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Ne désespérons pas les beaux jours d’été reviendront bien assez vite!

C’est pourquoi l’équipe de travaille déjà sur la prochaine saison qui débutera à la MI-MAI. Nous vous offrirons du hockey-balle pour tous les âges et tous les niveaux!

Veuillez aussi noter que cette année, les championnats nationaux pour la div. A auront lieu à Saint John, NB et pour les div. B à D, à St. John's, TN.

Alors, prenez le temps de regarder le dépliant avec vos coéquipiers et contactez-nous rapidement pour réserver votre place et profiter de nos RABAIS!


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2017 Winter classic, Premier vs C division

The annual display of some of the finest ball hockey players featured plenty of skill and offence in the sixth edition of the winter classic on Saturday night. The event had the Premier (A & B divisions) take on the C division. Both teams played like the game meant something as they valued ball possession over trying to be too fancy. Unfortunteley for the C side, it wasn’t nearly what they had hoped for. When you have players like Carl Ghilarducci , Phil DiGiacomo, Charles Plaisir , S.Sacco and company just to name a few coming at you, one can only hold on to dear life in hopes of surviving. Despite it all, the C side fared well enough getting four goals. M.Champgane, representing the Capitals was involved in all four tallies that included three assists. As for the Premier side, C.Plaisir felt like he was playing pond hockey as the Team Haiti rep scored at will. Plaisir riffled four goals in only twelve minutes. Nick Sbarra stood tall behind the C division bench with a game plan that not even Mike Babcock would have had much of a chance with. If players such as Payam Assadi can hit the net once in a while then maybe the score would have been a little more respectable. Payam Shot twice during the hardest shot competition that would have missed a soccer net. In the end, the players had fun and demonstrated how well they displayed their talents. Prior to the game, each player along with the net minders showed off some of their finest skills in the four competitions. Here is a summary of the 4 events:

Most accurate shooter:  Charles Plaisir 4/7 targets

Best wrist shot : George Vouloumanos 3/5 wins tie breaker vs Thomas Karasek

Best goaltender in wrist shot competition: Sandro Morante

Hardest shot: Carl Ghilarducci heat seeking missile of 103 mph

Breakaway challenge: Carl Ghilarducci

Best goaltender (breakaway competition) Midwin Dorismond  

Premier division Roster:

Midwin Dorismond G

Carl Ghilarducci

Jordan Velenosi

Hendrix Merone

Hovig Jerjian

Phil DiGiacomo

Sean Sacco

Gibson Aime

Yerick Derohannessian

Charles Plaisir

Jonathan Mandracchia

George Vouloumanos

C Division Roster:

Scott Sauk G

Sandro Morante G

Costa Fragkiudakis

Jason Rochon

Ellis Medrano

Eric Lemieux

Anthony DiPerna

George Lallis

Mathieu Champagne

Jimmy Pantelis

Thomas KaraseK

Payam Assadi

Final score:

11 Premier division    C division 4

Note: go to media on our site to see pictures of the event. The pictures will be put up shortly


Masters (35+)

Friday March 24

HBHA Seniors (4) VS Devil Dawgz (5)

Devil Dawgz continue to hold HBHA Seniors number.

For the second time this season HBHA Seniors are on the opposite side of the winning battle, losing a second straight contest to the Devil Dawgz. The Devil Dawgz finished off the season exactly how they wanted defeating the first place team and to hold the momentum entering the playoffs. The game was pretty evenly matched for both sides as both sides notched 2 first period goals. As the captains on both sides tried to control and slow down the game, the goals continued to come in numbers, as K. Araujo netted his second of the night. The Devil Dawgz were pleased when B. Pereira scored in the third period to secure the win for his club. P. Karigiannis also helped his club scoring two of their goals for a losing effort. HBHA Seniors will need to figure out a way to win against the Devil Dawgz if they wish to win the division.

Stones (6) VS Hawks (2)

Two old rivals face off one last time before entering the playoffs

With the playoffs just around the corner, two old rivals faceoff in the final game of the regular season. These matchups are never dull as both clubs bring out the best. Unfortunately for the Hawks did not show up to play tonight as the Stones got an easy win and a bit of confidence entering the playoffs. T. Settino and P. Paikopoulos were never going to accept the loss tonight as both players picked up their team and carried them to victory picking up a total of eight point, notching a constant flow of offence for the entire game. Both teams are aware they have to play better next week if either expect to move into the next round.

