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Tuesday February 20

(6)Stones vs Devil Dawgz(1)

Stones came out firing, beat Devil Dawgz 6-1

From-the get go, the Stones came out flying posting two first period goals. However, their best sequence came by the second period as they totally dominated the Devil Dawgz adding four more tallies. The only bright note for the Devil Dawgz was when B.Deslauriers spoiled C.Muccino's shutout. By then, the game was completely out of reach as both sides just waited for the time to run out. M.Gagnon, A.Lanni, M.Salerno, D.Ramada and S.Lodico all went on to score for the Stones, who sit in the middle of the pack with a 2-2 record.

Friday February 23

(5)Chiefs vs National(8)

M.Pinheiro's third period hat trick was just what National needed

It looked as though National found trouble after blowing a 3-0 lead. But after getting an outstanding performance-from their captain, National finished stronger securing an 8-3 win. M.Pinheiro had already beaten S.Pare twice before going on a massive rampage adding three quick tallies only minutes apart. This match had a strange effect with National being clearly the better side early on building a 3-0 lead. Then, it was the Chiefs turn responding with three of their own that left an unpredictable third period. And while the final frame may have been worrisome for National, those fears were put to rest thanks to their captain's onslaught of goals.

(8)Devil Dawgz vs Stones(6)

Late push not enough, Devil Dawgz even the score with the Stones

It was only three nights ago that the Stones handed the Devil Dawgz a thumping. Knowing this, the Stones made the brutal mistake of not being able to weather the storm. It showed-from the get go that the Devil Dawgz had something to prove as they weren't going to repeat the same mistake. They ignited four first period goals which enabled them to dictate the pace to their liking. After carrying a 6-3 lead heading into the third, the Devil Dawgz started to wonder if it would be good enough. The Stones responded with two goals and all of a sudden a comfortable lead turned into a nail biter. Luckily enough for the Devil Dawgz , A.Jalilvand was at the right place at the right time. The sniper made sure to bury the match after receiving a nice feed-from Y.Gazura and B.Deslauriers. Both players were vital for the win combining for seven points while eight different players took turns finding the back of the net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marc Pinheiro of National. Unable to be contained, the captain was deadly on this night bagging an impressive five goals.


Thursday February 22

(2)Mighty Drunks vs Legends (5)

A.Pannunzio turns in quite a performance

A .Pannunzio put on quite a clinic on Thursday night, posting all five goals en route to a 5-2 win over the Mighty Drunks. The forward scored most of his goals mainly-from his slap shots. Some of his teammates argue it's his stick but Pannunzio just felt that he was lucky enough to get the opportunity. The Legends needed a few things to go right in order to grab the win. And while they got the offens- from one player, their net minding was just as important. L.Dulcetta, who normally plays as a forward did a fine job limiting his opponent to only two goals on 25 shots. Another reason that enabled the win was the lack of discipline by the Mighty Drunks. Taking two major penalties is just asking for it and the Legends made sure to capitalise twice with the man advantage.

(3)Bramabulls vs SBS Trashers(3) S.O

SBS Trashers rally in third to draw even in heated battle

For a regular season game, it sure had the making of what seemed like a playoff game seven final. Both sides battled extremely hard, from-blocking shots to grinding really hard along the boards. The Bramabulls did have control for a long stretch carrying a 3-1 lead but that all changed when J.Scalia took over. It seems like game in and game out the big number ten saves his best for last. Tonight, was no different with him bagging two third period goals to force the overtime. Neither side was able to get it done after that despite playing some time with only three players on each side. Since overtime solved nothing, both teams went the extra mile in the shootout only to see the goaltenders steal the show. R.Pampena and C.Muccino were stellar stopping all three shooters for their respective clubs.

(3)Werewolves vs Raging Rhinos(5)

Raging Rhinos use three- goal second period to edge out Werewolves

After battling solid to a 1-1 first period tie, the second period was hellish for the Werewolves. The Raging Rhinos got back to back goals-from D.Ramada, and two-from T.Angelis that put the Raging Rhinos up 4-1. G.Delia did narrow the gap twice but it wasn't nearly enough. N.Mauro remained upbeat all night in net to earn the win. Both of T.Angelis's goals came with the special teams. His first was shorthanded while his second was on the power play that held up for the winner.

