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The ISBHF, Swiss Streethockey and Host Organizing Committee are excited to announce that Switzerland will host the 2024 ISBHF Men’s & Women’s World Championships.

Thursday February 2

Third period explosion lifts Van Doos Hc past Snipers

(2)Snipers vs Van Doos Hc(6)

A two minute stretch early in the third period was what it took to separate the Van Doos Hc-from the Snipers. That little sequence saw a 3-1 lead morph into a 6-1 lead almost instantaneously. The outburst involved J.Liakakos, V.Singh and J.Tzanetakos taking turns finding the back of the net. It seems at times that anybody can make big plays for a team that doesn’t have many faults. That makes it hard for an opponent to find ways to slow you down. The Snipers hung in there for a very long time until that surge which left them to far behind for a miracle comeback. It’s a tough spot to play-from when a team builds that kind of momentum. Since its only a regular season game, there wont be much to dwell on if you are the Snipers. Sure, they would have loved nothing more than to defeat this very familiar particular opponent.

Horsemen turn the page after ugly start to regular season

(3)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(6)

The Horsemen may not have much to show for so far this season. They played only twice, but the results are below average at best. However, that changed for the better on Thursday night when they took on the Fatal Demons. Surely, it helps when you finally floor a complete roster by three rolling lines. The Horsemen used their artillery to their advantage, and made sure to apply some good pressure as soon as the ball dropped. The game plan was simple. Be first on the ball, and make sure to cover your man. Those two fundamental principles come a long way during an entire game. The Fatal Demons fell behind early, and were stuck trying to gain control of the situation. No matter how hard they tried to battle back, the Horsemen kept getting in the way, trapping the lanes while making sure the coverage was applied. And adding to that, M.Vinciguerra was sharp in net keeping the game honest. There was no doubt that this was a nice feel good win for a side searching for some confidence. All six goals came-from different players with J.Crivello credited the winner. By rolling three lines, the Horsemen got balanced contributions.

Brew Crew disappear after strong start, Armadillos show dominance in final stretch again

(4)Brew Crew vs Armadillos(5)

On Thursday night, the Brew Crew ran into a solid Armadillos hockey team. Despite a strong start, the Brew Crew dried up, and ultimately dropped the contest giving up three unanswered goals in the third period. In order to defeat the Armadillos, a full three period effort is required. Eventually, the Armadillos had no choice but to put it into gear. First, P.Legaots ignited a spark by bagging an early third period power play marker. Six minutes later, D.Andrade evened the score, and while this things appeared to be headed for overtime, J.Chiropoulos spoiled the moment for the Brew Crew by beating the clock by 15 seconds. There was no question the Brew Crew came out flat in the third period. They normally protect a two goal lead after two periods, but not this time as the Armadillos stormed back once more to earn a thrilling finish. This win is similar to their earlier contest versus the Snipers. Playing-from behind isn’t ideal, but its worked so far for the Armadillos. J.Kontitsis will take the win regardless. However, the captain would rather prefer playing ahead instead of having to come-from behind. For now, they’ll just take the points and adjust in the next games to come.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Vinciguerra of the Horsemen. After a very slow start to the season, the Horsemen put on a strong display on Thursday night to get in the win column. While many factors need to go your way, its safe to say that M.Vinciguerra had a major influence making enough key saves to earn the win.


Wednesday February 1

Legacy top Altius on the strength of 4 third period goals

(4)Legacy vs Altius(2)

Legacy scored four third period goals to battle back-from a slight 1-0 deficit, and beat the Altius 4-2 on Wednesday night. It was an uniquely back and forth affair between the two sides. The Altius carried the narrow edge for two straight periods thanks to a lone power play goal by J.Provost-Blais. Up until that point, J.Vrettis was unstoppable denying everything he faced. That being said, there is only so much your net minder can do to bail you out. The Altius did remain in control of the situation on a 2-1 lead for a good portion of the frame. Then, as the game was starting to wind down, Legacy flipped the script on its head bagging three straight goals to hand the Altius a devastating defeat. First, G.Pisanelli was there to even the score followed with a quick go ahead marker by J.Mandracchia and an insurance tally by Payam Assadi. It was just an unfortunate ending to a game that saw the Altius do nearly everything right. Credit to Legacy for keeping pushing the pace as they eventually got rewarded on an incredible late surge.