With the regular season coming to an end, the matchups for the semis are:

HBHA Seniors (1) VS Stones (4)

Devil Dawgz (2) VS Hawks (2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes Kevin Araujo of the Devil Dawgz. The talented defenceman notched two goals in a very important game for his club to gain momentum entering the playoffs.


Thursday March 23

(6)Legacy vs River Rats(4)

Six different goal scorers help Legacy top River Rats

Legacy are finding different ways to get the job done. This time the offense was shared between six different goal scorers. One of them being an established sniper E.Girouard,who riffled a power play goal that snapped a 1-1 tie. Legacy went on to build a 4-1 third period lead which seemed more than enough considering the way they were playing .But the River Rats weren’t done just yet. In the span of only six minutes, things went from bad to worse for Legacy who saw their big lead disappear. However, that momentum ended up hitting a wall as M.Champagne found a way to end the spell. T.Bozinakis had provided two helpers before launching the ball-from his own end into an empty net. They may be six points away-from first place shared by two teams, but Legacy aren’t too concerned as they know that they belong in that mix with the Icons and the River Rats.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathieu Champagne of Legacy. After giving up three straight goals, M.Champagne put Legacy back in front with only 45 seconds left in the game.


Thursday March 23

(4)Werewolves vs Deadlast(5) E1

Werewolves seem to be cursed as they drop another jaw breaker

It’s their ninth game of the season and the Werewolves felt the reoccurring sorrows of dropping another contest in a ridiculous fashion. This is the third time that they let it slip away with less than a minute remaining in a hockey game. The two previous times occurred both against the Bramabulls, who scored with 23 seconds left in the first encounter, and two seconds remaining in the second meeting to steal precious points. C.Chirola notched his third goal to pull within one for Deadlast. Then, C.Siconolfi tied the game right before T.Panagakos stunned his opponents with the final dagger. The good news is that the Werewolves are officially in a playoff spot despite the black cloud hovering over their heads.

(4)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(1) E1

Bramabulls cure last week’s woes with win over SBS Trashers

The Bramabulls found a way to overcome the embarrassment they felt after last week’s game against the P.E.Y.O. D.Verta and P.Charbonneau scored in the first period, G.Follano made close to 30 saves and the SBS Trashers will be watching-from the sidelines as their season came to end on Thursday night. J.Scalia provided the lone goal on a brilliant effort in front of the net putting the ball top corner-from his back hand. That goal cut the lead in half with half a game remaining. Unfortunately, the Bramabulls responded twice that included a beauty top corner-from their veteran defenseman R.Sciortino. The SBS Trashers couldn’t get any sort of momentum going because of their frequent visit to the penalty box.

(2)P.E.Y.O vs Deadlast(9) E1

Deadlast whip rival P.E.Y.O to sweep double header night

Deadlast finished their regular season in style on Thursday night. They scored nine times against a team that they are very familiar with. The hype proved to be overrated as only one team showed up to play. K.Kakivelis was one part of the problem as the forward bagged four goals. His brother A.Kakivelis added to the misery by netting a pair while C.Chirola got his name in there by accumulating four points. It didn’t matter that Deadlast played only an hour earlier. As a matter of fact, they probably wouldn’t have been this dominant if they played only one game. It’s scary to think that they can be that good despite playing two hard games in a short period of time.

(5)UHC vs Street Ballers(6) E2

A.Jalbert went goal crazy in tight win over UHC

A.Jalbert scored a staggering five goals to help the Street Ballers top the UHC by a close margin. The Street Ballers forward went absolute goal crazy by the second period where he nodded three in a row for a natural hat trick. Two of those tallies came with the man advantage. The UHC didn’t know what hit them and had to endure seeing the same player haunting them over and over. After netting his fifth, the Street Ballers had someone else other than their goal scoring machine to provide the clincher. S.Archambault put the icing on the cake with the winner by the nine minute mark of the final frame. By then, the Street Ballers led 6-3 and held on barely after surrendering two straight tallies.