(3)Carnage vs Scorpions(7)

A.Singh shreds Carnage with five point game

A.Singh motored the Scorpions to a 7-3 win over Carnage on Thursday night. Out of their seven goals, A.Singh had his hands in five of them that included a hat trick. In what was a very close competitive game, only tilted one way towards the later stages of the match. The Scorpions carried a slight 4-3 lead till Singh closed it out with two markers in only three minutes. F.Martin also scored during that span netting his second as part of a three point performance. All three of Carnage's goals came in a very short span of four and a half minutes. They got scoring efforts- from three different players that included power play goals by S.Giannoulakis and N.Katsifolis.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Pannunzio of the Legends. The Legends forward led the charge scoring all five goals making one look nicer than the other.


Tuesday February 20

(7)United Armenians vs Armadillos(6) O.T

Pair of late penalties proves costly for Armadillos

The mixture of frustration and disappointment was palpable for the Armadillos on Tuesday night as a pair of late penalties ended up being the difference. Two out of the United Armenians three goals with the man advantage came late in the third period and in overtime. And in both cases, H.Jerjian with the help of Y.Derohannessian's two perfect feeds, ultimately doomed the Armadillos. This contest had what was expected-from the two sides with plenty of offense that kept the game springing back and forth. Apart from-setting up two big goals, Y.Derohannessian was primed-from the beginning collecting a total of five points. The Armadillos got some of their scoring done by J.Urquhart and P.Legatos as both players each scored twice in the loss.

Wednesday February 21

(1)Fat Roy vs Venom(2)

Two unanswered goals gives Venom win over Fat Roy

S.Simitsakos's first period goal may have given Fat Roy the lead, but that eventually changed when Venom responded heavily by the second period. K.Aruajo took charge with a power play goal, and S.Bentivegna followed up minutes later to put Venom in front for the first time in the match. By that point, Fat Roy had more than enough time to strike back and level the game. But with only eight goals for in six games, their offense took a hit once more. They did manage enough shots for the equaliser only to hit R.Ranieri instead of the back of the net. The win keeps Venom on top of the standings with twelve points in only five games.

(6)Les Raymonds vs Winterhawks(0)

A.Henein's hat trick lead Les Raymonds to 6-0 rout of Winterhawks

It didn't take long for A.Henein's goal scoring to take place. By the eleven minute mark of the first period, Henein bagged his second for a 3-0 lead before adding his third just shy of the mid way point of the game. Les Raymonds entered the night only one point up on the Winterhawks in what may be a significant result with both teams flirting at the bottom of the cellar. This win came with other factors as well apart-from A.Henein's goal scoring rampage. M.Deninno took control handling the back end that resulted in four points, and A.Mancini couldn't have done better denying every shot his way for the shutout.

(0)Underdogs vs Fat Cats(8)

Newly added J.Mancini makes splash for Fat Cats

In an already high powered team, the Fat Cats decided you can't go wrong with more offense. Tonight, they inserted J.Mancini to their line up, who showed that he fits right in the mix by notching a hat trick. The Fat Cats didn't have much of a difficult night against a struggling Underdogs side. But nothing was set in stone until a late second period goal by M.Mancini convinced everyone that this contest was decided. After building a 4-0 lead heading into the third period, the Fat Cats pulled way adding four more tallies that included two power play goals, and a 24 save shutout by their net minder G.Sangiovanni.

(5)Hellfish vs Kentucky Blue(4) S.O

Pendulum swings back in Hellfish favour

The way the first period was going, the Hellfish may have figured that their night was easier than expected. They scored three straight goals, two in which came by M.Kardum and everything appeared to be roses. But once M.Lepage struck late in the first period, the Kentucky Blue knew they had life. That tally was just the first of three more to come that eventually put the Kentucky Blue in front by the 12:30 minute mark of the third period. R.Estrela had set up two teammates before netting the go ahead marker that all of a sudden had the Hellfish wondering what went wrong. Still, the game wasn't over and the Hellfish weren't planning to go down that easy. As a matter of fact, they did it one better by tying the game late while taking it in the shootout. What made this result extra special was that M.Kardum was behind the madness. The clutch forward notched the equaliser for his hat trick while being the only player to score in the shootout.

