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Draft League Sunday

Sunday May 15 

 Team Black score in bunches early to down Team Green 

 (10) Team Black vs Team Green(8) 

 There were plenty of chances and many goals leading up to the 22 minute mark of this game. Team Black jumped off to a 7-4 lead in that short span with A.DeSua, M.Braun and R.Potenza scoring two goals each while P.Petraccione was behind setting up four of those goals. It was a terrible start for Team Green, who couldn't contain an onslaught of early flurries. The defense did settle-from there, but the damage had already been done. J.Teresi finished off strong riding a hat trick for Team Black. Playing a run and gun game versus Team Black wasn't perhaps the right idea for Team Green. Unless they made it a point to try and defend well, their strategy came to hurt them early on. 

 The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Pat Petraccione of Team Black. Even though he didn't score, Petraccione was behind making five goals happen. 

 Team Red irritated with another one goal loss 

 (7)Team Red vs Team White(8) O.T 

 Again, Team Red keeping finding themselves on the short end of the stick. They just cant seem to catch a break after dropping another overtime loss on Sunday night. They have their good moments but matched with bad moments as well. Scoring isn't an issue and will be expected having T.Settino in the lineup, who buried three in the loss. The problem is their game without the ball as they keep giving up too many and too often. Team White barely took this one in the end as it needed overtime. Maybe it's just some bad luck for the time being for Team Red. Sometimes it takes a favorable bounce or a timely save to swing the game in your favor. For now, they haven't gotten that slight edge but it's not like they can't turn it around with the elements they have. 

 The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Eddy Colella of Team White. The sniper unloaded his cannon-from center court to end the game his way. 

 Team Blue finding their groove in comeback win over Team Yellow 

 (3)Team Yellow vs Team Blue(4) 

 After a better start to their night, Team Yellow abandoned their fundamental defensive game to try and close out Team Blue. They could have gotten their if they paid more attention to E.Allen’s impact throughout the entire match. Allen was the catalyst behind the comeback win setting up his clubs first goal while netting two big back-to-back tallies. No doubt it came as a character-building win for a side that had a slow start to their season. What is also worth noting is how well Team Blue defended and P.Kassaris stood his ground between the pipes. Most games in this division get dictated by the amount of goals that are scored. However, not in this case with Team Blue playing extremely well without the ball while getting the timely goals. You always want to focus on all areas of your game if you plan to go far. With the nice additions of E.Allen and E.Colella, Team Blue just became a serious part of the conversation after a forgettable start to their season. 

 The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Errol Allen of Team Blue. Not only can E.Allen read and break up plays, the smart d-man created offense as well, providing three big points that included a pair of tallies.  

Masters 35+ division semi finals

Friday May 13( Semi finals)

Armos bounce back to even the series with Brewers

(1)Brewers vs Armos(5) Game 2

After having to wait a long week to get it right, the Armos rebounded in an impressive fashion with a convincing win over the Brewers. The game remained close on the large part until the Armos pulled way by the third on three straight goals. Overall, the Armos did have more control in this particular game and could have made life easier for themselves if they could have broken down C.Srtavriadis. The goaltender was a big reason why the Brewers had a shot at sweeping their series. Eventually, the Armos capitalized on some of their chances in the third period to finally put some distance. Goals came-from five different goal scorers with S.Ruggiero leading the pack on three helpers. Even though they got the win, the Armos knew not to go overboard in a third and deciding game.

First goal goes a long way for the Brewers

(3)Brewers vs Armos(1) Game 3

There was no question that the first goal in this contest was going to be huge. When teams are faced with their backs to the wall, getting that first tally usually dictates the fate of the series. Teams that score first build confidence and energy while the trailing side may start to feel they are losing control knowing that there isn’t much time left to their season. In this must win game three, M.DelGaudio have enough time to sip a cappuccino and eat an almond croissant before netting a perfect wrist shot-from the slot area. The Brewers clearly fed off that moment and played even harder making it extremely difficult for the Armos to respond. Despite enough time left over, the next goal still belonged to the Brewers, who felt confident by then that this series was theirs for the taking. The Armos played with fire falling behind in this series a week ago without some missing links. Tonight, they had their squad but couldn’t put it together for two straight games. Instead, the Brewers will be moving on where they’ll have one more challenge ahead of them for the big prize.

Never say die Sonic pushes Generals to the limit

(5)Sonic vs Generals(6) S.O Game 3

No one would have ever thought the Generals would sigh relief after playing Sonic. And why not when considering they smoked them a couple of times which suggested for an easy series sweep. That was clearly far-from being the case in game two. Sonic told themselves that they weren’t going down without a fight. The Generals did lead on the large part of this game but weren’t able to ever pull away. Every time they jumped in front, M.Pace was there to remind them that he wasn’t planning to go away. The relentless forward scored three times while collecting an assist. To his help, M.St-Laurent was a vital piece to the offense as well participating in all five goals. This contest had to go the extra distance to determine a winner. When testing your luck in a shootout, you just never know what can happen,. Maybe your net minder will steal the show or some of your players will use their skill set in order to find the back of the net. This came as a great opportunity for Sonic in order to level and force an anxious game three with the Generals. Unfortunately for Sonic, M.Gagnon wasn’t having it denying both attempts. On the flip side of the court, the Generals did not miss out on their chances scoring on two out of a possible three attempts. To think that Sonic was only a breakaway competition along with a short game three where anything can happen in order to take out the heavy favorite.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marco Pace of Sonic. Even if it came in a losing cause, M.Pace inspired  his club to believe that anything is possible no matter who you play. The gritty forward was stellar bagging three goals along with an assist.

The Masters 35+ division is now down to its final two teams. While many may consider the Generals to go all the way, it will be up to the Brewers on how to approach a difficult challenge. They do have many elements that can be favorable such as a deep bench, experience and a very good goaltender in C.Stavriadis. The separation between the two sides is that the Generals have more of a scoring touch in some of their players. In order to contain that lethal offense, the Brewers will have to identify the real threats and play a well balanced game.

E Division semi finals

Thursday May 11 (Semi finals)

Horsemen fall short against a ready to play Fatal Demons

(5)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(7) Game 2

The Fatal Demons as expected came out hard and were not going to go down easy. They got the better start to the night scoring the games first two goals to put the Horsemen once again on their heels. The deficit was answered by the Horsemen, but it barely lasted with G.Amorosa and E.Medrano responding almost immediately. Playing-from behind proved to be very difficult in this series for the Horsemen against a side that doesn’t give much. They never had that opportunity to play in front to try and flip the pressure the other way. Instead, they were stuck chasing the two games trailing most of the time. Credit to the Fatal Demons for making it a point to start ready and getting that first goal. As much as the Horsemen attempted to battle back, either they were clogged by the Fatal Demons defensive game or denied by R.Ranieri standing firm between the pipes. Regardless the reasons, the better side prevailed in this one as it showed throughout most of the series.

RCGT Knights put up real fight in shootout loss to Brew Crew

(3)RCGT Knights vs Brew Crew(5) S.O Game 2

The RCGT Knights couldn’t have asked for a better game. Many would have expected this to be a walk in the park for the Brew Crew, but that couldn’t be further -from the truth. Even with less than two full lines, the RCGT Knights played a great game, they led twice , defended incredibly well while getting the necessary goaltending-from S.Sauk. They most likely would have taken the deal of testing their luck in a shootout prior to the ball dropping if they had that choice. You just never know who will come out of a skills competition with so many variables involved. Unfortunately for the RCGT Knights, they couldn’t find a way to prevail during the breakaways. M.Maggiore and D.Verta showed their scoring touch in the shootouts for the Brew Crew while the RCGT Knights saw only T.Oliveira take care of business -from his end. If not for a small detail making the difference in this game, the RCGT Knights would have had a great chance to steal this series in a shorter game three. Sometimes it just comes down to one small detail or a particular moment that can shift the momentum either way. The Brew Crew were glad to avoid extending this series as they’ll need to focus on what is ahead of them.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Scott Sauk of the RCGT Knights. Facing over 40 shots is quite challenging for any goaltender. S.Sauk stopped nearly all of them which enabled his team to play in front for most of the night. If not for some little bad luck, the RCGT Knights could have potentially caused a major upset.

The E Thursday division is now down to its last two teams. The Brew Crew and the Fatal Demons will be facing off next week in a best of three series. Its safe to say that both teams resemble each other in many ways. Both have deep benches with loads of experience. No one really has an edge on who should come out on top. If there is one noticeable thing that stems back for the last couple of weeks, is that the Fatal Demons seem to be gelling more than the Brew Crew. However, that shouldn’t matter when considering what is at stake.

D Wednesday semi finals

Thursday May 11( Semi finals)

Armadillos showing up when it counts in rout of Assadi Consulting Inc

(1)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Armadillos(7) Game 1

The Armadillos know when it is time to be ready. It was clear that the Armadillos made their adjustments after last weeks embarrassing loss to the Assadi Consulting Inc. Tonight’s result resembled last weeks meeting with the two teams, but with the Armadillos returning the favor. This game wasn’t even close and was powered by everyone pulling their weight. The Armadillos scored seven times with all different players finding the back of the net. Nothing went right for a team that had an impressive regular season. The Assadi Consulting Inc hit a reality check on Wednesday night unable to get any good part of their game going. Apart-from M-A Haber finally beating C.Ekonomakis by the five minute mark of the third period, this game needs to be forgotten quickly for P.Assadi and the rest of his team. They are lucky that game two will be played next week as they’ll need plenty of time on trying to figure out a solution.

Punishers use second period explosion to blow past United Arms

(8)Punishers vs United Arms(3) Game 1

For one full period, the United Arms were pleased with how the game was going. By keeping it close anything is possible, and any underdog team will take those odds as the game goes further. Other factors required in order to give yourself a chance is to score on your power play. And if that doesn’t work, try not to let one in. The Punishers seem to thrive in those moments and who other than P.Karvouriaris playing the spoiler after being set up by C.Gingras. That early shorthanded goal in the second period set the trend of the down fall for the United Arms in game one. They measured well in the first period, but were nowhere to be seen after that. The Punishers exploded winning a dominant frame on five goals that saw different players chip in. C.Stamadianos and P.Karvouriaris started strong posting two goals each before getting balanced contributions. As difficult of a task as it is, the United Arms need to stay positive and keep working hard out there. Their special teams aren’t working as they’ll  need to rely on their man on man game in order to have any sort of chance.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Karvouriaris of the Punishers. The sniper snapped a 2-2 tie shorthanded as part of a four point performance.

4vs4 Monday quarter finals

Monday May 10 (Quarter finals) 

 J-S Lowe brilliant hat trick leaves Snipers in shock 

 J-S Lowe showed what he is made of with an amazing solo act of salvation. J-S Lowe scored three consecutive goals to overcome a 3-1 deficit into a vital game two win. The Snipers could only watch in horror as their defense crumbled after playing a sound game up until that point. The come-from behind effort forced a deciding game three where the Country Club felt all the momentum going into a shorter twelve-minute game. That's just a dangerous situation when going up against C.Gingras. As likely expected, Gingras was going to make something happen. After striking first on a brilliant effort, C.Gingras was behind creating the play that led to S.Bourdin snapping a late 1-1 tie.  The Snipers will be stuck wondering how they were unable to close out this series, especially after a convincing 7-3 game one win followed with a 3-1 lead by the mid way point of the second period in game two. All indicators pointed to a ticket to the semi final. Then, it all came crumbling down as the Country Club did the unthinkable. Talk about a crazy turn of events. This just goes to show that it isn't over until its over.  

 (3)Country Club vs Snipers(7) Game 1 

 (3)Snipers vs Country Club(4) Game 2 

 (3)Country Club vs Snipers(1) Game 3 

 M.Arkalis nets game three overtime winner in thrilling series vs Assadi Classics 

 The Altius were able to find their magic in a series that came down to one single play. When two teams are faced in an unknown predicament, you don't know how the players will respond. Every single move and play can ultimately make the difference between one team moving on while the other devastated on how they could have avoided a mistake. It was clear that there wasn't much separating these two teams. The Altius did take game one but couldn't string back to back wins against a team with their backs to the wall. The Assadi Classics won a tight knitted battle in game two thanks to J.Pantelis's winner along with R.Ranieri's lights out play between the pipes. Inevitably, a game three was looming as both sides were ready to put it all on the line. The game looked like it was going to be wrapped up in regulation time if not for N.Kokovidis beating the clock by a few seconds to force a sudden death period for the Assadi Classics. Now that both sides got to this crucial point, only a good bounce was going to perhaps determine the fate of this outcome. After finding himself at the right place and at the right time, M.Arkalis was there to bury the winner. It didn't come to much of a surprise that M.Arkalis would be one of the few heroes in this series. The power forward  has a nose for the net and uses his body well to protect the ball while knowing how to position himself. By creating his own space, M.Arkalis was there to rescue the Altius, and place them into the semi finals. 

 (4)Altius vs Assadi Classics(3) Game 1 

 (2)Assadi Classics vs Altius(1) Game 2 

 (3)Altius vs Assadi Classics(2) O.T Game 3 

 Comeback Dragons get momentum heading into game two 

 The Dragons were that close-from facing their high hopes to the wall. There was about half a period remaining separating them-from falling behind in this series with the United Arms. Suddenly, they were able to give themselves a shot when D.Gagnon narrowed the gap by one. It took only moments after that for B.Daniele to even the score that helped send game one to a shootout. The Dragons no doubt have the artillery in the breakaways with a few high-end skill players. It was almost certain that at least one of their top guns would prevail in the shootout. That forced the United Arms to try and get one themselves, but were unable to solve S.Morante on their two shot attempts. B.Daniele scored on his back hand while J.Mandracchia roofed his on a nifty move to help take an important lead in the series. The United Arms felt they let this one go knowing that they could have gone for the split against a heavy favorite. The problem was that they couldn’t contain the Dragons in game two like they did in their first encounter. M.Fazzari made his chances count scoring twice on the power play right before M.Crapis tallied for a 3-1 lead heading into the final period. From-there, the Dragons continued to press and took nothing for granted winning the final frame handily.  

 (5)Dragons vs United Arms(3) S.O Game 1 

 (2) United Arms vs Dragons (7) Game 2 

 Top seeded Bonjours High expected more than early exit, J.Mancini closes out series with OT winner 

 The Bonjours High had plenty of reasons to believe they could win this division. They allowed the fewest goals and scored the most dropping all but three of twenty regular season games. They were on a roll throughout the entire season up until they faced the Lyft Off on Monday night. Even though they were chasing game one down 2-0, they still managed to storm back on late tallies by the Kakivelis bothers to force the shootout. Most players have similar success rates in this department, but the Lyft Off had something special going for them in S.Harchi. Game one was decided after the seventh round thanks to S.Harchi’s incredible skill and patience. The skilled forward scored on three out of his four attempts to beat a brilliant net minder. The Bonjours Highs weren't going to go down that easily despite falling behind in the series. And even though game two was extremely close, M.Levasseur needed only a few seconds to decide the outcome, bagging two incredible goals that put his club up 3-1. A.Tanferna would then cap it off with his second feeding an empty cage to even up the series. Now that both teams passed a rigorous test, twelve minutes and possibly overtime was all that was remaining to see who would advance. There was no question that every single player put it all on the line making every second count. It's usually hard to score when the defense is very committed while the two net minders have been lights out, so it came to no surprise that this series needed the five-minute sudden death period to decide it all. Once they got there, J.Mancini was there to end the drama on a strong effort giving C.Ekonomakis no chance to make the save. Many may have expected that this series was a given when looking at the regular season standings. However, if anyone was paying attention to how the Lyft Off have been playing as of late, it isn't a total shock.  This is an opponent that can out match anyone in the division with their speed while having the chemistry and a pretty high skill set. When you have all those components, you automatically fit in the conversation of being a contender. 

 (4) Bonjours High vs Lyft Off (5) S.O Game 1 

 (2) Lyft Off vs Bonjours High (4) Game 2 

 (0) Bonjours High vs Lyft Off (1) O.T Game 3 

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Salim Harchi of the Lyft Off. No question his presence was felt. Throughout the entire series, S.Harchi was dominant using his speed and ability to shift on a dime creating a ton of chances for the Lyft Off. Adding to all that, Harchi was magical in the shootout scoring on three attempts. 

 With the quarter finals coming to an end, four teams will challenge in next week's semifinal round. The match ups are as follows: 

 (2) Dragons vs Lyft Off (10) The Dragons won't approach this series indicated by their regular season record in comparison to the Lyft Off. Joe DeStefano understands quite well how challenging it will be going up against a faster overall opponent. The Dragons will rely on their high-end weapons and experience to try and get through. This series will go either way with no real favorite. 

 (3)Altius vs Country Club (4) Both sides have a nice supporting cast and the goaltending shouldn’t be an issue. At the same time, they have two of the finest players of the division respectively. The Country Club will look to C.Gingras to work his magic while the Altius know that they can get plenty-from P.Arkalis. This has the making of a good series with perhaps the Altius carrying the slight edge. 

Draft League Sunday

Sunday May 8 

 Team Yellow stuns Team Red with late comeback effort 

 (11)Team Yellow vs Team Red(10) O.T 

 Just as it appeared that Team Yellow had no hope while running out of time to make something happen, some late magic and a miracle run stunned both teams in the end. First, T.Scarpelli notched his second, J.Melo buried his hat trick and G.Missakian was there to riffle his second and send this game into overtime. In one minute, Team Red was in complete control of their destiny in what seemed like a guaranteed win leading by three late in the game. Then, in a beat, everything turned upside down. Team Red is still wondering what hit them when M.Lang put the cherry on the cake capturing the overtime winner. Team Yellow stormed back on a gutsy comeback effort that perhaps even surprised them. It was unconceivable how they somehow pulled it off, but nevertheless, they executed when the game was on the line. Team Red is having a very hard time on how to prevent goals. They give up too many game in and game out unable to tighten the bolts. The one good thing they have going for them is their capability of scoring. C.Arnoldo continues to impress posting four tallies while M.Estrela and S.Sicuso chipped in with a pair. 

 The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Jason Melo. Highly productive, J.Melo made plenty happen bagging a hat trick as part of a six-point night. 

 D.Agourias clutch goals lead Team Green past Team Blue 

 (5)Team Green vs Team Blue(4) O.T 

 Despite falling behind early, Team Blue had the good start they desperately needed in order to give themselves a chance to take this game. In just under 15 minutes, E.Colella scored twice and L.Bucci notched his first of two to grab a 3-1 lead. Teams looking for confidence boosters can always use a good start to their night. Team Blue haven't often been in the drivers seat during a game which made this a great opportunity for them to reach the finish line first. Up until that point, everything was running smooth, especially between the pipes where P.Kassaris was making plenty of saves to keep his club in front. However, there is only so much your net miner can do. Eventually, Team Green would battle back toward the seocnd half of the game where they struck three times to even the score. Still, Team Blue had their chance in overtime knowing that they were only one shot away-from ending a bad slump. Usually it comes down to a coin toss depending on which team makes something happen first. In tonight's case, Team Green had the better chance and buried it thanks to D.Agourias's second of the game. 

 The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Denis Agourias of Team Green. Not only did he tie the game late, D.Agourias went a step further to win it in overtime. 

 Team White eventually hit their rhythm in rout of Team Black 

 (3) Team Black vs Team White (7) 

 On the large part, this contest didn’t indicate where it was headed. Both teams traded a couple of goals early on and the game remained tied for a long stretch. Following the 30-minute mark, that's when Team White’s offense caught fire, scoring the games next five of six goals. It’s nice having a few players able to put the ball in the back of the net. M.Lang ,P.Deslorges and B.Sorice took care of a bulk of the goals netting two apiece. Team Black felt the void of two main pieces absent-from their lineup. J.Teresi and D.Mansour provide that north south speed which would have helped support the defense and the offense. To their credit however, they kept it close until a small stretch where Team White took over. Things are going extremely well right now for a team that’s strong in all different areas. With only one loss so far this season, Team White sits alone in first place. 

 The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Mike Lang of Team White. He played earlier as a spare and didn’t appear to miss a beat in his second game generating plenty of energy that led to a pair of goals and an assist.  




Masters 35+ division

Friday May 6 (Semi finals)

Generals handle business despite being short

(6)Generals vs Sonic(2) Game 1

Who knows where expectations should be set for the Generals without many components missing in their line up. Unable to take advantage, Sonic missed out on an opportunity to go ahead in this series. There was no question the Generals were going to create their chances . In tonight’s case, J.Brunet and O.Valiquette did most of the damage as expected. The two combined for eight points with Brunet rattling off a hat trick. Sonic allowed five straight tallies before finally getting on the score sheet by the nine minute mark of the third period. M.St-Laurent was the one to figure out M.Gagnon, who went perfect up until that point.  Tonight’s game was perhaps Sonic’s missed opportunity to steal it. Unless some miracle happens in game two, the Generals will  punch their ticket to the final.

Brewers jump ahead and never looked back to down Armos

(2)Armos vs Brewers(5) Game 1

Both teams understood the importance of playing ahead in this series. After a scoreless opening frame, A.Lanni provided the go ahead goal for the Brewers. The Armos would eventually level, but that was short lived when P.Karigiannis put his club back in front. As expected there weren’t many goals throughout the time. The Brewers carried a slight 2-1 lead heading into the third period which forced the Armos to try and do something a little more creative in order to create some scoring chances. Unfortunately, some bad give a ways  led to a pair of tallies by the Brewers. The Armos had an awful third period trying to bounce back into this one. On the flip side, the Brewers did what they needed to do playing a sound man on man game while relying on a solid goaltender in C.Stavriadis. This result will force the Armos to adjust some areas of there game if they plan extending the series. For now, they’ll have a week to try and sort some issues out.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jeremi Brunet of the Generals. Even if the Sonic was aware of his threat, Brunet still got his way on Friday night bagging three goals and an assist.

E Division semi final

Thursday May 5(Semi finals)

Fatal Demons came ready to play to defeat Horsemen

(3)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(2) Game 1

On paper tonight’s meeting between the Fatal Demons and Horsemen is expected to be an evenly matched series. In fact so close that the first goal was going to go a long way. The Fatal Demons took advantage of a late first period power play when M.Mavroudis ripped a rocket giving M.Vinciguerra no chance to see it and stop it. With the next goal so important, the Fatal Demons got their again, this time courtesy of C.Frakiudakis to double the lead. The Horsemen would finally pull themselves within one only to go down by two moments later when M.Chenier made it 3-1. Throughout the greater part of the match, the Fatal Demons did an excellent job neutralizing the middle making it very difficult for the Horsemen to generate any offense. When teams come to play with three full lines that are committed to a game plan,  it makes it that much harder to get much going. The Horsemen just couldn’t connect with their plays and found themselves chasing the game more often than none. Maybe if they struck first things could have gone differently. For now, they’ll have to endure a long week to try and figure out what to do in order to bounce back into the series.

Close game gets away-from the RCGT Knights in loss to Brew Crew

(3)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(1) Game 1

For a while on Thursday night, the RCGT Knights looked in good shape to make something special happen. They got an early fortunate bounce to spring ahead and defended extremely well throughout most of the match. The problem was that you almost cant shut down the Brew Crew for an entire game. Maybe if they got that second goal, things could have played out differently. Instead, the Brew Crew found their moment at the ten minute mark of the second period when they finally got to S.Sauk. C.Palermo finally solved him with the help of D.Verta as both players combined for the next goal as well but with D.Verta striking instead. Still the game was within reach since it was only 2-1. Unfortunately for the RCGT Knights, J.DeSua widened the margin which made the task extremely difficult for the RCGT Knights to try and comeback. The Brew Crew isn’t a team that you want to trail against especially in the playoffs. The RCGT Knights attempted everything they could, but just couldn’t catch a break. Even though they dropped this game, the RCGT Knights don’t need to change much. As long as they keep defending well while keeping the game close anything can happen.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Chris Palermo of the Brew Crew. The silent leader stepped it up more than usual in a time of need. The captain started it off by providing his clubs first goal and assist while playing his usual sound defensive game.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday May 4

United Arms special teams take hit in loss to Punishers

(1)United Arms vs Punishers(4)

The United Arms penalty kill and power play struggled immensely as they gave up two on their own power play while conceding one shorthanded. You never want to take penalties, but the Punishers responded great getting back to back shorthanded goals toward the end of the first period. It just wasn’t the start for a team that approached this as a playoff game. The Punishers would eventually widen the gap when M.Mavroudis scored with the man advantage. It took only a minute and change after that for B.Makris to increase the lead and put a strangle hold on this contest. Despite falling behind deep against a team that wont give up their lead, the United Arms had another out in their second game versus the Left Wings. The formula was simple, win and you get in. The United Arms hoped to correct the important things that got away-from them in this contest as they looked ahead in what they believed was going to be a winnable game in their double header night versus the Left Wings.

Assadi Consulting Inc keeping good habits in double up win over Armadillos

(4)Armadillos vs Assadi Consulting Inc(8)

Unless the Armadillos had a different mind set in this particle game, than they may be concerned for what is ahead of them. Both teams knew in advance that they will face each other in next weeks semi final. Its safe to say that the Assadi Consulting Inc were clearly the better team and sent a strong message that they are ready for the defending champs. And why not when contributions are coming-from up and down your line up. The Armadillos weren’t able to stop the bleeding conceding seven straight tallies in the first two periods. Its just not the right way to prepare heading into the post season, especially for a team that prides themselves on playing solid defense. They did finally get their act together finishing off stronger, but the damage had already been done. P.Arkalis seems to be getting better and better these days and that’s saying a lot for an established good hockey player. The skilled forward scored in every frame while setting up two teammates. Overall, just a great full out performance for a team running on all cylinders.

United Arms inch their way through in must win game with Left Wings

(6)United Arms vs Left Wings(3)

The entire regular season came down to who would win this game in order to participate in the playoffs. In the end, it was the United Arms that were able to vault into that last spot. As expected, the game was fairly close. The Left Wings always trailed but narrowed the gap by one on two occasions but were unable to build any momentum. The turning point occurred by the mid way point of the third period when A.Papazian notched his second for a 4-2 lead. From-there, G.Maroulian added two insurance markers to solidify  the win. There improved play down the stretch put the post season within reach for the United Arms. Unfortunately for the Left Wings, they couldn’t get that deep roster in order to compete with a hungry opponent.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Armen Papazian of the United Arms. His two timely goals were vital in a must win game. The sniper broke two ties that included one that stuck for the remainder of the match.

The semi final round will begin next week. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Punishers vs United Arms(4) The United Arms are dealt a difficult hand going up against the Punishers. They wont have a choice to limit as many mistakes as possible while figuring out a way to slow down the Punishers weapons . As long as the games remain close, there could be hope. Look for the Punishers to advance.

(2)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Armadillos(3) If momentum and good habits matter ,the Assadi Consulting Inc are looking pretty good heading into the post season. No doubt they will be the hungrier team as often teams love nothing less than to eliminate the defending champs. J.Kontitsis has a week to prepare and figure out how to motivate his troops. This series should go the distance.

4vs4 Monday playoffs

Tuesday May 3 (Playoffs, round 1)

United Arms advance on key late plays over ETNA

Despite pairing late goals to even the score, ETNA found themselves on the short end of the stick dropping their opening game in a shootout. A.Tachejian was the only player to score during the shootout giving the edge to the United Arms heading into game two. As expected, the second game was going to be just as close with neither side wanting to make a crucial mistake. It almost appeared that it was headed for another shootout until M.Vartazarmian gave his club the edge late on a perfect wrist shot. The United Arms have a deep group of players that are well coached which showed for how they battled throughout the entire series. The same could be said fro ETNA, who were unable to pull the trigger at some crucial points during the two games. When games end in a shootout or late, it suggest that it could have gone either way. Unfortunately for ETNA, they couldn’t catch their break while the United Arms  made sure to seize the opportunity.

(5)United Arms vs ETNA(4) S.O Game 1

(2)ETNA vs United Arms(4) Game 2

Degenerates cant match pace, Lyft Off win deciding game 3

The Degenerates understood what was ahead of them entering this series with the Lyft Off. Quite simply, leave the outside open but occupy the middle with plenty of awareness. There was no way they matched the pace of a younger and quicker team. Basically, they had to defend well, rely on F.Koch making the saves while waiting for their limited chances to occur. As for the first game, they did just that and ultimately took the game in a shootout thanks to S.Marricco’s lone tally. As much as taking the first encounter was important, the Degenerates knew that there was still much work to be done. Unfortunately, they fell behind the eight ball early in game two and never really recovered . The players had the mindset of preparing and thinking ahead in a twelve minute game three where anything can happen in a shorter phase. The importance of the first goal was perhaps the biggest challenge. If the Degenerates could have gotten there first, than they would have had a chance. Instead, V.Phoeuk was there to provide it for the Lyft Off, and the Degenerates knew that they were in serious trouble just simply because they couldn’t get enough ball possession. In the end, the deserving team won this series. The Lyft Off dominated ball possession and didn’t give much room for the Degenerates to do much. To the Degenerates credit however , they somehow hung around and were a shot on net away-from potentially flipping the series.

(3)Degenerates vs Lyft Off(2) S.O Game 1

(5)Lyft Off vs Degenerates(1) Game 2

(0)Degenerates vs Lyft Off(1) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Vartazarmian of the United Arms. Not only is he able to dominate in is natural position as a defenseman, M.Vartazarmian  poses an offensive threat as well. Game two went in the United Arms favour thanks to his equaliser followed by his tie breaking goal that ultimately capped off the series for his club.

Prior to both these playoff games, the Altius took on the Country club to finish off their regular season. Both teams were assured a playoff spot, but the game did have meaning as it would determine where they finish in the standings. On the effort of two big goals in the first encounter along with a pair of points and a shootout marker, M.Dalpe was a big reason why the Country Club took both their games on Tuesday night. Daple and P.Dupuis were clicking all night as the two players combined for eight points. If not for a late goal by M.Arkalis, the Country Club would have collected two clean regulation wins against a very good hockey team.

(3)Country Club vs Altius(2)

(4)Altius vs Country Club(5) S.O

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Martin Dalpe of the Country Club. The skilled forward has been consistent all season and tonight was no different accumulating three goals, an assist and a shootout tally.

The Monday 4vs4 division has eight teams remaining where they will compete in a quarter final round. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Bonjours High vs Lyft Off(10) Two fast young teams will be going at it. In order for the Lyft Off to have a chance, they need to rely heavily on their man on man coverage. If they defend well, and get expected good goaltending by U.Cangal, then they have a chance because they have the ability to create offense. The pressure will be on Bonjours High since the expectations exceed the first round.

(2) Dragons vs United Arms(8) Maybe the Dragons have better quality finish, but the United Arms have plenty in their arsenal as well. The United Arms will be a thorn, a pain in the rear which will force the Dragons to react quick and keep up. Again, its one of those series that if the United Arms could get that first goal, than they have a shot. That being said, the Dragons have perhaps the most lethal unit of the division in players such as J.Mandracchia, M.Fazzari, P.Musto and B.Daniele.

(3)Altius vs Assadi Classics(6) It will be a difficult series for the Assadi Classics. Right now, they are in shambles and need to get their act together if they plan on going anywhere. There is no doubt the Altius will be ready to come out and play a full length series led by a high end talent in P.Arkalis.

(4)Country Club vs Snipers(5) This will be an interesting series as both sides look to match fairly equal. The two teams are quick, structured, disciplined and have good work ethic. The million dollar question will be if C.Gingras comes to play for the Country Club. But even at that, the Snipers will be aware of his threat and play him accordingly. This one should be a toss up.

Dek Elite

Tuesday May 3

K.Kuczmarski rescues Le Rinque with OT winner

(3)Le Rinque vs Dek Laval(2) O.T

With everyone wondering how the Dek Laval would challenge against Le Rinque, they sure showed that the can compete with them. It looked like Le Rinque were on their way to an easy night after rattling off two first period goals by K.Leveille and K.Gamache. Then, shortly after and just prior to the period ending, M-A Haber put the Dek Laval on board. The Dek Laval was content being only one shot away-from tying the game unlike Le Rinque who desperately tried to increase their lead. Even with plenty of ball possession, C.Zebib was there to make multiple saves to keep the game close. J.Hassan would eventually level early in the third period giving plenty of life and confidence to a committed side. Neither team was able to finish it off in regulation time which left a sudden death period to decide matters. After going over two periods without a goal, Le Rinque finally got the last say thanks to K.Kuczmarki beating C.Zebib for a rare time. The Dek Laval may have lost this game but felt pretty good about themselves going up against the favorites to win the division. Whatever they planned and spoke about definitely worked on this night as the game could have easily gone their way.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Kevin Kuczmarski of Le Rinque. If anyone can come through for a big play, K.Kuczmarski is that player. Le Rinque escaped a close battle with the Dek Laval thanks to their sniper notching the winner.

4vs4 Monday

Monday May 2

Lyft Off getting hot right before the playoffs

While the Lyft Off have had their ups and downs, they showed they can be one of the best teams in the division despite what their record shows. For sure they will keep thriving as they have high ambitions knowing that they can be part of the conversation. Tonight, they played again to their identity and took both their games versus ETNA. The Lyft Off rely on speed and quick transition plays that keeps their opponent guessing on how to play without the ball. After collecting an easy 7-2 win, the second match proved to be a lot closer but still with the Lyft Off prevailing. J.Mancini had the extra jump collecting four points in the first game while S.Sak was influential in the second encounter bagging two markers.