(5)Underdogs vs Mohicans(4)E2 S.O

Underdogs rally to take 5-4 decision versus Mohicans

Despite a great start to the game, the Mohicans had to settle for one point in their shootout loss to the Underdogs. The score was 3-0 with goals-from Y.Sigouin, B.Allard and K.Arsenault after only twelve minutes of play. Whatever was said in the intermission must have had an effect as the Underdogs turned the table around in the second. M-A Haber scored on the power play followed with two quick goals by R.Abdulahad and J.Bouhaidar. The match slowed down at that point with each side trading one third period goal. After a scoreless overtime period, the Underdogs got their way in the shootout. M-A Haber buried his second as the only player to score in the breakaways. P.Malkoun stoned all three players his way and the Underdogs managed to avoid a very dangerous do or die match for finishing in third place. Instead, the Mohicans will have to play an extra round before hitting the semi finals.

(2)Eagles vs French Connection(8) E2

J.Noonan powers high octane offence for French Connection

The true centre of attention in this game was the outstanding performance by J.Noonan. The number 88 scored three times while setting up a goal. In addition to his onslaught of points, J.Farrese joined him with the same point’s production. The French Connection just finished their regular season with a high total of 59 goals in only ten games. That’s eight more than the first place UHC. The problem is that apart-from the Eagles, the French Connections do give up the most compared to everyone else.  Time will tell to see if offence will prevail over a shaky defense. It’s a style of game that the French Connection love to play and that has given them success in the past.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alexis Jalbert of the Steet Ballers. The forward went a scoring frenzy bagging five straight goals for his club in a 6-5 win over the UHC.

The E2 Thursday division came to an end. In a division of six teams, the top five will advance to the playoffs. The top three seeds have an automatic pass to the semi finals. The first round will feature a do or die match between the fourth spot and the fifth spot.

(4)Mohicans vs Street Ballers(5) The Street Ballers are bigger, have more experience and may have the hottest player right now in A.Jalbert. It’s up to the Mohicans to formulate the right game plan in order to address certain areas.


Wednesday March 22

(2)Trappers vs Dragons(3)

Dragons getting hot at right time

It took until the 11:40 minute mark of the third period before the Dragons pulled in front. The win gave the Dragons a temporary position for a playoff spot still having to wait and see what the Underdogs would do in their game with the Armadillos. For now, they celebrated and kept their fingers crossed. J.Bolanakis and G.Cardillo were dynamic in this contest as both players combined for four big points. Bolanakis evened the score late in the second period and provided the Dragons first lead with just over four minutes remaining in the game. The Trappers had the better start getting two goals by the eight minute mark courtesy of S.Richer and P.Samuel. From-there, the Dragons tightened up and chipped away a bit at a time to eventually overcome the deficit. The match couldn’t have been won without the brilliant performance set forth by S.Morante. After giving up two goals, the net minder was lights out enabling his club to capture three huge points.

(0)Underdogs vs Armadillos(1)

Offense dries up in biggest game of season for Underdogs

The Underdogs knew what was at stake after witnessing the Dragons rally against the Trappers only moments ago. That result forced them to play the game of their season, and despite putting up a good effort, the goal scoring just wasn’t there. Neither side got on board for well over two periods. But eventually something had to give and that was the lone tally by the Armadillos quarter back on defense. G.Bouchard cracked the barrier with five minutes left in the game. Despite the time left on the clock, the Underdogs knew it would have been hard for an equalizer, especially after going dry till that point. Add to that, A.Mancini was solid in net and felt that nothing was getting by him. It came in an unfortunate situation but the Underdogs won’t be entering the playoffs due to this result. Who would have thought that the Dragons would defeat the Punishers, Armadillos and the Trappers in their last three games of the season to squeeze in by only one point.

(7)Punishers vs Fat Roy(5)

Fat Roy surrender three late goals in loss

The Punishers scored three straight goals as of the 12:20 minute mark of the final frame to defeat Fat Roy on Wednesday night. P.Karvouriaris was behind the madness as the skilled forward scored twice during that span to bury his hat trick. This isn’t the first time the Punishers squeeze out a win by the end of a game. The Underdogs went through the same fate only a week ago. Both sides played to an even 3-3 first period and a scoreless second frame before the Punishers turned the tables by the third. It came in a loss but N.Gikas continues to score as the spark plug notched all three first period tallies. This result comes as a fourth straight loss for Fat Roy, not the right time to slump with the playoffs starting in a few days.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes John Bolanakis of the Dragons. The clever veteran may have saved his clubs season by providing two huge goals in a 3-2 win versus the Trappers.

The D Wednesday regular season came to an end. The top five teams will advance with the top three seeds getting an automatic pass to the semi finals. The first round match up will have the fourth place play the fifth place spot to see who gets the first place Punishers.

