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Thursday November 26 (Round 1, E2 playoffs)

(5)SBS Trashers vs Magic Bullets(4)

With both teams laying it on the line, the Magic Bullets needed more than a 2-0 first period lead to get by the SBS Trashers. Slowly but surely, the trailing squad mounted their comeback posting three second period unanswered goals. J.Guerriero used a late second period power play marker to give his club their first lead of the night. Despite equalizing the score twice by the third period, the Magic Bullets couldn’t get that much needed tally to regain control of the match. After scoring once along with an assist, P.Nadeau set up the winner by no other than his captain E.Panzera. J.Scalia had a strong game bagging two tallies and a helper to help send his club to the next round.

(3)Carnage vs Seals(1)

Far from being a walk in the park, Carnage needed nearly all 45 minutes to just get by the Seals. Each side remained leveled at one goal for most of the night until a third period breakout enabled Carnage to escape with the win. J.DiMarco cracked the barrier by the 2:45 minute mark of the third period giving Carnage their first lead of the game. With only six minutes left to go, S.Giannoulakis eased the tension knowing that his club would be fine with a two goal cushion. The Seals didn’t have a great year but showed plenty when the time counted with a hard fought battle. B.Verducci needed to be good and he was allowing only one goal courtesy of J.Trepanier.

(4)Eagles vs Street Ballers(5)

S.Marashlian had an impressive night as his three goals were just enough to get by the Eagles. Familiar with finding the back of the net like he’s often done, the Street Ballers forward notched two very late second period goals and carried a two goal cushion for nearly the rest of the match. The Eagles had a good start to the game up 2-1 after one period but dropped the ball by the second losing the frame handily 4-1.Each side entered the post season separated by only two points which can have only suggested a close battle. The Street Ballers showed plenty in last season’s playoffs by reaching the finals and will hope to continue their playoff run after a good start to the post season.

With Deadlast securing first place and an automatic spot to the semi finals, the front runners will look to take on the Street Ballers while Carnage faces the SBS Trashers in their best of three series.

(0)Scorpions vs Les Coqs(5) E1 regular season

It took half the match before Les Coqs decided to open it up. Once the scoring started, the Scorpions struggled to contain the outburst of goals. Just like their opponents, Les Coqs played with a very short bench but managed to score anyway. Five different players found the back of the net that saw M.Turgeon finish with three points. Unhappy with his recent overall performance between the pipes, G.Platanitis will look forward to the post season after recording a 29 save shutout.

The E1 division semi finals will feature the Werewolves taking on the Scorpions. The other match up has the Chiefs facing off against Les Coqs who will look to eliminate the defending champions.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sarkis Marashlian of the Street Ballers. The natural goal score came through with three goals in a close 5-4 win over the Eagles.


Wednesday November 25 (Round 1, playoffs)

(2)Steelers vs Les Boys(3) F3 division

Despite eying a short bench and knowing the threat that one player can pose during a game, the Steelers failed to manage the situation. The best player of the night showed why he is a game changer as N.Gilbert did it all for les Boys. The slick forward produced all three goals, and better yet netted two of his tallies by the 8:45 minute mark of the final frame to steal the match from the Steelers. G.Fournier set up the equalizer and the winner that left just over a minute remaining on the clock. Les Boys did a fantastic job battling with seven players and got a brilliant performance by M-O Cavaliere, who made many important saves to escape with the win. This is a first of an uphill battle for Les Boys who will look to cause more surprises as the playoffs go on.

(2)Horsemen vs Brewers(4) F2 division

The Horsemen were forced to play catch up all night as the Brewers scored once in the first, once in the second and twice by the third to eventually double up their opponents. At no point did the Brewers allow the Horsemen to get any sort of momentum. The veteran side led 4-0 before allowing two goals with two minutes left in the game. With efforts from four different goal scorers, the Brewers notched back to back power play markers courtesy of K.Keketsian and A.Lanni. C.Palermo and E.Pellerin posted even strength goals. As much as G.Platanitis was eying a shutout, the net minder is glad to capture a big win which now sends the Brewers to the semi finals.

