?Championship.
  • C Division winners get a spot at the C National?Championship.
  • D Division winners get a sport a the D National?Championship

There is also a league for women, junior and senior.

For more detailed information, please refer to the ? How to qualify ? Provincial, Regional and National Championships ? section.


The Premier League includes the men?s divisions A and B.

  • All Premier League teams (Div. A and B) must submit their protection list of 14 players 2 weeks after the final.
  • All B division teams can use a maximum of 3 total combined players from the protection lists of all the A division teams.
    Note: The B division teams, aside from the 3 total combined players from the A protection list, also have access to any Group 1 and Group 2 players they want.
  • When A and B division teams face off in an interleague game, a player who is on the protection list and who is part of both teams must play with the A division team. If the player is not on the protection list, and is part of both teams; then that player will be allowed to play on which ever team he chooses.
  • If a team from the Premier League does not continue playing in this league, its players won?t be allowed to play with any other team for a minimum of 1 year.
    • Exception: Those players will be allowed to join another team as long as they are not more than FOUR players to join the same team.
  • If an A Premier League team choose the maximum of 4 players from a disbanded team, they will have to participate at the Regionals or National Championships in the event that they qualify, otherwise, they will lose access to those players for the following season.
  • In a 12 - 15 game season, a player must have played 4 games in order to qualify for the playoffs. A goaltender must have played 1 game.
  • Teams must have a minimum of EIGHT players including the goaltender to start a game in the Premier League or seven with the signature of the opposing team (6 players and 1 goaltender).

Note : The Ranking List? could be revised before the start of each season (summer, fall, winter).


From the classified players list

? Premier ? Div C ? Div D ? Div E ? Div F ?
Maximum of Ranked Players Allowed N/A ? 2 ? 1 ? 0 ? 0 ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


  • Winners of C-D-E-F divisions have the right to defend their titles. After winning two championships in a row, they will be forced to move to the higher category.
  • All players aged 35 and over on May 31 (for summer season), September 30 (for the first winter session) and on January 31(for the second winter session) won?t be restricted to any division (Accept Master 35+ Division).
  • Within divisions on the same night, number of players going from the top division to the bottom division is limited to 3 players only ( in which 1 must be 35+).
  • Goaltenders are not part of any ranking list.
  • If a player suffers an ACL sprain/tear (knee), or any other type of severe injury he must contact the office at 450-963-0963 in order to be removed from the ranking lists.