Sudden death game:

(4)Fat Roy vs Dragons(5) If someone judges by momentum, than the Dragons may be the favorite. The Dragons won three straight games to get in while Fat Roy suffered four straight losses. However, if that means nothing than Fat Roy will have a good chance with the speed they have up front.


Wednesday March 22

(5)Les Raymonds vs Reapers(7)

A.Simon’s four goal game rallies Reapers past Raymonds

Andrew Simon had a big night at the right time for the Reapers. Entering the contest, the Reapers suffered four straight losses and wanted nothing more than to end their slide with the season coming to a close. And while they did mange the win, this was far from-convincing. The Reapers ignited five third period goals after being down 4-2. A.Simon was the catalyst behind the comeback as the forward had an incredible night posting four goals to end an ugly slump. He didn’t score but P-J Gauthier had a major role as well by setting up five markers. The Reapers are now hoping they can build on this with the playoffs starting next week. As for Les Raymonds, two good periods just didn’t cut it on this night.

(4)HC Inter vs Black Venom(7)

Black Venom rides four second-period goals in 7-4 triumph over HC Inter

Black Venom scored four times in the second period as they defeated a club in need of points. The four-goal outburst gave the division leaders a 6-2 lead after two periods, and they cruised-from there on to their seventh win in only nine games. J.Courteau got the ball rolling scoring twice in the first period only a minute apart. Then, K.Araujo matched his line-mate by also netting a pair in about the same amount of time. Oddly enough, B.Deslauriers didn’t score but did set up three goals that included a feed on J.Courteau’s late hat trick. While the Black Venom are sitting fine where they are, the same can’t be said for the HC Inter. The good news is that they hold the cards on getting in by just needing one single point against the Raging Rhinos.

(10)Gladiateurs vs RBK Knights(0)

RBK Knights had nothing going in must win game

In a night that the RBK Knights faced their most crucial game of the season, Les Gladiateurs absolutely shellacked them. Granted, Les Gladiateurs are a high quality scoring team, but to this point is simply unacceptable for a side that needed this game to get in. Instead, the RBK Knights will be looking-from the side lines and wonder what happened. The match was close for about a period. Then, the machine opened up for Les Gladiateurs as they completely overwhelmed their opponents. R.Vena tallied four times and W.Goyer faced barely 15 shots to record a shutout. Les Gladiateurs have an average 5-5 regular season record but do lead the F3 division with 56 goals for.

(9)Latin Blue vs Primetime(4)

D.Ugaldez nets three of four power play goals by Latin Blue

Every time Primetime visited the penalty box, Latin Blue made them pay. But it wasn’t only the five man unit working as Latin Blue bullied Primetime with five even strength goals as well. D.Ugaldez and J-D Barrios did something rare on Wednesday night and that is both players scored in every period to record a hat trick. At no point was Primetime into this game. Latin Blue used two first period power play goals before pulling away by the second period. G.Cerroni participated in the scoring bagging a pair and S.Monnet got a lone tally as only four players scored out of the nine that went in for Latin Blue.

(2)Fat Cats vs Raging Rhinos(5)

Third period collapse in only three minutes has Fat Cats fall short

G.Vouloumanos, M-A Piche and F.Remon scored three third period goals in only three minutes to top the Fat Cats on Wednesday night. The winner came off the blade of G.Vouloumanos by the nine minute mark of the final frame. That was one of two power play goals by the Raging Rhinos, who presently sit alone in third place of the F2 division. The Fat Cats led twice and only fell behind with less than four minutes remaining in the game. E.Panzera and P.Nadeau scored in the loss. With only one regular season game left, the Fat Cats will try and finish strong as they’ll face the Spartans for a fourth place battle.

(5)Bolts vs Horsemen(6) O.T

Bolts lose out in great opportunity, need to keep fingers crossed

The Bolts may have breathe easier if they pulled through in tonight’s game but will need to wait and see what will happen next week if they get in or not. For now, they’ll have to put up with enduring a heartbreaking loss to the hands of the Horsemen. M.Arkalis celebrated a huge late goal for the Bolts to send the game in overtime. In hopes of building on that, the Horsemen immediately responded when G.Panagiotopoulos ended the game only two minutes in. The unlikely hero got a pass-from T.Karasek who scored earlier in the match. Both teams scored twice with the man advantage. The Horsemen used six different goal scores to get there while the Bolts had S.Giroux score twice. In order for the Bolts to get in, the Raging Rhinos will need to beat the HC Inter in regulation time or in overtime. If the HC Inter enter the shootout or win cleanly, then the Bolts season is done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andrew Simon of the Reapers. The Reapers forward bailed his club out of a four game slump by providing four goals in a 7-5 comeback win over Les Raymonds.