After struggling throughout the regular season and just barely getting in for a playoff spot, the Brewers are now part of only four teams that can win it all in the F2 division. Similar to the Brewers situation, Les Boys will also be battling in a best of three series in the F3 division. The match ups are as follows:

F2 division semi finals:

(1)Bolts vs Brewers(5)

(2)Money Shot vs Fatal Demons(3)

F3 division semi finals:

(1)United Arms vs Les Boys(5)

(2)H1G Boys vs Primetime(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicolas Gilbert of Les Boys. After playing most of the game, N.Gilbert couldn’t be stopped as his three goals hurt the Steelers in a tight playoff battle.


Monday November 23

Team X offence dried up as they fell twice without scoring versus the NWV

Team X couldn’t produce any sort of offence on Monday, largely to the credit of B.Madonis who was flawless between the pipes. The NWV looked to their go to guy once more as K.Dube started the scoring skit with three straight goals. With the game already out of reach, Y.Mouchaca and F.Benhamadi added late markers securing an easy win to start off the night. The second contest wasn’t much different .Once again, K.Dube struck first giving the NWV a slight 1-0 lead for most of the match. Team X attempted to crack the barrier in search of their first goal but weren’t able to penetrate the defense or solve B.Madonis who made 26 saves in both games. A.Hakim and Y.Mouchaca went on to score completing what was a perfect start to a double header night. The NWV captured both wins with scores of 5-0 & 3-0.These results gave some hope of capturing first place if the NWV were able to sweep their matches versus the 1 Timer.

Dark Knights and the Billionaires settle by trading wins

There wasn’t much both sides could have done to influence the standings. The Billionaires knew that they were stuck in fourth place and used both these games in preparation for next’s week’s playoffs. They didn’t get the start they wanted dropping the opening contest by a tight margin of 2-1.The Dark Knights came better prepared and caught their opponents off guard striking twice in the first period. A.Ginanapragason and his captain C.Nikas’s power play goal made the score 2-0 for most of the match. The Billionaires did eventually score to cut the lead in half but that was all they got by T.Eilia-Mokhtar. After a disappointing loss, the Billionaires regrouped in their second game of the night. With efforts from five different goal scorers, the Billionaires made sure to not take their opponents for granted. Plenty of the offence was attributed by G.Santacroce who participated in all five goals that included four helpers. The Dark Knights did have F.Cirillo step up to the plate as the forward scored twice along with adding a helper. The Dark Knights won the first game 2-1 before dropping the second contest 5-3.For a first year team, the Dark Knights had a slow start but showed plenty of improvement as the season went on. The young squad adapted to the format and evolved their game making it very difficult for teams to get positive results.

A thirst for first, the 1 Timer wins the regular season

After playing only an hour earlier, the NWV knew the hill was too high to climb versus the front running and rested 1 Timer. And it showed right away as the orange machine easily escaped with the first game with a convincing 7-1 result. That score confirmed first place and the rest of the standings of the division. The 1 Timer looked to T.Daigneault , J.Guye-Perrault and L-P Gorry to get the scoring done as each player tallied twice. The second match had a different story line. The NWV adjusted their defensive game and allowed the 1 Timer to only one goal. But it still didn’t give them a positive result as both sides settled for a draw. Each side exchanged first period goals before waiting for a shootout to decide a winner. However, no one was able to escape with the win. After allowing only two goals in both games, F.Koch denied two NWV shooters but wasn’t able to out duel K.Dube who solved him for a rare time. The NWV got their lone shootout tally courtesy of C.Gagnon-Ethier. The 1 Timer toppled the NWV 7-1 in the first match before settling for a 2-2 draw in the second contest.

With the conclusion of the regular season, the top four of five teams will be entering the playoffs. After dominating the regular season with 45 points, the 1 Timer will look to knock out the Billionaires in a best of three series. The other match up will feature Team X versus the NWV .Team X will need to find a way to contain the scoring leader K.Dube who finished with an impressive 30 goals and 11 assists for the scoring title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Dube. In four games, Dube notched four goals, two helpers and a shootout tally to finish with 41 regular season points and the scoring title of the division.


Sunday November 22

(5)Dark Knights vs Bijoux(4) O.T

Unable to protect a late two goal lead, Bijoux will need some time to digest this set back loss. The Dark Knights looked once more to A.Covone, who did the unthinkable by producing three crucial points. After setting up J.Amato and G.Baksic late in the game, Covone put the cherry on the cake by netting the overtime winner.The Dark Knights fought hard all game long to overcome deficits and did a great job never giving up, especially against a team that’s been hard to beat all season long.