(2)ETNA vs Lyft Off(7)

(5)Lyft Off vs ETNA(4)

Degenerates find a way to split with United Arms

The Degenerates knew that they had a difficult challenge ahead of them with their depleted roster. They almost had no choice but to score first in order to give themselves a decent chance. The first game didn’t quite work out as the United Arms go their first on a goal by A.Tachejian. S.Balouzian would eventually double the lead on the power play, and the United Arms continued to play relentless versus a tired opponent. A.Tachejian added his second early in the final frame for a comfortable cushion despite plenty of time left over. Still, the Degenerates understood how much the first goal of the game would potentially turn the tides in their favor entering their second match. After a scoreless opening frame, A.Desrosiers came in releasing a beautiful wrist shot to finally beat J.Arouchian, who was perfect up until that point. Luckily enough they managed a second goal just in case the United Arms would  get themselves closer for how much pressure they were putting. F.Koch was there however to stop all 19 shots he faced leaving his tongue on the floor after an enduring battle.

(0)Degenerates vs United Arms(3)

(0)United Arms vs Degenerates(2)

Snipers had their hands full in both wins versus Diabetoz Angels

It wasn’t their most convincing win, but the Snipers took it in the end thanks to their captain Ali Khanafer snapping a late 2-2 tie. The Diabetoz Angels put up a good fight and could have easily taken the first encounter if not for some bad luck. J.Romeo led the charge netting both goals for the Diabetoz Angels, who looked to get some pay back after suffering a close loss. To their credit, they challenged the Snipers on the large part and led at one point 3-2 early in the final frame. Unable to keep their rhythm, the Snipers managed to turn the table with a heavy response. Four different players scored in the span of only four minutes to mount a second period comeback. N.Atoui notched his second for the winner right before Hadi Khanafer and  J.Hassan capped it off with some insurance.

(3)Snipers vs Diabetoz Angels(2)

(3)Diabetoz Angels vs Snipers(6)

Altius recover after earlier loss to Bonjours High

Ultimately, both teams wanted to win tonight as it served as a perfect measuring stick heading into the playoffs. No doubt, both teams were engaged and extremely difficult to play against for how much effort was put out. The Bonjours High had the advantage of taking the two games after winning the first encounter 3-1. The onus was now on the Altius to respond and show that they are equally deserving. M.Melo and P.Arkalis each scored getting the start they needed which forced the Bonjours High to press a lot harder. Eventually their captain D.Gkeivelopoulos narrowed the gap on a deceiving wrist shot to beat P.Delli Colli. Both teams knew that the Bonjours High was going to push in order to get that equalizers. However, the Altius expected it and adjusted making sure not to give up too many chances. Yes, Delli Colli had to be good in which he was making some nice key stops. Even though this was only a regular season game, it showed that the two sides treated this one like a final.

With the top ten teams are participating in the playoffs, the first round will feature the bottom four teams in a first round playoff. The match ups are as follows:

Tuesday May 3 (Round 1)

(7) Degenerates vs Lyft Off(10) The Degenerates will have their hands full. Again, they will have no choice but to get that first goal and try to defend as well as they can. The Lyft Off have the edge with their speed as they will utilize it in order to advance.

(8)United Arms vs ETNA(9) Its up to ETNA to play this one smart. If they remain patient playing without the ball, then they will have a good chance on taking out the United Arms. And while that is easier said than done, one things for sure, the United Arms wont give plenty of room out there due to their non stop pressure.

The winners of this round will play Monday in the quarter finals.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday May 1

M.Braun puts on a clinic bagging an impressive 5 goals

(10)Team Black vs Team Red(6)

M.Braun put together a dominant performance throughout the entire match netting half of Team Blacks goals en route to a 10-6 victory. It almost seemed like M.Braun was three steps ahead of everyone else on the court, making the Team Red’s defense wonder how they were unable to stop him. His strong start to the game enabled Team Black to build a sufficient lead forcing Team Red to play catch up. They did fight back getting some offense going by C.Arnoldo’s hat trick and M.Estrela’s four helpers, but it just wasn’t nearly enough to catch Team  Black. R.Potenza and D.Mansour chipped in with a pair for the win while J.Teresi was behind setting up three teammates.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Mikael Braun of Team Black. Scoring that many goals in one game isn’t easy, but M.Braun was there to hit his targets on five occasions to help lead his club over Team Red.

Team Green gelling on the support of everyone buying in

(10)Team Green vs Team Yellow(6)

It was Team Green’s depth, skill and offensive balance that took over in their 10-6 decision over Team Yellow. M.Saia did lead the way riding a hat trick, but many others were there to contribute in the offensive onslaught such as C.Stamadianos, E.Nardelli and D.Agourias as each player netted a pair. No doubt it helps when you support each other in all three zones, winning loose ball battles while passing it to the first and best available teammate. When teams do that, they are hard to play against. Team Yellow didn’t rely on anyone as well with six different players finding the back of the net, but could have improved in some areas of their game. For the first portion of the game, this contest didn’t seem to take much of a direction with both sides evened up at two goals apiece. Eventually Team Green would find their momentum, and ride it to the finish line on a barrage of goals.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Mathew Saia of Team Green. After setting up his teams first two goals, M.Saia was just getting warmed up adding three tallies to earn a hat trick.

Flood gates open for Team White with the help of S.Pistone making some key saves

(4)Team Blue vs Team White(10)

It wasn’t until about the 20 minute mark that this game started to shift in favor of Team White. Prior to that moment, both sides kept it close, trading a bunch of chances that saw both goaltenders shine. Then, it slowly started to fall apart for Team Blue as the gap continued to widen as the game went on. Players tend to lose some motivation when its spiraling out of reach. You tend to take more chances to fight back into the game by cheating offensively while leaving the defense high to dry. Unable to battle back for Team Blue, Team White would capitalize on many of their chances. Goals came-from many different players that tallied twice each. C.Roberts, R.Ricaurte, P.Desforges and E.Colella all put two behind P.Kassaris, who did all he could to keep the game respectable for Team Blue.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Eddy Colella of Team White. By controlling the back end, the veteran always made room for himself in order to launch a pair of cannons that had eyes while setting up two early key goals.

Masters 35+ division

Friday April 29

Generals end regular season by thumping first round opponent

(10)Generals vs Sonic(0)

The Generals sure found a good way to cap off their season with a thumping over their first round match up opponent. Both these teams will meet next week in the semi final round. Teams would normally prepare working on some good habits just prior to their payoffs, but the Sonic didn’t seem to have anything going right for them. It didn’t help that O.Valiquette got his way very early riffling off a hat trick in only two minutes and change. Its hard to aspire to any motivation when falling behind that early. The game did settle down in the second period with neither side really motivated to do much. Once the third period started, the Generals decided to get things moving by adding four more goals to end it in a mercy.

Sonic respond well after earlier crash

(1)Armos vs Sonic(2)

If Sonic can take some positives after suffering an earlier thrashing, its their response on how they handled the Armos in their second game of a double header night. You definitely don’t want playing through two poor performances all in one night . To their credit, the Sonic came to play and rebounded with a much more sense of urgency . There defense was doing a very good job at controlling the neutral zone while limiting dangerous chances-from the other side. Jumping ahead is always a key part of the game if you plan on playing methodical. M.St-Laurent provided the first goal, and the Armos were forced to create some opportunities against a disciplined Sonic defense. Every time they got a scoring chance, J.DeStefano was there to  deny them. The Sonic doubled their lead in the third period thanks to the very same M.St-Laurent finding the back of the net. G.Lallis did finally  get the Armos on board shortly after, but that was all the scoring they got done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Martin St-Laurent of Sonic. In a very low scoring tight knitted battle, M.St-Laurent scored his clubs only goals to help edge out the Armos.

The Masters 35+ division came to a close on Friday night. The semi final match ups are as follows:

(1)Generals vs Sonic(4) Its just a very tall order for Sonic in this series. It will require for everything to go right- from all three areas of their game. There goaltender has to play lights out, the defence cant afford to make mistakes and the forwards will have to capitalise almost every time they have a chance. Look for the Generals to advance.

(2)Armos vs Brewers(3) You can make a case for either of these teams to advance. Both will play hard and smart without the ball. In all three areas, they match up pretty close. Look for this one to potentially go three games.

E Division

Thursday April 28

Fatal Demons picking up good habits to finish their regular season

(6)Fatal Demons vs Brew Crew(3)

A solid all around effort helped the Fatal Demons end their regular season on a strong note. Both sides kept trading chances and goals in what appeared to be slugfest up until the Fatal Demons took command as of the mid way point of the game. G.DeMarinis riffled a beauty for a 4-3 lead, and the Fatal Demons never looked back adding two more tallies to double up the Brew Crew. If not for A.Belanger’s strong plays that led to a pair of goals and an assist, the Brew Crew would have suffered a potential embarrassing defeat. Prior to tonight’s game, the Brew Crew had only one loss after nine games hoping that they would finish strong heading into the playoffs. Maybe its just a slight hic up, but you always want to end with good habits. As for the Fatal Demons, nearly everything went right in all three areas of their game. R.Ranieri made the timely saves, the defense tightened up as the game went on, and the forwards spread the wealth that saw only T.Langiano score twice.

Captain V.Pandza leads by example bagging hat trick for Horsemen

(10)Horsemen vs RCGT Knights(3)

Teammates always look to their captain to deliver and shoulder the load. The Horsemen were glad to see V.Pandza deliver scoring once in every period to down the RCGT Knights in a convincing fashion. You always want things to go well when prepping for playoff hockey. The Horsemen made sure to treat this contest like a game that mattered in preparation of what is to come. No doubt the offense wasn’t an issue, and neither was M.Vinciguerra, who has been a rock for his club between the pipes. Playing without the ball may perhaps be the toughest challenge for any team to master. Overall, the Horsemen faired well in that department, but would like to tweak some little areas of their game if they plan on going all the way. While their game wasn’t really the issue, the same cant be said for the RCGT Knights, who have had some ups this season but to many downs. S.Sauk has the artillery to floor a solid lineup, but needs to put the pieces together to try and compete throughout three straight periods. The beauty about hockey and sports in general is that anything can happen on a given night. With that notion, the RCGT Knights need to look ahead and focus on what’s to come in hopes of playing the role of  underdogs and or spoilers.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Vinko Pandza of the Horsemen. In most of his shifts, the captain made plenty happen bagging three goals and two assists.

With the regular season ending, the semi finals will begin next week. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(4) The RCGT Knights need to keep the contest as close as possible for as long as possible. If they can do that, the Brew Crew may start to play with pressure while the RCGT Knights will only get more confident.

(2)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(3) Expect a tight checking series between two sides that play very well defensively along with the fact that they know each others tendencies. It will come down to who wants it more. Both sides need to work and battle through every shift in order to win as many small battles as possible. Vegas has no favorites for this one.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday April 27

Left Wings unable to catch a break in loss to Assadi Consulting Inc

(2)Left Wings vs Assadi Consulting Inc(5)

Too many things went wrong for the Left Wings on Wednesday night. They suffered a slow start giving up two first period goals which forced them to play catch up. Sometimes you just need a little break somewhere to try and get yourself back in the game. That moment appeared to be there when the Assadi Consulting Inc took a minor penalty. What more can you ask for trying to get on board with a power play opportunity. Instead, it just continued to go downhill when M.Arkalis scored shorthanded to extend the lead by three for the Assadi Consulting Inc. J.Tzanetakos did finally spark some life later in the period only to get a quick answer by M-A Haber’s second of the game. The Assadi Consulting Inc had no stress what so ever entering the final frame for how in control they were of the situation. J.Mandracchia notched his second for some insurance, and Pedram Assadi collected a fairly easy win stopping close to 20 shots.

Armadillos take over in third period to down United Arms

(5)Armadillos vs United Arms(3)

The United Arms played solid throughout two straight periods, and led 3-2 for a portion of the third period until being plagued by some defensive let downs. Its understandable that its very difficult to keep a team like the Armadillos in check. You almost need to play a perfect shift every time you get on. The United Arms looked like they were managing their minutes to their full potential making things extremely difficult for the Armadillos. Then, in the span of two and a half minutes, it all fell apart. P.Legatos tied the game, B.Gabbour riffled his hat trick and T.Bozinakis widened the gap to put the Armadillos in the drivers seat. The Armadillos were able to play to their strengths, being strong on controlling the ball which led to plenty of opportunities. As much as this was a disappointing loss for the United Arms, they can still take positives knowing that they can battle with a heavy favorite. However, work still needs to be done in order to qualify for the playoffs. The good news is that they will face the Left Wings for that final spot in next weeks match up. If they fail to get points against the Punishers in their first of two games of a double header night, then they will need either a regulation or overtime win(not a shootout win) versus the Left Wings in the last game of the regular season.

Key missing pieces noticeable in Left Wings offense drought

(1)Left Wings vs Punishers(6)

Again, the Left Wings were stuck giving up a shorthanded goal. Neither side got on board after one period which suggested the importance of that first tally. You need to take advantage of every opportunity given to you when playing a team like the Punishers. The Left Wings had that chance to make something happen on their power play. Instead, C.Gingras was their once again like he has done many times before to score with a man less. That key moment clearly inspired the Punishers to do more as the game went on. After the Punishers added two more second period tallies, P.Karvouriaris decided to turn it up in the final stretch. The sniper caught fire, and the Left Wings couldn’t water him down that led to three goals-from the Punishers sharp shooter. Despite having a poor night when points are very crucial, the Left Wings still hold the cards if they plan on making the playoffs. Of course they would need the help of two significant pieces that weren’t there on this  night. If J.Adamou and D.Provost-Jarry dress next week, then their chances increase dramatically as they’ll have no choice but to defeat the United Arms.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Brad Gabbour of the Armadillos. No question B.Gabbour was influential for the Armadillos 5-3 win over the United Arms. The forward scored three big goals that included the winner that snapped a 3-3 third period tie.

Dek Elite

Tuesday April 26

Dek Lanaudiere come out sharp, Dek Ultimate endure difficult season debut

(0) Dek Ultimate vs Dek Lanaudiere (5)

Similar to last weeks performance, the Dek Lanaudiere came out with a noticeable energy, ready to show everyone that they will be a difficult opponent to deal with. It didn’t take long for them to find the back of the net with T.Canuel striking as of the four minute mark. After adding two tallies before the frame ended, the Dek Lanaudiere were thirsty for more adding two more goals by the mid way point of the game. Definitely a solid game-from a team that used their movement ,decision making and execution to overwhelm the Dek Ultimate. This one didn’t need any heroes as five different players scored. J-F Perreault wasn’t overly busy, but got the job stopping every single ball his way. Sometimes it just takes that great start to a game in order to get the job done. The Dek Lanaudiere did just that and never looked back en route to a well earned win. unable to build off momentum created by C.Gingras’s shorthanded goal

(3) Centre SportXpo vs (2)

There is no doubt the two competitive teams didn’t want to give an inch. The scoring was limited, but the goaltending was exceptional. F.Gagnon was able to edge out C.Ekonomakis in what was a brilliant goaltending performance-from the two net minders. Neither side really dominated the other as the game remained extremely close. The Centre SportXpo had the chance in the third period to widen the gap by two on the power play. Instead, a former teammate in C.Gingras, who was acquired by via trade from le Centre SportXpo earlier in the afternoon, was there to haunt his ex-teammates on a shorthanded tally, at least for a few moments. That goal tied the game at 2 late in the 3rd period. Nevertheless, the Centre SportXpo kept pushing and were eventually rewarded when their veteran came to the rescue. P.Musto broke the late barrier with the help of J.Mandracchia, who participated in all three goals for Centre SportXpo.


The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Jonathan Mandracchia of the Centre SportXpo. He often makes something happen and tonight was no different as he was able to score once while setting up two teammates.


4vs4 Monday

Monday April 25

G.Katravas puts out a great performance to help pair wins for Diabetoz Angels

Tonight the Diabetoz Angels were looking to hop in the win column knowing that they had a legitimate chance against a team that is within striking distance. Rather than tempting their luck in the shootout J.Fisch avoided it by netting the games lone goal with just two little seconds remaining. G.Katravas kept a clean sheet pushing aside 10 shots for a shutout edging out his counterpart A.Zardarian, who was equally impressive stopping nearly every ball his way. Getting that first win is always refreshing, but the Diabetoz Angels had higher ambitions by trying to make it two in a row. The two sides would repeat a similar tight checking low scoring affair that resulted once again in the Diabetoz Angels favor. Both of their goals came off connecting plays-from the same three players. J.Zervakos notched both tallies with help of P.Rizkalla and J.Fisch setting him up. In four straight periods, G.Katravas was brilliant allowing only one singly tally by R.Tonikian.

(1)Diabetoz Angels vs Hungry Hippos(0)

(1)Hungry Hippos vs Diabetoz Angels(2)

Degenerates paying the price against a strong Altius team

Even if the Degenerates knew what they had to do, it still didn’t work against the Altius. Its one thing to focus on a game plan and another to execute it. Unfortunately, nothing went right as they fell on the short end twice to a superior opponent. D.Bertrand parked himself in his office rattling off three tap in goals in the first game while P.Arkalis cant be stopped for two straight games as the highly skilled player scored twice along with a helper. The first encounter was just a complete mess for the Degenerates unable to read their plays properly. They did manage a way better outing in the ensuing match, but still couldn’t keep up for long enough. The Altius rode a strong second frame striking four times to complete a near perfect night.

(5)Altius vs Degenerates(1)

(2)Degenerates vs Altius(5)

Action packed games go the distance between Assadi Classics and Lyft Off

Much like in the two games, the action started early and continued all night. The fast pace exchange of goals never took a back seat keeping both net minders extremely busy between the pipes. Both games were so close that after every single period neither side ever led. The only slight difference came in the first encounter where J.Pantelis scored the lone shootout marker. The Assadi Classics did miss out on just a few seconds in the second meeting to capture a regulation win. That got spoiled thanks to Y.Namazzade beating the clock by only four seconds. Unable for either side to get an edge, C.Kong of the Lyft Off  and J.Pantelis of the Assadi Classics did the lone scoring in the breakaways that resulted in a draw. The offense was spread out in the first encounter with one scoring more than once out of the eight goals combined. That tune changed however in the second game with M.Mavroudis collecting a hat trick for the Assadi Classics while S.Harchi did the same for the Lyft Off.

(4)Lyft Off vs Assadi Classics(5) S.O

(6)Assadi Classics vs Lyft Off(6) S.O

Dragons avoid a meltdown in their split with Bonjours High

The Dragons had nothing to feel good about the way they started off their night with the front runners. The Bonjours High made a statement that they are the untouchable team of the division. And why not when you thump your opponent by a 6-1 score. Luckily enough for the Dragons, there is always that second game to try and get it right. This time, they adjusted and flipped the script, at least on the large part. It almost appeared that a 5-1 lead with half a period left is more than enough for an easy result. That was up until the Bonjours High decided to put it into gear. The Dragons looked like they had their feet stuck in the mud as the Bonjours High was turning it on rattling off three quick goals to pull themselves within one. Even though there was just under two minutes remaining, it felt like an eternity for the Dragons, who wanted nothing less than to avoid a meltdown. To their credit, experience kicked in as they remained calm and managed the situation accordingly. The Bonjours Highs were often stuck to the outside and couldn’t really get that last good quality chance in order to level. In the end, just an incredible battle between two teams that have the same expectations.

(1)Dragons vs Bonjous High(6)

(4)Bonjours High vs Dragons(5)

United Arms bounce back after sour lose to Snipers

The United Arms didn’t take long to remove their painful memory of dropping their earlier game that they should have had. Shortly after giving up three consecutive goals that saw their lead evaporate, the United Arms bounced back in their second encounter with the Snipers. This time they stayed the course and tightened the bolts harder by not giving any sort of life to the Snipers. Its always nice when you have a player step up on the offensive side of the spectrum. Out of their four goals, B.Gabriel was responsible for three of them. J.Arouchian had a bounce back performance stopping close to 25 shots. If not for one bad sequence where the Snipers rattled off three quick tallies, the United Arms would have banked six clean points to the standings. Still, a great overall night for a team that seems to be getting hot at the right time during the season.

(4)Snipers vs United Arms(3)

(4)United Arms vs Snipers(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gerry Katravas of the Diabetoz Angels. Its been a rough ride for the Diabetoz Angels this season without a win under their belt. However, that all changed on Monday night, and in large part due to their goaltender. G.Katravas was spectacular going nearly perfect allowing only one goal in four entire periods.

Masters 35+ division

Friday April 22

Armos use strong start to their advantage

(2)Brewers vs Armos(4)

The Armos got plenty-from their short bench against the Brewers on Friday night. D.Charbonneau had a big first period scoring twice to help set the ground work for the Armos. They knew they had no room to lay off the gas pedal if they planned on getting the job done. The Brewers would pull themselves within one on two occasions but were never able to level. Its difficult sometimes to create much against a team that didn’t have a choice but to play cautious. J-F Aumais, being the last line of defense was stellar in net allowing only two goals on 24 shots. G.Lallis scored an important goal after finding himself alone in front of the Brewers net minder, a tally that ultimately stood for the winner.

Sonic save their best for last to clinch playoff berth

(3)Chiefs vs Sonic(7)

Both teams understood the importance of this one particular game. Quite simply, you win and  your season extends into the playoffs while the losing team will be stuck watching-from the sidelines. Up until the later stages of the third period, nothing was decided with Sonic carrying a slight 4-3 lead. Sonic would widen the gap riding a very strong finish that saw A.Passarelli bury his second. In the end, it all came down to one single period for the Chiefs, who just couldn’t put their game together for long enough. Tonight’s lost points to the standings is only part of the reason why they will not make the playoffs. The Chiefs played too many games with a short bench which eventually caught up to them. With the standings not completely decided, Sonic do have a chance to leap frog the Brewers depending on what happens in next weeks match ups.

Dominant second period powers Generals past Armos

(5)Generals vs Armos(2)

In another important battle for playoff implication, the Generals took care of business versus the Armos on Friday night. This contest was to see who would take first place of the division. Unfortunately for the Armos, they just weren’t good enough, especially in the second period where the Generals took over. O.Valiquette was in a league of his own scoring two incredible goals that helped position his club to carry a comfortable lead. The Armos did have some good moments here and there, but just not enough to match a more complete opponent. The Generals have the weapons in every area of their game starting with the goaltending. There defense is mobile with players such as J.Brunet and R.Morne while the offense is lethal when you have sharp shooters in M.Pinheiro, O.Valiquette and V.Lamarche. Who ever will face them wont have much of a choice but to play a near perfect game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Albi Passarelli of the Sonic. In his clubs most important time of need, Passarelli delivered netting two big third period goals to help solidify a playoff spot.

E Division

Thursday April 21

RCGT Knights storm back to stun Fatal Demons

(2)Fatal Demons vs RCGT Knights(3)

The Fatal Demons took a 2-0 lead in the first period over the RCGT Knights, and then it just evaporated. The second period was a totally different mindset for the RCGT Knights as they  took the approach of  working it one shift at a time. All they needed was to get that next goal to pull themselves within one. S.Giannoulakis was able to provide it, and the RCGT Knights kept putting the pressure knowing that they had the Fatal Demons on the ropes. J.Prevost would eventually tie the game right before T.Oliveira put the RCGT Knights in front for the first time. Its not often that the RCGT Knights are put in a good position heading into the third period. Confidence definitely played a key role when a team responds the way they did riding three unanswered goals. Add to all that, M.Dupuis was sharper than a razor blade as the goaltender was stubborn stopping everything he saw. Sometimes it just takes some hard work and smart hockey in order to get the job done. Tonight, the RCGT Knights did both to earn a well deserved win.

Brew Crew overcome adversity, settle for draw with Horsemen

(4)Brew Crew vs Horsemen(4) S.O

Losing 8-3 in their earlier meeting vs the Brew Crew stuck with the Horsemen, and they knew not to repeat a terrible performance once more. The Horsemen came in with something to prove showing the Brew Crew that they can compete with them. For well over two periods, the Horsemen were in charge getting goals by M.Kardum and M.Mamoulides while an exceptional goaltending display-from M.Vinciguerra. Yes, the Brew Crew did eventually respond thanks to D.Verta cutting the lead in half. C.Moutafis would level shortly, and this contest was all evened up with half a frame remaining. Neither side gave much-from that point on making sure to avoid any game deciding mistakes. After tempting their fate in a five minute overtime period, both sides were down to their last out in the shootout. Even in the shootout no one really got ahead as both sides traded two goals each. Normally throughout most of this season, the Brew Crew usually play with an early lead. Tonight, they were put to the test for a rare time trailing 2-0 after two periods. And despite the adversity, they still managed to overcome it by forcing the game to go the distance. Its just another sign of what good teams are able to do. As for the Horsemen, credit to them for pushing the front runners all the way with only nine players and their goaltender.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathieu Dupuis of the RCGT Knights. You need goaltending is an understatement when it comes to winning hockey games. In tonight’s 3-2 win over the Fatal Demons, M.Dupuis was stellar enabling his club to overcome an early deficit by remaining sound the rest of the way.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday April 20

Assadi Consulting Inc hold onto third period lead to top Armadillos

(4)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Armadillos(2)

A solid overall effort-from the Assadi Consulting Inc helped the team to a 4-2 victory over the Armadillos. The win was also bolstered by a strong goaltending performance-from Pedram Assadi, who stopped 26 of 28 shots. Everyone bought in early and committed to playing the right way the entire time. The Armadillos fell behind twice but managed to respond both times thanks to B.Gabbour getting the better of Assadi. Perhaps the changing point occurred late in the second period when J.Mandracchia buried his second to put his club up 3-2. This time, the Assadi Consulting Inc tightened their game even harder to keep the Armadillos off the score sheet. The contest would eventually cap off on a late tally by P.Arkalis.

United Arms make it close after bad start to Left wings

(5)Left Wings vs United Arms(3)

The United Arms were unable to find their flow early enough as they fell in what was a gritty battle with the Left Wings. A.Perrault was there to set the tone riffling the games first two goals which was followed by D.Provost-Jarry’s tally to make the score 3-0. Still, the United Arms couldn’t figure out P.Provost-Jarry, but felt it was just a question of time before they broke the ice. Slowly but surely, A.Papazian was there to get his club on board. From-there, G.Jerjian scored immediately after on the power play, and all of a sudden this game was up for grabs with more than enough time left over. Unfortunately for the United Arms, they weren’t able to maintain their rhythm long enough which led to a back breaking goal-from the Left Wings.  Despite falling behind by two again, H.Saiyan was there to give life on a strong shorthanded effort to pull his team within a close margin. That shorthanded goal still left plenty of power play time for the Left Wings, who this time got it right when M.Couture-Barsetti capitalized with the man advantage.

Armadillos squander third period lead, T. Therrien decides it in overtime for Punishers

(4)Punishers vs Armadillos(3) O.T

The Armadillos did the right thing by playing with more urgency after their earlier defeat to the Assadi consulting Inc. They grabbed the lead first in the opening frame, but had their best moments in the second period riding two unanswered goals by K.Koutsogiannopoulos and P.Musto’s second. Up until the nine minute mark of the third period, the Armadillos must have assumed they had total an complete control of the situation, and why not since they were carrying a 3-1 lead while playing solid. Then, they surrendered one goal by C.Gingras which by that point this game wasn’t completely in the bag.  The Armadillos kept their cool and managed their minutes knowing that eventually they would need to kill off the Punishers six man unit after pulling the net minder. And rather than beating the clock, the Punishers were their to haunt their opponent thanks to A.Kakivelis leveling the game with just 3o seconds remaining. As bad as that was, the misery was still yet to come for the Armadillos, who must have felt sick to their stomachs when T.Therrien threw more salt to the womb by netting the overtime winner. Both these teams seem to love the drama when they play each other, especially with the way their games end. Luckily for the Armadillos, this shouldn’t be looked as more than just a regular season game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alexandre Perrault of the Left Wings. In his clubs first three goals, Perrault scored twice and assisted to help provide a comfortable 3-0 lead.

Dek Elite

Tuesday April 19

Dek Laval go dry in season debut versus Centre SportXpo de Laval

(0)Dek Laval vs Centre SportXpo de Laval(3)

Its only obvious that your goaltender plays well when not allowing a goal. F.Gagnon , perhaps not overly busy delivered for the Centre SportXpo de Laval pushing aside 18 shots to record a shutout. In each of the three periods, the Centre SportXpo de Laval was able to win the frame on goals by J-P Moquin, A.Desrosiers and M.Lastoria. The defense moved the ball well, the forwards played a north south game, and when you do that, more times than not you’re going to have success. The Dek Laval felt the frustrations of trying to get on board. It wasn’t for their lack of chances as they had enough opportunities only to be denied every time by Gagnon. Maybe if they scored first, things could have played out different. Instead, they were stuck playing catch up, and never got themselves back in the game despite it being within reasonable reach. Sometimes you just go dry in a hockey game no matter how hard to try. Since its only their first game of the season, the Dek Laval wont be overly concerned as they have plenty of time to adjust and figure things out.

Net minder A.Bitsakis giving a real chance to steal the game vs Le Rinque

(0) vs Le Rinque(2)

Maybe they would have preferred a better outcome, but the have plenty to feel good about despite dropping their contest to Le Rinque on Monday night. Losing only 2-0 to the hands on favourite could only be a good sign for any club. For most of the match, the trailed 1-0 which kept both teams on their heels knowing the importance of the next goal. At one point, the failed to capitalise on their lone power play opportunity that would have evened the score. If there is one thing teams want to avoid against Le Rinque, is to play with a man short. The did well in that department, but still took two penalties which inevitably would spell doom. Y.Labonte couldn’t have made a more perfect pass that found its way through the side of the net where M-A Trudeau was there to tap it in. That power play goal came with just over two minutes left in the game. While the final score may indicate a close contest, this game could have spiralled out of reach if A.Bitsakis wasn’t there to bail his team out. The goaltender was brilliant in the first period stopping 14 shots, and remained sharp throughout the entire time giving the every chance to bounce back and steal the game.

Dek Lanaudiere ride strong start, Centre SportXpo de Laval couldn’t recover

(5)Dek Lanaudiere vs Centre SportXpo de Laval(1)

The Dek Lanaudiere wanted nothing more than to get a strong start against a team that played only an hour earlier. And when S.Dicaire scored less than two minutes in, the Dek Lanaudiere was able to feed off it adding two more tallies by M.Lavoie and H.Bernier before the frame ended. The question then becomes how does a team respond  when put in an early hole. In the case of the Centre SportXpo de Laval, there wasn’t really much to show for since the Dek Lanaudiere made sure to eliminate their time and space. T.Canvel would later widen the gap by four while the Centre SportXpo still couldn’t  figure out on how to solve L-S Vienneau. Eventually, Vienneau would concede his only tally that actually came in a shorthanded situation courtesy of Y.Tifu’s incredible goal. Despite plenty of time left over , the urgency just wasn’t there for the Centre SportXpo de Laval, who never recovered after their slow start. Five different players took turns finding the back of the net for Dek Lanaudiere with S.Dicaire  accumulating the most points on one goal and two helpers.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Samuel Dicaire of the Dek Lanaudiere. After striking first and early, Dicaire added two more assists to help lead his club past the Centre SportXpo de Laval.

4vs4 Monday

Monday April 18

Country Club making ETNA pay on their power play

On only two power play occasions, the Country Club made ETNA pay in their series opener. S.Pilot and P.Dupuis took full advantage with a man up helping the Country Club grab the better start. Both their tallies came-from the help of M.Dalpe, who later fed an empty cage for his third point of the game to solidify a 3-1 victory. Unhappy with the way things transpired, the ETNA made it a point to respond better in their second encounter. J.Pimentel scored an early goal to help motivate his bench. You would have to assume that ETNA would have brought a lot more to their game-from that point on only to be disappointed in the end. The Country Club never panicked, kept it simple, and by doing so took over the match on a heavy response netting four straight tallies. M.Dalpe continued-from where he left off striking twice in less than a minute while F.Proulx and S.Pilot followed up for a commanding 4-1 lead. Although ETNA didn’t play bad, they could have used the help of their two top guns in M.Alfieri and M.Calabrice that were absent on this night.

(1)ETNA vs Country Club(3)

(4)Country Club vs ETNA(2)

Altius going about their business in double rout of Hungry Hippos

The Altius took the initiative-from the start, and the Hungry Hippos were stuck enduring a difficult night. The pressure was relentless with S.Castonguay scoring twice in the first period for a 2-0 lead. That was just the beginning for a team that was in complete control of the situation. After setting up E.Girouard, A.Sarigiannis decided to add a pair to close out a 6-0 win. There wasn’t much that really changed-from that point on, expect for M.Melo giving up his only tally. The Hungry Hippos spoiled the moment thanks to N-A Merrachi, who finally got the better of the net minder. His goal did pull the Hungry Hippos within one, but that was short lived when A.Sarigiannis regained the two goal margin. From-there, the Altius wrapped up the action in a dominant fashion scoring five unanswered goals. P.Arkalis led the charge on a hat rick while A.Sarigiannis and M.Arkalis shared two goals each.