The F3 regular season came to an end. In a division of eight teams, the top seven will advance with the first place seed getting an automatic semi final spot. The match ups are as follows:

First round bye: Hellfish

(2)United Arms vs Les Raymonds(7)  United Arms are deeper overall, Les Raymonds will need their supporting cast to match up to have a chance

(3)Latin Blue vs Primetime(6) The seeds don’t mean much in this contest, however, Primetime will have to make it a point to keep pace against a resilient hockey team

(4)Reapers vs Gladiateurs(5) Reapers have no choice to slow down the oppositions offense. And although the Reapers can score, playing run and gun with Les Gladiateurs isn’t the best strategy


Tuesday March 21

(1)Communists vs Capitals(1) S.O

Capitals earn 1-1 tie on late goal by C.Valois

J.Vrettis had his shutout bid snapped with less than a minute as the Capitals scored late to earn a 1-1 tie with the Communists.Vrettis made 33 saves before C.Valois scored to force the extra time. The Communists got their lone goal late in the first period when their captain J.Admou received a feed-from T-J Ward. It was a night that both goaltenders gave their clubs excellent chances to take it. J.Richer faced about the same amount of shots as his counterpart. After a scoreless overtime period, neither side were able to solve the goaltenders by the shootout. This result has both these teams share first place in a three way tie with the Smooth Sailors.

(4)Legacy vs Bramabulls(6)

Bramabulls use miracle finish to remain on life support

It was a game that the Bramabulls had a definite playoff dance feel to it.It’s quite simple, win and keep hoping for uncontrollable forces to pull through .For now, they bypassed step one of their massive hill to remain in a playoff run. What made tonight’s game special was the way they won it. The Bramabulls used two very late goals along with an empty net marker to rally past a team that would have secured a playoff spot. Despite the loss, Legacy still holds the cards in their hands with two games remaining. All they need is a win or a Bramabulls loss and the spot is solidified. S.Sacco scored twice in the second period and J.Velenosi tied it right before P.DiGiacomo cracked the tie seconds later.

(6)Smooth Sailors vs Capitals(2)

Smooth Sailors third period eruption overwhelm tired legs

Once the mid way point of the third period hit, the Capitals were done. The Smooth Sailors erupted with four straight tallies that included three goals in only two and a half minutes. J.Morina already had a goal before snapping the 2-2 tie. Morina wasn’t done just yet as the clever forward added his third goal to finish with five points. J.Palmitano used his explosive speed to add a pair while A.Grieco was sharp in net stopping 22 of 24 shots. The Capitals, despite collecting only one point in two games, played well enough except for the last seven minutes of the night.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes Phil DiGiacomo of the Bramabulls. Timing is everything and P.DiGiacomo came through at the right time to help save the Bramabulls season. The forward snapped a late 4-4 tie to finish his night with two goals and two assists.


Monday March 20 (B Finals Game 1)

(3)Ultimate Hockey vs United Armenians(2) O.T

The Ultimate Hockey are now only one game away-from the title after beating the United Armenians 3-2 in overtime of the B finals. The game ended when P.Plaisir collected his second point early in the sudden death frame. Prior to the goal, the Ultimate Hockey were glad to see A.Paul carry much of the offense. The forward scored twice with the help of Rubens Morne, who fed him two perfect passes. As frustrating as this loss may be for the United Armenians, one thing’s for sure is that they played lights out only to lose in coin toss situation. The good news is that they know they have a shot at it despite being down in the series. G.Missakian will keep his guys primed and focus as they prepare for another huge battle making sure their opponent doesn’t take it that easily.