Punishers kept battling back to cap off a shootout win over Azzuri

(3)Azzuri vs Punishers(4) S.O

Having to overcome three one goal deficits, the Punishers had the final say when it was all said and done. The Azzuri had a much better outing after last weeks lopsided defeat. This time, they showed up-from the get go, and made sure to grab that first needed tally going up against the Punishers. Throughout the entire game, neither side really took it to one another. The only difference was that the Azzuri grabbed three leads, and the Punishers responded each and every time. C.Chirola put the Azzuri up 3-2 fairly late in the third period on a goal that they hoped would stick. Unless you kill off the clock to its final seconds, its never over when facing the Punishers. It took only a minute and change for T.Karvouriaris to return the favour and force the extra time. Since the sudden death frame didn’t solve anything, a shootout was left to see who would perhaps prevail. In tonight’s case, A.Argiroudis was the only player of the six total attempts to figure out the goaltenders giving the Punishers the narrow victory. T.Therrien, M.Gagnon and C.Genest provided much of the offense for the Punishers as all three players collected two points each. R.Varr knew he needed some reinforcements trying to compete in this division. By adding some nice key pieces such as A.Mirolla who made an immediate impact with three assists along with B.Daniele just to name  a couple of established players, the Azzuri  can now be part of the conversation as a team that can compete with the others.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to A.Argiroudis of the Punishers. It was a night of hockey that didn’t have many heroes or real game breakers. However, in a situation that found the Punishers and the Azzuri dead even, A.Argiroudis was able to decide the outcome as the only player to score in the shootout.


Monday January 30

 Gingras, Karvouriaris put on a show against Assadi Consulting Inc

 C.Gingras and P.Karvouriaris combined for 23 points on Monday night, basically controlling both games for a pair of easy wins. What makes them scary is that they cant even be contained if you pay close attention to them. You almost have to be a mind reader in order to anticipate a play coming through in order to try and intercept it or just cut it off. If they come down on a 2 on 1 , the damage is done. If they play with a man right in front of them, they’ll create the avenues that will find each other almost every time that usually generates a high end scoring chance. The Assadi Consulting knew this going in, and didn’t have the answers, at least not on this night. No doubt the two players are great hockey minds. They are incredibly strong on the ball, and they are moving at full speed. There is almost nothing you can do when they are coming toward you expect to collapse down low, and hope they miss the net or have the net minder make a big save. Its just to say that it will take a near perfect defensive game in order to slow them down. Tonight, the Assadi Consulting inc were out of sync for a second straight week. Payam Assadi will need to take the bull by the horns if he expects his club to compete with the big boys.

 (8)Classics vs Assadi Consulting inc(1)

 (6)Classics vs Assadi Consulting inc(2)

 Branditscan hitting their stride on a pair of nice wins over the United Arms

 It looks like the Branditscan are starting to find their mojo. The club finally picked up a pair of wins after a slow start to their season. Many of them stepped into their roles and it showed-from the get go in the opener when D.Seguin and J.Molloy scored barely six minutes into the game. After grabbing a 2-1 lead heading into the final frame, the Branditscan took nothing for granted making sure to play a full out game in which they did adding four more tallies. D.Seguin added his second, and N.Francis quarterbacked the back end making a ton of plays that helped create the offense. The captain set up three goals along with D.Seguin, who had a very productive five point game. When coming off a strong win you want to keep  good habits going, especially knowing that your opponent will put a lot more into it. Although the United Arms looked more engaged, they still found themselves playing-from behind early in the second period. D.Seguin had scored a beautiful shorthanded goal to take the lead, and buried his second shortly after S.Balouzian got the United Arms on board. Up only 2-1, the Branditscan didn’t give the United Arms much race track as they kept playing a sound defensive game. They did get a golden opportunity on the power play as the game was winding down. With a chance to put it away, N.Francis made sure to seal the deal on a one timer that was fed-from D.Seguin, who accumulated three more points to solidify a second straight win for the Branditscan.