(9)Hit List vs HC Inter(7)

With goals not being an issue, the Hit List prevailed in what was a wild 9-7 victory. Most of the action occurred by the final frame where both teams combined for ten goals. The Hit List led 4-2 just prior to the frame before each side decided to take more chances. L.Richard enjoyed a five goal two assist night in the win. J-F Huppe also went on to score collecting two goals and two assists while S.Lavoie-Robert and his captain S.Trudel combined for six points. As for the HC Inter, A.Cloutier did more than his share notching two goals in a five point performance.

(5)Red Vipers vs Red Nose(3)

Despite trailing twice, the Red Vipers used three straight third period markers to defeat the Red Nose. J.Laviolette and P.Levesque each scored second period power play goals for the Red Vipers, who took a 2-1 lead heading into the final frame. That didn’t faze Red Nose to start the third period stronger with back to back tallies, but that was as good as it got. The Red Vipers showed more determination by finishing off stronger. S.Cardinal bagged the winner as one of five goal scorers in the win. Unless Red Nose gets help from others along with putting together a must win in next’s weeks battle versus Hulkamania, their season will come to an end earlier than expected.

(6)Hulkamania vs Butchers(1)

N.Gilbert put up a third period show and Hulkamania took the game in decisive fashion over the Butchers. After setting up two second period tallies, N.Gilbert decided it was his time to score and score he did as the skilled forward struck three times for his hat trick. The Butchers struggled to get on the board for most of the game until M.Zampino’s third period marker solved H.Trahan for a rare time. B.Deslauriers scored once and fed the ball three straight times to N.Gilbert. In hopes of finishing in first place, Hulkamania will get their opportunity by trying to string two straight wins in next week’s double header night.

(4)Icons vs Bete Noire(6)

What a better way to approach the end of the regular season after a big win over the Icons. After dropping their first three regular season games, Bete Noire look to be in excellent form with the post season just around the corner. Out of their six goals scored, only two players handled the offence. M.Mavroudis and M.Destounis combined for hat tricks. Bete Noire had the better start jumping to a 2-0 first period lead and scored twice on three attempts with their five man unit. Although they aren’t secured a playoff spot just yet, the odds are good for getting in if they continue to play the same way.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Manny Mavroudis of Bete Noire. His three goals and one assist helped his club capture key points to the standings with only one game remaining in the regular season.


Friday November 20

(5)Garage Gang vs Hawks(2)

Highlighted by two different goal scorers, the Garage Gang posted a 5-2 victory to earn only their second win so far. T.Hagen had a big night collecting three goals, and L.Hondronicolas took care of the rest netting two tallies. The Garage Gang led comfortably for most of the night being up 4-0 by the third period where the Hawks finally got on the score sheet. After cutting the lead in half in hopes of carrying some momentum T.Hagen made sure to stop the bleeding with a quick response. B.Verducci faced 30 shots, some very difficult to keep his club in it all game long.

(8)Stones vs Park Avenue Legends(6)

The Stones had another one of their players post a hat trick after last week’s big night from M.Salerno. Tonight, D.Lucchesi duplicated the effort with goals in every frame. Despite having a working power play, the Park Avenue Legends failed to compete hard enough by the third where the Stones took the frame with four out of the five tallies. M.Salerno still had an impact with two third period feeds. N.Mucci and J.Pizzuco collected three points each for the win while N.Kokovidis was the Park Avenue Legends best player with four points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tom Hagen of the Garage Gang. The veteran still showed he’s got it by posting three goals in a 5-2 win over the Hawks.


Thursday November 19

(5)Capitals vs Legacy(4) O.T

Despite a valiant third period effort, Legacy fell short in their 5-4 overtime loss versus the Capitals. Each side used two power play goals on only two chances to get some of the scoring done. The Capitals led 3-1 to enter the third period, only to eventually trail up until S.Desbiens scored late to even the score. It didn’t take too long at that point for J-D Charron to end the game with his second of the night. Legacy overcame the deficit with three straight third period markers that included two goals by E.Girouard.