(6)Altius vs Hungry Hippos(0)

(1)Hungry Hippos vs Altius(8)

S.Jankouzian hat trick keys United Arms second win over Diabetoz Angels

J.Arouchian stopped 14 shots for a shutout, A.Tachejian registered two goals, and the United Arms handled the Diabetoz Angels by a 3-0 score to kick start their night. The second encounter saw the United Arms met with a lot more resistance. Although they did once again get the better start riding a 2-0 lead, N.Hadsipantelis  pulled the Diabetoz Angels within one. You always hope to catch a break when its that close. Eventually, the Diabetoz Angels thought they had it when awarded a power play opportunity. And instead of seizing the moment for an equaliser, the opposite happened instead. S.Jankouzian had already scored both his teams goals before notching his biggest one of the night in a shorthanded situation. The United Arms put themselves in control-from that point on despite giving up the games next tally which didn’t mean much in the end leaving all but three seconds on the clock. N.Hadsipantelis buried his second as the only player to figure out J.Arouchian.

(0)Diabetoz Angels vs United Arms(3)

(3)United Arms vs Diabetoz Angels(2)

Snipers flipping the script after a subpar first game to Assadi Classics

Monday night was a one off for the Snipers, an anomaly in their usual style of play which saw them give up too many scoring chances, way to many shots, and ultimately a departure-from their brand of hockey, at least in the first game anyway. The Assadi Classics blew right by them on scoring efforts-from six different players that led to an easy win. In most normal circumstances teams tend to repeat a similar performance in their back to back games. However, that wasn’t the case at all with the Snipers flipping the script. It was almost as though the Snipers toyed with them for how lopsided the second game was. In all aspects of their game, the Snipers owned every department by a landslide. It looked like only one team showed up to play while the Assadi Classics were better off taking an early shower. J.Hassan had a strong three goal game, and S.Zebib was firm in net stopping every single ball his way.

(6)Assadi Classics vs Snipers(3)

(7)Snipers vs Assadi Classics(0)

Relentless Lyft Off even things up after slow start with Degenerates

The Degenerates took the right approach in their first game versus the Lyft Off. By keeping them to the outside, they simply waited for their chances to come knowing that their opponent was going to be a thorn all game long. They accomplished their mission thanks to solid defensive game that saw F.Koch shine for a shutout. Knowing that the second encounter was going to be even harder, both sides wanted nothing less than to score first. This time, Y.Moskal provided it for the Lyft Off which now put the pressure on the Degenerates to take charge. And as much as they tried to even thing s up, U.Cangal was their to bail his team out. The Degenerates attempted 24 shots only to keep hitting a wall. M.Kardum did finally break the barrier to cut the lead in half, but that was about as good as it got for the Degenerates. Both teams were left satisfied with the split in the end after a tough battle throughout four straight periods.

(4)Degenerates vs Lyft Off(0)

(2)Lyft Off vs Degenerates(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Martin Dalpe of the Country Club. Being involved in almost every play, the Country Club forward generated most of his clubs offense producing five big points that led to a pair of wins over  ETNA.

Masters 35+ division

Friday April 15

Brewers get torched by Generals

(9)Generals vs Brewers(1)

The Generals made sure they didn’t overlook the Brewers, handing them a 9-1 thumping. They weren’t many, but everyone joined the attack for a team that can sometimes score at will. S.Legare did lead the pack with four goals and three assists. The Brewers couldn’t have thought things would end the way they did, especially how well they have been playing as of late. This just goes to show that it takes everything to go right in order to defeat the Generals. If you don’t prepare a proper game plan, they will walk all over you. The Brewers played well for nearly half the game keeping it within reach. The back breaker occurred late in the second period when M.Pinheiro widened the score for a three goal cushion heading into the third. From-there, the Brewers couldn’t compete anymore allowing five unanswered tallies.

Armos take advantage of depleted Chiefs team

(1)Chiefs vs Armos(7)

It took some time, but the Armos were able to take advantage of the Chiefs short bench. Usually teams hold up for a good period and maybe two, but that was as good as it got for the Chiefs. Already with a beautiful  goal under his belt, A.Mercan repeated the same type of finish by cranking a bullet for his second straight power play goal. No doubt that tally sank the legs and morale of the Chiefs, who knew they didn’t have it in them to overcome a 4-1 third period deficit. A.Mercan would eventually complete his hat trick on another sweet finish as he patiently faked out S.Morante on his back hand. The only bright spot for the Chiefs came-from the blade of D.Galloro. From-practically his own blue line, Galloro whistled off a ball that had eyes freezing J-F Aumais for a rare time. The Chiefs did have some great chances throughout the match only to hit a well positioned net minder every time.

J.Brunet launches a bunch of heat seeking missiles to down Sonic

(8)Generals vs Sonic(3)

The Generals couldn’t have asked for a better outing in their double header night. What more can you ask for when you score 17 total goals while giving up only four. Although the score may suggest for an easy win, it wasn’t quite the case versus the Sonic. This contest was fairly close up until two third period goals in the span of 15 seconds put the Generals in the clear. J.Brunet has a slap shot that most radar guns cant detect. His accuracy and ability to release the ball that fast is almost unfair for any goaltender. B.Madonis was stuck trying to figure out where the ball was headed, and by the time he did, it was already to late. Teams will need to figure out a player of that stature  should be limited to how many times he can shoot the ball. Unless you contain him, he will put five behind you like he did versus Sonic.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ari Mercan of the Armos. In his season debut, Mercan turned heads at least three times impressing his teammates on some gorgeous goals.

E Division

Thursday April 14

Horsemen hang on the back of M.Viniguerra’s solid goaltending

(3)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(2)

The Horsemen defeated the Fatal Demons 3-2 on Thursday night on the heels of a late goal by T.Karasek. In order for the Horsemen to have had a decent chance, a good start was required due to their shorter bench. S.Giannakis provided it on two first period goals just shy of the eight minute mark. The Fatal Demons would eventually gain some steam as the game went on but struggled to beat M.Vinciguerra, who kept the Horsemen in the game. They did finally get their equaliser when T.Langiano jammed in a loose ball by the five minute mark of the third period. Both sides kept trading some high end chances that saw the two net minders shine. R.Ranieri made a remarkable split save when the game was only 2-1 for the Horsemen. It looked like this contest was headed for extra time with the clock down to its final minute. But after breaking up a neutral zone play, T.Karasek benefited on a quick two pass play where he had to reach in for a tap in goal. D.Greco logged in a ton of minutes and made most of them count as the d-man was sharp breaking up plays while generating scoring chances.

Brew Crew cruise past RCGT Knights behind J.DeSua’s hat trick

(1)RCGT Knights vs Brew Crew(7)

Even though the RCGT Knights started off fine in the first period, they just cant match the full consistency of their opponent,. The Brew Crew rarely have a bad period which makes them nearly impossible to beat these days. Their engine ignited early in the second frame where they tallied four times in only nine minutes. J.DeSua was a main player collecting three points during that stretch before eventually completing his hat trick late in the game. D.Verta was also involved offensively as the crafty forward produced two goals and three helpers. The only slight hiccup for the Brew Crew occurred when G.Lallis got the better of C.Muccino early in the third period. It seems like the only area of concern so far this season for the Brew Crew is the punctuality of C.Muccino. The net minder keeps showing up late for his games which puts their opponent right away on the power play for delay of game. But even at that, it doesn’t have any impact on their final result, at least not for now anyway.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Daniel Greco of the Horsemen. He only got off once during the game and was extremely influential for the Horsemen’s slight 3-2 win over the Fatal Demons. His ability to read, break up plays and create chances enabled his club to capture a well earned victory.

D Wednesday

Wednesday April 13

 Third period blitz does in Left Wings

 (10)Punishers vs Left Wings(3)

 For two straight periods, the Left Wings were in good shape despite trailing 3-2. They hung in their keeping the game fairly close heading into the third period. However, they weren't able to continue that dig in mentality for one more frame in order to give themselves a chance. Instead, the Punishers simply overwhelmed them on a barrage of goals winning the final stretch by a 7-1 landslide. Leading the charge up front were your usual suspects with P.Karvouriaris and C.Kakivelis collecting four points each. J.Fidrilis and C.Gingras each hit their targets twice. The Punishers also benefited with some dept scoring, something that they will need once the games start to matter a little more. For now, things are rolling along just fine for a well oiled machine.

Armadillos find their groove after scoreless first period

 (1)United Arms vs Armadillos(4)

 Both sides understood the importance of getting that first goal, especially after a scoreless opening period. The Armadillos would eventually get traction striking first and second to carry a 2-0 lead after two periods. At the very least, the United Arms had to get that next tally which they did but couldn't even the score. C.Stavriadis went flawless in net up until that point and remained that way after giving up only one tally. Eventually, the Armadillos would take over to put the game to rest on a pair of insurance markers. K.Kuczmarski and T.Bozinakis had their say collecting two points each. The United Arms revamped the United's roster entering tonight's game. They had to go up against last seasons winners which came as an immediate tall order. Despite dropping their encounter, the United Arms made the Armadillos work for every inch of their game in order to capture the win.

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Costa Stavriadis of the Armadillos. Always look to your net minder in a close low scoring affair. Stavriadis was able to deliver allowing only one third period goal which enabled his club to play with the lead.


Dek Elite

Mardi le 12 Avril, 2022

Le Rinque dévore le Dek Lanaudière dans le match d’ouverture

(0)Dek Lanaudiere vs Le Rinque(5)

Dès le départ de la rencontre, Le Rinque démontrait avec acharnement qu'ils voulaient marquer le premier but. P. Généreaux a eu besoin d'un peu moins de trois minutes pour marquer ce premier but, et Dek Lanaudière savait qu'ils allaient avoir une période difficile. Aucune des deux équipes n'a fait grand-chose offensivement pendant une longue période jusqu'à une succession rapide de trois buts du Rinque qui ont fait basculer ce concours de leur côté. O. Levasseur, B. Jutras et M-A Trudeau ont marqué ces 3 buts en un peu plus de 90 secondes. Autant que Dek Lanaudière ont essayé de revenir, il n'y avait tout simplement pas grand-chose qu'ils puissent faire, faisant face à un adversaire supérieur. Le Rinque a dicté une grande partie du jeu et a été solide dans les trois zones, y compris dans le filet avec C. Lantin arrêtant chacun des tirs pour le jeu blanc. Le seule endroit ou Le Rinque vont devoir mieux faire, c'est les nombreuses pénalités qu'ils ont pris qui auraient pu leurs causer des problèmes. Dek Lanaudière n'ont pas réussi à capitaliser avec l'avantage d'un homme, où ils auraient pu garder le match à porter de la main. Au lieu, ce n'était qu'une nuit facile pour une équipe qui a de très grandes aspirations de répéter leurs exploits de l'année dernière...

Le joueur SalumiVino de la soirée revient à Christian Lantin du Rinque. Après avoir fait face à un peu plus de 20 tirs, Lantin n'a jamais tranché en arrêtant chaque tir sur son chemin pour remporter un jeu blanc



 Tuesday April 12 

Le Rinque rout Dek Lanaudiere in season opener 

(0)Dek Lanaudiere vs Le Rinque(5) 

It showed right-from the start that Le Rinque wanted to get that first goal. P.Genereaux provided it just under three minutes into the game, and Dek Lanaudiere knew they were in for a difficult challenge. Neither side did much offensively for a long stretch until a quick succession of three goals by Le Rinque tilted this contest their way. O.Levasseur, B.Jutras and M-A Trudeau scored right past the midway point of the game in the short span of just over 90 seconds. As much as Dek Lanaudiere tried to crawl their way back, there just wasn't much they could have done against a superior opponent. Le Rinque dictated much of the play and were solid in all three zones, including in net with C.Lantin stopping every ball his way for the shutout. Perhaps the one area Le Rinque cold have worked on was their inability to stay out of the penalty box. There’s only so many times you can kill off penalties. Dek Lanaudiere failed to capitalize in that area where they could have kept the game much closer. Instead, it was just an easy night for a team that has very high expectations to repeat as champions. 

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Christian Lantin of Le Rinque. After facing just over 20 shots, Lantin never budged stopping every ball his way to earn a shutout. 

Summer 2022 Registration
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4vs4 Monday

Monday April 11

M.Calabrice and M.Alfieri lead surging ETNA against Hungry Hippos

M.Alfieri and M.Calabrice continue to be one of the most productive tandems in this division, and tonight they performed at an even higher level. The two players flexed their muscles collecting eight points each. The Hungry Hippos weren’t able to slow them down paying the price early in both games where they gave up a ton of goals. ETNA didn’t waste any time asserting themselves right away, and because of it, they spent plenty of time in the offensive zone that resulted in the offensive onslaught. With limited scoring chances, the Hungry Hippos scored twice only in the first game thanks to A.Pedrian and A.Addante. M.Himo wasn’t overly busy but did the job stopping 16 of 18 shots for the two wins.

(2)Hungry Hippos vs ETNA(6)

(7)ETNA vs Hungry Hippos(0)

Diabetoz Angels adjust in second game but still fall short to Lyft Off

The Diabetoz Angels were able to erase a bad first game versus the Lyft Off, but still fell short in the end. Its never fun dropping a 6-1 decision to start your night. The Lyft Off ran up the score in the second frame to take an easy three points to the standings . Six different players took turns finding the back of the net while Y.Cangal was solid allowing only one goal on 12 shots. The second encounter saw the Diabetoz Angels respond with a much better effort. This time, they kept it close and got a strong performance by J.Fisch, who scored an incredible shorthanded goal to even the score at four goals apiece. The problem was that there was still close to three minutes of power play time left over for the Lyft Off. Eventually, F.Aerts regained the lead on a beautiful passing play to put his club back in front. Apart-from F.Aerts scoring twice, the Lyft Off again got contributions-from pretty much everyone throughout their line up.

(1)Diabetoz Angels vs Lyft Off(6)

(6)Lyft Off vs Diabetoz Angels(4)

Assadi Classics searching for answers after poor performance vs Country Club

The Assadi Classics didn’t look like a team that was ready to play on Monday night. As much as the Country Club deserve full marks for taking both their encounters, the Assadi Classics  should have done way better than what they showed for, especially with the line up they had. No one really played a good game. The Country Club went at them hard, looked more intense and definitely more determined. After scoring three goals in just over a minute to capture a 3-1 victory, the Country Club carried their solid play in the ensuing game where they outgunned the Assadi Classics 5-2.S.Pilot scored three times for his hat trick while M.Dalpe and J.Boudreau combined for seven points. The Assadi Classics normally put up a decent amount of goals, but couldn’t seem to get that right either. Maybe that was because M.Dupuis was simply that good stopping 33 of 36 shots.

(1)Assadi Classics vs Country Club(3)

(5)Country Club vs Assadi Classics(2)

Degenerates adjust after unable to contain J.Mandracchia

There is no question that when J.Mandracchia gets on a role, he really gets on a role. Good players are able to make plays out of nothing making it sometimes nearly impossible to contain them. The Dragons gave their opponent a lesson in the first game primarily because J.Mandracchia was unstoppable. The forward scored all four goals to help lead his club to a 4-1 win. Knowing his threat for how lethal he is, the Degenerates knew they had to make some adjustments in order to get it right. The defense became more aware, the forwards made sure to tighten the screws a little harder, and the Degenerates had a better start which enabled them to dictate the terms. M.Kardum struck very early to set the tone while A.Lanni came up big twice on key goals to keep the Degenerates in front. Tonight’s battle was a good test for the two teams which only made sense that they split their mini series.

(1)Degenerates vs Dragons(4)

(2)Dragons vs Degenerates(5)

United Arms put up better challenge in second game only to fall short to Bonjours High

The United Arms understood that in order to have a chance against the Bonjours High, the games needed to remain close. Unfortunately, they couldn’t  keep up long enough in the opening encounter after giving up four goals by the time the period ended. From-there, both sides traded one goal each which led to the inevitability that the Bonjours High was capturing the first encounter. The United Arms took a different approach into their second match which made things a little more difficult for the Bonjours High. C.Kakivelis used a late first period power play goal in order to break the ice. For a very long stretch, this game remained only 1-0 which gave plenty of hope for the United Arms, who just needed one good shot on net to even the score. After attempting 15 shots to try and get on board, A.Kakivelis was there to bail out his club preserving a clean score sheet. The Bonjours High used a late tally by M.Levasseur in order to secure their second win. The Bonjours High may have felt that the game could have been a little more lopsided if it wasn’t for R.Kenadjian taking care of his cage. The goaltender was stellar, and would have been the reason why the United Arms could have stolen a game if he got a little more offense in the second encounter.

(5)Bonjours High vs United Arms(1)

(0)United Arms vs Bonjours High(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathieu Dupuis of the Country Club. Its not easy getting exceptional goaltending when going up against the Assadi Classics. In both the Country Clubs wins, M.Dupuis was sharp allowing only a total of three goals in four periods.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday April 10

R.Colella provides late winner for Team Red in back and forth action with Team Green

(6)Team Green vs Team Red(7)

Some suspenseful back and forth action saw this one decided just before the buzzer rang when R.Colella wrist it top shelf. No one really had control in this contest with both sides trading leads throughout the entire time. It almost felt like who ever had that last scoring attempt would have decided matters. Team Red got their opportunity thanks to a big play by M.Estrela that helped set up Colella’s winner. Out of their six total goals, M.Rodriguez, M.Saia and D.Agourias each scored twice for Team Green. Even though Team Red gave up six tallies, G.Kanaras had to be good in order to provide the win for Team Red. This now marks two straight wins for Team Red as they look to continue their trend moving forward.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Rino Colella. In his first game dressed this season, R.Colella was a big part of Team Red’s win scoring twice that included a very late winner.

Team White ride strong start to down Team Yellow

(7)Team White vs Team Yellow(4)

M.Lang’s motivation to have a cold one after the game came into play for Team White’s win over Team Yellow. The German tank collected two assists while capping it off by bagging two late markers to help solidify a tough battle versus Team Yellow. Getting the better start when it comes to any sport is always a key element of success. In tonight’s case, Team White owned that department riffling off four consecutive tallies to grab a significant lead. Team Yellow eventually woke up after that, and despite putting forth a better effort, they just couldn’t catch up in time. S.Fraga provided three assists for the win, M.Dagenais capitalised on a penalty shot, and S.Pistone was stellar facing close to 40 shots.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mike Lang of Team White. The power forward was in top form, striking twice toward the late stages of the game as part of a four point performance.

P.Petraccione leads the way to help snap winless streak for Team Black

(3)Team Blue vs Team Black(8)

Team Black’s losing run this season is finally over as they enjoyed a stunning 8-3 win over Team Blue. From-the drop of the ball, Team Black created momentum and were able to ride it throughout the entire time. It was P.Petraccione who thrived this time, netting a hat trick while setting up two teammates. D.Mansour was also very good scoring twice as part of a four point game, and K.Hookumchand faced 37 shots allowing only three to get by him. Its never fun going a few games without something to show for, but Team Black were able to stick with it to finally get off their slump. The nice part of this win was that it came in a convincing fashion. Team Blue just didn’t have their best game which will happen to every team at one point.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Pat Petraccione of Team Black. Who better than to look to your veteran to lead the way. After going without a win so far this season, P.Petraccione ended the spell by collecting five points that included a hat trick.

Masters 35+ division

Friday April 8

Brewers set the pace and Chiefs cant keep up

(6)Brewers vs Chiefs(4)

On any given night, in any particular sport, any team can win. Its just that there are some games that are harder than others which was clearly the case for the Chiefs versus the Brewers. When a team shows up with a stacked roster, the odds of playing better tends to apply in most circumstances. The Brewers won most of their battles, and because of it, they were able to build a sufficient lead that the Chiefs didn’t really have an answer for. The final score may suggest for a close contest but it wasn’t the case. The Chiefs used three third period goals to make the score look respectable when the game was already out of reach. While the formula of rolling three solid lines worked wonders for the Brewers, J.Tzanetakos did add some mustard in his game netting half of his teams goals for a hat trick.

Armos earn comeback win vs Generals

(6)Armos vs Generals(4)

The Generals knew at the very least a good start was important in order to compete with the Armos. When playing with only two spares, you need to play in front rather than trying to chase the game. With the help of M.Pinheiro’s two quick tallies, the Generals put themselves in that position. The question was if they were able to sustain a full out 45 minute game in order to solidify the win. Things started to slowly shift as of the second period when the Armos finally tuned up their game by making better plays while starting to win the one on one battles. It didn’t come easy by all means, but the Armos eventually got their when S.Ruggiero broke a very late tie that forced the Generals to pull their net minder for the extra attacker. A.Minassian was able to provide the insurance in a yawning cage, and the Armos managed to squeak it out in the end. S.Ruggiero was lethal scoring twice along with providing three assists while M.Pinheiro and O.Valiquette did most of the damage for the Generals collecting three points apiece.

Tired, legless Chiefs just fall short to Sonic

(3)Sonic vs Chiefs(2)

Maybe an extra body or two would have helped the Chiefs in their second game of the night versus the Sonic. The game was within reach as it could have easily gone either way. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t get that slight extra step to win a dog fight with their opponent. T.Ruvo was able to provide a 3-2 lead for Sonic, who rode the clock-from that point on to grab an important win to the standings. As a goaltender, you are expected to do one fundamental thing, and that’s to stop the ball-from going in. And while B.Madonis excelled in that area stopping over 20 shots, the net minder brought it a step further collecting assists on all three of Sonic’s goals. Seems like a crazy stat, but B.Madonis pulled it off by being aware and ready to feed off his players in order to keep the play going. With that kind of alertness, the Sonic benefited three times with goals by M.Pace, A.Amicone and T.Ruvo.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Bobby Madonis of Sonic. In a crucial game versus the Chiefs, the net minder did everything by providing saves along with some offense collecting three helpers.

E Division

Thursday April 7

Brew Crew keep playing near perfect hockey

(4)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(1)

The Brew Crew don’t seem to have any button issues so far this season. They often get the start they want, and teams cant seem to respond in any manner in order to try and get back into the game. Again, they scored at least three in the opening frame to take control of the match. It helps when you get goals on beautiful tip ins-from B.Sansotta while getting an incredible lucky bounce just before the buzzer sounds. Those kind of starts helps build confidence going forward while being engaged in the game. Adding to all that, the Brew Crew are very stingy when playing without the ball. The Fatal Demons know this as they managed only one single tally when P.Paikopoulos used his patented slap shot to beat C.Muccino. Other than that, there wasn’t much to write home about for the Fatal Demons. After opening the scoring by the five minute mark, A.Belanger closed it with his second just passed the mid way point of the game. G.Nehme had his number appear on the good side of the score sheet collecting three helpers while C.Muccino felt some good lighting would have enabled his shutout stopping 14 of 15 shots.

Horsemen get back on track in rout of RCGT Knights

(1)RCGT Knights vs Horsemen(8)

Whatever frustration the Horsemen had after last weeks loss to the Brew Crew, they took it out against the RCGT Knights. The RCGT Knights never had a chance in this one after finding themselves down 4-0 early on . Its extremely difficult to battle back- from such a deficit. T.Karasek, who just came off an injury looked 100% as the sniper scored twice that period before completing his hat trick late in the game. Things did settle down after that since there wasn’t much urgency, at least not -from the Horsemen’s perspective. Y.Gazura did score on the power play for the RCGT Knights while D.Greco replied in a shorthanded situation to put the Horsemen up 6-1 by the nine minute mark of the second period. Apart-from T.Karasek’s hat trick, the Horsemen had everyone chip in one way or another. Overall, just a solid 45 minute effort for a team that needed to respond after a subpar performance only a week ago.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Thomas Karasek of the Horsemen. In his first game back after injury, his hands looked brand new as he was bale to score three times that included a nifty move to beat S.Sauk.

4vs4 Monday

Monday April 4

United Arms use strong start in second game to even series with ETNA

Star sniper M.Alfieri was a key contributor in ETNA’s 4-2 opening win versus the United Arms.  The United Arms had the better start with A.Zakarian potting two first period goals, both with the help of S.Ramidez finding him in the right spot, but ultimately fell in the end by a slight margin. That didn’t stop the United Arms-from regrouping entering their second encounter. Despite falling early, the United Arms responded with the next four goals  with A.Zakarian leading the charge once more on a pair of tallies. The lead appeared to be sufficient, but it didn’t come easy in the end. ETNA did swing the momentum in their favour netting the next two tallies to pull themselves within one only to fall short.

(4)ETNA vs United Arms(2)

(4)United Arms vs ETNA(3)

Snipers left stunned on Diabetoz Angels strong finish

The Snipers must of known that the Diabetoz Angels didn’t have a good record without a point after ten games into the season. So after they won 6-0 in their first encounter, it must have been a given that all their players expected an easy two game sweep. That thought carried over for most of the second match with the Snipers netting four more straight tallies for a 4-0 lead. By that point, only eight minutes remained in the game. Any betting person would have concluded that this game was over and done with, and why not after the Diabetoz Angels gave up ten straight tallies while going scoreless. Then, something incredible happened that likely shocked both teams. With scoring efforts-from four different players, the Diabetoz Angels did the improbable by netting their four tallies in less than eight minutes to help send the game into a shootout. N.Erimos was the catalyst behind the comeback along with P.Rizkalla as both players combined with five points. Neither team did take it in the shootout, but its safe to say that the Diabetoz Angels felt a lot better about the end result than the Snipers.

(0)Diabetoz Angels vs Snipers(6)

(5)Snipers vs Diabetoz Angels(5) S.O

Assadi Classics surge late, Hungry Hippos unable to recover

The Hungry Hippos were less than three minutes to taking at least one encounter versus the Assadi Classics. Unfortunately, that final stretch didn’t turn out so well as they gave up three straight to drop a game that they felt could have gone their way. J.Rochon was the one who spoiled the party striking twice in only 30 seconds. The problem was that the Hungry Hippos couldn’t recover-from the heartbreaking loss which immediately affected them in the second match. The Assadi Classics continued-from where they left off surging with five goals in the first period alone. P.Doulis chipped in with a pair while N.Kokovidis was brilliant in the back end setting up many tallies. It was apparent that the Hungry Hippos didn’t have the drive to compete hard enough in the second game. Maybe things would have turned out differently if they could have held on to their lead in the first contest.

(6)Assadi Classics vs Hungry Hippos(4)

(2)Hungry Hippos vs Assadi Classics(7)

Bonjours High keep dominating their final frames

Everybody says you need to save your best for last. That’s been the case for Bonjours High on the large part this season. In general, the Bonjours High start a game slow and end up behind or tied entering the final frame. Then, out of nowhere, they explode with a bunch of goals to down their opponent. Both their wins against the Country Club followed the script. The first encounter was ultimately decided in the last period with D.Greco scoring twice to complete his hat trick. The Bonjours High struck five times during that stretch while doing nearly the same in the ensuing match netting four second period goals to complete another productive night. D.Gkeivelopoulos led the way in the second game as the captain came up clutch bagging two quick goals that included the winner. The Country Club just couldn’t put together four solid periods to hang with the Bonjours High.

(2)Country Club vs Bonjours High(6)

(5)Bonjours High vs Country Club(2)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicholas Erimos of the Diabetoz Angels. For about eight minutes, N.Erimos was a dominant force for his club, producing three points along with a shootout goal that helped mount a remarkable comeback.

Masters 35+ division

Friday April 1

Sonic turn it on in third period to beat Brewers

(5)Sonic vs Brewers(3)

Sonic know that it will take a grind it out, hard nosed game in order to get the results they want. Their confrontation with the Brewers was a perfect example of it as nothing comes easy for a struggling team. They found themselves down for the first time early in the third period when L.Papadopoulos snapped a 2-2 tie. As frustrating as it was to fall behind, Sonic showed plenty of character before the night was done. The next ten minutes saw them battle harder and more determined than the Brewers. And in consequence, they put together ten minutes of their better hockey riding three unanswered goals. Three different players scored with M.Pace coming up big breaking the 3-3 tie for his second and third point of the game. Sometimes a team just needs a little tweak here and there. With the additions of a couple of nice pieces, Sonic  looked no different than anyone else in the division.

Brewers showing incredible energy only to fall short by a hair to Armos

(2)Armos vs Brewers(1) O.T

Surely the Brewers would have preferred a better result, but at the end of the day things went pretty decent for a team that had to play two straight games without a break. It was almost surprising that they kept up with a fresher Armos team, who for once had more than ten dressed players. The Brewers appeared at times that they were the ones rested and waiting and could have easily taken the match if for not hitting three goal posts and a solid net minder in R.Ricaurte. That argument did apply the other way also with C.Stavriadis exceptionally brilliant in net for the Brewers. The Armos drew first blood thanks to a perfect wrist shot by G.Barerra. P.Karigiannis was able to provide the equaliser early in the third period on a hard low slap shot for the Brewers. After the Brewers took their lone penalty of the game, the Armos benefited on the power early in the overtime period courtesy of N.Malkhassian finishing off a beautiful play.

Captain D.Lafleur bails out Generals on big third period goal

(2)Chiefs vs Generals(3)

The Generals had to have been wondering why their game with the Chiefs took so long to get decided. After eyeing a side with only two spares, the Generals had to have figured this contest was going to be a cake walk. In the end, they needed their captain D.Lafleur to bail them out on a huge third period goal that barely stood up. The Chiefs were engaged in a dog fight and did nearly everything right while putting forth an incredible effort. If not for missing out on a golden 5 on 3 power play toward the end of the game, the Chiefs could have had the opportunity to at least win it in overtime. Despite the loss, it was one of those games that the losing side will feel better than a team that barely took it in the end. O.Valiquette posted two first period goals for the Generals while N.Morrone and P.Cardillo did the scoring for the Chiefs.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marco Pace of Sonic. With the influence of M.Pace’s two goals and assist, the Sonic are finally glad to get into the win column.

E Division

Thursday March 31

R.Ranieri outstanding in 26 save shutout performance

(0)RCGT Knights vs Fatal Demons(2)

R.Ranieri bailed out the Fatal Demons on a jaw dropping performance Thursday night. He made 26 saves, and the Fatal Demons scored twice in the third period to take a nail biter versus the RCGT Knights. They weren’t perhaps as sharp as they were hoping for, but sometimes that happens in a season. Luckily enough, their net minder was there when they needed him the most. It wasn’t like the Fatal Demons scored early and laid back to protect their lead. They needed to hope that the RCGT Knights couldn’t get on board which they didn’t because of Ranieri. Eventually, something was going to give, and that’s when G.Amorosa cracked the barrier early in the third period. With the next goal extremely important, E.Medrano was able to provide it for the Fatal Demons, who knew by then that this game was a wrap.

Mistakes added up for blowout loss of Horsemen vs Brew Crew

(3)Horsemen vs Brew Crew(8)

No doubt it was just a bad night for the Horsemen. They were disconnected, careless at times, and out of sync. In order to compete with the Brew Crew, you need almost every element of your game to function. The Horsemen had the body count which is always a good formula for a team to excel. Unfortunately for them, tonight was just one of those games that saw everything go wrong. But that’s not to take away-from the Brew Crew, who applied their game plan like they do on a night to night basis. They got off to the better start storming out of the gate with three first period goals. They then continued to press the action resulting in three more tallies by the second while dominating the special teams department netting two shorts handed goals. L.Verta and J.DeSua shared a pair of goals each, and B.Sansotta was highly productive accumulating four points. It just seems that its going to take a near flawless game in order to defeat the Brew Crew nowadays. And even though this was a complete dud by the Horsemen, the elements are there for a side that has a lot more to offer than what they displayed on this night.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Rino Ranieri of the Fatal Demons. Just an outstanding night for the Fatal Demons goaltender. In a game that was decided only in the third period, Ranieri never flinched allowing the Fatal Demons more than enough time to get on board first.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday March 30

Punishers pull away in third to top Left Wings

(1)Left Wings vs Punishers(5)

Hoping to gain some ground in the standings, the Left Wings laid an egg on Wednesday night, dropping a 5-1 decision to the Punishers. Its not like they don’t have a talented group adding three nice pieces to the puzzle. The game was within reach trailing only 2-1 after two periods. From-that point on, both sides understood the importance of the next goal for how tight checking the game was. The crucial tally belonged to the Punishers with M.Mavroudis scoring early in the third period for a two goal cushion. That deficit forced the Left Wings to take chances which involves risk of counterattacks. Unable to get themselves back into the game, the Punishers waited for their opportunities and benefited once more thanks to T.Therrien widening the gap by a reasonable margin. The win came this time with more balanced scoring for the Punishers, who had five different players chipping in. C.Gingras set up three markers, and A.Bitsakis was sharp as expected allowing only N.Zaharopoulos to beat him.

Tired Punishers couldn’t mitigate fatigue in loss to Armadillos

(7)Armadillos vs Punishers(2)

Some times a loss is just down to a schedule. Having to play a second time in as many nights doesn’t help many teams, especially going up against the Armadillos. To the Punishers credit however, they hung in there for a while keeping it fairly close. Once B.Gabbour scored late in the second period for the Armadillos, both teams saw the writing on the wall. Although its happened before between these two clubs that its never over till its over, the Armadillos weren’t going to repeat the same mistake twice by blowing their lead. This time, they made sure to keep pressing and took nothing for granted by overwhelming a more tired group by the third period. Many players contributed in the scoring with B.Gabbour and P.Lapointe each scoring twice. C.Stavriadis was considerably busy in net, but remained composed limiting a high powered offense to only two goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Patrick Lapointe of the Armadillos. The veteran did plenty up front collecting fours points that included two goals with one of his tallies holding up for the winner.