(6)Branditscan vs United Arms(3)

 (3)Branditscan vs United Arms(1)

 RCGT Knights respond with character win after being humiliated in opener to Snipers

 The RCGT Knights were keen on delivering a response. After suffering a humiliating defeat to the Snipers in the first encounter, the second game saw a completely different RCGT Knights hockey team. They showed their character right away, and gave it their best the whole way through by holding the rope. J.Morina was the mastermind behind a furious start as the quarterback helped set up three quick goals that saw M.Guarnieri benefit twice. It looked very clear that the RCGT Knights weren’t plan on giving an inch. Apart-from F.Nasser scoring fairly late, the rest was a near perfect display for a side that just came off a lopsided affair. The Snipers proved that they are a force to be reckoned with when playing at the top of their game. The evidence was in full display as they handed the RCGT Knights a 5-0 thumping that saw Ahmed Saleh notch a pair while M.St-Laurent was there to deny a lethal offense to record a shutout. Unable to carry their good habits, the Snipers felt the rude awakening when the second game was said and done. Sometimes that will happen to a club when coming off a easy win. Teams tend to get complacent, and end up paying the price.

 (5)Snipers vs RCGT Knights(0)

 (1)Snipers vs RCGT Knights(7)

 Degenerates somehow force shootout after a thumping loss to Brodie Boys

 It wasn’t even close. For the entire portion of the first game, it looked like a very good hockey team going up against a side that put on ball hockey gear for the first time. The Brodie Boys used speed to their advantage, and the Degenerates were stuck looking like spectators as the goals kept going in. Its not the easiest thing to adjust after a seven goal mercy with barely any time to wonder what went wrong. That being said, there is way to much experience to sit back on and dwell at what just took place. The Degenerates got some help with the addition of M.Pinheiro which stabilised two lines. Still, the task was a tall one, but some responsible defense along with timing your offensive bursts can come a long way. The Degenerates managed to hang in there in the second game which turned into a barn burner. With neither side getting it done in regulation, the Brodie Boys got the slight edge in the shootout thanks to a pair of beauties by L.Velenosi and A.Pietracupa. On a few occasions, the Brodie Boys missed out on closing the deal in regulation time. They always led, but couldn’t quite put it away. M.Pinheiro was a huge asset for the Degenerates as the forward collected his clubs last four points that included a big set up play for C.Stamadianos to even the score late.

(1)Degenerates vs Brodie Boys(8)

 (6)Degenerates vs Brodie Boys(7) S.O

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to David Seguin of the Branditscan. There was no question that the Branditscan got back to their winning ways thanks to their skilled forward. Seguin had a monster night collecting a total of eight points.


Sunday January 29(Semi finals)

 Fast start fuels Team Purple rout of Team Pink

 (8)Team Purple vs Team Pink(5)

 Playing with emotion and energy can come a long way. Team Purple was able to taper that emotion making sure they were dialled in right away getting the games first three goals by the nineteen minute mark. When you play that way, teams are usually at their best. Now, that’s not to suggest Team Pink didn’t have some of that will as well. The problem was  that it started to show after a disastrous start which ended up making the entire difference between winning and losing. Even though they managed to pull themselves within one, it still wasn’t enough to carry their momentum. That’s when Team Purple’s sleeping giant woke up and got to work. It didn’t seem to matter that Team Pink had the memo on C.Zafiropoulos’s ability to score at will. With the game still very close and with plenty of time left over, the sharp shooter took it to another level, posting three consecutive tallies to put a clear direction of where this game was headed. The natural sniper had another four goal night and has yet to be figured out. R.Santosuosso chipped in as well with a pair while Q.Joseph had a really strong performance collecting four points as a defenseman.

 The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Costa Zafiropoulos of Team Purple. What more can you say when your leader delivers in a really important game. C.Zafiropoulos had four goals in which three came at a very crucial time ultimately making the difference in this series.