(4)United Arms vs RBK Knights (3) S.O

United Arms win it on their fourth lead

Every single time the United Arms went up, the RBK Knights had an answer. Their most crucial equaliser came with just over a minute remaining in the game thanks to S.Katerelos's power play goal. It took a shootout marker by A.Tachejian to finally ensure the win for the United Arms. The RBK Knights have been playing way better as of late and felt they deserved better showing no quit in their game. And even though they came up short, they did manage their first point to the standings which may be a sign of good things to come. J.Constantin had two goals in the loss while G.Jerjian keeps showing his consistency by collecting two more goals for the United Arms.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Hovig Jerjian of the United Armenians. With timing being everything, the skilled forward not only tied the game late but won it by striking in overtime versus the Armadillos.


Monday February 19

Rebels get it right by the second game

The Rebels had things set up for a solid win against the Degenerates, but then they went and blew a three goal lead en route to a deflating loss. The comeback was inspired by P.Cardillo, who riffled three rockets past P.Boucher to earn a hat trick in only five minutes. The Degenerates found their game responding with five unanswered goals while hoping that it would carry over in the second contest. Normally momentum tends to continue when riding a hot hand but no in this case. The Rebels had short memories and got back to their game plan by stunning their opponent early on. This time, they did it one better by building a 4-0 lead only six minutes into the game. The charge was led in part by their captain D.Roy, who scored twice in the opener while adding a pair to provide a four goal cushion. Seeing that the Degenerates fought back to take the first encounter, they did make a push in this one as well but couldn't get there in time. J.Chartier got credited the winner and P.Boucher bounced back to earn the win in net over his counterpart P.Assadi.

(5)Degenerates vs Rebels(3)

(5)Rebels vs Degenerates(4)

No good lead is ever secure, Jokers walk away with single point

The Jokers showed promise and got on the board several times in the first period. A.Dayan took command bagging back to back tallies, and the Jokers felt they could do no wrong against a flat Walking Tall side. But, a very late tally by J-R Lemay may have planted the seed of what was to come. The Walking Tall turned a three goal deficit into an eventual lead when they scored a power play goal with less than three minutes remaining. As discouraging as the loss would be, the Jokers did put it behind them quickly to manage a better outcome. However, it was the Walking Tall getting the better once more, but this time in a shootout. Once again, J-R Lemay was pivotal for his club. The Walking Tall forward tied the game with just over two minutes to force the extra time. After sending three players a side, E.Gacem and J.Dumont each scored in the shootout for the Walking Tall while S-A Longo was the lone striker for the Jokers.

(4)Walking Tall vs Jokers(3)

(3)Jokers vs Walking Tall(4) S.O

Punishers can't recover-from tortuous five minutes after taking first encounter

With A.Centis setting up C.Gingras and K.Kakivelis twice, the Punishers walked away with a solid 3-1 win versus the Hustlers. It was another game that P.Stamkopoulos shined stopping all but one goal on 15 shots against a team that can score at will. Now it's one thing to defeat the Hustlers once, but to do it twice doesn't often happen even though it was done not to long ago with the Punishers taking both games. With that said, the Punishers had the opportunity to sweep their opponent once again up until an uncalled gesture turned things around. Spending five minutes in the penalty box in a 4vs4 format spells disaster. The Hustlers knew they had it and put the match into autopilot bagging three goals with the man advantage that ultimately gave little hope for the Punishers. T.Bozinakis was largely behind the win as he not only set up two teammates but was able to use his patented slap shot twice to get the better of P.Stamkopoulos.