Degenerates winners of 4vs4 division

Monday March 28 (Final, Fall 2021 season)

Degenerates grind through path of success, winners of 4vs4 Monday division

After playing on a tightrope for two straight games , the Degenerates finally took it in the end on one of the tightest finals. It was a series that turned into a battle of wills with both teams putting forth a complete effort. Winning in a shootout can be argued that it’s a coin toss, but the Degenerates were glad to prevail thanks to R.Ricaurte denying both attempts-from the Assadi Classics while D.Greco and A.Desrosiers  did the scoring to capture an important game one. The journey however wasn’t over, and the Degenerates knew that it was going to take a lot more in order o reach their destination. They did manage a better start thanks to a crucial turning point when P.Stroubakis scored shorthanded to make the game 2-0.  The Degenerates were in a position shortly after to put the series away when awarded a 5 on 3 advantage only to go dry unable to beat P.Assadi. Instead, the Assadi Classics scored, and this series came back to life with plenty of time left over.   The next ten minutes felt like an eternity when riding a slight 2-1 lead. The Degenerates took the approach of playing it one shift at a time while trying to limit their mistakes as much as possible. Eventually, the Assadi Classics were forced to remove their net minder for the extra attacker in hopes of getting a much needed equaliser. Once P.Assadi ran to the bench, A.Desrosiers grabbed possession of the ball and immediately tossed it into the empty net for his second of the game. J.Pantelis did respond right away to make the final moments very intense, but the Degenerates managed to hold on to the ball long enough and bleed the clock dry. There was no question that the margin of error was minuscule between two teams that are every familiar with each other. Due to the covid lockdowns, the Degenerates had to wait for this moment to happen knowing that they had the team to go all the way. No doubt , a grinding series that could have gone either way. In the end, the Degenerates  made that one extra play in both games to edge out a tough opponent.

On behalf of, congratulations go out to Sebastian Sicuso for going through the headaches of keeping it all together. For the time being, he thinks he’s a great GM, but time will only tell as the journey for more success continues.

(5)Degenerates vs Assadi Classics(3) S.O Game 1

(2)Assadi Classics vs Degenerates(3) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Daniel Greco of the Degenerates. While many are deserving of this honour, D.Greco was the engine that quarterbacked the back end that led to plenty of defensive plays along with supporting the offense in a very big way. The crafty slick d-man was involved in all three goals in game one along with the shootout winner  while being just as influential in the ensuing match to help solidify two close wins.

4vs4 Monday

Monday March 28

Hungry Hippos squeak out 2 wins to get in win column

The Hungry Hippos started Monday night on a great note. Within the short span of only 30 seconds, M.Martino and A.Pederian each scored and the Hungry Hippos got the start they wanted. Both players continued their rhythm in the second period adding another tally that helped solidify their first win of the season. The second encounter was a little closer, but still the Hungry Hippos came out on top. A.Daghlian and M.Martino buried their chances to mount a 2-0 lead with six minutes left in the game. The Diabetoz Angels did respond shortly when P.Rizkalla finally beat S.Sauk. In the attempt to even the score after pulling out their net minder, A.Pederian of the Hungry Hippos sealed the contest by feeding an empty cage. The two clubs entered the night winless which inspired everyone to put out their best game so far to avoid being winless. And rather than splitting the night, the Hungry Hippos won both battles.

(1)Diabetoz Angels vs Hungry Hippos(4)

(3)Hungry Hippos vs Diabetoz Angels(1)

A.Kobayati causing fits for the Country Club

The Altius showed Monday night that they are a team to watch for. They put together two fairly convincing wins without perhaps and arguably, two of their better players absent-from their line up. The Country Club are far-from being a pushover, but tonight they seemed a step behind a superior opponent. The Altius relied on the strength of A.Kobayati to lead the way as he potted a hat trick in the first game while adding two more goals and as assist in the ensuing match. Everyone bought into playing hard for one another while identifying a very familiar threat-from the Country Club. There was only so much C.Gingras could have done with his club playing on its heels rather than controlling the play. He did still manage a couple of points which is a very low bar for his standards. Overall, just a solid two games for a team that will challenge anyone on any given night.

(5)Altius vs Country Club(2)

(1)Country Club vs Altius(4)

Bonjours High build off late winner by C.Kakivelis

The Snipers know it could have easily gone either way. In what looked like was headed for a shootout changed when C.Kakivelis snapped a late 1-1 tie. H.Awada tied the game on the power play for the Snipers which left half a period in the low scoring affair. Maybe they needed to keep pressing-from that point on instead of sitting back or perhaps being a little passive. Regardless, they put up a strong fight and hoped to carry some of it into the second match. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan, at least by the second period where the Bonjours High cracked open the dam. The game was within reach for the Snipers trailing only 2-1 heading into the final stretch. Then, the wheels came off and the Bonjour High took over like a massive wave. They scored five straight goals in only eight minutes that saw M.Levasseur-Caron and C.Kakivelis collect a pair. Its never an easy challenge going up against the Bonjours High. Despite dropping both games, the Snipers only had one bad period out of the four where they were completely outclassed.

(2)Bonjours High vs Snipers(1)

(2)Snipers vs Bonjours High(7)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Kobayati of the Altius. Just a remarkable performance by a player that knows how to protect the ball while creating plenty of chances for himself, and more importantly for his teammates. The solid forward struck five times while adding a helper in both wins.

Tuesday March 29

 M.Mavroudis madness prohibits the Lyft Off to even their series with Assadi Classics

The Lyft Off had to figure out on how to iron out some issues after a disastrous second period versus the Assadi Classics. Its never fun giving up six goals in a single frame, especially after a solid first period where both sides traded two goals apiece. The Assadi Classics benefited on two power play goals to take a commanding 5-2 lead. J.Rochon converted three times for a hat trick, M.Mavroudis struck twice and M.Destounis was responsible for setting up five markers. The Lyft Off showed some good early signs in their second match riding a strong first period for a 4-2lead. The problem was that they just couldn't seem to figure out one key variable by the name of M.Mavroudis. All six goals-from the Assadi Classics came off of Mavroudis's blade. Unable to stop the madness, the Lyft Off had to settle for a draw even though they may have felt they deserved better. N.Sayed had an immediate impact collecting four points for the Lyft Off, who had to settle for a draw in what was a wild second game.

(8)Assadi Classics vs Lyft Off(3)

 (6)Lyft Off vs Assadi Classics(6) S.O

 United Arms undone by J.Mandracchia

 Sometimes J.Mandracchia plays like he is-from another planet. After setting up two goals while chipping in the winner in a shootout, the talented forward was just getting warmed up for the main course. The Dragons had a much easier time getting less resistance in general. The United Arms didn't compete like they did in the earlier contest, letting one player do pretty much what he wanted by running up the score. J.Mandracchia was simply that good, scoring five of the Dragons six goals en route to an easier result. Definitely a top guy that got plenty done for his club. That's what happens when things go well, your team plays for one another, and your best players rise to the occasion. Tonight, like he has done many times in the past, J.Mandracchia was the major reason why the Dragons collected two wins.

(5)Dragons vs United Arms(4) S.O

 (2)United Arms vs Dragons(6)

 D.Gkeivelopoulos rescues Bonjours High to take both games versus the Degenerates

 After having a breakout second period in the earlier match, the Bonjours High took the opener versus the Degenerates. Goals came by A.Tanferna’s second of the game followed with D.Gkeivelopoulos and J.Armatatidis scoring within a couple of minutes apart. The Degenerates felt good about their game despite dropping it. With that, they carried a positive mind set in their second encounter which had them tighten the bolts a little more. They did give up an early goal, but that didn’t phase them as they responded with the next two for the slight lead. The Bonjours High were now stuck with time being their worst enemy. Not even a late power play opportunity enabled them to even the score, instead, the captain needed to come through and rescue his club. D.Gkeivelopulos couldn’t have released a better shot that somehow found its way through F.Koch. That goal came with less than 30 seconds remaining which gave the opportunity for the Bonjours High to win it in a shootout. A.Tanferna’s lone marker stood up while A.Kakivelis used a pair of poke checks to disrupt the Degenerates shooters.

 (5)Bonjours High vs Degenerates(2)

 (2)Degenerates vs Bonjour High(3) S.O

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Manny Mavroudis of the Assadi Classics. Give him the ball and he will score. After collecting a bunch of points in the first game vs the Lyft Off, Mavroudis was off the charts in the second game scoring all six goals for the Assadi Classics that resulted in a tie

Draft League Sunday

Sunday March 27

Melissa Barbiero looking sharp in season debut for Team Green

(10)Team Green vs Team White(6)

Team Greens commitment to play the game a certain way gave them the best chance to get the right results. When you know your job and trust your line mates, the collective effort often translates into success. Adding to all that, the addition of Melissa Barbiero just may have brought them over the top in Sunday nights encounter versus Team White. Three out of the ten goals came-from the new comer, who no doubt made an immediate impact. Both sides kept it close for the most part until a surge of three very quick goals shifted the game in Team Greens favour.  Sometimes it just takes some rhythm and timing, and Team Green was able to find it handing Team Whites its first loss of the season.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Melissa Barbiero of Team Green. In her season debut, M.Barbiero convinced her teammates that she will fit right in for her clubs success.

B.Mourad and Team Yellow prevail in tight checking game

(2)Team Black vs Team Yellow(4)

It wasn’t your typical high scoring game as both teams played a tight checking game. The players were composed and methodical as everyone took a defence-first approach that led to only six total goals. These results often have the goaltenders play a major role. M.Mourad locked down the crease stopping all but two shots while his counter part K.Hookumchand was solid as well making plenty of saves for Team Black. T.Scarpelli struck twice in the win to help preserve Team Yellow’s unbeaten streak so far. Both teams are in opposite sides of the standings which only goes to show how close all these games are with Team Black keeping it very close against a hot Team Yellow. Eventually, that spell will come to an end, and the tides will shift for a side that has the quality to compete with anyone.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Brian Mourad of Team Yellow. Goaltenders often don’t get the praise they deserve in this kind of format. However, that wasn’t the case on Sunday night with B.Mourad stealing the show allowing only 2 goals on 36 shots.

Team Red takes back and forth action with overtime winner

(10)Team Blue vs Team Red(11) O.T

It was a game of offensive production as Team Red finally cracked the winless column thanks to an overtime winner by E.Allen. If you like goals than you got your moneys worth in this contest as they just kept coming. It was one of those games that who ever touched the ball last was likely to decide it. Since it needed overtime, that ended being the case when E.Allen used a tricky wrist shot to beat P.Kassaris. Team Red seems to like playing a run and gun style game since they produce many goals while at the same time they leave their net minder high to dry. G.Kanaras right now knows it, and will bury the burden of remaining extremely busy throughout the season unless Team Red changes their priorities. But that’s highly unlikely when you have S.Sicuso seeking points rather than back checking to help his goaltender. In his defense however, he does have 13 points in only 3 games.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Claudio Arnoldo of Team Red. The forward was very involved, bagging three goals and three assists to help snap the mini losing drought.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 25

Brewers power play delivers in 4-3 overtime win over Chiefs

(3)Chiefs vs Brewers(4) O.T

An extra player on the court worked well for the Brewers on Friday night. With A.Angelis collecting two power play goals under his belt, T-St-Pierre capped it off in style on a precision shot that just found its way through P.Delli Colli. That was T.St-Pierre’s second tally, and it couldn’t have come at a better time with the Brewers taking it in overtime. The Chiefs just couldn’t stop the Brewers man advantage. Sometimes a power play clicks and sometimes it doesn’t. Its just about making the right plays, and when everyone knows what they are doing, it makes it much easier. The Brewers moved the ball well while finding the lanes  to execute a sharp looking power play. The game could have easily ended in regulation time if it wasn’t for N.Morrone tying it with only 90 seconds left over for the Chiefs, instead they were stuck enduring a harsher finish.

Sonic make like easy for Armos in 8-2 rout

(2)Sonic vs Armos(8)

The Armos are a fast, highly skilled team that played some good hockey on Friday night, but Sonic didn’t have to make it easy for them. Poor ball management along with some lack of coverage doomed the Sonic in the end. They needed to find a way to exploit a shorter bench by trying to at the very least keep up with them. Instead, the Armos created their own space, and by doing so the offense followed. S.Ruggiero,  G.Lallis and A.Minassian all had two goals each while J-F Aumais was a rock once more allowing only two goals on 15 shots. Much of the offense tends to begin-from your own end. It looked at times that the passing lanes resembled a canyon, as simple breakouts often turned into easy rushes. E.Allen, G.Lallis and N.Katsifolis provided the outlet passes making things easy for the forwards to handle. Overall, the Armos did what they needed to do to earn the three points to the standings.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Tommy St-Pierre of the Brewers. The Brewers took a close 4-3 decision over the Chiefs thanks to a beauty of a slap shot that came early in the overtime period. That was the crafty d-mans second goal of the game.

E Division

Thursday March 24

Wheels fall off late for Horsemen, Fatal Demons pull away

(6)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(1)

Considering the circumstances, the Horsemen hung with the Fatal Demons, but were eventually outgunned due to their lack of body count. The Horsemen battled really hard trailing most of the game by only one goal until they just couldn’t keep up anymore. It was by the eight minute mark of the third period where the Fatal Demons derailed the game on four straight tallies. No one needed to be the hero as five different players took turns finding the back of the net. T.Langiano did strike twice, and R.Ranieri was vital keeping the Horsemen in check allowing only one goal on 23 shots. The net minder came up huge in the third period making two key saves on the same play with his team up only 2-1. It was shortly after that the Fatal Demons scored in bunches to pull away. Despite what the score says, this contest was way closer than a 6-1 game.

A.Belanger nets first period natural hat trick , Brew Crew rout RCGT Knights

(8)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(1)

The Brew Crew put on a show once again on Thursday night. Leading the way was a jaw dropping first period performance by A.Belanger, who single handily dismantled the RCGT Knights defence and net minder potting three goals for a natural hat trick. Surely, that individual surge powered the rest of the Brew Crew to feed off it despite losing the second frame on the RCGT Knights lone tally of the game. Once the third period hit, it was curtains for the RCGT Knights, who simply couldn’t compete hard enough. The Brew Crew rattled off five consecutive goals in only eight minutes that included a pair-from B.Sansotta. There is no doubt the Brew Crew have the chemistry since they have been together for a while. As for the RCGT Knights, the body count is deep, the quality of the players isn’t the issue ,but maybe the chemistry just isn’t there right now. S.Sauk or whoever has some leadership qualities needs to try and put it all together. If that happens, the RCGT Knights will be a difficult challenge no matter who they face.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Belanger of the Brew Crew. Scoring three goals before the first period ends is quite impressive. Belanger did just that which set the tone for his club en route to another victory.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday March 23

Assadi Consulting Inc ride strong start, Y.Gazura nets hat trick for the win

(8)Assadi Consulting Inc vs Left Wings(3)

From-the drop of the ball, the Assadi Consulting Inc came out hard applying pressure, and after just over two minutes in, Y.Gazura drew first blood. The Assadi Consulting Inc continued to press as the fore check was to much for the Left Wings to handle. It looked like the Assadi Consulting Inc were more determined getting balanced contributions although Y.Gazura did lead in the goals department striking three times for a hat trick. The Left Wings had some good moments in the second period when A.Perrault strung two quick goals together to cut the deficit in half. And rather than building off it, the opposite happened instead. M.Tvaronas and Y.Gazura each scored before the frame ended, and the Assadi Consulting Inc carried a comfortable 6-2 lead heading into the third period. Not much happened-from there on as both teams knew the fate of this outcome. P.Nakhle capped it off with his second, and P.Assadi was sound facing 25 shots for the win.

P.Karvouriaris continues to shine, riffles 4 more to his collection of goals

(7)Punishers vs United(2)

P.Karvouriaris continues to eat his Wheaties as the sharp shooter finds his target four more times in what was another Punishers convincing win on Wednesday night. United fell victims to a well oiled machine that seems to have all the right moving parts. As the game got underway, the Punishers sent a strong early message that this game was theirs for the taking. P.Karvouriaris, J.Fidrilis and M.Mavroudis all scored, and the Punishers set the stage riding a 3-0 first period lead. Even with United falling that early, they never really made much up for it despite bagging two third period goals when the game was put out of reach. Maybe if they had a magic formula on how to contain P.Karvouriaris, things may have been possibly different, but highly unlikely for how well balanced the Punishers are anyway, especially with a C.Gingras in your line up. M-A Haber, J.Tremblay and A.St-Denis connected on both goals for United, who will need to address some lingering issues if they plan on competing with solid opponents.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Karvouriaris. While this sentence may look like a carbon copy of last weeks player of the game, its actually not. Karvouriaris slowed down just a little, scoring 4 instead of 5 goals to earn once more the player of the night.

4vs4 Monday

Monday March 21

ETNA slump continues as they get swept by Assadi Classics

Ever since their captain and arguably their heart and soul M.Stoico went down with a devastating injury, ETNA has been floundering to find any kind of traction. Tonight, was no different as they were swept by a determined Assadi squad who dominated the ball and stifled an ETNA team that didn’t generate too many chances, with limited scoring opportunities. S.Ruggiero was a force for Assadi, scoring 4 goals using his heavy and precise shot as Assadi never trailed in either game and used their counter-attacking style to perfection making ETNA pay for their mishaps. ETNA’s losing streak is now sitting at 4 games and with some tough opponents coming up, they’ll need to regroup quickly and focus on their overall play to avoid sliding further in the standings.

(5) Assadi Classics vs ETNA (2)

(5) Assadi Classics vs ETNA (3)

Dynamic duo too much to handle for overmatched Hippos

The Dragons already had a formidable line-up and tonight they bolstered it further by adding a key piece with the addition of M. Fazzari. No stranger to ball hockey, he wasted no time making his presence felt by combining with J.Mandracchia to produce an eye-popping 24 points in 2 games. The 2 players overpowered and dominated the Hippos by working in perfect symmetry creating highlight reel goals with their precise playmaking and finishing skills. If they field their full line-up, the Dragons will be a very tough team to match up against as captain J.DeStefano looks for redemption in his march towards the playoffs. The Hippos have shown that they can keep the games close, but they’ll just have to play with more consistency and improve their team defence.

(7) Dragons vs Hungry Hippos (0)

(8) Dragons vs Hungry Hippos (2)

Short benches result in low scoring affair between the 2 clubs

The Degenerates knew tonight’s games would be quite the challenge, since they only had 1 change-up on the bench and were playing the first-place team. However, the Country Club also had a short bench and as such we were treated to 2 defensive and tightly contested confrontations between the 2 teams, with the goalies stealing the spotlight for their tired teams. Country Club took game 1, when F.Proulx snapped a 1-1 tie early in the second frame, which stood as the game winner as they held on for the 3-1 win. Game 2 went the distance and required a shootout, where both goalies stopped 2 of the 3 shooters and the teams settled for a 2-2 draw.

(3) Country Club vs Degenerates (1)

(2) Country Club vs Degenerates (2) S.O

Altius bounces back with strong effort in sweep of the Snipers

After getting trounced a week ago, captain M.Melo knew his troops had to come to play with their work boots on and with a no excuses mentality. The Snipers are a tough team to play against, since they will chase down every ball and hound you constantly, but Altius found a way to penetrate their armor for the 2-game sweep. Leading the way was the solid work of 2 way forward A.Kobayati and the newly added veteran D.Bertrand, who combined for a total of 10 points. Altius scored early in both games and the Snipers just couldn’t generate many chances offensively and trailed for both games, as Altius limited their high danger scoring chances and were routinely stifled by the reliable of P.DelliColli in goal. This was a good outing by Altius on both ends of the ball and as for the Snipers, I’m sure F.Nasser will figure out the necessary game plan to shake off their poor outing and create more traffic and scoring chances.

(5) Altius vs Snipers (3)

(4) Altius vs Snipers (1)

Bonjours High shake off slow start to dominate Lyft Off

The fact that Bonjours High weren’t ready to start resulting in a delay of game penalty and the ensuing goal for Lyft Off, didn’t deter them one bit as they continued to dominate their opponents. C.Kakivelis led the way racking up an impressive 5 goals in 2 games as well as playing a strong forechecking game, causing fits for the Lyft Off. With an emphasis on team speed and execution, it’s hard to game plan for any one player, since they have so many weapons at their disposal and can hurt you in so many ways. Case in point is that they’re dangerous even when they’re in a shorthanded situation and you can’t take your eyes off the ball for one minute or they’ll make you pay.

(4) Bonjours High vs Lyft Off (3)

(6) Bonjours High vs Lyft Off (1)

SalumiVino player of the night: Anthony Kobayati, the power forward was a force all night and instrumental on getting his team back in the win column scoring 4 big goals against a solid opponent

Draft League Sunday

Sunday March 20

Rocket wrist shot J.Melo nets OT winner for Team Yellow

(6)Team Blue vs Team Yellow(7) O.T

After a wild affair between these two teams, J.Melo kept overtime short and sweet for Team Yellow. J.Melo scored fairly quick netting his second goal and fourth point of the game. In games like this, you want to make sure to be on the right side of momentum swings, but it didn’t seem to apply as both teams kept trading some late tallies that led to a wild finish. Six goals combined all came in the last ten minutes which suggested for an unpredictable finish.  You almost could have sensed that who ever got that first scoring chance in overtime would have decided matters. In tonight’s case, J.Melo had more than enough time riding and releasing a hard low patented wrist shot to beat P.Kassaris and Team Blue.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Jason Melo. The savvy d-man seized the moment, using a nice hard wrist shot to cap off a solid four point performance.

Team Black burned by C.Stamadianos’s 6 goal onslaught

(11)Team Green vs Team Black(8)

 It looked as though Team Black didn’t get the memo on how to address C.Stamadiaons of Team Green. Already with a pair of earlier tallies, C.Stamadianos burned Team Black on a bunch of late flurries. The sniper went on a scoring festival riffling four straight for his club doing pretty much what he wanted in front of a defenceless net minder. Its not like Team Black don’t have some good shut down players such as A.De Sua, G.Varrecchione and the one and only B.Panarello. For an experienced group like that, you would have to figure a better and smarter defensive structure, but that wasn’t the case as they were unable to contain a major threat. Hockey is about adjusting as you roll along. Team Black have the elements to put something fine together, having players that can change a game up front such as J.Teresi and M.Braun, who both combined for nine points. Team Green however were the ones to get the result in the end, but that was thanks to a highly productive performance by C.Stamadiano’s six goals and assist.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes Chris Stamadianos of Team Green. What more can you say when a player scores a total of six goals that included four straight towards the end of the encounter.

Team White barely hang on in wild finish with Team Red

(12)Team White vs Team Red(11)

If you like goals and action this was a game to watch. If you prefer a more responsible defensive game, than you got ripped off at the ticket booth. Team White and Team Red didn’t care much about their goaltenders on Sunday night as they hoped to prevail on who would score the most goals. Team White did play with the lead for most of the contest, but kept getting a response-from a resilient opponent. The deciding tally came off the blade of T.Fernando, who riffled his only goal at perhaps the most important point of the match. D.Mansour and S.Fraga did plenty of damage bagging four goals each in the win. As for team Red, S.Sicuso also scored four goals while G.Francoeur and C.Arnoldo shared two goals each.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Simon Fraga of Team White. Playing on all areas over the court, S.Fraga made plenty happen that led to a four goal outing.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 18

O.Valiquette nets hat trick, collects 6 points to lead the way for the Generals

(4)Sonic vs Generals(8)

A strong start along with an even better finish spelled doom for Sonic on Friday night. Unable to contain one of their top guns, O.Valiquette set the tone rattling off two first period goals for the Generals. Sonic did manage to keep the game within reach but couldn’t really profit much in the second as both sides traded two goals apiece. It was by the third period where the Generals pulled away, winning the frame handily with four goals .M.Pinheiro dressed  for the first time this season and showed that he will be vital for his club by posting two quick tallies. Sonic just couldn’t get the Generals early enough to try and keep this game as close as possible. Instead, they were stuck chasing it and couldn’t really recover, despite a strong effort to keeping it fairly close. O.Valiquette completed his hat trick in the second period as part of a six point performance to help lead the way for the Generals.

Brewers never falter lead, Armos stuck playing catch up

(6)Brewers vs Armos(4)

It came as a tall order, but the Armos did everything in their power to stay within reach versus the Brewers. This was a game that the Armos needed the lead in order to give themselves a chance due to their shorter bench. Instead, G.Vouloumanos ripped a bullet to get on board while his captain A.Lanni was able to double the lead early in the second period. Despite the let down, the Armos kept battling back and managed to pull themselves within one on a couple of occasions until they eventually ran out of steam. The contest was ultimately decided in the latter stages of the third period where G.Nehme and P.Karigiannis added insurance markers. Overall, just a solid night for the Brewers, who did everything right in order to get the victory.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Olivier Valiquette of the Generals. Already with a hat trick and an assist before the second period ended, the natural sniper proved to be a handful for the Sonic defense and goaltender finishing on an impressive 6 point night.

E Division

Wednesday March 17

Brew Crew overcome 2 goal deficit and soar past Fatal Demons

(3)Fatal Demons vs Brew Crew(4)

Down 2-0 after a disastrous first period, the Brew Crew remained calm trying to figure out a way to overcome the deficit. They knew to just try and win the next period to give themselves a chance, instead, they did a whole lot more.  The Fatal Demons didn’t know what hit them, giving up three quick goals late in the second period after what seemed like a flawless defensive effort. The comeback was led by B.Sansotta, D.Catalano and the captain C.Palermo. If that final stretch was an indication of what was to come, then the Brew Crew continued -from where they left off doubling their lead thanks to B.Sansotta’s second. The two goal cushion appeared to be enough despite ten minutes left in the game. Things did get a little interesting toward the end when the Brew Crew took two penalties at the exact same time. The Fatal Demons managed to capitalise, but they did it only once to fall short by a 4-3 decision.

RCGT Knights end losing streak with win against Horsemen

(4)Horsemen vs RCGT Knights(6)

The RCGT Knights finally ended their winless streak by defeating the Horsemen 6-4 on Thursday night. They were pretty aggressive-from the get go and played close to a 45 minute game as you can get. Both sides traded two goals apiece in the opening frame .It was by the second period where things fell into play for S.Sauk and the rest of his troops. A complete dominant frame saw four unanswered goals go in with S.Ruggiero credited for two of the four tallies. The RCGT Knights made it a point to take nothing for granted entering the third period despite the four goal cushion. The Horsemen showed more desperation in their play which resulted in a two goal response-from P.Carone and M.Kardum’s second. By then, only four minutes were left over for this contest to end with the RCGT anxious to finally get that monkey off their back. Clearly, a big win and confidence booster for a side that are better than what there record shows.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Scott Sauk of the RCGT Knights. With goaltending so important for results, the net minder was able to deliver standing tall for a good portion of the game.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday March 16

Assadi Consulting Inc blown out by Punishers dynamic duo

(10)Punishers vs Assadi Consulting Inc(4)

For a good period, the Assadi Consulting inc seemed to match up well with the Punishers. Then, the second period happened and they got floored losing every key situation that spiralled this game out of reach. They gave up two shorthanded goals, one power marker and a bunch of even strength goals. Basically, a total meltdown with no light at the end of the tunnel. Putting C.Gingras and P.Karvouriaris together is clearly dangerous, and teams just cant seem to slow them down. Its one thing to have a pair of good players put up some points, but there needs to be a method on how to prevent two players for combining with 15 points. P.Karvouriaris made it an art to find the back of the net as the sniper struck five times while Gingras delivered on five helpers and a pair of tallies.  The Punishers look to be on a mission this season as a clear cut front runner with so many elements in their arsenal. The Assadi Consulting Inc will have to put this one behind them quickly as they prepare for  their second game of a double header night.

Q.Syrydiuk, K.Kuczmarski lead Armadillos to easy win over Left Wings

(6)Armadillos vs Left Wings(1)

Q.Syrydiuk had two goals and three assists, K.Kuczmarski collected four points and the Armadillos had no issues taking their encounter with the Left Wings on Wednesday night. Its easier to play with confidence and swagger when your team is up. The Armadillos got two first period goals which enabled them to play at their pace forcing the Left Wings to adapt and find solutions. G.Gaitanis did finally get the Left Wings on board with a power play goal, but that only cut the deficit by three. P.Musto responded shortly after for his second, and C.Ekonomakis was sharp stopping 21 of 22 shots.

Assadi Consulting Inc respond with character win over United

(2)United vs Assadi Consulting Inc(7)

The Assadi Consulting Inc were keen on delivering a response. No doubt a much better, resilient effort showing good character after their earlier thumping to the Punishers. However, it took some time before they got the ball rolling with the United looking sharper in the first period riding a 2-1 lead. As the Assadi Consulting Inc were digging in and playing harder, they would eventually get rewarded to shift the game in their favour. It took a strong finish to the second period where they riffled off three goals to position themselves in the right direction heading into the final stretch. From-there, J.Mandracchia completed his hat trick, and Pedram Assadi shut the door to salvage an ok night for his teams standards.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Karvouriaris of the Punishers. The sniper was simply lethal, scoring an incredible five goals while contributing with three helpers.

Monday 4vs4 division

Monday March 14

ETNA unable to adjust without their quarterback missing-from action

ETNA was known not to long ago for shutting games down, supporting the offense, but that wasn’t the case at all tonight versus the Country Club. No doubt the absence of their captain M.Stoico is apparent. Rather than looking like a well oiled machine, ETNA will need to adjust on how to approach every game-from now on in order to challenge with some formidable opponents. The Country Club are well balanced and have perhaps arguably the most lethal player of the division playing defense. C.Gingras may be known for his ability to put up some nice numbers, but is overlooked sometimes on how well and effective he is without the ball. By reading and breaking up plays, the offense is created, and his teammates are there to fill in the gaps. Four different players scored in the opening contest while C-A Bessette was clutch in the ensuing match sparking two goals for the slight 3-2 decision. ETNA never had the chance to play in front which  forced them to create chances that were fairly limited, expect for M.Calabrice and M.Alfieri combining for four points.

(4)Country Club vs ETNA(1)

(2)ETNA vs Country Club(3)

Hungry Hippos fall short in tight knit battle with United Arms

The United Arms goaltender and defence aided in both wins allowing only three goals on 30 shots. The Hungry Hippos had a chance to at least prolong the first game in a shootout when R.Ployan evened the score on the power play. A quick response did ensue a couple of minutes later by the United Arms thanks to one of their natural goal scorers H.Jerjian to avoid the extra time by just over two minutes. Despite the loss, the Hungry Hippos felt confident going into their second encounter with the United Arms. Only a minute and change had gone by when N-A Merrachi opened the scoring for the Hungry Hippos. Unfortunately, the game was quickly levelled by S.Balouzian which eventually made that next goal so crucial. The United Arms were the ones to spring ahead just before the first period ended courtesy of A.Tachejian. Unable to answer back, it was J-A Aumais’s power play marker that put the United Arms in the drivers seat with just over four minutes left in the game.

(1)Hungry Hippos vs United Arms(2)

(3)United Arms vs Hungry Hippos(2)

Degenerates feast in double rout of Diabetoz Angels

With ball possession come goals, and the Degenerates had plenty of both versus the Diabetoz Angels on Monday night. It didn’t help that the Diabetoz Angels were short staff. And because of their lack of depth, the Degenerates went about their business scoring in bundles. Both games ended by the seven goal spread with S.Marricco leading the way in the goals department riffling a total of six goals. Many players contributed offensively, and F.Koch was nearly perfect allowing only one goal by G.Romeo. After a slow start to their season, the Degenerates are starting to look in fine form by collecting their sixth straight win so far.

(0)Diabetoz Angels vs Degenerates(7)

(8)Degenerates vs Diabetoz Angels(1)

Lyft Off relieved to finally crack their winless streak

The Lyft Off put an end to a miserable sequence with a nice comeback victory over the Dragons in their second encounter. They knew it was only a question of time before the bounces would land their way. The first game didn’t go so well for the Lyft Off as the Dragons relied on P.Musto and J.Mandracchia to do all of their scoring as both players notched hat tricks. With the way the second game was going, the Lyft Off may have felt their odds diminish when they gave up a shorthanded goal that put the Dragons up 3-1 toward the end of the first period. Still, they remained confident and believed in themselves that something special would eventually transpire. The turn of events did finally happen in a short period of time. J-D Lefranc started it off by scoring very late in the opening frame. Then, in the span of two minutes, Y.Moskal and J.Mancini each scored and the Lyft Off finally took off en route to a well deserved win. There is no question that this result will come as a massive confident booster for a team that felt they deserved better. Sometimes, it just takes that one win before things start to roll into play.