(0)United Arms vs Bramabulls(3)

G.Follano made every save possible, and the Bramabulls used three third period goals to blank the United Arms. Their first tally came with the man advantage as M.Moukas finally solved D.Mattar by the 4:40 minute mark of the third period. The Bramabulls doubled their lead less than four minutes later on an effort by S.Marricco, a tally that eventually forced the United Arms to pull their net minder where Marco Diaco took advantage of an empty cage. Both sides knew the importance of the game in a division that separates seven teams by only two wins.

(1)TANK vs Armadillos(4)

From start to finish, the Armadillos did everything right in their 4-1 win over Tank. The Armadillos scored in every frame, notched a power play and a shorthanded goal and nearly kept a clean score sheet up until J.Courteau struck late in the game. C.Stavriadis was definitely thinking a shutout at that point but will be pleased anyway with the positive result. G.Djevahirdjian, P.Lapointe, M.DoCouto and K.Papapostolou all went to score for the Armadillos, who are presently tied in first place with Legacy.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gerardo Follano of the Bramabulls. In what may have come as a must win, the brilliant net minder bailed his club with an excellent shutout performance between the pipes.


Wednesday November 18

(2)Hellas vs Venom(8)

With both teams at opposite sides of the spectrum, Venom scored in bunches to hold on to first place. Led by a three goal performance by S.Robineault, most of the big guns got their names on the score sheet. E.Girouard, Y.Gazura and N.Gilbert, just to name a few combined for ten points. Hellas didn’t help their cause with only one spare but still managed to get two passed M.Trivisonno. S.Kalaydjian and his captain L.Hondronicolas both scored in the loss.

(5)Les Camarades vs Punishers(6) O.T

With no one else but themselves to blame, Les Camarades let this one slip away. Anytime a team leads by two goals with three minutes left to go, with the addition of having a power play opportunity normally suggests that the game is in the bag. But that’s not what happened as S.Bentivegna scored one of his two shorthanded goals to cut the lead by one. The Punishers were eventually awarded a power play chance and made no mistake burying the equalizer with a minute left to go. After a wild finish to the game, C.Vasilakakis gave plenty to celebrate about by notching the overtime winner. The Punishers made Les Camarades regret their own power play by striking three times shorthanded. S.Bentivegna led the scoring with a hat trick while C.Gagnon forced the sudden death period with the tying goal.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sergio Bentivegna of the Punishers. Three goals and an assist that included two short handed markers merits the honor as player of the night.


Tuesday November 17

(3)Dark Warriors vs Smackdaddys(4)

After falling behind 3-1 barely seven minutes into the game, the Smackdaddys ignited their offence by the second with three unanswered goals. S.Euchi helped mount the comeback netting a power play marker just before M.Destounis tallied twice before the frame ended for a 4-3 Smackdaddys lead. Once in that position, S.Morante continued to shine in nets, not allowing anything as of the seven minute mark of the opening frame. The Smackdaddys have been on a role for many weeks capturing their sixth straight win which now has them isolated in first place with one game left to go.

(5)Ultimate Hockey vs Left Wings(2)

Time is starting to creep up on the Left Wings who conceded three unanswered goals versus the Ultimate Hockey on Tuesday night. With two games remaining, the Left Wings still have hope for getting in but can’t start afford to drop games such as this one with the score tied 2-2 after two periods. The Ultimate Hockey worried about their own situation and made sure to maximize a full out effort. M.Richard came up clutch posting two third period tallies followed with a very late marker by H.Bourgeois to cap off a sixth win in eight games on a double header night.

(4)Smooth Sailors vs Sons of Anaheim(8)

With no shortage of goals, the Sons of Anaheim wasted no time pouring on the offense. P.Dube took care of the opening frame notching two markers for a 3-1 lead and the Sons of Anaheim continued their rampage making things very difficult for J.Capaldo and the Smooth Sailors defense. The score went as high as 6-1 before the Smooth Sailors created some late offense. With the game already out of reach, M.St-Michel went on to add two tallies to complete his hat trick. Although he didn’t score, J.Tanguay was behind making five goals happen with excellent passing.