(1)Team Haiti vs HBHA(2)

Unexpected goaltender steals the show as HBHA beat Team Haiti

After nearly forfeiting the game due to a missing goaltender, the HBHA may have discovered something special on Monday night .From-start to finish, K.Kakivelis’s homecoming game as a net minder was one to remember. Team Haiti peppered Kakivelis several times only to keep getting denied. The only player to solve him was P.Plaisir, who cut the lead in half for Team Haiti. Despite having way more than enough time for an equalizer, K.Kakivelis proved a major point that he was up for the task going flawless the rest of the way. The HBHA Seniors scored twice in the first period with goals by A.Bitsakis and P.Lapointe. From-there, Kakivelis remained a rock stoning player after player to earn the win in net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Paul Plaisir of the Ultimate Hockey. If there was anyone that would have come through, P.Plaisir would be that player. The highly skilled forward sealed game one of the B final by providing the overtime winner.


Monday March 20

Well oiled Venom cruises past Jokers twice

Venom did what they do best on Monday night and that is to score of plenty of goals. The Jokers held in there for about a period but weren’t a match by the second where the flood gates opened. It was a game that saw seven different players score. K.Araujo led the charge setting up three teammates while netting his clubs fifth goal to put the game out of reach. F.Maston beat R.Ranieri with one of thirteen shots attempted towards the net minder for the Jokers. In hopes of bouncing back in the second encounter, the Jokers had a similar fate. They did score more but were forced playing from-behind. J.Courteau netted half of his clubs tally to finish with a hat trick. In both games, Venom got stronger as of the second periods where they buried a total of nine tallies. The regular season is starting to wind down for the Jokers, who temporarily are out of a playoff spot. However, that being said, they have a great opportunity to get in as they play the 23rd Hour for that last playoff spot.

(7)Venom vs Jokers(1)

(3)Jokers vs Venom(6)

Les Yables finish strong to salvage three points

For a whole entire game along with the first period of the second encounter, Team X looked like they could do no wrong. The yellow shirts played a near perfect three periods before falling apart. Les Yables responded with five unanswered goals to pull the rug-from under their opponent’s feet. It took a collective team effort that saw five different players get to P.Assadi. Prior to the meltdown, Team X took the opening contest 3-1 and led 2-0 in the second game with goals by B.Pereira and J.Pantelis. It seems to be a reoccurring theme for the older side that has the energy early on but can’t seem to keep up by the end. D.Marcotte was the only player to score goals in both games for Les Yables, who look to be in very fine form when all their players show up.

(1)Les Yables vs Team X(3)

(2)Team X vs Les Yables(5)

1 Timer ride special teams in opening game, escape night with six points

With the help of two power play goals and a game shifting shorthanded marker, the 1 Timer edged out Carnage in the opening game. That match was deadlocked at three goals apiece when S.Koch pulled through with the heartbreaker in the disadvantage. Carnage missed out taking the lead with just over four minutes, instead had to endure a crushing defeat. That was S.Koch’s second of the game as part of two power play goals by the 1 Timer. Unable to put it behind them, Carnage didn’t have the pace in the second contest. The 1 Timer took advantage of a deflated side with four unanswered goals. P-A Surprenant wasn’t going to go quiet as the sniper posted two goals and a helper to cap off a six point night. S.Koch collected two wins in net after facing 31 shots.

(4)1 Timer vs Carnage(3)

(1)Carnage vs 1 Timer(4)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sylvestre Koch of the 1 Timer. At a time of need, the defenseman collected three straight points that included the equalizer and the go ahead marker in a shorthanded situation to take the first game versus Carnage.


Sunday March 19

(6)Fatal Demons vs Team Sportek(2)

Fatal Demons score six unanswered goals to sink Team Sportek

The Fatal Demons scored six unanswered goals to cruise past Team Sportek on Sunday night. V.Ouellet and A.Gauthier-Wells each scored to put Team Sportek up 2-0 after eight minutes of play. However, the Fatal Demons would get two goals back before the frame. S.Koulieris opened the scoring and snapped a 2-2 tie by the twelve minute mark of the second period. Once the Fatal Demons took the lead, there was no turning back. G.DeMarinis and V.Mancini capped it off with a pair of insurance markers. Considering their record, Team Sportek put a good challenge making it very difficult for the Fatal Demons, who had to work hard for the result. S.Sauk had a shaky start but bounced back stopping 22 of 24 shots.