(6)Dragons vs Lyft Off(3)

(4)Lyft Off vs Dragons(3)

Bonjour High team speed causing fits for the Altius defence

 Weather you get dominated  or beaten by a net minder its never pleasant losing hockey games. The Altius dropped both their games versus the Bonjour High on two completely different storylines. The first game wasn’t even a contest as the Bonjour High did pretty much what they wanted resulting in a 7-0 thumping. The second game however was no where close to the first one with C.Ekomonakis making a huge difference between the pipes for the Bonjour High. The Altius peppered him on 25 shots while generating some high end chances only to continuously get snake bitten. P.Arkalis was the only player to strike oil in the four total periods. If there is one team in this division that has team speed, Bonjour High is that team. With so many moving parts, teams will find it difficult to keep up with them as they constantly wear you down. Adding to all that, its always nice to have a player that can tear up a defense. M.Levasseur-Caron was a handful causing plenty of fits to the Altius defence and more importantly their net minder. After collecting five points in the opening game, M.Levasseur scored two incredible goals to help supply a 2-0 lead which proved to be just enough in the end.

(0)Altius vs Bonjour High(7)

(4)Bonjour High vs Altius(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Levasseur-Caron of the Bonjour High. His speed along with his scoring ability led his club to a pair of wins against a very solid opponent. The forward finished his night with an impressive seven points.

Draft League Sunday

Sunday March 13

Team Blue prevail in collective effort over Team Green

(8)Team Blue vs Team Green(6)

Meeting for the first time in the Draft League Sunday, Team Blue and Team Green exchanged goals right-from the start. The offense was  a little more spread out for Team Blue getting scoring efforts-from six different players while Team Green relied on C.Stamadinos to record a hat trick and E.Nardelli that posted a pair. The end result did favour Team Blue by a narrow 8-6 margin that saw J-F Gauthier notch the winner. P.Kassaris was busier in net having to face just over 40 shots while Team Green insulated S.Sauk much more allowing the net minder to see just under 30 shots. Despite the loss, Team Green will be looking for C.Stamadianos to do much of the damage as the forward was dominant collecting five points.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to Paul Kassaris of Team Blue. Allowing only six goals in this format while facing over 40 shots is quite an achievement. The veteran net minder shows he still has it and will be a solid piece for his club moving forward.

G.Moffa scores 4 goals to carry Team White past Team Black

(7)Team White vs Team Black(5)

G.Moffa just showed everyone on his team that he will be a big part of their success. In his first game alone, the sharp shooter riffled four goals and an assist to help lead his club to a fairly close win over Team Black. In addition to his onslaught, C.Roberts contributed striking twice while S.Fraga was behind setting up three tallies. Team Black didn’t quite have the start they wanted but definitely got the finish they hoped for even if they fell a little short. Their comeback effort was led by a player that will heavily be relied on in J.Teresi. The spark plug made plenty happen collecting three points. A.DeSua chipped in with three points as well while B.Panarello, M.Bruan and B.Freitas-Pereira combined for six points.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to G.Moffa of Team White. The forward was simply dynamite , sparking five points that included a bunch of goals.

A goal scores touch M.Paciencia haunts Team Red’s defense

(8)Team Red vs Team Yellow(10)

Its never easy scoring that many goals in a game, especially five versus a side that has plenty of experience playing hockey. Team Red’s inability to neutralise M.Paciencia ultimately doomed them in the end. Team Yellow got half of their ten goals-from that one player alone and plenty of contributions-from their entire team. Maybe its because it’s the first game of the season, or rather that their isn’t really much on the line, but Team Red laid an egg on opening night. Their roster have some quality players that normally play well without the ball but it seemed like their focus was only offense. Out of their eight goals, C.Arnoldo and S.Sicuso chipped in with a pair. As for Team Yellow, J.Melo put up come nice numbers accumulating five points while G.Missakian was right behind him with four helpers.

The SalumiVino player of the game goes to M.Paciencia of Team Yellow. Team Yellow captured a 10-8 win thanks to Paciencia’s incredible five goal performance.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 11

Generals explosive offense too much to handle for Brewers

(2)Brewers vs Generals(9)

The Brewers just couldn’t seem to keep the Generals offense in check throughout the entire match. Its never ideal falling behind at any point during a game, but the Brewers looked to have some life when J.Tzanetakos cut the lead in half early in the second period. In hopes of building for a better run things only got worse from-there on. The Generals went on a rampage scoring five times before the second period came to a close. S.Shorkey completed his hat trick by the  time the frame ended, and O.Valiquette had a normal night bagging two goals. Its no secret that in order to have a shot at defeating the Generals, teams need to keep the games as close as possible. You cannot afford to play a run and gun style game with so many sharp shooters. The Brewers weren’t able to suffocate them long enough by falling behind to early.

S.Ruggiero ignites early with first period hat trick

(7)Armos vs Chiefs(2)

The Armos forward was in top form on Friday night, earning himself a hat trick in the first period alone. The  Armos entered the game with a simple game plan due to their short bench. By keeping it simple, they patiently waited for their chances and hoped to play in front. That luxury happened thanks to their sharp shooter S.Ruggiero. The sniper notched three tallies by the ten minute mark to help provide a nice 4-0 lead. With that kind of a margin, the Armos were now able to adjust by eliminating as much time and space-from the Chiefs. The defense remained tight with the support of the forwards, and J-F Aumais was a perfect last line of defense making plenty of saves. In addition to Ruggiero’s four goal onslaught, E.Allen was right behind him striking three times as a defenseman while G.Missakian set up four tallies. This was a night that everything went right for the Armos. They got the big early lead, they defended well and got the bounces on the large part.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Steve Ruggiero of the Armos. By providing three quick goals in less than eleven minutes, the Armos felt good about their chances to capture a convincing win over the Chiefs.

E Division

Thursday March 10

RCGT Knights let this one slip away to Fatal Demons

(8)Fatal Demons vs RCGT Knights(5)

Looking back at this game, the RCGT Knights will have only themselves to blame for dropping this contest. What more can you ask for when you jump out in front 4-2 after one period and still lead after two periods while being on the power play. Rather than increasing their margin with the man advantage, the exact opposite happened instead. The Fatal Demons used two shorthanded goals by M.Chenier and J.Bolanakis in the same sequence to turn a slight deficit into the Fatal Demons first lead of the night. They used that jump to widen their gap in what was an explosive third period. Five of their eight goals came in that final frame that saw M.Chenier produce four tallies while M.Mavroudis took a different role by collecting four assists. The RCGT Knights, although yet in the win column have the elements to take a game here in there. Tonight indicated that with their strong start and ability to score some goals. There main issue will be to tighten up defensively as a unit while getting some key saves-from their net minder S.Sauk.

M.Kardum overcomes third period hole on two quick goals for Horsemen

(3)Brew Crew vs Horsemen(3) S.O

Perhaps a few to many visits to the penalty didn’t help the Brew Crews cause on Thursday night. Granted, they managed a point anyway but maybe felt they deserved better. And why not when you lead 2-0 and have yet to concede a goal until the mid way point of the final frame. Eventually, the Horsemen got on board thanks to one of their snipers finally solving C.Muccino. M.Kardum was that player to strike first and second as well putting two quick goals that helped level the game before sending it into extra time. The Horsemen had a golden opportunity to win it in overtime after the Brew Crew took another penalty. Instead, a shootout was required and neither side was able to top the other. After netting both goals for the Brew Crew, it was only fitting that M.Maggiore would notch his clubs lone shootout marker. As for the Horsemen, V.Pandza recorded both helpers on Kardum’s third period tallies while taking care of the scoring in the breakaways.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathieu Chenier of the Fatal Demons. M.Chenier was able to untangle a bad situation by scoring a huge shorthanded goal early in the third period which was part of an impressive four goal outburst.

D division

Wednesday March 9

Assadi Consulting Inc blitz Armadillos

(7)Armadillos vs Assadi Consulting Inc(8)

It may have been an exciting game for the players, but definitely a headache for the two goaltenders. Both sides combined for ten goals after two periods which suggested for a very wild finish. The Assadi Consulting inc did have the better finish in the end rattling off three markers that was just enough to  close out a 8-7 win. The Armadillos started off stronger with K.Kuczmarski doing his thing once more which is to score goals to put the his club up 3-1 after one period. It looked as though the Armadillos had their opponents in check on the large part allowing only two tallies for nearly two full periods. That eventually changed when M.Croteau began the tsunami for the Assadi Consulting inc.-From there, they hit their targets six times thanks to P.Arkalis and Y.Gazura striking twice while J.Mandracchia scored the final marker that ultimately held for the winner. This is far-from a typical game for the Armadillos standards. With that kind of defense and goaltending, J.Kontitsis will be wondering what went wrong. However, it does say something on how potent the Assadi Consulting inc’s offense can be. Anytime you score this many times against a solid defensive team, its because the offense is lethal enough to dismantle anyone.

Left Wings beat United on M.Couture-Barsetti’s second that came in overtime

(3)Left Wings vs United(2) O.T

M.Couture-Barsetti’s second goal of the game gave the Left Wings a 3-2 win in overtime over United on Wednesday night. The Lefts Wings struck first thanks to Barsetti’s power play goal in the first period. Although United responded on two occasions, they never once took the lead in this encounter. That’s maybe because D.Mattar provided the timely saves  while getting the support of his defense. Overall, the game was very well played by the two sides limiting scoring chances while making sure defence was a priority unlike the Armadillos vs Assadi Consulting inc encounter. D.Provost-Jarry added a pair of helpers that included a big feed in overtime. N.Zaharopoulos scored the Lefts Wings other tally while J.Samedi and F.Boucher provided the scoring for United.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Couture-Barsetti of the Left Wings. In a fairly low scoring affair, M.Couture-Barsetti found a way to score twice including the games most important goal to decide the outcome.

Monday 4vs4 division

Monday March 7

P.Dupuis and C.Gingras carry the offense for the Country Club

While the first game seemed like two evenly matched teams, the same couldn’t be said for the second encounter between the Country Club and the United Arms. The Country Club controlled the action for a decent part of the game as they made the United Arms work harder in order to compete with them. The offense was powered by P.Dupuis, who buried a hat trick after collecting a pair of points in the earlier contest along with C.Gingras, who was a force setting up four of the five goals. Unlike the opening game, the United Arms imploded early on and never really recuperated. The score may suggest for a lopsided affair but it only went that way towards the late stages of the game when the Country Club capped it off on three insurance markers.

(4)Country Club vs United Arms(4) S.O

(1)United Arms vs Country Club(5)

A.Sarigiannis sneaks his way through for the winner in wild opening game between Altius and Assadi Classics

There are always thrillers that occur during a hockey season, and tonight saw one of them between the Altius and the Assadi Classics. You would have to figure leading 5-3 with less than 45 seconds is substantial for a clean win, but that nearly wasn’t the case if not for some late dramatics. The Assadi Classics did the improbable by netting two straight markers by M.Mavroudis’s hat trick and J.Rochon’s equaliser. However, what happened next disproves the theory that momentum can fuel your hockey team to take over a game. Instead, and for whatever reason, A.Sarigiannis had all the time in the world to end the game for the Altius. His tally came with six seconds left on the clock to stun the Assadi Classics. Both these teams are very evenly matched and that showed in the ensuing game as a shootout was required to determine a winner. This time, it had a more normal finish with P.Arkalis notching the lone shootout goal for the Altius while P.Delli Colli denied three sharp shooters-from the other end. Even though they came somewhat empty handed, the Assadi Classics have a very nice looking line up and know that they will be just fine going forward.

(6)Altius vs Assadi Classics(5)

(3)Assadi Classics vs Altius(4) S.O

Sensational goaltending by A.Zardrian gave Hungry Hippos a chance vs Degenerates

You just never know when your team is one shot on net-from potentially winning a hockey game. With A.Zardarian guarding the cage for the Hungry Hippos, that reality was just around the corner if the Hungry Hippos could have managed to beat F.Koch. The net minder wasn’t nearly as busy, but denied the few shots he received in order to preserve the shutout, and more important the win for his club. The second game did have the flood gates open, at least in the first period. The Degenerates finally broke the spell that resulted in six first period tallies. M.Kardum was finally able to hit the back of the net striking three times for a hat trick while S.Marricco potted a pair after netting the lone goal in the earlier 1-0 decision. On the large part, the Degenerates dictated much of the pace. The addition of J.Adamou will have an impact to their back end as the slick quarter back was dominant breaking up plays while contributing with four assists. But the real story of the two encounters was the brilliant performance led by A.Zardarian, who was just incredible making a ton of saves.

(1)Degenerates vs Hungry Hippos(0)

(1)Hungry Hippos vs Degenerates(7)

Snipers use two late goals to down Lyft Off

Its never fun to lose a game late, especially when it happens twice in a row but the Lyft Off should take positives from tonight’s results. The Snipers are no push over and play like a blue collar team because of their relentless style and work ethic. In both cases, the two games could have easily gone either way. F.Nasser broke a late 2-2 tie in the first encounter before feeding a yawning cage for his second .The following match had a near identical ending with about the same amount of time left over when Ali Khanafer decided matters for the Snipers snapping a 3-3 tie. Sometimes things just go right for a team. The Snipers are playing very well and can argue they deserve the bounces they get for their no quit attitude. The Lyft Off may not be were they want right now in the standings, but they are far-from being a push over to any opponent.

(2)Lyft Off vs Snipers(4)

(5)Snipers vs Lyft Off(3)

Depleted Dragons eventually run out of gas

The Dragons started as well as a team playing with only two change ups against an opponent that just doesn’t stop running could have hoped for. If not for a pair of late breakdowns, they would have least walked away with a victory. Instead, the Kakivelis brothers had the final say with Costa Kakivelis scoring twice with the help of his brother Angelo. That late surge enabled the Bonjour High to take it in the shootout with Costa Kakivelis notching the lone tally. Entering the second game, it was apparent that the Dragons legs started to get heavy. Already down  2-0 early, the Dragons may have felt the game slip away but that wasn’t fully the case when G.DeMarinis scored to cut the lead in half. The eventual turning point occurred early in the second period where C-M Levasseur bagged his second in a shorthanded situation to regain a two goal cushion. From-there, it was all the Bonjour High as the quicker side dominated the play to put the game completely out of reach.

(5)Bonjour High vs Dragons(4) S.O

(1)Dragons vs Bonjour High(6)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Patrick Dupuis of the Country Club. No doubt Dupuis was influential for both the Country Clubs wins over the United Arms on Monday night. The forward collected two big points in the first game before scoring three straight in the second match.

Masters 35+ division

Friday March 4

Sonic suffer heartbreaking loss with not much time left on the clock

(4)Chiefs vs Sonic(3)

The Chiefs didn’t get playing the way they wanted until the mid way mark of the game on Friday night. But like they say, its better late than never. On two straight occasions, the Chiefs were forced to level the game. First, N.Morrone made it 3-3 with less than five minutes remaining, and A.Zarzour avoided overtime snapping a very late tie leaving all but 23 seconds on the clock. Sonic looked in good shape when A.Passarelli buried his second in the third period to put his team up 3-2. Four players collected two points each that included M.Pace and A.Amicone combining with four helpers while the captain F.Pace scored while adding an assist. It was just an unfortunate set of events for Sonic, who felt they deserved better. No doubt, a better outing compared to last weeks encounter with the Brewers.  As for the Chiefs, so far so good for a team that found another way to win.

Armos lacked consistency in close loss to Generals

(5)Generals vs Armos(4)

The Generals weren’t happy with their play for the most part. Eventually, they figured out how to turn things around and were rewarded on three quick goals to shift the game. That’s what happens when you play in spurts. The Armos had their moments as well but weren’t consistent enough to play a full 45 minute game. The see saw effect ultimately went the Generals way despite the pressure Armos was pushing toward the latter stages of the third period. Many players contributed-from the two sides with perhaps F.Bchara deserving the most praise. The forward scored twice that included the winner while M.Larin helped set up three teammates. The Armos saw A.Minassian do damage by bagging a pair. Even though the Armos dropped their first encounter, they will still take plenty of positives-from this loss. By adding some more key pieces to the puzzle while developing chemistry throughout the season, the near future looks bright for them.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Fadel Bchara of the Generals. After tying the game fairly late in the second period, F.Bchara did one better by adding his second shortly after that held up for the winner.

E Division

Thursday March 3

Fatal Demons rally past Horsemen for 4-3 shootout win

(3)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(4) S.O

M.Destounis scored the lone goal in the shootout, and the Fatal Demons strung their second win in as many games to defeat the Horsemen on Thursday night. The Horsemen led 2-0 and 3-1 but the Fatal Demons responded twice on efforts by M.Chenier and J.Bolanakis to help send the game in extra time. Bolanakis scored twice during the contest while M.Destounis set up M.Chenier’s power play goal before netting the winner in the shootout. M.Vinciguerra may have conceded the lone tally but was a huge factor why the game went that far. The net minder faced over  30 shots giving his club every opportunity possible to steal the game. On the flip side of the court, not nearly as busy, but still sharp, S.Fraga shined when it mattered the most denying three straight shootout attempts.

Brew Crew find groove in 4-1 win over the RCGT Knights

(1)RCGT Knights vs Brew Crew(4)

The Brew Crew were in the drivers seat for most of the night, and came away with a deserved 4-1 win over the RCGT Knights. It was strong offensive and defensive effort-from the entire team. A typical Brew Crew styled game making defence a priority while timing their offense that led to scoring efforts-from different scorers. J.DeSua got credited the winner and was behind setting up D.Verta and N.Powroznyk. The RCGT Knights cut the lead in half just passed the mid way point of the game courtesy of F.Bchara. The contest did remain fairly close until the Brew Crew distant themselves by the six minute mark of the third period thanks to Powroznyk’s insurance marker.  After receiving 18 shots, C.Muccino registered his first win of the season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marino Destounis of the Fatal Demons. In a tightly knitted contest with the Horsemen, M.Destounis was the only player to score in the shootout to help provide the win for his team.


D division

Wednesday March 2

Assadi Consulting Inc rally fall short, United edge it out

(5)Assadi Consulting Inc vs United(6)

In what was an unacceptable start to their night, the Assadi Consulting Inc ultimately paid the price in the end. Credit to United for storming out of the gate riding an impressive four goal first period surge. A.Dessureault had an immediate impact scoring twice during the frame and E.Paradis-Levasseur was barely tested stopping the few shots he received. Now, whatever was said in between the first and second period definitely had an impact for the rest of the game. The Assadi Consulting Inc decided to finally wake up and play some hockey. A.Kobayati and M.Tvaronas each scored in the second which suggested for an interesting third period to come. As much as the Assadi Consulting Inc battled hard, they just couldn’t get there in time. Two of their third period goals came shorthanded by R.Fortin and P.Arkalis. The United played this one right-from the beginning getting the start they needed that helped put them in the drivers seat the rest of the way. P-J.Benel got credited the winner, and M.David was vital setting up three goals.

Punishers use 2 late goals in comeback win over Armadillos

(5)Punishers vs Armadillos(4)

The Punishers pulled off a remarkable comeback against a very familiar opponent, sparking two very late goals that overcame a 4-3 deficit. The game was deadlocked 3-3 when B.Gabbour of the Armadillos snapped the late tie with only 90 seconds left in the game. The Armadillos must have felt they had it wrapped up considering the little time left over to kill. Its hard to rescue your club when time is your worse enemy, that’s unless you have certain types of players that can change an outcome on their own. The lesson to be learned here is that you cant count out what C.Gingras can do when his club have their backs to the wall. The miracle worker was behind an incredible turn of events where he fed A.Kakivelis for the equaliser and a helper on N.Rompotinos’s late winner. Throughout most of the game, the Armadillos were always behind chasing the score until the very late stages of the contest where they finally though they had it. It may have ended in a sour note, but that wont phase the defending champs, who would rather lose early in the regular season than in an important playoff game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carl Gingras of the Punishers. Anytime you need a big play, C.Gingras will be there to make the difference. The Punishers took this wild contest thanks to their top gun scoring once while setting up two important late goals.

Monday 4vs4 division

Monday February 28

Ali Khanafer shining for the Snipers

The Snipers floored another great performance on Monday night, and the Hungry Hippos didn’t stand a chance. They didn’t have the jump start they hoped for, but that all changed by the second period with three different players scoring for a 4-2 win. The second game didn’t quite go the way the Hungry Hippos hoped for. After finding themselves down 4-0 heading into the second period, the night ended fairly early due to the seven goal mercy rule. Ali Khanafer just kept getting better as the night was rolling along. The captain accumulated a bunch of points that included some high lite reel plays. Playing the Snipers isn’t pleasurable for any opponent. The Hungry Hippos realised it being stuck playing on their heels for most of the night. With ball possession come scoring chances, and the Snipers have plenty of it due to their relentless work ethic.

(2)Hungry Hippos vs Snipers(4)

(7)Snipers vs Hungry Hippos(0)

A pair of late goals propel Degenerates over ETNA

It was one of those games that could have gone either way. When two teams are deadlocked on the scoreboard, and time is winding down, all it takes is one more big play to make the difference. In tonight’s case, the Degenerates found a way to generate those plays with time winding down. The first encounter was decided on the power play thanks to S.Marricco swiping the ball that found the back of the net. The second match looked like it was headed to a shootout until the very same S.Marricco decided matters with only five seconds left on the clock. Anything that close is a question of timing and opportunity. With ETNA coming off some convincing wins, the Degenerates went through a downer all week after a very poor performance versus the Snipers. Sometimes it just takes a reset that can translate into a completely different outcome. The two wins will feel good for now, but the Degenerates understand that nothing will come easy in a division this competitive.

(5)Degenerates vs ETNA(4)

(4)ETNA vs Degenerates(5)

No need to shake off rust, Altius came ready to play

The Altius showed-from the drop of the ball that they weren’t holding back. Although the Diabetoz Angels put up a good fight trailing only 2-1 after one period was as good as it got. Nothing went right for the Diabetoz Angels-from that point on. Even with just under two full lines, the Altius scored plenty in bunches that saw only M.Arkalis net a pair. Much of the same happened in the next game, this time the Altius ran up the score right away bagging six in the first period alone. M.Melo riffled a hat trick, and A.Alfonso buried his first of two in the encounter. There is no doubt the Altius are well built as a team. Many of them have played together for a long time with no shortage of talent. Perhaps it wasn’t the right test for their first encounter, but watch out for them as they’ll  be one of the front runners moving forward.

(7)Altius vs Diabetoz Angels(1)

(2)Diabetoz Angels vs Altius(9)

United Arms use complete defensive effort to edge out Lyft Off

From-the goalie on out, the United Arms got contributions-from everyone on both sides of the rink. K.Haratounian stopped 18 shots for a shutout, E.Khatchedourian scored the games lone tally and the United Arms couldn’t have asked for a better start to their night. Still, the night wasn’t going to feel totally complete unless they put two straight wins together. Only thirteen seconds had gone by in the second game when S.Balouzkian put the United Arms on board. The Lyft Off, despite being scoreless knew they were still in it needing only one tally. Unfortunately, the next goal went once again in the United Arms favour courtesy of A.Papazian. It looked as though the Lyft Off were going to go empty handed as they struggled to get at least one by the net minder. Eventually, that moment came on a late power play goal thanks to V.Phoeuk. The Lyft Off never had the luxury to play with a lead. With both games extremely close and low scoring, that first tally proved to be so crucial in these types of games.

(1)United Arms vs Lyft Off(0)

(2)Lyft Off vs United Arms(3)

Assadi Classics adjust to level after receiving thumping versus Bonjours High

Getting some early saves by your net minder can sometimes indicate where the game is going. The Assadi Classics had at least five high end chances early on only to hit a brick wall. C.Ekonomakis was stellar, and the Bonjour Highs were able to feed off their goaltenders sharp performance by getting the job done up front. Five of their six goals occurred in the final frame with A.Kakivelis striking twice while C.Kakivelis produced three points. Unlike the first encounter, the second game had a much different story line. This time the Assadi Classics broke the spell on how to figure out Ekonomakis. They managed to going-from zero to six in the scoring column. The game was deadlocked at five goals a piece until S.Ruggiero picked up a loose rebound that snapped the late tie with only a minute remaining. That was his second of the game and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Bonjours High are very fast with plenty of skill and have the luxury of a solid net minder. But despite all those attributes, the Assadi Classics found a way to split their night. That’s perhaps due to their experience and ability on how to adjust during a hockey game. Players like F.Casacalenda don’t get the recognition that they deserve. The d-man is solid when playing without the ball trapping lanes, winning loose ball battles while sending hard crisp passes to his forwards. M.Mavroudis will agree that it isn’t always about him and that other players in his team bring a lot to the table.

(6)Bonjours High vs Assadi Classics(0)

(6)Assadi Classics vs Bonjours High(5)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sandro Marricco of the Degenerates. In both their wins, S.Marricco snapped two late 5-5 tie’s to decide the outcomes.

Masters 35+ division

Friday February 25

Brewers overcome slow start with dominant performance over Sonic

(7)Brewers vs Sonic(2)

There was no doubt Sonic had a great start to their night, especially in the first six minutes when M.St-Laurent and M.Pace each scored for an immediate 2-0 lead. Despite falling behind the eight ball that early, the Brewers settled things down and patiently waited for their chances to arrive. With the help of three power play opportunities, B.Burns, M.DeLGaudio and G.Montoro all buried their chances to shift the momentum. The Brewers clearly out worked Sonic taking the play to them which generated into high end scoring chances. M.DelGaudio scored twice while many others contributed for a balance team effort. Sonic sat back and were stuck playing on their heels unable to get anything going. F.Pace knows he needs to get more out of his players, but understands at the same time this was a long drought for many of them, who still need time to get back into it. The focus will be to try and improve for the next game by working out some little details. As for the Brewers, not a bad start for a team that struggled last season who failed to make the playoffs. A.Lanni looks like he has put the pieces together for a team that’s aiming higher this season.

P.Delli Colli standing tall in net for the Chiefs

(4)Generals vs Chiefs(6)

Even before the ball dropped, the focus was on the goaltending. The Generals have some lethal weapons throughout their line up which forces your goaler to stand tall in order to have a chance. The Chiefs had that luxury on Friday night with P.Delli Colli protecting the cage.  The Chiefs played well in front of him and Delli Colli reciprocated with an incredible performance. He may have let in four goals, but a normal nights performance would have seen many more go in, especially when you have to face bullets coming-from J.Brunet and O.Valiquette. The net minder was sharp, and focused challenging some dangerous shots that saw the leather react quicker than the balls velocity. While goaltending was  major factor, the Chiefs do impress the other way as well. D.Galloro scored a pair of beauties when he faked out S.Sauk with the same brilliant back hand finish. Both teams seem to have the elements to make a serious push when the right time comes. The Generals will fine tune their line up and will perhaps be the team to beat right now even if the Chiefs did a remarkable thing by handing them an early season loss.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Paolo Delli Colli of the Chiefs. No doubt Delli Colli stepped up. At crucial points during the game, the net minder made the timely saves making one look more spectacular than the other to help provide a nice opening win for the Chiefs.

E Division

Thursday February 24

Fatal Demons overcome deficit in high end affair with defending champs

(5)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(7)

Playing for the first time after a long layover, the Fatal Demons looked sharp except in the first period where the Brew Crew were in command supporting a 3-1 lead. A.Belanger had scored twice, D.Verta added a shorthanded marker, and the Brew Crew looked like the defending champs of not to long ago. Then, the second half of the game happened and the pendulum started to swing the other way. The Fatal Demons were able to dig out of a bad hole netting three straight tallies by the end of the second period for a slight 5-4 lead. Its uncharacteristic for the Brew Crew to let such a lead slip away. In hopes of bouncing back for a stronger third period, things only fell apart more when G.DeMarinis and M.Destounis scored a minute apart. A.Belanger would eventually complete his hat trick but it didn’t mean much in the grand schemes of things. Tonight’s win demonstrated that the Fatal Demons have the fire power to over come a deficit against a team that defends as well as the Brew Crew does. Maybe it was just some championship hang over along with some rust for the defending champs, who clearly aren’t concerned with how the night ended.

D.Greco a handful for the RCGT Knights to handle

(2)RCGT Knights vs Horsemen(6)

The Horsemen got a big second period and ran past the RCGT Knights to kick start a solid night in their season opener. A three minute span in the early stages of the second period ultimately decided this contest. A.Argiroudis, M.Mamoulides and S.Giannakis each scored to put the Horsemen in front 4-1. G.Lallis did answer back in the third period for the RCGT Knights, but that was short lived as the Horsemen stretched their lead adding two more insurance markers. The win came courtesy of an overall team effort that saw six different players find the back of the net. D.Greco did however provide the offensive spark that the Horsemen love to rely on. The slick quarter back defenseman set up three teammates while surprisingly shot the ball to collect his first goal of the season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Daniel Greco of the Horsemen. Greco was a force that the RCGT Knights just couldn’t stop. He came out in full gear and did what he does best, and that’s to create a ton of chances that resulted in four points.

D Wednesday division

Wednesday February 23

P.Karvouriaris hat trick powers Punishers in season opener

(2)Assadi Consulting inc vs Punishers(3)

The Punishers defeated the Assadi Consulting inc , 3-2 on the heels of P.Karvouriaris’s hat trick with the help of a pair of feeds than no other C.Gingras. Karvouriaris put the Punishers in front early in the second period, doubled the lead five minutes later and was credited his winner by the mid point of the final frame. The Assadi Consulting kept making a push narrowing the gap twice by one but weren’t able to equalise at any point. J.Courteau and P.Arkalis were the only ones to solve A.Bitsakis, who will be a significant piece to the puzzle for the Punishers going forward. Both sides appeared to have a full bench which will be required at this level of competition. The Punishers saw their two usual suspects do immediate damage while still insulated with a strong supporting cast. As for the Assadi Consulting inc, the additions of a few key components will make them difficult to challenge against.

K.Kuczmarski six point night leads Armadillos in blow out victory

(2)Left Wings vs Armadillos(7)

Its only their first game and already a very big night for K.Kuczmarski of the Armadillos. The Armadillos product scored twice in the first period while setting up four more tallies that led to a fairly easy win for the recent champs. The game was blown wide open in the second period with the Armadillos striking four times without any response. It just looked like the Left Wings weren’t prepared despite having a near complete line up. The same couldn’t be said for the Armadillos however who looked like they haven’t missed a beat after missing two months of action. Regardless what happened in tonight’s contest, the Left Wings wont be concerned knowing that it was only one bad game. Good teams always adjust, and that will be expected when you have top tier players such as J.Adamou and D.Provost-Jarry leading the way.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Karvouriaris of the Punishers. In a tight knitted battle, the sharp shooter posted all three tallies to help his club edge out a close 3-2 win.

4vs4 Monday

Monday February 21

ETNA continue to roll in double rout of Diabetoz Angels

ETNA continue to dispatch their opponent with ease. Both sides entered tonight’s contest in opposite directions and things didn’t change at all with ETNA rolling passed a struggling Diabetoz Angles side. Completely out matched ,the Diabetoz had no solutions on how to slow down a well oiled machine. M.Calabrice and F.Perron scored two goals each in the opener with M.Rosato stopping all 15 shots  while much of the same occurred in the ensuing match except for M.Rosato conceding his lone tally when T.C.Caperos finally beat him. M.Calabrice duplicated his efforts netting two more tallies as part of an eight point night. Still very early the season, the Diabetoz Angels will have plenty of time on how to improve their game. Meanwhile, ETNA will remain confident throughout the campaign as they expect nothing less than to keep winning. This was their first of two of a double header night for the ETNA.

(0)Diabetoz Angels vs ETNA(6)

(6)ETNA vs Diabetoz Angels(1)

S.Ruggiero shorthanded goal provided the edge for the Assadi Classics

The Assadi Classics needed something great or fortunate to get out of a serious jam. With the game deadlocked 1-1 with just over three minutes remaining, killing a penalty in a four on three situation isn’t the easiest thing to do. In these circumstances, you really hope that you can kill it off in order to have a chance to steal the game. However, the Assadi Classics did something better, and that was all thanks to their reliable sniper. S.Ruggiero was fantastic and timely by snapping a late tie courtesy of his shorthanded marker. That goal couldn’t have come at a better time in what was a low scoring affair. The United Arms were definitely frustrated for how things ended. They did have another shot at it but were never able to grab a lead. A.Zakarian tied the game 1-1 early in the second period. Only three minutes had gone by before M.Destounis put the Assadi Classics back in front. As much as the United Arms attempted to equalise, they just couldn’t get the much needed marker. The Assadi Classics know how to shut you down, and they did just that with the help of P.Assadi, who was stellar allowing only two goals in four periods.

(1)United Arms vs Assadi Classics(2)

(3)Assadi Classics vs United Arms(1)

Dominant again, ETNA will be getting attention of the division

Again, ETNA took over both games with a complete offensive effort. After coming off a pair of lopsided wins, ETNA continued their offensive onslaught dismantling the Hungry Hippos in two straight games. M.Stoico set the tone bagging two goals while five different players contributed in the scoring department for a 7-1 rout. It was almost expected that the ETNA was going to dominate the rest of the way no matter how hard the Hungry Hippos tried to slow them down. Things did remain close after one period but that eventually changed when M.Stoico strung two quick tallies to put this game completely out of reach. In eight straight periods, ETNA won deservedly and with no resistance. Surely they will face some tougher challenges ahead of them, but for now, M.Stoico and his club will be satisfied for how well its been so far.