(6)Ultimate Hockey vs Raging Rhinos(2)

After pairing goals in every frame, the Ultimate Hockey are glad to capture six points in a double header night. While everyone did their part for the result, most of the offence was produced by three players. Rubens.Morne, P.Plaisir and J-B Roy combined for eight points proving to be a handful for the Raging Rhinos, who are clinging on for that last playoff spot. This result puts the Ultimate Hockey only one point shy of the first place Smackdaddys who will face off against each other for top seed in the last game of the regular season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marino Destounis of the Smackdaddys. The Smackdaddys overcame a 3-1 deficit in large part due to M.Destounis’s back to back goals that included the winner.


Monday November 16

(3)Slayers vs Spartans(4)

The Spartans escape with a nail biter

While leading 4-1 in the third period may have felt comforting, things changed when L.Bourgaunt and A.Desrosiers tallied late on the power play to narrow the gap within one. As much as those tallies caused some concern, the Spartans only needed to kill off one more minute to escape with their first win of the season. The offence came from four different players. P.Plasir, N.Pitsikoulis, P.Arkalis and C.Plasir all scored in the victory while the Slayers got their tallies by P.Elizardo, L.Bourgaunt and A.Desrosiers.

(6)Black Knights vs Red Lite(3)

Black Knights use four third period markers in double up win over Red Lite

After carrying a slight 2-1 lead, the Black Knights sparked their offence by the final frame. J.Gagne led the way scoring twice in the span of just over five minutes. J.Mandracchia made the score 2-1 by the five minute mark of the second period before adding his second by the third. This result hands Red Lite their first loss in three games. The long time champions had the quality but not the quantity on this night with only nine players dressed.

(0)Hustlers vs All Blacks(5)

F.Rolland shines between the pipes, All Blacks earn a 5-0 win

With the help of his team in front of him, F.Rolland did more than his share to get the job done. A 36 shot performance against one of the All Blacks most valuable player wasn’t nearly enough for the Hustlers, who still struggle to get in the win column. Rolland was sharp making plenty of key stops allowing his team to feed off the momentum. The All Blacks got two goals in the first before adding three more by the third. P-M Chenier had a multi goal night getting both his tallies on the power play.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Francis Rolland of the All Blacks. The solid net minder recorded a well earned shutout enabling the All Blacks to capture their third win in four games.

Season Divisions Fall 2015
Other News
Premier division

Wednesday May 13(A Finals)
(5)Red Lite vs Royal Flush(1) Game 2
With their backs against the wall, Red Lite looked to regroup to even the series at one game a piece. The Royal Flush knew they needed the better start to the match and despite grabbing a 1-0 lead, N.Vargas Dias responded within moments to even the score. That tally led to a strong finish to the second period where Red Lite went up
3-1, only to kill 18 more minutes. Y.Labonte and D.Morency complemented each other on the first three goals of the game, and N.Vargas Dias made sure to seal the contest by posting his second in a yawning cage.
(4)Royal Flush vs Red Lite(6) Game 3
The opportunity was give two times for the Royal Flush to get it done, and as much as they challenged a powerhouse team, they weren’t able to reach the finish line on time. Only six minutes in, Y.Labonte and M.Frechette already made the score 2-0 putting immediate pressure for the Royal Flush to adapt. That lead only increased as the match went on that saw Frechette bury his second of the contest for what appeared to be a comfortable 4-0 lead with only one period remaining. Despite having to climb a big mountain, the Royal Flush never gave up showing plenty of resilience by winning the final frame 4-2.C.Valois planted some concern when he reduced the gap by two goals with still 12 minutes to play. But as time went on, M.Lebrun calmed his bench by tapping in an easy goal with a feed from Mathieu Duguay.

So often, Red Lite finds a way to get it done. They weren’t the most convincing regular season team and despite being down 1-0 to the Royal Flush, the legendary squad didn’t have to convince many for what they’ve accomplished. On behalf of, we would like to congratulate Yannick Labonte, Mathieu Lebrun, Paul Roy and the rest of Red Lite for capturing the A Premier division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yannick Labonte. The Red Lite captain showed conviction in game two by putting up three straight points before scoring games three first goal to put his club in the drivers seat the rest of the way.

Dek Hockey Drummond takes home the 2015 provincial championship

Dek Hockey Drummond takes home the 2015 provincial championship

A three goal one assist performance by Stephanie Savoie propels Dek Hockey Drummond to 4-0 shutout win over le Diablo de Montreal. It’s Dek Hockey Drummonds fourth final at the provincial qualifier, and after dropping two straight, they regained their crown as Quebec’s best team. Savoie led the way in two categories capturing the most points with eight while scoring the most riffling up to five goals. Apart from her brilliant display, the current champs got efforts from every single player in their line up out scoring their opponents 16-2 in four games. Two of those results were shutouts earned by Krystel Boutin who did a splendid job protecting her cage.