(3)Punishers vs Hustlers(1)

(5)Hustlers vs Punishers(2)

Corporation battle Mighty Drunks till the end

It showed in everyone's game that neither side was willing to give up anything. The result of the first encounter was proof enough as both teams went the ultimate distance. After playing to a 2-2 first period, and then trading one goal by the second, nobody was able to crack the barrier, even in the shootout as each net minder wished they could have done better stopping only one of three  attempts. The second game wasn't much different except for a short sequence by K.Araujo. In the span of only 70 seconds, K.Araujo delivered with two blasts-from about the same area to put the Corporation up 3-1.That didn't stop M.Arkalis from- making a game of it. From the drop of the ball since the opening face off, M.Arkalis and P.Arkalis were a thorn throughout the entire night for the Corporation. Both players combined for nine out of a possible ten points that included a shootout marker by P.Arkalis. But as big as M.Arakalis's goal was in the second game, it just wasn't enough as the Corporation held on for the close win.

(5)The Corporation vs Mighty Drunks(5) S.O

(2)Mighty Drunks vs The Corporation(3)

Underdogs use two big second periods to edge out Immigrant

An early second period goal by B.Cabral in the first game, and a power play marker-from the very same B.Cabral in the second contest gave the Underdogs two clear wins and six points to the standings. Cabral was clutch both times collecting two game winning goals, and C.Malkoun was rock solid in net stopping 31 of 34 shots. Les Immigrant had more than enough minutes in both games to battle back and even the score. But with a determined defense and solid goaltending, the Immigrant offense hit a dry spell. For the Underdogs, both these wins put them in control of the standings with 22 points for first place.

(2)Les Immigrant vs Underdogs(3)

(3)Underdogs vs Immigrant(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Araujo of the Corporation. His two wicked slap shots in a short span gave the edge for his cub in what was a dog fight till the end with the Mighty Drunks.

Tuesday February 20

1 Timer squander two massive leads

Weather it was the 1 Timer better prepared or the Degenerates sleeping, one has to wonder what went wrong for the 1 Timer. Twice they led 3-0, and twice they fell on the short end of the stick. This is the fourth straight time that the Degenerates find themselves in the same situation that resulted in a split decision with the Rebels. Whatever their excuse may be, they did show lots of bite every time that resulted in a pair of comeback wins. S.Marricco, on the large part has been the catalyst behind the victories. The power forward may be oblivious to what assists are but is very familiar with goals. Tonight, he buried a total of five in both games. The Degenerates also had A.Lanni notch three while J.Melo took care of the balance with a pair.

(4)1 Timer vs Degenerates (5)

(5)Degenerates vs 1 Timer(3)


Sunday February 18

(2)Sportek vs Lynx(8)

Captain Jeremy Lang in full command with hat trick

The Lynx's lethal weapon J.Lang caused mayhem on Sunday night, scoring three goals as his club was simply too fast for Sportek. The legs started to show by the third period as five unanswered goals separated the two sides. D.Zabitsky was in on the action posting two tallies while many other teammates chipped away with points. For two straight periods, P.DelliColli exhausted himself keeping the game extremely close stopping 14 of 16 shots. By then, Sportek had no answer on how to slow down the Lynx's speed that never looked back collecting a second win in three starts.

(4)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(2)

Brew Crew down Fatal Demons with hard fought win

It had the kind of tough edge that both sides came to expect. There was no way that either team would dance their way to clean plays or easy scoring chances. The Brew Crew play a hard nose game and often get rewarded with tonight not being any different. After the Brew Crew built a 2-0 first period lead, the Fatal Demons knew they were in trouble despite the amount of hockey left over. They did get life when R.Ranieri finally got on board but that lasted only so long. G.Nehme restored the two goal lead only moments later with a crunching slap shot that S.Morante wished he had. Once D.Colatosti extended the cushion, this match was pretty much done even with a period remaining. The Brew Crew got scoring efforts-from four different players, and a 16 save performance by C.Muccino, who sit nicely with a 3-0 record.