 Team White pull away after Team Red battled back to even the score

 (8)Team White vs Team Red(4)

 It looked like at one point Team Red may have had the formula on how to take done the regular season champions. Despite being down 3-1, M.Barone led the charge rattling off two straight goals to even the score for Team Red. That sequence occurred just passed the thirty minute mark, and the tides appeared to be shifting in the right direction for Team Red. This was a test to see how a good teams react under pressure knowing that the game could go either way. Not only did Team White pass the exam, but they did it with flying colours. The onslaught began as soon as R.Tannous notched his second on a penalty shot. From –there, Team White showed why they are on stop of the standings as they took over riding five of the games next six goals. What made the surge impressive was that it didn’t rely on any one player in particular. Apart -from R.Tannous scoring twice, Team White got contributions-from many different players. Again, G.Villeuenuve was vital for the win as the goaltender continues to impress having allowed only three goals on thirty five shots.

 The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Rodrigue Tannous of Team White. As Team Red looked to be peaking in a come back effort, R.Tannous was there to halt the momentum for Team White by scoring a huge penalty shot for his second of the contest.

 The Sunday Night Draft League is now down to its final two teams. If the regular season standings is any indication of who should be here, than this final makes sense that the top two seeded teams will face off against one another. Good teams will rely on their strengths to going all the way. And since there is no shortage of weaknesses-from the two sides, expect this to be a good final decided toward the end. G.Villeneuve and B.Berducci have the goaltending covered, offensively both teams scored about the same amount of goals during the season. The only indicative stat that favours Team White is there impressive 35 goals against vs Team Purple’s 57 . However, that wont really mean much when you have a C.Zafiropoulos scoring goals at will. Time will tell as this should be a dandy final between two deserving teams.


Friday January 27

 O.Valiquette strikes twice on the power play to send off  Generals to a landslide win

 (9)Generals vs Sonic(1)

 It was looking like this contest was going to be a close affair for how well Sonic played in the first period. Both sides traded a goal each, and things appeared to be rolling along just fine. That was up until an unfortunate penalty enabled the Generals to smell blood and feed off it. And who other than a power play specialist to get the job done. O.Valiquette parked himself in his office, and made sure to bury his two chances to help create a snow ball effect that couldn’t be stopped. The Generals went on to hit nine goals by the time it was said and done that saw O.Valiquette hit his eventual hat trick by the third period. P.Blais still had a fairly busy game stopping every shot his way expect for T.Ruvo’s first period marker.

Generals putting up double digits despite playing back to back games

 (14)Generals vs United Masters(4)

It would be safe to assume that playing in a back to back game with no breaks whatsoever would eventually catch up to you. Somehow, the Generals defied the odds, and actually looked like the fresher and  quicker team going up against the United Masters. Like in the earlier contest, the first period saw both teams trade a goal which suggested for a pretty close game considering that the Generals would need to conserve their energy. That couldn’t be further than the case with the Generals looking like the ones who were the rested side while the United Masters appeared to be a step behind on almost every play. At one point, the Generals were just burying their chances no matter how they generated them. They easily hit fourteen goals making one play seem easier than the other regardless how the United Masters tried to contain them. Natural goal scorers don’t tend to miss much when given the opportunity. Every single Generals player participated in the score sheet which is expected when you put fourteen behind the net.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Olivier Valiquette of the Generals. While many can share this acolyte, the sharp shooter did have an impact in the opener bagging two straight power play goals to set the momentum.


Sunday January 23(Quarter finals)

 Team Purple race out to incredible start, Zafiropoulos tandem cause fits for Team Blue’s defense

 (8)Team Purple vs Team Blue(5)

 It was a start to the game that Team Purple demonstrated how much more they wanted this compared to Team Blue. Despite getting the memo on trying to contain the Zafiropoulos tandem, Team Blue looked disinterested on trying to contain the two snipers. C.Zafiropoulos had already collected a hat trick by the nineteen minute mark, and went on to add his fourth later on while A.Zafiropoulos notched two consecutive goals in a very short span. It was an impressive start to the game no matter how you look at it. Building a 6-0 lead in a must win situation says a lot about a team that was primed and ready to play. However, it should never have gotten to a such a wide margin if you are Team Blue. Whatever the reasons, this was simply a poor start that lasted way to long despite plenty of time left over. Overcoming a 6-0 deficit crushes any hopes of crawling back into the game. Even though they did try to battle back by posting five goals, the damage had already been done.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Costa Zafiropoulos of Team Purple. Look to leadership for good results. C.Zafiropoulos led in many ways by inspiring a strong message before the game started, and backed it up by bagging four big goals.