(5)Hit List vs Red Nose(9)

Red hot Red Nose celebrates another win to remain perfect

Things couldn’t be going much better for Red Nose. Its eight games in and no one has yet to end the perfect streak as they strengthened their record to 8-0.The major reason why they separate themselves from-everyone else is their ability to score goals. Tonight, they racked nine more to reach 72 in only eight games. That’s eighteen more than two clubs tied with 54.And it’s like it’s always the same players getting the job done offensively. In tonight’s case, S.Aubertin led the charge posting a hat trick while Y.Leroux scored twice. He normally finds the back of the net but M.Latreille was setting up goals instead that resulted in four helpers. The Hit List like to play a similar style of hockey as they also have plenty of scoring power up front. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to keep up in the end. D.Corbeil and his captain S.Trudel did most of the scoring netting two goals apiece.

(3)Butchers vs Shockers(5)

T.Salberg scores hat trick in penalty filled game

Shockers forward T.Salberg scored a hat trick against the Butchers in a game that featured lots of rough stuff. An abundance of penalty minutes were assessed and Salberg completed his hat trick in an empty cage. The Shockers may have won this contest due to two power play goals where the Butchers were unable to capitalize on their five man unit. Despite Salberg netting a hat trick in a five goals Shockers night, the two power play markers came off the blades of T.Debonis and J.Blunt. The Butchers got their tallies-from D.Ruiz, T.Karasek and S.Agostino.

(5)Brew Crew vs Les Immigrant(2)

D.Verta excels once more with two goals and helper

It looks like D.Verta won’t be taking a night off for the Brew Crew. The crafty forward seems to always be involved and tonight wasn’t any different as his two goals helped the Brew Crew improve to a 7-1 record only to trail the Red Nose by two points. Verta notched his second on the power play while setting up J.DeSantis for a 5-1 lead. Les Immigrant have struggled to score all season but managed to put in a pair against a team that doesn’t concede too many. B.Freitas-Pereira had a multi point night in the loss that included a goal and a helper on A.Henri’s marker. Les Immigrant don’t have a win yet but still a good chance of getting into a playoff spot. In order to do so, they will need to defeat Team Sportek in the last game of the regular season assuming both teams do the same thing in next week’s contest.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Troy Salberg of the Shockers. Out of his clubs four goals, T.Salberg had another solid performance bagging a hat trick and a helper.


This year, Pardubice (Czech Republic) will be the host of the ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships.

The event will take place from June 1-11 and it will be your chance to see the best men and women ball hockey teams in action!

To know all the details, please visit


BRAND NEW at Centre Sport Xpo de Laval 2890 Blvd Dagenais Ouest, the biggest ballhockey/dek surface newly installed. Come play ballhockey, roller hockey, futsol. For any rentals call 450-963-0963. Come check us out.

Season Divisions Winter 2017
Other News
Premier division

Monday March 20 (B Finals Game 1)

(3)Ultimate Hockey vs United Armenians(2) O.T

The Ultimate Hockey are now only one game away-from the title after beating the United Armenians 3-2 in overtime of the B finals. The game ended when P.Plaisir collected his second point early in the sudden death frame. Prior to the goal, the Ultimate Hockey were glad to see A.Paul carry much of the offense. The forward scored twice with the help of Rubens Morne, who fed him two perfect passes. As frustrating as this loss may be for the United Armenians, one thing’s for sure is that they played lights out only to lose in coin toss situation. The good news is that they know they have a shot at it despite being down in the series. G.Missakian will keep his guys primed and focus as they prepare for another huge battle making sure their opponent doesn’t take it that easily.

(1)Team Haiti vs HBHA(2)

Unexpected goaltender steals the show as HBHA beat Team Haiti

After nearly forfeiting the game due to a missing goaltender, the HBHA may have discovered something special on Monday night .From-start to finish, K.Kakivelis’s homecoming game as a net minder was one to remember. Team Haiti peppered Kakivelis several times only to keep getting denied. The only player to solve him was P.Plaisir, who cut the lead in half for Team Haiti. Despite having way more than enough time for an equalizer, K.Kakivelis proved a major point that he was up for the task going flawless the rest of the way. The HBHA Seniors scored twice in the first period with goals by A.Bitsakis and P.Lapointe. From-there, Kakivelis remained a rock stoning player after player to earn the win in net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Paul Plaisir of the Ultimate Hockey. If there was anyone that would have come through, P.Plaisir would be that player. The highly skilled forward sealed game one of the B final by providing the overtime winner.

Did you know?

Your helmet must be CSA approved.

If you remove the visor from your helmet, you must also remove the 4 clips for security purposes. 