(9)Shockers vs Team Cuba(5)

Team Cuba, no answers for M.Blackman's 4 goal madness

M.Blackman scored again, again, again, and again and Team Cuba stood there wondering how to calm down the storm. Unfortunately, the Shockers captain was at a different level tonight posting four goals in which his first three gave his club a 4-3 lead. It's one thing if it's one player causing havoc, but it wasn't the entire case in this contest as many players pulled their weight. Other notables included T.DeBonis and T.Salberg as both players combined for six points. Considering that many new faces dressed for a first time, Team Cuba fared well against an established opponent.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matt Blackman of the Shockers. The captain was definitely feeling it on this night, striking four times to help lead his club to a 9-5 win over Team Cuba.


Tuesday February 13

(7)P-Ball vs Red Lite(4)

J.Gagne paces P-Ball once again

There was hardly any surprise in the P-Ball's dressing room following the teams 7-4 victory over Red Lite on Tuesday night. It was not that they weren't impressed by the effort of their captain. It's just what they've come to expect. So far this after nine games played, J.Gagne is second in scoring delivering timely plays that keep leading into points. Although he didn't score in this case, the crafty forward helped set up four straight goals with primary assists. Some of the beneficiaries were S.Vanier, who scored twice in the first period and P.Genereux that completed his night bagging a hat trick. The P-Ball ultimately took the contest by the second period where they completing dominated the frame with three unanswered goals. It's already the fourth time both sides meet and the P-Ball may have gotten in the heads of Red Lite taking command of the regular season series three games to one.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Philippe Genereux of P-Ball. With timing being everything, P.Genereux struck twice at a crucial part of the game before ending the night off with a hat trick.

Season Divisions Winter 2018
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Premier division

Tuesday February 13

(7)P-Ball vs Red Lite(4)

J.Gagne paces P-Ball once again

There was hardly any surprise in the P-Ball's dressing room following the teams 7-4 victory over Red Lite on Tuesday night. It was not that they weren't impressed by the effort of their captain. It's just what they've come to expect. So far this after nine games played, J.Gagne is second in scoring delivering timely plays that keep leading into points. Although he didn't score in this case, the crafty forward helped set up four straight goals with primary assists. Some of the beneficiaries were S.Vanier, who scored twice in the first period and P.Genereux that completed his night bagging a hat trick. The P-Ball ultimately took the contest by the second period where they completing dominated the frame with three unanswered goals. It's already the fourth time both sides meet and the P-Ball may have gotten in the heads of Red Lite taking command of the regular season series three games to one.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Philippe Genereux of P-Ball. With timing being everything, P.Genereux struck twice at a crucial part of the game before ending the night off with a hat trick.

Red Lite A Division Champions

Monday May 15(Finals)

(2)Black Knights vs Red Lite(4) Game 3

Red Lite crowned again as best team in hockey

After only three games in, Red Lite defeated the Black Knights 4-2, to complete a three game sweep and win the Premier division once more. Despite a respectable effort, the Black Knights got deflated in the third period where Red Lite capitalized twice less than a minute apart. J.Provost-Blais snapped the dreaded 2-2 tie for his second with the man advantage, and M.David put the final dagger only moment s later, also for his second that surely provided enough of a lead with eight minutes remaining. Every game was close in this series but the Black knights couldn’t get that timely goal to get any sort of advantage. The saying of good teams always find a way to win surely summed up this series. Red Lite, whether they trail or play with a tie will more often than not find a way to get the job done. Once again, the ball hockey giants proved to everyone how good they really are by winning the Premier division. On behalf of, congratulations goes out to Carl Ghilarducci and the rest of Red Lite for capturing the A division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Joel Provost-Blais. The forward scored back to back goals that snapped a third period tie along with providing an assist to finish with a solid three point night.

Note that both Red Lite and the Black Knights will be representing Quebec at this years Nationals. Red Lite will be classified as QB1 and the Black Knights will be QB2.The event will take place from August 7 - 13 at Saint John New Brunswick. 

2017 Nationals

2017 Men’s A, Women’s A and Master’s National Championships – INVITATIONAL

The 2017 Men’s & Women’s National ‘A’ and Men’s and Women’s Masters National Championships will be hosted by the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the New Brunswick Ball Hockey Association (NBBHA) in St. John, NB.

The Men’s and Women’s ‘A’ event will take place from August 7-13, 2017.
The Men’s Masters event will take place August 9-13, 2017. 