The round robin was held on the Saturday where all five teams played two games each for positioning. Les Bonobos, led by Melie Legris dropped both their contests and hoped to rebound on Sunday where they fell to the Warriors. The Warriors won that game 3-0 thanks to a shutout performance by Nadia Varriano. The semi-finals featured Equipe Quebec versus Diablo de Montreal while the Warriors faced off against Dek Hockey Drummond. In the first period alone, le Diablo de Montreal captured the frame with a 4-2 score getting goals from four different players. Melissa Globensky netted the winner and Annie Leduc was able to feed two teammates. As for the other semi finals, Dek Hockey Drummond continued their progress in a 4-1 rout of the Warriors.

As most would have thought of a Dek Hockey Drummond versus an Equipe Quebec finals due to their recent success, le Diablo de Montreal turned some heads over the week end. Amanda Lalande did a fine job assembling many young talented players and put up a good fight against a team that is still in their prime.

The Quebec ball hockey association would like to thank all five captains (Melie Legris of Les Bonobos, Brittany Diabo of the Montreal Warriors, Lorraine Bourcier of Equipe Quebec, Amanda Lalande of Les Diablo de Montreal and finally Vanessa De Grandpre of Dek Hockey Drummond) for making it happen and putting together what was an exciting brand of hockey.

On behalf of the Quebec ball hockey association, congratulations go out to Vanessa De Grandpre and the rest of Dek Hockey Drummond for capturing the 2015 provincial championship.

Here is a summary of the elimination round held on the Sunday.

Round 1 :

4th place Warriors  3          5th place Les Bonobos  0

Semi Finals :

Diablo de Montréal  4                  Équipe Québec  2
Dek Hockey Drummond  4          Montreal Warriors 1


Dek Hockey Drummond  4          Diablo de Montréal  0

Red Lite Win 11th Canadian National Title

Red Lite have famously won the competition eleven times since the beginning of the millennial. After claiming seven straight titles from 2001-2007, Red Lite jump started their dynasty in 2012 winning four more consecutive National championships. It’s no doubt to be widely considered the single greatest achievement in ball hockey. What makes this even more impressive was that they roared through the round robin stages with a perfect 5-0 record before collecting three straight playoff wins. One of their greatest challenges came in the quarter finals where they faced an in house rival, the Montreal Royal Flush as a late tally snapped a 3-3 tie sending them through to the semi finals. Similar to that game, Red Lite needed another 4-3 victory, this time versus the BC Falcons. Left with only one task, the well oiled machine wrapped up what was a perfect week with a perfect 4-0 result over Team Manitoba. Over the years, Red Lite have found a way to make the proper modifications in order to keep a competitive pedigree, something that is difficult to do when considering eleven titles have been captured in only fourteen years. While some of the veteran leadership have yet to slow down, names such as Paul Roy, Mathieu Lebrun, Jonathan Daoust, Martin Frechette just to name a few, the younger click led by Yannick Labonte has the potential for this dynasty to continue on for years to come.

Congratulations to the 2015 National Champions Red Lite. Just below are the names of who made it happen:

Paul Roy
Mathieu Lebrun
Yannick Labonte
John Adamou
Samuel Beauchamps
Jeffrey Bradley
Martin Corbeil
Jonathan Daoust
Nelson Vargas-Dias
Mathieu Duguay
Martin Frechette
Simon Ghilarducci
Carl Ghilarducci
Yanick Jomphe
Kevin Kuczmarski
Will Lacasse
Shawn Legris
David Matthew
Dominic Morency
Jeremy Paradis
Alexandre Perreault
Steve Proust
Joel Provost-Blais
Stephane Rossi
Matteo Stoico

ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland

Congratulations to Team Haiti on winning Pool B yesterday at the World Ballhockey Championships in Switzerland. They Defeated Cayman Islands 4-2 in the final.  We would also like to congratulate the Canadian Women's Team on defeating the Czech Republic 5-1 in the final.