Team Brown stubble early, Team Pink use strong start to advance

 (5)Team Pink vs Team Brown(3)

While its often how you finish that counts, the same couldn’t be said in this context. Team Brown saw their playoff run come to an end because of their poor start to the game. They gave up four goals in the first twelve minutes alone, and couldn’t quite catch up by the time it was said and done, despite playing much better afterwards. Team Pink built a cushion that they were able to fall back on when Team Brown rallied to try and catch up. Goals came by committee with efforts-from five different players. It was Peter Stroubakis’s tally by the twelve minute mark that held up in the end. After facing 25 shots, G.Kanaras was also influential in the win making a bunch of keys saves. Team Pink couldn’t have asked for a better outing on Sunday night. The way they managed it-from the beginning proved that they are a worthy playoff team that deserves to advance.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to G.Kanaras of Team Pink. Look for your goaltender to deliver in the big moments. There was no question G.Kanaras was a big reason why Team Pink are advancing. The net minder was focused, steady and ready to play allowing only three goals.

Team Red take back and forth thriller vs Team Black

 (6)Team Black vs Team Red(7)

 It was one of those games that both sides had no idea where it was headed. Goals kept pouring in, leads kept changing and penalties kept occurring. It almost came down to who would shoot last would prevail. With the contest deadlocked 7-7, J.Testa benefited-from a golden opportunity when awarded a penalty shot. The forward made sure to bury his chance, scoring his second of the game to put Team Red back in front. Still, five minutes was left over in a game that time didn’t really mean much. The problem was that Team Black started to feel the pressure as their season was winding down. And despite putting it all on the line by trying to even the score, S.Catalano stood tall denying every attempt his way. Not even C.Stamadianos could have figured him out by that point after accumulating four tallies prior. At the end of the day, it was one of those games that needed every single moment in order to decide a winner. For Team Red , they were just glad it was them on top after a very crazy finish.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the game goes to Luca Porfido of Team Red. His three timely goals came a long way in what was a tightly knitted high scoring affair.

Front runners Team White yet to take a night off

 (9)Team White vs Team Green(3)

If there was any doubt as to who the team to beat in the division, Team White put that to bed on Sunday night. Fuelled by impressive performances by N.Macri, R.Tanous, S.Fraga in which all three scored two goals each, G.Villeneuve is perhaps the bigger story. The net minder is simply that good, and unless you beat him on a precise shot he will likely deny you. Team Green saw it first hand as they only solved him three times with M.Destounis collecting two of the three goals. If the goaltending was average, this contest was going to be much closer, but likely favouring Team White due to their overall balance. At no point was this game ever close with Team White making the score 4-1 after only twelve minutes. Not only did Team White win a hockey game, but they made it look easy. Confidence is definitely brimming for a team that will expect nothing less than to go all the way.

The Allo Mon Coco player of the games goes to N.Macri of Team White. The win came due to many reasons, but N.Macri did do his part right away scoring twice while setting up a teammate for an immediate 4-1 lead.

This concludes the quarter final round which leaves only four teams in the Sunday night Draft league. The semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Team White vs Team Red(6) Team Red have to approach this challenge by keeping the game very low scoring. You almost cant get away by trying to beat G.Villeneuve many times. As much as it may take a boring game plan, its likely the only way that they’ll have a chance at causing an upset.

(2)Team Purple vs Team Pink(4) The threats seem to be coming-from the same places over and over if you are Team Purple. If Team Pink are able to contain some fire power than look out if your are Team Purple. This will be a classic match up between a side that relies on everyone to produce if your are Team Pink while Team Purple will keep looking for the Zafiropoulos tandem to continue scoring.