(1)Hungry Hippos vs ETNA(7)

(7)ETNA vs Hungry Hippos(0)

Dragons bounce back with authority after losing in shootout vs Country Club

The Country Club couldn’t have asked for a better start to their night going up against an explosive Dragons side. They played a complete first game which enabled them to take it in the shootout thanks to M.Dalpe and J.Carriere finding the back of the net. However, their good fortunes came to a screeching halt by the second game. The Dragons completely outmatched the Country Club by the second encounter. Only seven minutes and change had gone by before this contest was put to rest with the Dragons storming off to a 4-0 lead. With so many available weapons, B.Daniele led the charge riffling a hat trick. No doubt the slow start came to hurt the Country Club as they kept falling behind the eight ball unable to sustain the pressure put forth by the Dragons. They may not like their finish, but at least they know they can compete with a top tier team.

(6)Country Club vs Dragons(4) S.O

(7)Dragons vs Country Club(1)

Snipers make strong statement with convincing wins over Degenerates

The Snipers performance throughout four entire periods was complete as it can get. Once the ball dropped, the better team showed up to play while the Degenerates looked like they were always one step behind. All that effort and hard work adds up throughout a game, and the Snipers would eventually benefit on their many scoring chances. Apart-from Hassan Khanafer scoring twice in the opening game, the Snipers got balanced scoring not needing to rely on any particular player except for an overall team game. To some degree, its not a huge surprise the Snipers took care of business the way they did. When a team out works you, the results will be there which was clearly the case in tonight’s duel between the two sides.

(1)Degenerates vs Snipers(5)

(5)Snipers vs Degenerates(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Martin Dalpe of the Country Club. Beating the Dragons wont be an easy task for most teams. However, it can be argued that the influence of M.Dalpe was the main reason why the Country Club edged out the Dragons. The highly skilled forward participated in all four goals that included two tallies along with the shootout winner.

4vs4 Monday

Monday February 14

F.Proulx and M.Dalpe pace Country Club in season opening wins over Diabetoz Angels

F.Proulx and N.Dalpe each scored twice, and the Country Club  commenced their new campaign with a pair of victories over the Diabetoz Angels. It looked like they came together quickly with the first period being an example of how prepared they looked sparking a pair of goals. The Diabetoz Angels finally shook some rust off when P.Rizkalla notched a pair that sparked some life despite dropping the opening contest 4-2. They did manage a better start in the second game winning the opening frame thanks to J.Zervakos lone tally. Despite the slow start, the Country Club had a heavy response in their final stretch. M.Dalpe snapped a 1-1 tie while adding some insurance moments later to put his club in the drivers seat. The lead was sufficient  enough for M.Dupuis, who stood firm between the pipes.

(2)Diabetoz Angels vs Country Club(4)

(4)Country Club vs Diabetoz Angels(1)

Lead by example, M.Stoico’s 5 points helps pave way for ETNA’s double wins over Lyft Off

The Lyft Off were hoping to finish off a solid final frame after dropping their earlier contest with ETNA only to see it translate into a consecutive loss. Things appeared to be fine for the Lyft Off carrying a slight 3-2 lead until it all shifted in the favour for ETNA. Once their leader M.Stoico levelled the game, the message was sent that this contest would be heading in the ETNA’s direction. The captain was just getting warmed up adding two more helpers that saw F.Perron benefit twice. Both games were extremely close, and could have easily gone either way. Since the Lyft Off isn’t familiar with their opponent, they never had the chance to identify the ETNA’s strengths. Tonight’s wins came with some key players making the difference. Led by their captain M.Stoico’s five point night along with H.Marras four goals, the Lyft Off couldn’t formulate the right game plan in time to contain the threats. 

(2)Lyft Off vs ETNA(3)

(5)ETNA vs Lyft Off(3)

High Powered Dragons overwhelm Snipers

The Dragons will enter this season as a top contender simply because of their offensive capabilities. Expect them to be a high scoring team that will be heavily relying on players such as J.Mandracchia, B.Daniele,G.DeMarinis and J.Scalia just to name a few. There is no doubt that they will put up some serious numbers, and unless you contain them, expect to be on the losing end. The Snipers had a bad start to their night dropping a convincing 5-2 decision, but competed much harder in the ensuing match after a strong start that saw them ahead 3-1 at one point. And if there is a team that can protect a lead, the Snipers are that team. However , not in tonight’s case as they were unable to slow down the onslaught by the Dragons. The Dragons showed no fear rattling goal after goal that saw five go in without any sort of response-from their opponent. After combining for a total of seven points in the opening game, J.Mandracchia, B.Daniele and G.DeMarinis were far-from being done as all three players duplicated their efforts in the second match adding an identical total of seven more points. While the Dragons looked like they didn’t miss a beat, the Snipers will need a couple of games to get back into it. All they really need is a natural goal scorer to transform their team into a potential contender.

(2)Snipers vs Dragons(5)

(6)Dragons vs Snipers(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matteo Stoico of ETNA. What more can a team ask for when they have a solid d-man controlling both sides of the court. M.Stoico created plenty of offense collecting five points while dominating his own territory breaking up many plays.

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National winners of Masters 35+ division

Wednesday December 22 (Masters 35+ final)

D.Massa behind 4-0 victory in Game 1

National opened the final with a brilliant 4-0 victory over the Armos. O.Valiquette opened the scoring while doubling the lead on a power play marker. Prior to National’s second goal, the Armos missed out on a golden opportunity when awarded a 5-3 power play. Instead, they found themselves in the box shortly after, and National made sure to not waste their chance. That tally came very late in the second period giving National a decent advance heading into the final stretch. With the next goal so crucial, M-A Simard was able to provide it for National, who surely knew by then that game one was in the bag. It wasn’t like the Armos didn’t have their fair share of chances. They hit two posts, but more importantly, a net minder that never flinched. D.Massa was again spectacular stopping every shot he faced that included some grade a scoring chances. You always want to get off on the right foot when entering a series. Since game one went to National, the Armos would be the ones faced with all the pressure knowing they have to win two in a row.

M.Pinheiro seizes the moment, nets OT winner to claim Masters 35+ championship

(2)Armos vs National(3) Game 2

The Armos knew they got close. They were able to see the mountain top, but couldn’t get there. They got their break with S.Marricco striking for a second time late in the game to force the overtime. By that point, its pretty much up for grabs. It took barely two minutes into the sudden death frame however for M.Pinheiro to seize the moment. The Captain placed him self at a perfect spot receiving an easy pass -from C.Dagenais resulting in a tap in goal. National had another great start in game two scoring twice in the opening frame. Till that point, the Armos have yet to find the back of the net in this series. The frustrations carried through until the early stages of the second period where S.Marricco finally broke the spell. Sometimes, it takes that one tally to loosen up your bench a little, something the Armos were longing for despite getting enough decent scoring chances. Eventually, they evened the score late in the game which put them in a great position to tie the series. Unfortunately, with overtime usually going either way, the Armos couldn’t catch their break. Instead, M.Pinheiro was there to decide matters capping off an impressive playoff run. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Marc Pinheiro and National for winning the Masters 35+ division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marc Pinheiro of National. It can be easily argued that the captain posted his clubs biggest goal of the season. You never want to take your chances in a fifteen minute mini game where anything can happen. National avoided that situation thanks to Pinheiro’s positioning and reflex to bury the winner.

Armadillos winners of D division

Wednesday December 22 (D final)

L.Panetta scores late tie breaker, Armadillos even up their series with Punishers

(3)Punishers vs Armadillos(5) Game 2

L.Panetta was at the right place at the right time for the Armadillos. Panetta scored the tie breaking goal late in the third period and the Armadillos beat the Punishers to even the series at one game apiece. It was clear that every single player came to play for the Armadillos. From-the drop of the ball, they fore checked, they went to the net, they played hard in their own end and got big saves-from C.Stavriadis. Both sides played even through two periods leaving only the final frame for someone to crack. That’s were L.Pantetta came up clutch netting his first of two to cap off a 5-3 decision. G.Bouchard played a huge offensive role as well scoring twice in the second period. Even though the Armadillos knew what their primary game plan was, P.Karvouriaris and C.Gingras still got their way participating in all three goals. But, it’s the end result that counts and the Armadillos are glad to have forced a third and deciding game.

L.Pantetta strikes early, C.Stavriadis earns shutout, Armadillos champions of D Wednesday/Thursday division

(1)Armadillos vs Punishers(0) Game 3

Thanks to C.Stavriadis and another stellar defensive performance, the Armadillos reached the finish line first to claim the D Wednesday/Thursday division championship. Again, L.Panetta came through notching the games lone goal, giving C.Stavriadis all the offensive support needed to cap off the series. After they got that early tally, the Armadillos just kept pushing while putting their bodies on the line blocking shots. It was a text book game three final for a team that put it all on the line. This time, they managed to contain the Punishers lethal weapons allowing only five shots in fifteen minutes. By playing relentless defense, the opportunities were limited for the Punishers. The importance of that first goal paid dividends, especially in this type of series where both teams can shut you down. There was a reason why the Armadillos finished on top of this division with so many competitive opponents. They solidified their status as the best team of the division winning it in the regular season and more important in the post season. On behalf of, congratulations go out to John Kontitsis and the Armadillos for winning the D division.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Luca Panetta of the Armadillos. What more can you ask-from a player that gets you two consecutive clutch goals at the most important stage of the game.

4vs4 Monday Playoffs

Monday December 20 (Open division Final)

G.Barrera’s shootout goal caps crazy finish, Golden Knights champs of the 4vs4 open division

The Golden Knights were simply relieved. Even though they led the series 1-0, the second game suggested a third and deciding match was to be followed with the Orient carrying a 2-0 lead with less than two minutes remaining. And rather than sulking or quitting, the Golden Knights rallied for an improbable shootout win. The series was like a movie with the amount of drama along with twists and turns, but in the end it was a great finish for the Golden Knights. Throughout their entire regular season and playoff, the Golden Knights never dropped a game. Tonight was perhaps as close as it got for the Orient to end their run if not for some bad luck and unfortunate timing.  As the shootout rounds kept passing, both captains had to face some tough choices on who to send out there. For the Golden Knights, G.Barrera took it upon himself to take a shot at it. That decision paid off as the captain used a brilliant move to slide the ball right under E.Paradis-Levasseur. This contest was decided after seven shootout rounds with the goaltenders having their ups and downs. The first three attempts saw both sides score each time while the following three attempts had the players snake bitten unable to solve the net minders. It was by the seventh round that this series came to a close thanks to Barrera. The Golden Knights will remember this season for their impressive unbeaten record illustrating their skill level and toughness that got them to this point. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Gary Barrera and the Golden Knights for winning the 4vs4 open division.

(4)Golden Knights vs Orient(2) Game 1

(5)Orient vs Golden Knights(6) S.O Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Gary Barrera of the Golden Knights. As a captain, you carry all the responsibilities on your shoulders. Stuck with some tough decisions, G.Barrera made plenty of right ones throughout the series including perhaps its finest moment when he scored his clubs last goal to decide the championship.

(Division 2) 4 vs 5

Mighty Cucks offense dries up at wrong time, Hungry Hippos pull through

The Hungry Hippos took on the Mighty Cucks for the right to play the Degenerates in the semi final that would take place only an hour after this contest. It was understood  that this series was going to played out till the very end. It. They met not long ago with the Mighty Cucks needing both shootouts to edge out the Hungry Hippos. Basically, a coin toss situation. Game one was nothing short of a similar confrontation with both sides going into another shootout. This time however, the Hungry Hippos flipped the table thanks to goals by A.Daghlian and B.Pereira while A.Zandarian won the goaltending battle denying two of three attempts. The Hungry Hippos would feed off their strong finish heading into game two jumping out in front early courtesy of J.Discepola’s power play goal. As expected, it was another tight checking game with so much on the line. The problem however was that the Mighty Cucks couldn’t get much going up front. In part, the Hungry Hippos didn’t give a whole lot, and A.Zandarian was having an incredible night stopping everything his way. The net minder stole the show once more riding a perfect sheet which enabled his club to pull through. A.Pederian would eventually feed an empty cage securing a low scoring affair. This win came at a cost however. Due to some banged up players, the Hungry Hippos decided to call it quits and forfeit their match up with the Degenerates.

(2)Mighty Cucks vs Hungry Hippos(3) S.O Game 1

(2)Hungry Hippos vs Mighty Cucks(0) Game 2

Semi final

Dragons endure nightmare finish to Assadi Classics

For nearly two entire games, the Dragons looked fast and full of skill as it looked like they could do no wrong. They had an easy opening game that ended by a landslide, and continued to take command in the ensuing match finding themselves up 5-3 at one point with less than two minutes remaining. Any betting person would have concluded an easy sweep for how the series transpired till that point. B.Daniele was a force netting back to back hat tricks while S.Morante was steady in net making all the necessary saves. Then, the genie came out of the bottle and the unthinkable happened. Already with a goal early in the second period, M.Croteau went into beast mode bagging two quick tallies that evened the score. Out of nowhere, the Assadi Classics were actually in this series. And rather than the clock bleeding out in its final moment, M.Destounis added to the Dragons misery by snapping a 5-5 tie. Talk about a turn of events. Granted, there was still another game to be played, but hockey can sometimes take a psychological effect on you. That ending played into the Dragons minds heading into game three. They were no where close to how they performed for two straight games. Clearly, momentum had everything to do with it. The Assadi Classics were the ones dictating the pace in game three keeping the ball for longer periods of time which eventually led to their breaks. M.Mavroudis, as he’s often done in the past, will get you that big goal. The power forward snapped a late 1-1 tie which was shortly followed by J.Pantelis’s empty net marker. Looking back at all this, the Dragons may have lacked that killer instinct to close out the series. You can never get to complacent or let up just a little as it can sometimes come back to hurt you. Unfortunately for the Dragons, they learned it the hard way.

(7)Dragons vs Assadi Classics(2) Game 1

(6)Assadi Classics vs Dragons(5)Game 2

(1)Dragons vs Assadi Classics(3) Game 3

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Martin Croteau of the Assadi Classics. The Assadi Classics were ready to pack it up for how their night was going, that was until M.Croteau took the bull by the horns bagging two incredible timely goals. The solid d-man was an absolute force notching a hat trick along with a pair of assists while making many big defensive plays.

The second division is now down to its final two teams. The Degenerates will take on the Assadi Classics in what will be a difficult challenge for the two sides. The Degenerates need to use their quickness and speed so they can hold on to the ball while identifying the threats-from their opponent. Since both teams know each other extremely well, a solid game plan may decide the fate of this series.

Masters 35+ division playoffs

Friday December 17 (Semi final)

Penalties doom Chiefs as National unleash power play

(4)National vs Chiefs(3) Game 1

When National are given the man advantage, they expect nothing less than to capitalise. National were lethally efficient in doing that in their close 4-3 victory over the Chiefs. On their three opportunities, they converted three times including a back breaker by P.Barret-Doucet with just under five minutes remaining. The Chiefs had the right approach heading into tonight’s match up. By keeping the game close, it gave them a shot at jumping out in front in the series. Neither side played with the lead after two periods which looked to play in the favour for the Chiefs. Unfortunately, they took two straight penalties that ultimately doomed them in game one. Four different players scored in the win with V.Lamarche setting up National’s last two tallies while D.Massa was solid again facing 23 shots.

National rout Chiefs, move closer to ultimate goal

(1)Chiefs vs National(5) Game 2

A perfect start in game two put National in position to punch their ticket to the final. They were able to blitz the Chiefs in the second period riding four unanswered goals for a sufficient 5-0 lead. Their first tally came again with the man advantage courtesy of V.Lamarche while for a second straight game, nobody scored more than once. The Chiefs knew they couldn’t afford to fall too behind. The turning point occurred by the six minute mark of the second period where M.Mogianesi and F.Laurin tallied less than a minute apart for a 3-0 lead. Despite half a game remaining, the writing was on the wall for the Chiefs. National continued to build on their momentum winning most battles in order to keep the ball longer . No doubt, it was a dominating team effort that culminated a 5-1 victory.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to D.Massa of National. Its always nice to have your goaltender perform at the right time during the season. Massa was sound, collective and focused between the pipes making all the necessary saves to help lead National to the final.

The other semi final series between the Sonic and the Armos did not take place. Sonic had to forfeit both their games due to some lack of players. With that, the Masters 35+ division is now down to its last two teams. The Armos will have to erase that nightmare finish they had with National only a week ago. Clearly, they have a lot of issues to address if they plan on making it a series. Right now, it looks like National is rolling on all cylinders as they expect nothing less than to win it all.

Brew Crew winners of E division

Thursday December 16 (E division final)

Team work, resilience delivers results for Brew Crew

(7)Brew Crew vs Horsemen(1) Game 1

It was a victory that had all the Brew Crew’s players finger prints in the final result. Their collective effort began with C.Muccino stopping the ball 20 times along with scoring efforts-from seven different players. The Horsemen knew a bad start wasn’t the way to go against a stingy hockey team. You never want to fall 3-0 after one period, especially against the Brew Crew. With the damage already done early on, the Horsemen attempted to get at least one by Muccino, who didn’t concede his lone tally till S.Giannakis beat him in the third period. It looked like the Brew Crew rose to the occasion as soon as the ball dropped. For the Horsemen, the mind set needs to be a reset heading into game two. Even though the Brew Crew will be difficult to challenge, this series can shift if the Horseman find a way to get a better start. Scoring that first goal will be crucial if the Horsemen plan on extending their series.

D.Verta snaps late tie, Brew Crew celebrate E division title

(3)Horsemen vs Brew Crew(4) Game 2

This time, the Horsemen worked harder, competed harder but just couldn’t beat the Brew Crew on this particular night. It was only fitting that the Brew Crew took it in the end. Good teams often find ways to win. The Brew crew overcame a deficit while getting a timely goal by D.Verta with just over three minutes left in the game. The Horsemen ignited their power play with tallies by A.Lepore and M.Kardum as they struggled to generate much on even strength. Throughout the entire season, the Brew Crew made the case for being the most consistent team. That message carried on when the games started to count even more as they easily ran over the RCGT Knights before handing the Horsemen two straight losses. Apart-from their final game, the rest of their playoff run was a cake walk. In the end, the deserving team prevailed reaching their ultimate goal. On behalf of, congratulations go out to Chris Palermo and the rest of the Brew Crew for capturing the E division title.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Carmen Muccino of the Brew Crew. While many are deserving of the honour of player of the night, your goaltender always plays a major role. Muccino  was ready , focused and extremely sharp enabling his club to play with the confidence required in order to get the job done.

(D division final)

P.Karvouriaris, C.Gingras one two punch startle Armadillos in game 1

(2)Armadillos vs Punishers(5) Game 1

Its always huge to get that first game under your belt. The Punishers are now ahead in this series and will look to close out a very good opponent. In order to do so, they’ll need for their usual suspects to deliver the goods. In tonight’s case, P.Karvouriaris and C.Gingras provided most of the offense as both players combined for eight points. Karvouriaris participated in all five goals that included a hat trick. Like natural snipers often do, he is able to find himself at the right spot in the slot area giving little chance to C.Stavriadis to react. The Armadillos let him get too many free looks and paid the price for it. With game one over and done with, the Armadillos will have a few days to reflect and figure out what to do in order to force a third and deciding game. One things for sure, they have to neutralise the Punishers top guns. And although that’s easier said than done, the Armadillos do have the right players in order to slow down the threat. It will come down to how they execute their game plan to try and contain Gingras and Karvouriaris.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Karvouriaris of the Punishers. Absolutely dynamite, the Punishers sniper bagged a hat trick along with a pair of helpers in a 5-2 decision over the Armadillos.

Wednesday Thursday division playoffs

Wednesday December 15 ( Semi finals)

Punishers even series with 4-0 shutout

(4)Punishers vs United Arms(0) Game 2

Anytime you fall behind in a series you want to come back with a good start. And although this went scoreless for over a period, the Punishers got the start they wanted when M.Koutavas opened the scoring. Its hard to plan something like that, but the Punishers put out a great effort in order to dictate the terms. The game would remain close with both sides tentative in order to avoid any costly mistakes. Eventually, T.Karvouriaris would double the lead for the Punishers by the nine minute mark of the third period. It didn’t really matter much that their was six minutes left for any sort of comeback. The Punishers played with more jump, intensity and desperation and weren’t going to give much for the United Arms to respond. N.Mackeen was steady never flinching stopping all 20 shots his way. M.Koutavas finished with a pair of tallies  including the game winner on the power play. There was no doubt the victory was an important counterpunch for the Punishers, who will carry all the momentum heading into game 3.

Punishers advance behind N.Mackeen’s stellar night

(0)United Arms vs Punishers(2) Game 3

For a second game in a row, it was the N.Mackeen show as the net minder earned another shutout to help send the Punishers through to the final. Mackeen followed up his 20 save performance by stopping six more important shots in a 15 minute mini game. Both teams understood how important that first goal would be. Its almost treated like a sudden death frame for how they both defend well while depending on reliable goaltenders. It took the nine minute mark of the frame before P.Karvouriaris broke the ice. While the United Arms did everything in their power to respond, their offense went dormant again. Credit to the Punishers for how they responded heading into tonight’s difficult challenge. In four straight periods, they managed to keep the United Arms off the score sheet knowing that they had the capacity to score with some big time gamers.

Well rounded Armadillos too much to handle for the Panthers

(3)Panthers vs Armadillos(6) Game 2

What the Panthers were hoping for seemed to be going according to plan for a very long stretch. That was up until two quick goals toward the end of the second period shifted this game, and ultimately decided the series. D.Andrade and K.Kuczmarski were the ones to help provide a 3-1 lead leaving all but one period for the Panthers season. Unfortunately, things only got worse-from there on for the Panthers as L.Panetta and T.Bozinakis scored early in the frame for what was a sufficient lead despite plenty of time left over. The Armadillos defensive structure and excellent goaltending by C.Stavriadis was too much for the Panthers to overcome. There were just too many elements in the Armadillos arsenal. Too many things need to go right when going up against a sound experienced team like the Armadillos with perhaps the most lethal forward in the division. K.Kuczmarski will always make his way on the score sheet as the skilled forward provided four points that included three primary assists.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nikita Mackeen of the Punishers. What more can you ask for-from your goaltender. The Punishers rebounded with two consecutive wins in large part due to Mackeen, who never once looked behind him.

The big stage is finally set for the D division. The Armadillos will take on the Punishers in what will be an interesting final. Assuming the goaltending wont be a factor since both teams have blue chip net minders, these teams will rely on other factors. The Armadillos have a better line of defense, but the Punishers may be heavier on the offense. The expression says defence wins championships which may suggest the Armadillos will take this series. However, the Punishers just showed tonight that they can play that same way as well by shutting out the United Arms for two straight games. Look for this to be a close one.

4vs4 Monday

Monday December 13 (Division 1 Semi final)

 F.Nasser's shootout winner carries Orient to final

 F.Nasser scored the deciding goal in a suspenseful shootout, and the Orient are glad knowing they will be playing for the ultimate prize by reaching the final.  E.Paradis-Levasseur sealed the victory by stopping the HBHA Seniors last attempt. The HBHA Seniors fell behind in the series, but looked to bounce back by getting off to a way better start in game two. Q.Syryduk put his club in a great position by netting two goals for what appeared to be a commanding 2-0 lead. Yet somehow it was all for nothing as the Orient stormed back on three straight markers. M.Morin answered the call posting two in a row right before Ali Khanafer put the Orient in front with less than two minutes remaining. Naturally this series had to end with some drama. With the clock winding down in its final minute, Q.Syryduk was there again to provide more offence for the HBHA Seniors which forced the shootout. Unfortunately for the HBHA Seniors, they just couldn't  get that break they hoped for. Instead, it was M.Monteschio and his captain F.Nasser capitalising while E.Paradis-Levasseur was sharp denying two attempts.

(2)HBHA Seniors vs Orient(3) Game 1

 (5)Orient vs HBHA Seniors(4) S.O Game 2

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Matthew Monteschio of the Orient. The forward was involved in many big plays for the Orient providing four points along with a shootout goal.

 The first division will have the final take place between the Golden Knights and the Orient. In order for the Orient to win, they will have to limit mistakes and simply play a hard fought grinding game with the Golden Knights. Limiting high end chances is perhaps their key to having a success.

Division 2 :

 Hungry Hippos finish strong to secure playoff spot

Needing two consecutive victories, the RCGT Knights couldn't have asked for a better start. F.Bchara scored two first period goals, S.Sauk allowed only one tally and the RCGT Knights were able to pull off game one with only two spares on their bench. The problem was that they needed to do this twice in order to have a chance to participate in the playoffs. This time however, the Hungry Hippos turned the table. All they needed was the first period to flip the script and regain control of their own fate. Goals came -from five different players in that single frame with M.Stoico controlling the back end providing three helpers. R.Yousef would feed an empty cage for his second, and A.Zardarian felt a lot more comfortable between the pipes supporting an adequate lead. The Hungry Hippos will feel good about moving on despite playing a double header.

(1)Hungry Hippos vs RCGT Knights(2)

 (3)RCGT Knights vs Hungry Hippos(6)

 Down to the wire Degenerates edge out Dragons for first place

 The Dragons were clinging to first place going into Monday nights match up versus the Degenerates, who were right behind them. Although the Dragons carried the advantage needing only a split, the Degenerates pulled off their opening encounter to set an even bigger stage heading into the second match. By that point, the Dragons had no choice but to capture the win in order to take top spot. And they couldn't have asked for a better start mounting an immediate 3-0 lead. No doubt the Degenerates were on their heels, but that started to shift as soon as P.Stroubakis put them on board. Even though it was only one goal, the Degenerates sensed a shift brewing knowing they had plenty of time left over. Eventually they tied the game on two occasions leaving only a shootout to decide matters. The Degenerates had the slight advantage of needing only the tie to secure first place. What made it re assuring is that they had the goaltender to make it happen. R.Ricaurte made sure to get the job done denying three high end players.

 (2)Dragons vs Degenerates(4)

 (4)Degenerates vs Dragons(4) S.O

 Playoff preview suggests for a good match up between Mighty Cucs and Hungry Hippos

 The Hungry Hippos and the Mighty Cucs are very close on how they match up against one another. The proof of that was demonstrated on how both games ended on Monday night. Although the Mighty Cucs had the upper hand collecting wins, both games could have easily gone either way when decided in a shootout. The opening contest saw both sides rely on their top guns with S.Masi leading the charge with four points along with the shootout winning goal. On the other end, T.Oliveira was riding a hot hand as the sniper buried three of his clubs four goals. For some reason, the Hungry Hippos did not send Oliveira to take one of the shootouts. Similar to the opening match, the second encounter saw neither side really get an edge. Again, they went into a breakaway competition where for a second time S.Masi came through to decide matters. The Hungry Hippos failed to capitalise on six straight shootout attempts simply because A.Giampalma was brilliant in net. This match up was a preview for the playoffs as the two teams will square off against each other. Since both games went the entire distance, expect nothing less than a similar out come.

 (4)Hungry Hippos vs Mighty Cucs(5) S.O

 (4)Mighty Cucs vs Hungry Hippos(3) S.O

 The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Steven Masi of the Mighty Cucs. No doubt the forward was absolutely influential in both his teams wins. Masi collected a total of five points along with two shootout winning goals.

 Division 2 regular season came to an end on Monday night. With the top three seeds patiently waiting in the semi finals, the Mighty Cucs and the Hungry Hippos will play a playoff round to see who will capture that fourth spot.


Masters 35+ division

Friday December 10

Armos narrowly avoid upset vs hard working Brewers

The Armos had a doubleheader on tap tonight and knew that they needed victories in both in order to secure 1st place in the division and couldn’t take the Brewers lightly regardless of their place in the standings. The results may not always be there, but the Brewers will always put up a good fight with any opponent and tonight was no different. The first period ended deadlocked at 1 apiece with both teams playing solid defensive hockey. The 2 teams decided to open it up a little in the 2nd period exchanging 3 goals to keep it tied through 2. The Armos broke the deadlock midway through the 3rd period when none other than S.Marricco, who has a knack for scoring big goals rifled a shot passed H.Psaroudis. They added the insurance marker in an empty net securing a 7-5 win. The Brewers fell short tonight but not for a lack of effort and the Armos will have to tighten things up defensively and rely on a balanced attack for their next match up vs National.

(7) Armos vs Brewers (5)

Short bench sinks Chiefs in important matchup vs Sonic

The Chiefs knew this wasn’t gonna be an easy task and that they were in for a long night since they only had 1 change up. They had to keep things simple defensively and rely on their counterattack to produce their goals. F.Pace’s troops were ready for this encounter as Sonic stormed out of the gate grabbing a 4-1 lead after just 1 period both outshooting them and creating more scoring chances. The Chiefs showed some bite for the rest of the game, scoring 5 goals and despite a solid 4 goal game from S.Koulieris, the hole was too big to climb out of and ultimately lost the game. Sonic used a balanced scoring attack with 6 different goal scorers lighting the lamp and this will surely help their confidence heading into the playoffs. Despite tonight’s setback, the Chiefs know they have enough veteran leadership and talent when they field a full team to get the job done in the playoffs and will also have to rely on their defensive approach and their goaltender.

(9) Sonic vs Chiefs (6)

D.Massa stands tall as National manhandles the Armos en route to rout

With 1st place on the line between these 2, the stakes were high for their final regular season encounter. Having already played about an hour earlier, the Armos knew they were in for a tough test vs a team that will pounce on your mistakes and make you pay at will. National came with a stacked line-up and showed their opponent no mercy jumping out to a 5-0 lead after 2 periods. This was more than enough offence for goaltender D.Massa who was a beast in between the pipes, stopping every opportunity and denying every scoring chance headed his direction. Despite being outshot, the National were moving the ball fast and capitalizing on their chances, and impressively enough, 6 different goal scorers tickled the twine for the National scoring a few highlight reel goals leaving little to no chance for goaltender R.Ricuarte. Maybe fatigue set in for the Armos, but they will need to tweak a few things in their game if they wish to compete vs an established team like the National in the playoffs.

(7) National vs Armos (1)

SalumiVino player of the night: D.Massa, the goaltender was very solid, making the all-important first save and pushing aside every scoring attempt and frustrating the Armos players all night and will be a force in the playoffs.


(1) National vs Chiefs (4): The 2 teams had some intense battles throughout the season and the games were very closely disputed. The National play with speed and have a well-balanced lineup, with their up-tempo transition game and can get contributions from up and down the line-up. The Chiefs have more than enough players with playoff experience and pedigree and will need to collectively play as a unit and limit their mistakes.

(2) Armos vs Sonic (3): Sonic are entering the playoffs on a high, having won 3 of their last 4 games scoring an average of 5 goals per game. They’ll need all hands-on deck for their match-up in the hopes of upsetting the Armos who possess several game breakers within their line-up, and who also rely heavily on their defencemen to dictate the pace of play.

Wednesday Thursday division playoffs

Thursday December 9 (D conference semi finals)

(2)United Arms vs Punishers(1) S.O Game 1

R.Ricaurte and United Arms earn statement win

No question both teams were grateful for how brilliant there net minders were. On one end, N.Mackeen was solid facing 23 shots for the Punishers while his counterpart R.Ricaurte stood tall stopping over 40 shots. Goals only came in the second period as both sides played your prototypical playoff styled game by not giving much room on the field. The combination of defensive brilliance along with sound goaltending forecasted this opening game to go the entire distance. Even a ten minute sudden death period solved nothing. In the end, it went to the dreaded shootout where five players-from each side had the opportunity to make an influence. But it was again the goaltenders making the difference instead, expect for H.Jerjian, who was the only one to figure out N.Mackeen. On the flip side of the court, R.Ricaurte couldn’t have asked for a better finish to his night denying all five attempts after allowing one single goal on 41 shots.

(8)Armadillos vs Panthers(1) Game 1

Armadillos use balanced scoring to topple Panthers

This was not what the Panthers had in mind in their first semi final game versus the Armadillos. Even though they knew the challenge ahead, a closer contest was expected for M.Blackman and the rest of his club. Unfortunately, nothing went right for them as they had to endure a long and difficult night. Being down 3-0 after one period is discouraging, and rather than things improving, it only got worse. The Armadillos are balanced with loads of experience. All eight of their goals came-from different players. S.Athanasopoulos was very productive scoring once while setting up four teammates. The Panthers nearly went without a goal until T.Parr finally solved C.Stavriadis. As disappointing as this was, the Panthers will have a week to reflect, re group and adjust on how to approach game two. Maybe netting the first goal while getting sound goaltending can shift the series. Anything is possible in the playoffs, and the Panthers will need to remain positive if they plan on extending their season.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Robert Ricaurte of the United Arms. After facing over 40 shots and allowing only one goal while denying five straight shootout attempts, there is no question the net minder stole the show on Thursday night.

E conference semi finals

(5)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(3) Game 2

A.Lepore ,a vital reason why the Horsemen advance

He just came off a great performance yesterday night, and clearly the Fatal Demons didn’t get the memo on how to solve A.Lepore of the Horsemen. Top notch defensemen play impactful minutes, they control conditions in their own end while knowing when to join aggressively the offensive flow. A.Lepore has all that in his arsenal, and the Horsemen are glad to have him as part of their team. In the first period alone, Lepore scored two goals and collected an assist before capping off yet another hat trick. Its one thing for a talented forward to do so in back to back games as its rarely the case for a d-man to score hat ricks twice in a row. Add to all that, he does have an equally skilled partner in D.Greco, who is also a threat. The major difference between the two is that Lepore shoots the ball while Greco loves to feed the open man. With that being said, the Fatal Demons found themselves dug to deep early on despite pushing back as the game went on. The majority of the damage had already been done.