Please note that the 2017 tournament will be starting early on the 7th for both the Men’s and Women’s A Nationals and early on the 9th for the Men’s Masters. 

Lord Beaverbrook Rink (536 Main Street Saint John, NB E2K 1A1)
and Harbour Station (99 Station Street, Saint John, NB E2L 4X4)

August 6, 2017 8:00 pm - Hampton Inn



Team Slovakia Wins Gold Medal at WC 5vs5 in Pardubice,Cz Republic--

Team Slovakia Wins Gold Medal at WC 5vs5 in Pardubice,Cz Republic-- Three-peat: Slovaks win wild, back-and-forth final.Canada wins silver

Patrik Svitana’s power-play goal with 1:55 left in regulation time broke a 4-4 tie, as the Slovaks won a gold-medal game in which they blew a three-goal lead, then had to come from behind themselves. Michal Hrivnak of Slovakia and Danick Martel of Canada each had two goals and one assist in the game, which Slovakia won 6-4 to “three-peat” as Men’s Ball Hockey World Champions.


Svitana’s goal was the first in a tension-filled third period, but the way the game started, it didn’t seem like the third period would be meaningful at all.

Slovakia struck twice before the game was a minute old, and made it 3-0 by the 7:22 mark. Jaroslav Martiniuk got things started just 19 seconds in, charging through the middle and surprising Tim Barlow with a low shot to the blocker side. Then they went right back to the attack and the Canadians couldn’t clear the zone after Lukas Madera fired a shot off the goalpost, with Hrivnak eventually sliding the puck into the net with Barlow down and out. The third goal was on a slapper by Boris Oravec on the power play, and it looked like the game would become a blowout, with the many Slovaks in attendance going crazy.

Just 34 seconds after Oravec’s goal, Remi Laurencelle got the Canadians on the board, beating Petrik five-hole from the left-wing side. Then they went to the power play shortly afterward and it took them just 14 seconds to strike, with Martel firing a blast over tournament MVP Stanislav Petrik’s shoulder.

Barlow and Petrik, who both posted shutouts in their teams’ semi-final wins, had now combined for five goals against in less than nine minutes.

The game settled down for a time after the wild start, but a pair of Slovak penalties late in the second period opened the door for the Canadians to strike twice and take their first lead of the game. On a 5-on-3, Martel’s second of the game tied it, a one-timer set up perfectly by Victor Azevedo. Then 51 seconds later they scored up one man after some nice tic-tac-toe passing finished off by Marcus Power, which thrilled the few Canadian fans in attendance and left the Slovak majority in stunned silence.

They would have something to cheer about before the period was finished, though. With 1:10 left in the middle frame, some pretty passing led to Milan Rampacek firing a ball into the open side, with Barlow having no chance.

Slovakia went hard for the win in the third period, getting several great chances, but after a shaky start, Barlow was now playing great. However, back on their heels, the Canadians took three penalties in a row trying to contain the Slovak push. They had a two-man advantage for a time, and while still up one man, the ball was worked to Svitana at the point, who’s one-time blast went through everybody, and sent the arena into bedlam.

After an empty-net goal from Hrivnak, the Slovak fans, whose emotions had been toyed with all night long, could finally let loose and start celebrating. After the final horn, they serenaded their now three-time ball hockey champions with the chant: “Zlaty hattrick.”


Ian Moores (head coach of Canada): I think we had a great tournament. I’ve got a lot of respect for my players, the coaching staff and the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. We represented the country proudly and well. It’s disappointing to come fall short here today, we were tied coming into the third period, it could have gone either way. Overall I think we had a good tournament but going home without the trophy certainly sucks. I think the host committee did an amazing job here. The host city was great, the Czech Republic overall is a great country. They treated us with hospitality.

Jozef Ďuriš (headcoach Slovakia): We came into final with that, we want win it. We had great beginning, we caught Canada in first minutes off-guard, after them, we took the lead 3:0. But whole match was before us. That was confirmed, Canada turned around toi 4:3. But with enourmous will, enthusiasm and patience we turned the game in the end and gain the third title in the row.