First offense: warning

Second offense: 2 minutes penalty for delay of game

Head Coach and Assistant Coach Positions - Men’s and Women’s Team Canada

The 2017 ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships are taking place in Pardubice, Czech Republic (June 1-11, 2017) and the CBHA is currently accepting applications from individuals interested in taking on the role of Team Canada Head Coach and Assistant Coaches for both the Men’s and Women’s teams.

The CBHA and our National Programs have won more World Championships in the 19 year history of the ISBHF than any of the other great nations we compete against. Gold has been raised 9 times by our Men's and Women's programs and in 2017 Canada is looking for passionate Coaches to lead Team Canada to reclaim the top world spot once again.

 If you love the sport, are looking for a huge challenge and want to be surrounded by players, coaches and staff hungry to represent the CBHA, Canada and the sport of Ball Hockey in the International arena, this challenge is for you.

 Criteria of Applicants:

Applicants must be a good standing member of CBHA and its associations and have coached ball hockey teams and/or programs preferably for a minimum of 3 years with high level tournament and national experience. Knowledge of top level ball hockey players from coast to coast will be an important aspect of this position and should be noted in your application. Outside of ball hockey, any work experience in organizing and/or managing people will be a strong asset.

 Coaches must be able to travel and be prepared to be away before, during and after the tournament dates. The coaches chosen must follow all “CBHA High Performance Program” guidelines, procedures and schedules put forward to the GM’s by the HP Adult Director and CBHA. If not followed, CBHA has the right to revoke the appointed position at any point during the planning prior to tournament travel.

 * Applicants must be a member in good standing of the CBHA and its Members Associations
* Experience Coaching Elite athletes at High Level competitions such as Nationals and/or World events
* Completion of NCCP coaching levels would be an asset
* Head Coaches must be able to travel and be away before, during and after the World Championship dates
* Head Coaches will be expected to promote, support and adhere to the CBHA High Performance Core Values and Canadian Ball Hockey Foundations put forth by the Team Canada High Performance Director and Team Canada General Managers

 Team Canada Head Coaches will be responsible for but not limited to:

* Develop and prepare practice and game plans and promote a “style of play” that follows CBHA Coaching Foundations
* Be available for Team Canada conference calls with High Performance Director, General Manager and Team Canada staff
* Provide feedback or scouting reports on players if required
* Provide pre-tournament guidance on training for players preparing to represent Canada at the World Championships.
* Organize Team Canada Assistant Coaches
* Participate in Team Fundraising initiatives


All resumes must be submitted via e-mail no later than Sunday, September 18, 2016 to:

 Team Canada
 Thomas Walsh
Women’s Team Canada General Manager

 Jeff Dzikowicz
Men’s Team Canada General Manager

 Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by telephone to arrange a date and time.

 Thank you for your interest in Team Canada Ball Hockey!

ISBHF 2017 AGM Summary

Last weekend, Montreal hosted the ISBHF AGM (International Street and Ball Hockey Federation)

Here are some key highlights:

1_   The most ever ISBHF Attendees – 24! And 5 more by Skype.

2_ The filling of two key Committees: our 'new look' Technical Committee and Sport Accord Committee.

3_   The creation of new ISBHF Championships at the World Junior Level and a NEW ‘3 on 3’ Tournament that will be held in Canada in 2018 to inspire new and experienced ball hockey players!

4_ The awarding of all 2018 Championship events!

   5 on 5 Championships
     - U18-U20 World Junior Championships – Canada
     - U16 Continental Euro Championships – Czech Republic
     - U16 Continental North American Championships – Canada / USA
     - World Masters – United States
     - Asian Cup – Hong Kong

   3 on 3 Championships
     - Euro Open Invitational  - Slovakia
     - North American Open Invitational - Canada

5_   A key presentation on the ISBHF Marketing Strategy for 2017 & beyond.

6_   2016 International Awards

   - International player of the year – Co Winners : Martel Czibik (U20- SLO) and Nathan Yetman (U20-CAN)
   - International/National Development Award – Gabi Missakian, Armenia   
   - Robert Mueller Memorial Award – Steve Posavec, Canada

7_ And by the far the most symbolic:

The first ever African nation accepted to the family: Cameroon!
‘The representative of Ball Hockey in Africa’ Mr. Jean Serge presented and was accepted to the ISBHF family. Congratulations!

A full summary of the ISBHF AGM will be in the ISBHF Newsletter for March!"