(6)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(0) Game 2

Brew Crew continue-from where they left off, punch ticket to final

The RCGT Knights couldn’t address a key area of their game, and that was to get a good start. Only ten minutes had gone by for the Brew Crew to put a strangle hold in the series. With a comfortable 3-0 lead, it didn’t even matter that there was more than enough time for the RCGT Knights to pull something off. The Brew Crew were in the right gear-from the get go while the RCGT Knights remained stalled throughout the entire night. M.Maggiore enjoyed his hat trick, A.Belanger buried a pair, P.Barrett-Doucet collected three helpers while C.Muccino never faltered earning a 20 save shutout. The task was perhaps to overwhelming for the RCGT Knights as they just had no answers on how to keep up with a solid opponent. In the end, the heavy favourite will advance .

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Anthony Lepore of the Horsemen. It wasn’t enough for him to merit the honour only a night ago. In his second game vs the Fatal Demons, Lepore collected another hat trick in the first period alone to help advance his club to the final.

The Brew Crew will now take on the Horseman for all the marbles. Both teams match up well for how they are built. Even though they have a different style, this series is simply up for grabs. The goaltenders are solid, the coverage without the ball will be applied, and the offense will come with so many game changers.

Wednesday Thursday division playoffs

Wednesday December 8

Panthers advance edging out Altius

(3)Altius vs Panthers(4) D conference  Round 1 playoffs

The Panthers earned the clinching win with second period goals-from J.Blunt and J.Collins along with a pair of third period tallies by J.Mason. The Panthers seemed to get better as the game went on doing all the little things right in order to get the edge. Once they carried a two goal lead, the Altius knew they were in trouble, especially riding a shorter bench than usual. P.Arkalis did everything in his power to help bounce back his club by netting a pair of third period goals, but it just wasn’t enough in the end. The Panthers did a very good job eliminating time and space while applying constant pressure to recuperate the ball. In the end, their hard work paid off as they’ll gladly move on to the next round.

RCGT Knights blasted by Brew Crew

(10)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(2) E conference Semi final game 1

With two teams practically on the opposite side of the spectrum, nothing really changed much for them on Wednesday night. The Brew Crew have been a solid consistent team throughout the entire season while the RCGT Knights struggled to put it together. So if a betting man was to pick a winner, the safe bet would have come in. The Brew Crew sent a strong message that this series will be theirs for the taking. Anytime a team takes a convincing 10-2 result, its because there is a miss match. Basically the onus is on the RCGT Knights to figure out solutions. Although its easier said than done, they’ll have no choice but to buy into a strong defensive game while relying on their net minder. Tonight was just to easy for a team that cruised their way to victory. A.Belanger bagged a hat trick while B.Sansotta and C.Palermo chipped in with a pair.

S.Racicot OT winner sends Punishers to semi final

(4)Punishers vs Assadi Consulting inc(3) O.T D conference Round 1 playoffs

S.Racicot netted the winning goal on the power play into overtime and the Punishers are now moving on to the next round. It was just an unfortunate circumstance for the Assadi Consulting inc, who played well enough to knock out a serious contender. One badly timed penalty was all it took to make the difference with the game deadlocked at three goals a piece.  The Punishers appeared to have things wrapped up in regulation time until a late one timer by J.Rochon forced the extra time. Both sides never really had the edge after trading two goals in the first period. P.Karvouriaris eventually broke the tie for the Punishers late in the second period for his second, but the game was still very close and up for grabs. Even though they gave up that late goal, the Punishers made sure to take complete advantage relying on their lethal five man unit.

Third period let down has Fatal Demons scrambling for answers

(8)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(5) E conference Semi final game 1

The Fatal Demons were in good shape entering the third period on Wednesday night. They had scored three consecutive goals and held a slight 3-2 lead . But once that final frame began , the Fatal Demons grip on the game began to slip away thanks to some costly self inflicted wounds. They surrendered three goals in only three minutes, and out of no where fell in a deep hole. Credit to the Horsemen however by simply going about their business. A.Lepore was the catalyst behind the comeback as the slick defenseman buried two quick goals before capping off an impressive night with a hat trick. There is a sentiment that the Fatal Demons may have beat themselves, but at the same time, the Horsemen knew how to get themselves back in the game by dictating the pace. This series will come down to how the Fatal Demons are to adjust because the Horsemen are doing everything right so far.

The SalumiVino player of the night for the D conference goes to Samuel Racicot of the Punishers. By finding himself at the right place and at the right time, the Punishers were able to down the Assadi Consulting inc and find themselves playing in the semi finals.

The SalumiVino player of the night in the E conference goes to Anthony Lepore of the Horsemen. Anytime your defense can provide serious offense, then chances are your in good shape. Lepore did just that by netting a hat trick that included two very big third period goals.

The D conference is now down to only four teams. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Armadillos vs Panthers(6) No question the Armadillos are the hands down favourite, and that’s not because they are playing the Panthers. The Armadillos will expect nothing less than to win this division. So who ever they face, the expectations will remain high. The Panthers really need to keep the game as close as possible for as long as possible. If the score stays tight, the Armadillos will be the ones feeling the pressure.

(2)United Arms vs Punishers(4) The Punishers will fell good about coming off an overtime win. However, they will face a different kind of challenge going up against the United Arms. This is a team that wears anyone down. The Punishers need to be patient on how to approach this series. They may have some blue chip players, but the United Arms have an overall dedicated style rolling three lines that will annoy any opponent on any given night.

4vs4 Monday

Monday December 6

Orient catch Hungry Hippos early in double rout

Ali Khanafer needed only eight minutes into the game to light up the Hungry Hippos on three quick goals for a commanding lead. Its not the kind of start you hope for when competing against a team-from the higher division. You always want to weather the storm and keep the game as close as possible. Instead, the opposite happened, and the Hungry Hippos were stuck playing-from behind the rest of the way. Ali Khanafer went on to add his fourth goal while E.Harnois chipped in with a pair. The second match was  a lot tighter with both sides taking less risks. Despite being undermanned, the Orient used an early goal that proved to be just enough to edge out their opponent. N.Comptois needed to be sharp in net to keep the Hungry Hippos off the score sheet. E.Harnois and S.Harchi would add insurance, and the Orient took care of phase one of a double header night.

(2)Hungry Hippos vs Orient(9)

(3)Orient vs Hungry Hippos(0)

G.DeMarinis hat trick drives comeback win

G.DeMarinis and the Dragons had a final frame to remember on Monday night. Even though the Dragons barely took the opener in the shootout, the second contest looked bleak for a club that didn’t seem in it. The Dragons didn’t help themselves giving up the middle which lead to three first period goals by the Assadi Classics. J.Pantelis had his hand on all three tallies that included a pair for himself. Sometimes when a team looks down and out, a single player can seemingly turn things around. In this particle case, G.DeMarinis was the Dragons answer to their non existent first period as the spark plug went into overdrive bagging three straight markers in only four minutes. Out of nowhere, this contest flipped on its back with the Dragons taking the lead. The Assadi Classics slowly lost their energy as the night progressed having to deal with a short bench. If they could have channelled it for a more defensive fourth period, the end result would have been different.

(5)Assadi Classics vs Dragons(6) S.O

(5)Dragons vs Assadi Classics(3)

S.Lachapelle tears it up for the Golden Knights

The Golden Knights opened a string of four consecutive games on Monday night. In their quest to remain unbeaten, G.Barrera kept that streak alive by netting the games lone shootout goal to kick start the night on the right foot. The Orient weren’t pleased dropping the result knowing they came that close to handing the Golden Knights their first defeat of the year. They did however have a second crack at it only to find themselves in more of a bind. After giving up the games first goal, the Orient went down 2-0 early in the second period when S.Lachapelle continued his tear. The forward had just come off a hat trick performance, and wasn’t done yet adding two more points en route to a 3-0 win. G.Pilon rebounded after a shaky second period by stopping all 16 shots his way.

(5)Golden Knights vs Orient(4) S.O

(0)Orient vs Golden Knights(3)

S.Lachapelle, Golden Knights celebrate unbeaten season in dramatic fashion

The Golden Knights just kept chugging along, beating everyone in their path, even on a back to back night going up against their division rivals. A four goal explosion in the second period solidified another win leaving them with only one more game in order to go undefeated for the season. It appeared that the streak had no end in sight, but the HBHA Seniors did cause some concern when they found themselves up 3-2 in the early stages of the final frame. Still, time wasn’t yet a factor, and both teams understood this with so much hockey left over. It perhaps came to no surprise that S.Lachapelle would have an impact considering how dynamic he was the entire night. He not only tied the game up ,but capped it off in a theatrical manner, beating the buzzer by only three seconds. No question he came in the clutch on many occasions, causing plenty of fits to the defense and especially the net minders. In addition to his impact, M.Labrie did his usual collecting a few more points.

(5)Golden Knights vs HBHA Seniors(1)

(3)HBHA Seniors vs Golden Knights(4)

Degenerates catch a break on a technicality

The Degenerates just tried to stick to their game plan, by keeping the ball while using their deeper bench to out run the RCGT Knights. Eventually that system worked as they ran the score on four unanswered goals. L.Folini gave a nice lesson to his defensive partners on how its done to score goals by netting three for a hat trick. Many thought it was going to be somewhat of a cake walk heading into the second game. Considering the way the game ended along with the fact that the RCGT Knights had only one change, the Degenerates may have taken it for granted. Both sides were deadlocked at four goals a piece with only five minutes remaining. And because of some penalty issues-from the two sides, the game ended at that point because the RCGT Knights didn’t have enough players to floor a team. If they had an extra player, they would have been on the power play and potentially taken the second encounter. It just went to show that anything can happen, no matter what the circumstances.

(3)RCGT Knights vs Degenerates(8)

(3)Degenerates vs RCGT Knights(0) Default

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sebastien Lachapelle of the Golden Knights. What more can be said for a player who stole the show in back to back games. The Golden knights capped off an undefeated season in large part due to Lachapelle’s five points in the opening encounter along with two clutch goals in the second match.

The Division 1 regular season came to an end on Monday night. Since the Golden Knights captured first place, they will be sitting and waiting in the final to see who comes out of the Orient vs the HBHA Seniors series. That series will depend on who shows up. Throughout the regular season,  the Orient never really had plenty of games with a full roster. If they don’t fill up their bench, the HBHA Seniors will punch their ticket to the final.

Masters 35+ division

Friday December 3

Sonic take over in third to down Brewers

(6)Sonic vs Brewers(4)

Going into this game, the Brewers had the expectations to try and collect at least a win this regular season. Those expectations were nearly met until an early third period let down put the Brewers behind the eight ball. G.Gamieri and F.Pace scored less than two minutes apart, and the Sonic regained control of the match. Both players notched their second of the game while M.Pace added insurance later on for his third point. The Brewers kept at it with the help of G.Tsolis reducing the margin by one for his second of the night, but that was about all they can generate. The Sonic had a very good start to their double header night knowing they picked up at least three points to the standings.

National cant hold 3 third period goal lead, settle for draw with Chiefs

(4)Chiefs vs National(4) S.O

National know they let this one slip away on Friday night. Staked to a three goal lead with less then ten minutes remaining, National allowed the Chiefs to claw back and force overtime along with the shootout. Part of the comeback effort was led by J.Bolanakis ,M.Destounis, A.Moscato and S.Koulieris as all four players collected two points apiece. The Chiefs did benefit twice when awarded a pair of power play chances. On both occasions, they capitalised getting their second one with less than a minute left on the clock. Neither side would go on to score in the sudden death frame, and would later exchange a shootout goal each to settle for a tie. For National, they’ll feel like they lost this game despite collecting a point while the Chiefs have plenty to feel good about after a solid finish to their night.

Armos play it tight and benefit in rout of Sonic

(5)Armos vs Sonic(0)

C.Stavriadis made 24 saves, S.Ruggiero riffled a pair of deadly bullets, and the Armos were able to defeat the Sonic with a 5-0 victory. After getting an early goal, the game remained close until the mid way point of the second period. It was -from that point on that the Armos ran up the score on four consecutive markers. S.Ruggiero had already set up two tallies before adding a pair for himself. It wasn’t like the Sonic didn’t get their chances or push the pace enough times. The problem was that they faced a fresher team that wasn’t giving up much space due to their lack of changes. Sometimes a smaller bench forces everyone to buy in defensively, and that’s exactly what the Armos did in order to get the result. Add to all that, C.Stavriadis helped in an enormous way by stopping every single ball.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Costa Stavriadis of the Armos. The net minder stopped everything he saw, denying 24 shots attempts to earn a well deserved shutout.

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday December 2

Fatal Demons pull away in third after see saw affair with RCGT Knights

(6)Fatal Demons vs RCGT Knights(3)

The Fatal Demons won the battle of special teams and were able to put their best effort by the third where they separated themselves-from their opponent on three unanswered goals. They came out with an edge building an early 2-0 lead thanks to a pair of tallies by M.Destounis. The RCGT Knights were able to turn it around on a strong rebound performance by netting the next three straight markers that included a pair-from S.Ruggiero, and the go ahead goal by R.Kilgour. Even though everything was going according to plan for the RCGT Knights, the problem was that there was to much time left over for a team with only one change up. Eventually, the Fatal Demons would take advantage of a pair of power play chances to regain their lead and never look back. M.Chenier also added a pair, and M.Mavrouidis  was very productive collecting four points.

Brew Crew win battle for first place

(3)Horsemen vs Brew Crew(5)

For whatever its worth, the Brew Crew took the title of claiming first place of the E conference division on Thursday night. They needed a clean three point regulation win in order to leap frog past the Horsemen. Both teams did have the motivation of trying to win this particular game for the obvious reason of pride and maybe perhaps they prefer to challenge a team that has yet to record a win in their semi final match up. Regardless, the end result went the Brew Crews’ way  ,and in large part due to P.Barrett-Doucet’s impact on the game. The forward generated a total of four points that included a pair of goals. The Brew Crew put themselves in the drivers seat by netting the first goal of the match. The Horsemen did respond twice to even the score but never had the luxury to play in front.

The SalumVino player of the game goes to Philippe Barrett-Doucet of the Brew Crew. The forward was involved in nearly every play for the Brew Crew’s offense finishing with a productive four point performance.

This concludes the end of the regular season for the E conference division. All four teams will take part of the semi finals. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(4) Look for the Brew Crew to get by the RCGT Knights. Its highly unlikely that a team without a win will prevail against perhaps the most consistent team of the division.

(2)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(3) Expect a very close series. Both teams match more or less in every category. This will come down to the small things, such as bounces ,discipline, timely saves etc…………

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday December 2

Fatal Demons pull away in third after see saw affair with RCGT Knights

(6)Fatal Demons vs RCGT Knights(3)

The Fatal Demons won the battle of special teams and were able to put their best effort by the third where they separated themselves-from their opponent on three unanswered goals. They came out with an edge building an early 2-0 lead thanks to a pair of tallies by M.Destounis. The RCGT Knights were able to turn it around on a strong rebound performance by netting the next three straight markers that included a pair-from S.Ruggiero, and the go ahead goal by R.Kilgour. Even though everything was going according to plan for the RCGT Knights, the problem was that there was to much time left over for a team with only one change up. Eventually, the Fatal Demons would take advantage of a pair of power play chances to regain their lead and never look back. M.Chenier also added a pair, and M.Mavrouidis  was very productive collecting four points.

Brew Crew win battle for first place

(3)Horsemen vs Brew Crew(5)

For whatever its worth, the Brew Crew took the title of claiming first place of the E conference division on Thursday night. They needed a clean three point regulation win in order to leap frog past the Horsemen. Both teams did have the motivation of trying to win this particular game for the obvious reason of pride and maybe perhaps they prefer to challenge a team that has yet to record a win in their semi final match up. Regardless, the end result went the Brew Crews’ way  ,and in large part due to P.Barrett-Doucet’s impact on the game. The forward generated a total of four points that included a pair of goals. The Brew Crew put themselves in the drivers seat by netting the first goal of the match. The Horsemen did respond twice to even the score but never had the luxury to play in front.

The SalumVino player of the game goes to Philippe Barrett-Doucet of the Brew Crew. The forward was involved in nearly every play for the Brew Crew’s offense finishing with a productive four point performance.

This concludes the end of the regular season for the E conference division. All four teams will take part of the semi finals. The match ups are as follows:

(1)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(4) Look for the Brew Crew to get by the RCGT Knights. Its highly unlikely that a team without a win will prevail against perhaps the most consistent team of the division.

(2)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(3) Expect a very close series. Both teams match more or less in every category. This will come down to the small things, such as bounces ,discipline, timely saves etc…………

Wednesday Thursday division

Wednesday December 1

Assadi Consulting inc put valiant effort but still fall short to Altius

(3)Assadi Consulting inc vs Altius(4)

The Altius came out with an intensity early on that just wasn’t matched right away-from the Assadi consulting inc. Already down giving up two power play goals, the Altius immediately put their opponent on the ropes. J.Rochon did respond, but that was short lived when M.Arkalis regained the two goal margin. P.Arkalis would score early in the second period for his third point of the game, and the Altius appeared to be headed for an easy night. The three goal margin looked like a tough nut to crack for the Assadi Consulting inc. They did however manage to make the proper adjustments, and eventually pulled themselves within one only to fall short in the end. This contest didn’t really mean much for two teams that are secured a playoff spot. With the win, the Altius will occupy the highest seed in the first round where they’ll face the sixth place seed.

Brew Crew overcome early deficit to zip past Fatal Demons

(5)Brew Crew vs Fatal Demons(3)

A big thing that the Brew Crew will take from tonight’s game is the character that they showed. Clearly giving up two quick goals had zero impact on how the Brew felt about their chances. By cleaning up some little issues , the Brew Crew was able to get themselves back in the game by finishing stronger for a 3-2 first period lead. Two of those three goals belonged to P.Barrette-Doucet, both with the help of B.Sansotta’s assists. Despite the fine start the Fatal Demons had, they weren’t able to elevate their play enough in order to compete with the Brew Crew. Too many battles were lost which affects ball possession and scoring chances. If the Fatal Demons don’t address some basic issues like being tentative or sloppy, they will be out in a hurry.

Left Wings season ends on third period collapse to Punishers

(5)Left Wings vs Punishers(6) O.T

It had looked like a 5-3 lead heading into the third period would have been sufficient for the Left Wings to punch their ticket to the post season. What more can you ask for after two solid periods. D.Provost-Jarry was an absolute force netting a hat trick, J.Adamou orchestrated four tallies, the power play was booming and then the third period happened. In that one single frame, the Left Wings saw their season hang on a tread when they gave up the equaliser with just under five minutes remaining. An overtime win wasn’t going to cut so the urgency kicked in for a much needed go ahead marker. And despite throwing the kitchen sink toward N.Mackeen, the Left Wings started to realise they let a golden opportunity slip away. The Punishers would eventually take it in overtime thanks to K.Tsaloukas’s winner but that didn’t really matter by then as the two overtime points just wasn’t enough to own the tie breaker with the Panthers. No doubt, the expectations were high as were the standards for a team that felt they deserved better.

Armadillos capture top seed in battle of first place with United Arms

(2)United Arms vs Armadillos(4)

In a battle for the best regular season record, the Armadillos would end up claiming the title versus the United Arms. The Armadillos would jump out in front scoring twice in the opening frame and never faltered their lead. By the time the second period ended, it was highly unlikely the United Arms would erase a three goal deficit, especially the way the Armadillos defend. K.Kuczmarski owned the second frame netting two goals, both with the help of P.Musto. H.Jerjian tried to spark some life in the third period by reducing the gap by two but that was about it for the two sides. The result for this game didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Both sides solidified the top two seeds which gives them a straight pass to the semi finals.

M.Kardum’s late winner delivers heartbreak to RCGT Knights

(3)RCGT Knights vs Horsemen(4)

With 43 seconds left in regulation, the RCGT Knights held a 3-2 lead over the Horsemen and were on the verge of winning their first game of the season. Instead, P.Cerone tied the game right before M.Kardum put the final dagger with only 12 seconds left on the clock. It came as an unfortunate result for a team that played well enough to end the curse. It may have felt as a bitter ending, but the RCGT Knights will take positives-from this game. Since they will make the playoffs, their regular season record wont matter at all. The RCGT Knights know that anything can happen when things are on the line. S.Sauk will need to lead the way in the dressing room, but more importantly between the pipes. The net minder was solid despite the bad ending and will be heavily relied on by his teammates if his club is to do anything. As for the Horsemen, they still have some unfinished business as they look to secure first place in tomorrows important match up with the Brew Crew.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Arkalis of the Altius. On a regular basis, his teammates know what their skilled forward brings to the table. Tonight’s 4-3 win included two goals and an assist by P.Arkalis.

The D conference regular season came to an end on Wednesday night. The Armadillos and the United Arms will skip the opening round for capturing the top two seeds. The first round match ups are as follows:

(3)Altius vs Panthers(6) Despite the gap in points these teams resemble each other in many ways. They don’t lack scoring, collectively they are resilient while the goaltending is sound. Should be a close one.

(4)Punishers vs Assadi Consulting inc(5) The Punishers have a lethal triangle of highly skilled players. It will be up to the Assadi Consulting inc to formulate a game plan in order to keep the game as close as possible. An essential part is to limit the Punishers scoring chances. Easier said than done.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 29

Mighty Cucs couldn’t feed off strong starts in both their games vs Dragons

While both games started well for the Mighty Cucs, it just didn’t continue that way. Perhaps the biggest reason was due to the lack of tight coverage versus a team that can hurt you at will. The Dragons have some fire power throughout their line up, and whether its B.Daniele’s viscous wrist shot, E.Girouard’s precise one timer or even J.Mandracchia dangling with the ball for long periods of time, the order was tall to contain so many moving parts. Both results were fairly close with the first encounter sealed on three empty net goals while the second match was decided on a pair of tallies .B.Daniele riffled a hat trick in the first contest with all three markers coming-from the back end of the court. Surprisingly enough, J.Mandracchia only scored twice for how dominant he was controlling much of the play. With these results, the Dragons now sit on top of the second division and will try to remain there with only two weeks remaining.

(8)Dragons vs Mighty Cucs(4)

(4)Mighty Cucs vs Dragons(6)

Golden Knights in cruise control  pairing wins over RCGT Knights

Besides getting balanced scoring, the Golden Knights play strong defense just as well. They held the opposition to one goal in each game limiting them to only 22 shots. It was perhaps expected that both games would go the Golden Knights way, especially with the fact that they were fully loaded while the RCGT Knights relied on a depleted line up. Five different players contributed in the opener en route to a 5-1 victory. M.Labrie and S.Racicot would collect two goals each in the second encounter for a similar result. In the end, the Golden Knights didn’t give much, and controlled most of the play which led to a pair of easy wins.

(5)Golden Knights vs RCGT Knights(1)

(1)RCGT Knights vs Golden Knights(6)

Orient respond after ugly finish to HBHA Seniors

After a disappointing let down to start off their night, the Orient bounced back with a 4-3 shootout win over the HBHA Seniors. In one single period, the HBHA Seniors were in a league of their own ,scoring five times that led to a convincing 5-2 victory. The expectations remained the same entering the ensuing match for the HBHA Seniors, but the Orient had other plans. A late tally by M.Morin forced a shootout where M.Monteschio would come through as the only player to score between the two sides. The HBHA Seniors will look back and feel that they deserved better, especially after grabbing a 2-0 lead along with carrying a one goal margin for most of the game. F.Nasser was behind setting up two markers in the win for the Orient while E.Paradis-Levasseur can be argued was a major reason why the game went the distance. The net minder was brilliant which enabled his club to bounce back and steal the second match.

(5)HBHA Seniors vs Orient(2)

(4)Orient vs HBHA Seniors(3) S.O

M.Kardum 2 big goals help rally Degenerates rally past Hungry Hippos

After looking sloppy in their opening frame, the Degenerates used a big second period and never looked back the rest of the way. The comeback effort was led by M.Kardum, who tallied twice in a vey short span putting the Degenerates in front for the first time during the night. There was no doubt that sequence gave the Degenerates more life entering the second game. This time, they made it a point to focus-from the beginning and grab that early lead. Once they jumped in front, the snow ball effect was in motion as they just continued to create plenty of chances that resulted in six unanswered goals. S.Marricco got credited the winner, R.Ricaurte went flawless for nearly three full periods in net, and the Degenerates continue to play some good hockey as of late.

(2)Hungry Hippos vs Degenerates(3)

(6)Degenerates vs Hungry Hippos(0)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Marin Kardum of the Degenerates. If not for his two timely goals in the first encounter vs the Hungry Hippos, the Degenerates would have likely dropped their opening game.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 26

Brewers cant take advantage of early break

(4)Brewers vs National(7)

The Brewers caught an early break on Friday night. They hoped it would bring them a long way. Instead, that early break was followed up with a breakdown which saw them go empty handed. National was waiting for their net minder to get dressed, and in the process, the Brewers were awarded two team goals for delay of game. You always hope to build on those situations, but maybe National is just that strong. O.Valiquette is one of many pieces that can hurt you. The sniper did his thing riffling a total of four goals with the last three all coming in the third period. The Brewers got their lone tallies-from the very same Joe. Stefano as the only player to figure out D.Massa. This was a first of two games of a double header night for the Brewers.

Chiefs comebacks fell short to Sonic

(6)Sonic vs Chiefs(4)

Just when the Chiefs thought they had seized control rebounding twice-from a two goal deficit, one bad sequence had them chasing the game for good. S.Azzi was able to put Sonic back in front for the third time passed the ten minute mark of the final frame which proved to be just enough for a well  earned victory. The Sonic were able to celebrate this gratifying win thanks to a bunch of committed guys that created havoc and plenty of momentum. Its what you get when you play very hard while getting contributions-from many different players. All six of their goals came-from different teammates, with M.Pace and A.Amicone leading the way collecting three points each. The Chiefs had high ambitions prior to the game for trying to capture first place. For now, it looks like the standings wont be changing much with only a couple of games left over.

Brewers put up a serious challenge in close loss to Armos

(5)Brewers vs Armos(7)

Anytime you play twice in only three hours, you always feel it, especially a seasoned team like the Brewers. To their credit however, the Armos were forced to battle till the very end in order to hit the finish line first. The Armos may have felt like their 2-0 lead was comfortable enough for how things went in the first period that changed as the game went by. More and more the Brewers pushed, won some battles, and potted the next two markers for an even game. Perhaps the pivotal moment occurred by the mid way point of the third period. In just over a minute span, A.Minassian and A.Fonrose each scored to put the game somewhat out of reach for the Armos. Up until that point, this was anyone’s guess for who would take it. A.Fonrose was out of action for a while but looked like he hadn’t miss a beat The hard nosed forward was in full force collecting three points that included two big goals.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Olivier Valiquette of National. They only played two periods, but that didn’t stop a real sniper-from burying four goals.

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday November 25

United Arms secure important top two seed in close battle with Altius

(4)United Arms vs Altius(3)

The United Arms failed to hold a two goal lead versus the Altius, but A.Zakarian and A.Papazian scored third period goals that just held up in the end. The Altius were stuck chasing the game in order to battle back. P.Arkalis was eventually able to score an incredible high light reel goal early in the third period to even the score. The problem was that the United Arms would regain another two goal lead which made the mission that much harder for the Altius, especially with R.Ricaurte guarding his cage. They did narrow the margin fairly late on the power play thanks to M.Arkalis, but time just wasn’t there for an equaliser. This contest was treated like a playoff match between the two sides. The winner knew that it would guarantee them a first round bye which places them straight into the semi finals. In a division this competitive, the United Arms are glad to skip that first round do or die match up.

Panthers alarm clock set at the wrong time

(7)Panthers vs Armadillos(8)

The Panthers were playing the same old tune in the first portion of their game. Getting off to slow starts is something the Panthers have yet to figure out. Again, they fell behind but managed to put a solid effort till the very end only to keep falling short. Five out of their seven goals all came in the third period, and it still wasn’t enough. With this unfortunate result, the Left Wings will need to drop their game next week if the Panthers are to get in. For now, it will be a long waiting game for a team that know they can challenge with anyone, even the first place Armadillos like they did in this particular contest. The Armadillos thought they were in for an easy night after building a 3-0 lead. L.Panetta had a dominant performance scoring three goals and an assist and was perhaps vital to why the Armadillos squeaked this one out. If by chance the Panthers fail to get in, it would be unfortunate for a team that lost six of their games by only one goal.

M.Chartrand, P.Carone pace Horsemen to 6-3 win over Fatal Demons

(3)Fatal Demons vs Horsemen(6)

It’s a game of mistakes, and the margin of errors are very slim. The Fatal Demons basically made more mistakes compared to the Horsemen and ultimately paid the price. In the end, it was one brutal second period that decided this important match up. The Horseman capitalised four times during that stretch to put themselves in a commanding position heading into the third. The Fatal Demons did push back creating chances, but couldn’t hit the back of the net enough times. That’s perhaps M.Vinciguerra wasn’t having it as the net minder stood firm enabling his club to play with the lead. M.Chartrand and P.Carone each scored twice, D.Greco was quarterbacking the attack-from the back end while D.Sarno’s for check led to some turnovers. Overall, the Horseman played to their strengths and got the three points they deserve. As for the Fatal Demons, it looked apparent that a short bench just doesn’t fit an older teams make up.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Armen Papazian of the United Arms. The sniper was productive and clutch for his club bagging the winner as part of a three point performance.

Wednesday Thursday division

Wednesday November 24

Assadi Consulting inc clinch playoff spot on Y.Gazura’s overtime goal

(2)Assadi Consulting inc vs Left Wings(1) O.T

The Assadi Consulting inc were able to pick up crucial points against a team also fighting to get into the playoffs. For a while, it looked as though the Left Wings would have gained ground when D.Provost-Jarry opened the scoring just passed the two minute mark of the third period. Still without a goal-from that point on, the Assadi Consulting inc got their opportunity when awarded a power play. P.Doulis was able to take advantage, and all of a sudden this contest was again evened up. Even though the 1-1 score didn’t guarantee anything for the Assadi Consulting inc, it did force the Left Wings to be a little more courageous in trying to get the extra points. Neither side would budge in regulation which needed a five minute overtime to settle things. Unfortunately for the Left Wings, they blew their chance at collecting key points when Y.Gazura ended the game. The Left Wings are now stuck watching-from the sidelines in hopes that the Armadillos defeat the Panthers if they were to have a chance at getting in.

B.Sansotta’s 4 point game helps Brew Crew top RCGT Knights

(1)RCGT Knights vs Brew Crew(5)

B.Sansotta scored two goals and a pair of assists in Wednesdays 5-1 win over the RCGT Knights. He was able to figure in four out of the five Brew Crew’s goals with two of his helpers coming on the power play. For a long while, the game remained very close, and really took only one direction when R.Mancini scored early in the third period for a 4-1 lead. There was almost no way the Brew Crew would falter that kind of margin despite plenty of time left over. The RCGT Knights got their lone tally by R.Kilgour, who figured out C.Muccino early in the second period. This result puts the Brew Crew tied in first place with the Horsemen for the time being. If the Fatal Demons manage to defeat the Horsemen Thursday night in regulation, all three teams will share 15 points each.

Panthers fail to clinch but remain positive as they still hold the cards

(4)Panthers vs Punishers(5)

The Panthers didn’t get exactly what they wanted on Thursday night, but they remain fortunate enough in controlling their own destiny. Its never easy playing catch up, but the Panthers actually do a good job at fighting back when they are down. The problem is that they cant afford to be put in that spot. Tonight they trailed 3-1 after two periods only to fall short when C.Stamadianos put the Punishers in front late in the game. That was his second goal and third point of the night. The Panthers will look back at a key moment when they gave up a shorthanded goal that put the Punishers up 2-1. M.Blackman knows it’s a disappointing loss for his side, but will remain optimistic as he has a couple of scenarios that could favour his club in order to get in.

The SalumVino player of the night goes to Chris Stamadianos of the Punishers. Two of his three points were timely. His first goal came shorthanded to snap a 1-1 tie, and his second came late in the game to secure a close 5-4 win for his club.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 22

Orient cruise past overmatched Mighty Cucs

The Orient cruised for a pair of wins and barely broke a sweat doing so versus the Mighty Cucs. The Orient did not dominate the opening period, but played well enough to finish with a slight 2-1 lead. It was-from that point on that the separation was apparent between two teams-from different divisions. After riding four straight goals en route to a 6-1 decision, the Orient did much of the same in the next encounter. They simply kept it in gear getting plenty of offense throughout their line-up. J.Mavuanga  and H.Jassar each scored twice in the first game, M.Monteschio along with M.Morin did the same in the second match, and N.Comptois wasn’t every busy allowing only two goals. There was no doubt the Orient were the better team and that a cruise control performance was enough to post a dominant score line.