The 2022 Men’s A - Women’s A - Men’s Masters Nationals - Presented by Knapper begins Monday August 8 in Hamilton, ON. Keep an eye out on our social media for details on scores, players of the game and live webcast.

Season Divisions Winter 2023
Other News
Premier division

Tuesday March 3

(4)GK vs Capitals(2)

GK surge early in third period to top Capitals

Despite giving up the opening and closing goal of the game, the rest in between belonged to the GK. The Capitals managed to hang in there long enough but eventually realised it was done when M.David and F.Belisle each struck early in the third period for a 4-1 lead. It was clear that the up hill battle from that point on felt unrealistic for the Capitals having to go up against a team can shut anybody down. In his season debut, P-O Girouard did not disappoint forming his brick wall structure stopping close to 20 shots. The win saw four different players cash in with M.David’s third period marker holding up for the winner.

(2)Montreal As vs Black Knights(5)

Y.Derohannessian’s late shorty seals the deal for the Black Knights

Y.Derohannessian couldn’t have picked a better time than to notch a shorthanded goal. Although the Black Knights were in front 3-2, that tally pretty much summed up the game between the two sides with just over three minutes remaining. It was an overall solid performance from the two teams with each side carrying the play. M.Ianovale struck first to get the balling rolling for the Montreal As and didn’t give up their first tally till the four minute mark of the second period. Once the game was tied, J.Gagne took over bagging two in a row to put the Black Knights in the drivers seat. A.Lemay did eventually respond to reduce the gap but it was all for nothing as Derohannessian struck shortly after with a huge blow.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Gagne of the Black Knights. Big time players know when to show up when the game is on the line. J.Gagne was proof of that once again for the Black Knights collecting back to back tallies after snapping a dead lock 1-1 tie.

Le Rinque crowned provincial winners

Saturday September 25

Le Rinque crowned provincial champions

(6)Le Rinque vs dek Boucherville(4) (Final)

The stage was finally set for some of ball hockey’s finest talent to compete at its highest level in what turned out to be a wonderful afternoon . After Le Rinque edged out the Dek Lanaudiere by a slight 3-2 margin in the semi final round, Dek Boucherville was left standing in the way for the ultimate feat. Prior to the regular season and their playoff run, Le Rinque entered as the heavy favourites, and instead of folding under the weight of their own greatness, Le Rinque did exactly what was expected of them: They won the Dek Elite division. The players hailed the atmosphere in the establishment giving them that little extra adrenaline during the warm up that helped get them into the game. Once the ball dropped, Le Rinque managed to swat aside their opponent, their bugbear throughout the regular season but not in the final where Le Rinque were dominant for most of the match. Le Rinque’s depth and class proved to be too much in the end. Though Dek Boucherville made things difficult, Le Rinque were able to play around the Dek Boucherville controlling most of the play which resulted in a glorious finish. Many different players took turns finding the back of the net, an attribute that didn’t involve relying on any particular players, but that of an overall solid performance. Le Rinque have always been extremely good for a few years now reaching plenty of finish lines making tonight’s contest just another day at the office for Dahn Nguyen and his players.  In the end, the better team turned it up like a silver bullet proving once more that they are the real deal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Dahn Ngyuen of Le Rinque for capturing the Dek Elite championship, and to Jocelyn Decarie of the Dek Boucherville, who took charge running a highly skilled team.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Karl Leveille of Le Rinque. Leveille was a force throughout the season, and especially when it mattered the most during the big game.

With this victory, Le Rinque will be the top seed representing Quebec at the 2022 Nationals held in Hamilton Ontario. The CBHA and TC were present to select players for camp in October for next years(2022) World Championships held in Laval.

Nationals 2022 Hamilton, Ontario

The 2022 Men’s A - Women’s A - Men’s Masters Nationals - Presented by Knapper begins Monday August 8 in Hamilton, ON. Keep an eye out on our social media for details on scores, players of the game and live webcast.

ISBHF - International Street & Ball Hockey Federation
The ISBHF, Swiss Streethockey and Host Organizing Committee are excited to announce that Switzerland will host the 2024 ISBHF Men’s & Women’s World Championships.