(6)Orient vs Mighty Cucs(1)

(1)Mighty Cucs vs Orient(8)

Assadi Classics ride strong starts to down RCGT Knights

They may have dropped their opening game to the Assadi Classics, but it wasn’t like they didn’t compete hard enough for it to go either way. However, the same cant be said for the follow up game where the RCGT Knights had the wrong approach that resulted in giving up a ton of scoring chances. The Assadi Classics wasted no time popping three  just past the three minute mark of the opening frame to put an immediate strangle hold in the game. He may have come off a quiet performance for his standards, but M.Mavroudis was in full force in the ensuing match causing plenty of havoc netting three markers and a helper for D.Desmarais’s winner. Clearly, those first three minutes deflated the moral of the RCGT Knights, who knew they were in deep trouble despite the amount of time left over.

(5)Assadi Classics vs RCGT Knights(3)

(3)RCGT Knights vs Assadi Classics(6)

Hungry Hippos put up solid challenge but fall short to Dragons

It can be argued that the Hungry Hippos fought hard in both games, but ultimately fell short to the hands of the Dragons. G.Demarinis and J.Mandracchia did the lone scoring, and S.Morante must have been thinking shutout until B.Travisano spoiled it late in the game. The second encounter saw both sides open it up more with the Dragons still leading the charge offensively. For over a period, this contest appeared to be up for grabs, that was until G.DeMarinis and M.Crapis scored in quick succession for a commanding 5-2 lead. Looking back, the Hungry Hippos knew they played well enough, but at the same time realised what they did wrong. And even though they went empty handed, they’ll still have a chance of finishing strong in  later battle versus the Degenerates.

(2)Dragons vs Hungry Hippos(1)

(3)Hungry Hippos vs Dragons(6)

Stellar goaltending by G.Pilon leads to a pair of wins for Golden Knights

Sometimes its nice to rely on your goaltender, especially if your identity is mostly offense. The Golden Knights understood this going up against the HBHA Seniors on Monday night. With the first goal so important, S.Filipe was able to provide it followed with an eventual power play marker by S.Lachapelle. That slight margin simply held because of their net minder. G.Pilon was impressive in his shutout, making huge saves along with some highlight worthy ones. The second game came to be expected for another close contest. Again, the Golden Knights struck first early on thanks to the very same S.Filipe, and managed to maintain their lead for nearly the entire time. The HBHA Seniors were forced to pull E.Parent for the extra attacker in hopes for an equaliser. Only one minute was left on the clock when P.Musto finally solved Pilon. With that tally, the Golden Knights needed a shootout to prevail on their lone goal by J.Fortin. It came to no surprise that G.Pilon denied all three attempts for how brilliant he stood between the pipes.

(2)Golden Knights vs HBHA Seniors(0)

(1)HBHA Seniors vs Golden Knights(2) S.O

Early leads put Degenerates in control versus tired Hungry Hippos

Entering tonight’s games versus the Hungry Hippos, the Degenerates had the luxury of going up against a more tired bunch that just finished playing an hour ago. Many stepped it up-from the get go which forced the Hungry Hippos to play catch up. In both games, the Degenerates struck first and never once trailed which enabled them to dictate the terms. On the large part, they focused on neutralising M.Stoico, who is always a constant threat no matter who he plays. The forwards made sure to keep up with Stoico by simply staying in front of him to limit the damage. While their defensive strategy worked on the most part, the Degenerates didn’t have many issues scoring. Out of their ten total goals, S.Marricco and M.Kardum each scored three while many others contributed as well.

(4)Degenerates vs Hungry Hippos (2)

(3)Hungry Hippos vs Degenerates(6)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Guillaume Pilon of the Golden Knights. What more can any team ask-from their net minder. In two games versus a solid opponent, Pilon was an absolute force allowing only one goal.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 19

National, explosive in rout of Sonic

(12)National vs Sonic(2)

It was just one of those nights for Sonic. Nothing went right-from the get go with National in complete control of the game. For a rare time this season, National boosted their line up and it showed by the amount of time they held on to the ball. They led 6-1 after two periods and matched their goal total in the third to put the game away on the ten goal mercy rule. Many players contributed offensively with the captain M.Pinheiro scoring the most for a hat trick. The Sonic got both their goals by A. Amicone, who was the only player to have D.Massa’s number.

Chiefs terrific shutdown effort gives little room to Brewers

(1)Brewers vs Chiefs(6)

The Chiefs have been really turning up their game as of late. By using their complete bench, the Chiefs were always that one step ahead of the Brewers. They did fall behind early but bounced back immediately netting the next six goals of the game. E.Gabrielli and M.Chenier each scored twice and S.Morante went perfect after giving up his lone tally early on. Its never pleasant playing catch up against a team like the Chiefs. The Brewers felt it trying to claw there way back only to fall in a deeper hole. After building a 6-1 lead heading into the third period, the Chiefs went into shutdown mode using the clock comfortably to their advantage.

National finish strong, collect 2 wins for first place

(5)National vs Armos(4)

National clicked all game, but weren’t able to capitalise enough times in the first two frames. The Armos knew they had to keep it simple as they were out numbered with a shorter bench. And while things appeared to be fine on the large part for the Armos, it was National that showcased itself in the third riding three big goals. Rubens Morne used back to back tallies right before S.Desbiens snapped the tie with six minutes left in the game. Unable to find their legs, the Armos couldn’t push the pace enough in order to bounce back. D.Massa was able to collect his second win of the night after facing 26 shots. This came as a big result and productive night for National as they finally sit atop of the standings.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes Rubens Morne of National . After collecting 6 points in his earlier game, R.Morne was a force in his second match accumulating another four big points that helped secure a close 5-4 win over the Armos.

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday November 18

Horsemen ride power play goals to 2-1 win over Brew Crew

(1)Brew Crew vs Horsemen(2)

Getting off on the right foot can make all the difference, and tonight the Horsemen reaped the rewards for doing many things right versus the Brew Crew. They won 2-1 thanks to power play goals by V.Pandza and M.Kardum while getting solid goaltending-from M.Vinciguerra. Both goals came with the help of A.Lepore and D.Greco. Even though it was just a regular season encounter, this battle had all the making of a playoff game. There wasn’t much room out there which made that first goal extremely crucial. The Horsemen did a fantastic job keeping the Brew Crew off the score sheet and only conceded their lone tally fairly late in the game. The win will place the Horsemen alone in first place, and will likely finish there for how well they have been playing all season.

Y.Derohannessian carries his team with early hat trick

(1)Left Wings vs United Arms(6)

The United Arms captain needed the three minute mark of the second period to notch a hat trick versus a stunned Left Wings team. Y.Derohannessian’s incredible start took the breath away-from the Left Wings, who cant afford to go empty handed at this point of the season. While nursing a 3-0 lead heading into the final frame, the Left Wings did get on board thanks to a power play goal by G.Vouloumanos. In hopes of fuelling off that ice breaker, the Left Wings took the necessary risks of opening up the game only to find themselves in an even deeper hole. The United Arms laid back and waited for their chances to arise. And once they got the opportunity, A.Papazian, A.Berberyan and G.Jerjian would all score in a very short span to seal the night.

Punishers go empty handed after disaster finish to Armadillos

(5)Punishrers vs Armadillos(6) O.T

It looked as if the Punishers had this one wrapped up in a very tight sealed bag. In normal circumstances, teams up 5-2 with just over four minutes left in the game usually walk away with a victory. Unfortunately for the Punishers, not on this particular night as they completely fell of a cliff. The alarm clock went off to late for a team that should not be letting something like this slip away-from their hands. However, credit to the Armadillos for putting together their best four minutes of hockey that eventually led to an overtime win. The comeback was led by D.Andrade’s back to back goals, P.Musto’s equaliser and finally the clincher in overtime by T.Bozinakis. There is also no doubt K.Kuczmarski had a major influence on the result. The skilled forward participated in five of the six Armadillos goals. With this win, the Armadillos sit on top of the standings with a slight one point lead over the United Arms and the Altius.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yerik Derohannessian of the United Arms. His incredible start to the night propelled the United Arms to a convincing win over the Left Wings. Derohannessian struck three straight times for a fairly early hat trick.

Wednesday Thursday division

Wednesday November 17

Third period push falls short for Panthers

(5)Assadi Consulting inc vs Panthers(4)

A gritty push wasn’t enough for the Panthers as they just fell short to the Assadi Consulting inc. The Panthers had a hole to dig out of down 4-2, but got some serious momentum when R.Beaver launched a rocket-from almost mid court to beat P.Assadi. That goal led to an eventual equaliser by M.Blackman, and all of a sudden this game was up fro grabs. However, that didn’t stop the Assadi Consulting inc to respond after their let down. M.Croteau came up big with just over four minutes left to regain the lead for his club. As expected, the Panthers would push as they have all game long but weren’t able to find the back of the net. Points are extremely crucial at this stage of the season for the Assadi Consulting inc, who are glad they picked up three against a team they are in contention with.

Rolling 3 lines works wonders for Fatal Demons

(3)RCGT Knights vs Fatal Demons(6)

The system of rolling three lines enables the Fatal Demons to be consistent and very effective. This helps get them more involved with high energy rather than leaning on a couple of key players. It clearly showed as the game went on. The Fatal Demons were winning the loose balls which enabled them to control the match. And with that kind of sustained pressure, the goals would eventually go in. D.Ugaldez was definitely on his game as the sniper produced three straight for his club. The RCGT Knights simply couldn’t keep up and compete hard enough to mount any sort of comeback. The contest would eventually end 6-3 as both sides prepared to face one another again in a double header night.

Uncharacteristic Armadillos give up 3 straight in third period loss to Altius

(6)Altius vs Armadillos(4)

The Altius stunned the Armadillos with three third period unanswered goals en route to a 6-4 victory. The Armadillos may have felt they got away-from their structure and allowed the Altius to burn them on plays coming-from the neutral zone. The third period charge came by committee with three different players scoring. A.Tedone notched his second for the equaliser right before P.Arkalis put his team in front for good. M.Arkalis would cap it off with some insurance for his second goal and third point of the night. The match was a chess battle with both sides never leading after two periods. The Armadillos were the ones to strike first in the final frame, but endured their worse moments shortly after N.Kokovides put them in front.

RCGT Knights stuck settling for draw after deserving performance

(5)RCGT Knights vs Fatal Demons(5) S.O

The RCGT Knights felt they deserved a better result for how well they performed in their second game with the Fatal Demons. This contest went into overtime because D.Ugaldez beat the clock by only five seconds to tie the game. The first period was where most of the action occurred with the RCGT Knights surging on four goals in only eight minutes. F.Bchara potted a pair, and R.Kilgour contributed with three helpers. The Fatal Demons did score twice during that frame and knew they had a lot of work ahead of them if they planned on coming back. Still, they believed as they slowly started to mount some pressure and shots towards S.Sauk, who was a big difference maker throughout the entire game. Eventually, the comeback was complete thanks to Ugaldez’s late tally. With both sides unable to convert in overtime, a shootout was left over to decide matters. After sending three shooters, both sides traded one goal apiece leaving no winner.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Danny Ugaldez of the Fatal Demons. In a double header night, D.Ugaldez was vital in both games that saw him collect a hat trick in the first encounter followed with a very late equaliser in the second contest.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 15

Split expected between evenly matched Orient and HBHA Seniors

Despite their differences in experience, these teams are extremely close. It came to be expected that who ever dropped the first encounter, the response would have been there for the second game. Tonight was a perfect example of two very good hockey teams splitting their night. The first encounter went the HBHA Seniors’s way by owning the second frame on two unanswered goals by J.Kontitsis and P.Musto. They got solid work-from E.Parent, who let in one power play goal by F.Nasser. As expected, the Orient answered, and they wasted no time in doing so. After only two minutes and a half into the ensuing match, M.Zarzour and M.Monteschio got to Parent for a quick 2-0 lead. It looked like it would have been an easier mission for the Orient, but it was by far -from being the case. The HBHA Seniors battled and eventually tied the game thanks to M.Della Rocca. Less than ten minutes were remaining-from that point on which indicated that the next goal would surely decided matters. Eventually, the Orient got their first courtesy of M.Morin with just under two minutes left on the clock.

(1)Orient vs HBHA Seniors(3)

(2)HBHA Seniors vs Orient(3)

Golden Knights don’t get much resistance-from Dragons

The Golden Knights ability to score in bunches was on full display  Monday night. Granted, they were down 2-0 early on, but that had zero impact on them for responding with nine straight for a  9-2 rout of the Dragons. The barrage went on without much resistance-from the Dragons, who knew they needed a reset for the second game in hopes for a better performance. Although the end result was more respectable, the Golden Knights had no issues for making it two in a row. The first match had balanced scoring while the second encounter saw M.Labrie do his thing once again riffling four out of his clubs five goals. His first tally was a bad omen for the Dragons as it came in a shorthanded situation. His next two goals were on the power play while his last one was notched even strength. Even though both results appear lopsided, the Dragons are a better team than what the score indicates. S.Morante couldn’t provide some key saves, the offense failed to capitalise on some decent chances, and their defensive game struggled at times unable to keep up with their man.

(2)Dragons vs Golden Knights(9)

(5)Golden Knights vs Dragons(1)

Both teams relying on their big guns to produce

In tonight’s confrontation between the Hungry Hippos and the Assadi Classics, the attention had to be focused on two particular players. Maybe the memo wasn’t sent out as both players did pretty much what they wanted. The Assadi Classics relied once again on M.Mavrouidis to produce while the Hungry Hippos depended on M.Stoico to carry the burden. The two combined for seven goals in the first match which was decided on a pair of shootout goals by J.Pantelis and M.Mavrouidis of the Assadi Classics. J.Pantelis scored twice prior to the shootouts, and P.Santullo was behind setting up four goals. The Assadi Classics had an excellent start to their second game. They scored three times including a shorthanded goal by S.Fraga and a power play marker by P.Santullo for a solid 3-0 lead. It appeared to be an easier outing-from that point on, but the Hungry Hippos still had an appetite to compete and make a game of it. J.Discepola was able to pull his club within one with plenty of time left over. With the game that close, the Assadi Classics played with a lot more urgency by tightening the bolts in order to preserve their slight lead. The Hungry Hippos did everything in their power to try and force the extra time only to hit a determined net minder in P.Assadi, who shut the door the rest of the way.

(5)Hungry Hippos vs Assadi Classics(7) S.O

(3)Assadi Classics vs Hungry Hippos(2)

Degenerates use lethal counter attack in double up wins over Mighty Cucs

The Mighty Cucs would have been content if they at least split their mini series with the Degenerates on Monday night. Instead, a bad start to the first game along with a poor defensive effort in the second match saw them go empty handed. The Degenerates scored two quick goals to jump start their night with D.Greco leading the way on three helpers for a 3-1 victory. Both sides played it differently after that by opening up the game a lot more. As the Mighty Cucs kept falling behind, time and space started to open up even more for the Degenerates. Every time they broke up a play, there would be an odd man rush  that resulted in plenty of goals. The score was 6-1 after only one period with many players chipping in offensively. The Mighty Cucs did finish strong netting four tallies that included two each by M.Cerone and A.Masi, but time just wasn’t a luxury they had.

(3)Degenerates vs Mighty Cucs(1)

(5)Mighty Cucs vs Degenerates(8)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pat Santullo of the Assadi Classics. For many of you that think this is a miss print, the Assadi Classics captain actually had a very productive night collecting four helpers in the first encounter while bagging the winner in the second match.

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday November 11

Nothing going right for the struggling RCGT Knights

(6)Horsemen vs RCGT Knights(1)

Nothing is going right for the RCGT Knights so far this season. Tonight’s 6-1 defeat to the Horsemen marks their fifth straight loss in as many games. No doubt the record is jarring, but there is still hope if they can figure out a way to put it together. This particular loss isn’t showing any signs of improvement as the Horsemen took it fairly easy in the end. For over half the game, the RCGT Knights were pleased with their overall performance. They scored first thanks to F.Bchara and S.Sauk was perfect so far in net. Then, they just fell off a cliff. The Horsemen finally cracked the dam and the goals kept pouring in. T.Karasek didn’t score but was behind making four goals happen as was P.Doulis providing three helpers. The scoring was balanced, and the goaltending by M.Vinciguerra was expected stopping 25 of 26 shots. This hits the mid way mark of the season for the RCGT Knights. Even though they will make the playoffs, S.Sauk needs to provide some confidence to his teammates by trying to get some positive results.

P.Doulis coming through in big OT win for Assadi Consulting inc

(7)Assadi Consulting inc vs Punishers(6) O.T

The Assadi Consulting inc prepared to face the Punishers with a little chip on their shoulder for how they dropped their earlier contest with them this season. Things did not go their way early, but they hung in there battling there way through the entire time. One player who made sure to standout was P.Doulis as he was able to collect five points including his hat trick that ultimately decided the game in overtime. He wasn’t the only vital piece as many needed to up the ante in order to collect some crucial points to the standings. The Punishers rode a very nice start making the score 3-0 after only eight minutes. Unable to keep pace, the game titled the other way with the Assadi Consulting inc dictating much of the play. Finally, it took a sudden death period where P.Doulis provided two important points in a saturated standings.

Different looking Left Wings team fall to Armadillos

(1)Left wings vs Armadillos(5)

The Armadillos regained first place with a convincing 5-1 win over the Left Wings on Thursday night. Much of the action only occurred as of the mid way point of the game. J.Kontitsis broke a scoreless tie, and both sides traded power play goals which put the Armadillos up by a slight 2-1 margin heading into the third. It was in that frame that the Armadillos upped their game dominating the period on three unanswered goals. C.Stavriadis clearly did his part and was nearly perfect if not for giving up a power play marker. Unlike yesterdays performance, the Left Wings didn’t seem to have the same swagger or will to win in their consecutive night. They still have enough rope to try and get in with only three games left in the season as they can easily leap frog a couple of teams within striking distance.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Peter Doulis of the Assadi Consulting inc. With points hard to come by, the Assadi Consulting inc banked a pair thanks to a superb performance by P.Doulis. The forward had five points completing his hat trick in the sudden death frame.

Wednesday Thursday division

Wednesday November 10

Never say die Panthers fall in overtime to United Arms

(8)United Arms vs Panthers(7) O.T

Despite battling back to tie the game on three straight occasions, the Panthers came out empty handed in what was a wild encounter with the United Arms. Only 40 seconds had gone by for A.Papazian to put his club in the drivers seat 2-0. Still, too early to gauge- from that point on where this match was going, both teams kept exchanging numerous chances keeping the goaltenders extremely busy between the pipes. Eventually, the Panthers would level but kept finding themselves behind only to keep battling back and even the score three consecutive times. J.Mason was the catalyst behind the comeback for the Panthers bagging four straight markers for his club. The last tying goal came in the dying moments with the Panthers forced to pull out their net minder for the extra attacker. Only 4 seconds was left on the clock when J.Mason buried his fourth to send it to overtime. Then, A.Belcher flipped the ball through the middle of the court which led to a rush chance where G.Jerjian tapped in the winner catching D.Bourque off guard. The Panthers had a tough start to the night, but they were able to turn the ship around and put themselves back in the game. Unfortunately, a bad bounce ultimately decided a game that could have gone either way.

Altius stifled by a well oiled Left wings machine

(5)Left Wings vs Altius(0)

Outworked, outscored and out-goaltended, the Altius will be wondering what went wrong on Wednesday night versus the Left Wings. Tonight, the Left Wings feasted on a very good team winning every frame while owning both sides of the court. After grabbing a 2-0 first period lead, the Left Wings did what good teams do best, and that’s to lock it down. D.Mattar was stubborn in net denying every single shot for a 30 save shutout. The win came with scoring efforts-from five different players that included an early winner by L.Bavellas. For the Altius, they might as well take this cold, hard slap in the face , then get back to work and regain their confidence into a team once reckoned with. Some nights teams will face a little rut, and perhaps this isn’t anything more than that for the Altius. On the flip side, the Left Wings continue to improve and impress as the season keeps moving forward. Its always nice having a top notched quarter back such as J.Admou, who clearly dictates the play for his club.

Brew Crew smother Fatal Demons

(2)Fatal Demons vs Brew Crew(4)

The game stats indicate that the limited amount of quality chances by the Fatal Demons didn’t give them much of a chance on Wednesday night. The Brew Crew broke a scoreless first period tie thanks to A.Belanger, and the Fatal Demons needed to figure out a way to get back into it. It wasn’t like they didn’t have some chances here and there, but not nearly enough to pose an overall threat. For the large part, they trailed by a pair but managed twice to pull within one. Every time they had the ball or turned to make a play, a Brew Crew was there winking while breathing down their throats. Overall, just a frustrating game for a team unable to connect enough times. A.Belanger was productive collecting three points that included two goals for the Brew Crew while C.Muccino kept it cool in net making the necessary saves.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Danny Mattar of the Left Wings. If your going to limit a team like the Altius to zero goals, its because your goaltender was brilliant.

Masters 35+ division

Tuesday November 9

Captain M.Pinheiro leads the way with 4 points for National

(4)Sonic vs National(7)

Look to your captain to set the example. M.Pinheiro led-from the opening shift producing four straight points for his club that included a pair of goals. National played with attitude, high intensity and as a team while never letting up. M.Beaudry chipped in with a pair, and C.Dagenais put up some nice numbers collecting four points. The Sonic weren’t able to weather the storm as they fell by a significant margin by the time the first period ended. Its never fun playing down 3-0. They managed to get their offense going after that but weren’t able to profit as they were stuck trading two goals in the final two frames.

S.Marricco second period hat trick powers Armos past Brewers

(7)Armos vs Brewers(4)

The Armos broke out for a huge second period in Tuesday night’s game versus the Brewers. S.Marricco scored three times during that frame which helped provide a 4-2 lead heading into the final stretch. His three goals came-from his office, the front of the net. There aren’t many players out there that make it an art to pick up rebounds and bury their chances on a regular basis. He may get his passes intercepted three straight times in a row, but he wont let you down if you need that goal. The Brewers played a hard fought game and would have perhaps been a closer contest if not for Marricco’s surge. While Marricco may be worthy of the player of the game, Y.Derohannessian definitely merits the goal of the night. The crafty forward took on two players on a clever flip move before patiently waiting out H.Psaroudis to bury his goal in style. The Armos finished things off controlling the final frame that saw G.Missakian riffle his second as part of a four point night.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Sandro Marricco of the Armos. His three second period goals set the path for a more comfortable third period for the Armos.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 8

Down to the wire, Golden Knights seal wins over Orient

It was a taut, intense battle that had the look and feel of a playoff game. The Golden Knights didn’t hesitate to send a strong message that they are the team to beat despite both games going practically down to the wire. After taking the opening contest 4-3, the second game was closer with both sides trading goals in each period before deciding it in the shootout. The Orient responded twice after falling behind but were never able to play with the lead in the second encounter. Instead, they had to settle for a shootout loss unable to solve G.Pilon on three attempts. Only one player scored during the breakaways for the Golden Knights. By patiently stick handling his way toward the net, S.Lachapelle timed his back hand threw the legs move just right in order to slide the ball right under N.Comptois. The two losses will not discourage the Orient at all as they know that they can compete with anyone, even the Golden Knights.

(3)Orient vs Golden Knights(4)

(3)Golden Knights vs Orient(2) S.O

Unable to close out the deal, Mighty Cucs fall twice in close calls to Hungry Hippos

The Mighty Cucs couldn’t have asked for a better start Monday night in their confrontation with the Hungry Hippos. M.D’Agostino and S.Masi each scored, and A.Giampalma was solid in net. It looked like the game was going exactly how the Might Cucs had hoped for. However, that all changed as of the second period. The court tilted so much that it looked like two different teams going at it. By the time the frame ended, the Hungry Hippos stormed back on three unanswered goals that included a very late tally-from T.Oliveira. The Mighty Cucs didn’t have much time to erase a heartbreaking finish. They did look unfazed entering the next match only to repeat a similar fate. This time, they led 2-1 in the second period before giving up two straight tallies in a short span. B.Travisano potted the winner with the help of M.Stoico, who set up all three goals for the victory. In the end, it just wasn’t the Mighty Cucs night. They’ll have no choice but to put it behind them and look at what’s ahead.

(3)Hungry Hippos vs Mighty Cucs(2)

(2)Mighty Cucs(3) vs Hungry Hippos(3)

F.Nasser, E.Harnois and H.Nasser pair goals for Orient rout of RCGT Knights

It came to be expected that there wasn’t going to be much intensity between the Orient and the RCGT Knights. That’s what you get when teams have no more than one or two changes on their bench. Basically, the game is played calm and patient as both sides sat back waiting for their chances to arise. In tonight’s case, the Orient created more opportunities and benefited more than enough times to rout the RCGT Knights. F.Nasser, E.Harnois and H.Nasser all had two goals each for the win as did J.DeSua but in a losing cause. The Orient had the better start building a 3-1 lead just passed the five minute mark of the opening frame. Despite plenty of time left over, it was more than enough for a team that can control the game to their liking. Prior to this contest, the RCGT Knights got credited the win because the Orient didn’t have enough players in time to floor a team. It may come as cheap points, but that wont stop the RCGT Knights for claiming them  as every single one matters at this stage of the season.

(0)Orient vs RCGT Knights(3) Default

(3)RCGT Knights vs Orient(6)

HBHA Seniors respond after dropping close encounter with Dragons

You always want to steal that first game of a mini series to give yourself a chance at a sweep. With the game deadlocked 1-1, G.DeMarinis broke the tie, and the Dragons were the ones to carry the series lead versus the HBHA Seniors. However, in order to complete a perfect night, they’ll have no choice but to continue their stride against an opponent that will push back even harder. This has always been a challenge for a side taking the opening contest. Naturally, when two evenly matched teams go at it, it often tends to split. The HBHA Seniors were more determined and made it a point to start the game with more urgency. Only four minutes had gone by when M.DellaRocca and P.Lapointe scored for a 2-0 lead. Clearly, a bad situation for the Dragons, who had to work twice as hard to try and overcome a deficit versus a stingy HBHA Seniors team. P.Musto would eventually widen the margin, and the HBHA Seniors knew they were on their way for the split en route to a 5-0 that included two empty net goals.

(2)Dragons vs HBHA Seniors(1)

(5)HBHA Seniors vs Dragons(0)

Two haunting finishes leave Degenerates empty handed vs Assadi Classics

With just over 30 seconds remaining in the second game , it looked like the Degenerates were on their way to splitting their night with the Assadi Classics. Then, the Assadi Classics stunned them on not one but two quick goals. The second tally was actually shorthanded leaving only 4 seconds on the clock. The first encounter was nearly as difficult to digest with the Assadi Classics deciding it with just less than a minute remaining. During that match, M.Mavroudis did most of the damage netting all four goals for a 4-3 victory. Considering their situation of a limited bench, the Degenerates challenged well enough to take both games only to run out of luck in the end. J.Melo was a big contributor scoring three out of the five Degenerates goals.

(4)Assadi Classics vs Degenerates(3)

(2)Degenerates vs Assadi Classics(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Mavroudis of the Assadi Classics. After scoring all 4 goals in the opening game versus the Degenerates, the power forward added two more big assists to help lead his team twice to victories.

Masters 35+ division

Friday November 5

National roar back-from 3 down to draw with Chiefs

(5)National vs Chiefs(5) S.O

National saved their best for the last period on Friday night. Trailing the Chiefs 3-0 early in the third period, National stormed back with three consecutive goals to force overtime. The comeback effort was led by three different players that saw the equaliser come fairly late courtesy of C.Dagenais. Neither side got it done in the five minutes of the sudden death period which left another opportunity in the shootouts. Still, nothing came to be as both sides traded two goals each that ultimately ended in a tie. Throughout most of the game, the Chiefs looked like they could do no wrong. They got their offense going as of the second period, the defense was committed to keeping it tight, and S.Morante was sharp as a razor blade. Then, it all changed in one single frame as National managed to put it together and salvage a point.

Brewers put themselves in trouble after giving up 2 shorty’s

(1)Brewers vs Sonic(6)

When it rains it pours. The Brewers just cant seem to catch a break. With the game still scoreless after one period, the Brewers had their chance to take the lead on the power play and force the Sonic to play catch up. Instead, the worse case scenario occurred as G.Gammieri and M.Pace each scored shorthanded to put the Sonic in front by a pair of goals. Clearly, a back breaker for the Brewers despite plenty of hockey left over. The Sonic smelled blood-from there on and continued to push the pace versus a discouraged Brewers team. Most of the damage occurred-from G.Gammieri and M.Pace as both players ignited for a total of eleven points. B.Madonis was solid in net stopping almost every single shot except one-from R.Hagen.

Chiefs weather the storm, and finish strong in a double header night vs the Armos

(3)Armos vs Chiefs(4)

In what was an incredibly tilted opening frame , it was S.Fraga forced to keep this game close for the Chiefs as the net minder stood tall. And with the score only 1-0 in favour of the Armos, the Chiefs were lucky they didn’t fall too behind. Once things started to calm down and both teams kept each other in check, the direction of the game would start to change as of the final frame. It was in their sixth period of hockey that the Chiefs perhaps played their best hockey.  Nobody on that team would have thought they could sustain that long and put out their best effort of the night. Three out of there four goals all came in that period alone on scoring efforts-from three different players. A.Zarzour was alone in front of the net to bag in the winner on a nifty move. Overall, a solid night for a team that played twice against two solid opponents. Apart-from one single period, the Chiefs couldn’t have asked for better as they start to climb the ranks of being a serious contender.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Simon Fraga of the Chiefs. Standing tall throughout the entire time, the Chiefs were able to pick up a nice win thanks to their net minder keeping it close.

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday November 4

United Arms unable to hold on in the third, settle for draw with Left Wings

(4)United Arms vs Left Wings(4) S.O

With the Left Wings down 3-1 heading into the third period, D.Provost-Jarry’s wrister- from the high slot sailed through an United Arms defence before beating goaltender R.Ricaurte. The goal was later followed-from teammate G.Vouloumanos ,who also wrist it hard to complete the comeback for the Left Wings. Considering the way the United Arms have been playing as of late with their ability to limit their opposition’s offense, it may have come as a surprise that they surrendered two goals. Clearly the Left Wings were fired up, and continued to push the pace while nearly taking it in the overtime period. Some solid penalty killing-from the United Arms forced this contest into a shootout. Both sides exchanged goals in the breakaways while the net minders denied two out of the three attempts keeping the game tied. D.Provost-Jarry faked out Ricuarte beating him on his forehand while Y.Derohannessian took notes-from Peter Forsberg’s patented back hand move to beat D.Matter.

Panthers making it interesting on late push but fall short to Armadillos

(5)Armadillos vs Panthers(4)

The Panthers comeback bid fell short on Thursday night, as the Armadillos earned a close 5-4 victory. K.Kuczmarski and P.Lapointe each scored twice in the win while T.Salberg was an absolute force for the Panthers igniting a hat trick along with an assist. The Armadillos stretched their lead comfortably enough until the third period where things started to shift in favour of the Panthers. Even though they pulled themselves within one, only two minutes and change was left over for the potential equaliser. Experienced  teams know how to close out hockey games, and the Armadillos did just that managing the clock to their advantage. S.Kipopoulos got credited the winner on an early third period goal that stood up just enough for the victory.

Fatal Demons erupt with 4 in first period and never looked back

(2)Horsemen vs Fatal Demons(4)

It showed-from the drop of the ball that the Fatal Demons were ready to play as they torched the Horsemen with four first period goals. There was no doubt the Horsemen weren’t the least bit pleased with their effort in the opening period. Starts like this loosen guys up, they tend to handle the ball with a little more confidence knowing that the bounces are going your way while not being concerned about trying to figure out the net minder. Although the period was well merited, the Fatal Demons started to play a little more on their heels after that. They didn’t generate the shots and chances like in the first period with the Horsemen starting to push the pace, but they didn’t give up much either. The game plan was simple-from that point on by trying to keep the Horsemen to the outside while relying on R.Ranieri to stop some basic shots. Again, M.Mavrouidis continues to find the back of the net adding two more to his total, and the captain P.Santullo delivered the winner on a power play marker.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Patrick Lapointe of the Armadillos. The power forward has been on a tear this week scoring a bunch of goals. Tonight was just another night at the office for Lapointe striking twice while adding a helper.

Wednesday Thursday division

Wednesday November 3

Assadi Consulting inc battle back, but falter on late goal

(5)United Arms vs Assadi Consulting inc(3)

The Assadi Consulting inc are starting to look a lot more like themselves on Wednesday night, but it still wasn’t enough. After overcoming a two goal deficit and appearing to regain some of the swagger that wasn’t there early on in the season, they surrendered a late winning goal to N.Chiminian, and ultimately fell 4-3.The United Arms did what they do best, and that’s having everyone buy into playing a relentless styled game. There goals came because of hard work while making sure they go to the net where they picked up a couple of rebounds to beat P.Assadi. This contest could have easily gone either way with the Assadi Consulting inc failing to capitalise when the score was tied. Instead, it was the United Arms seizing the moment which keeps them on a roll so far this season.

Punishers squander late lead in shootout loss to Altius

(7)Altius vs Punishers(6) S.O

G.Chountalos scored the lone shootout marker, C.Flikas and A.Catino tallied very late, and the Altius shocked a Punishers team that thought they surely had it in the bag. Both those late goals happened when the Altius pulled their net minder for the extra attacker. It may happen on occasion a team scores late when playing without their goaltender for the equaliser, but  for it to happen twice, the Punishers will be feeling it for a while. Adding to the misery, the extra time was only fitting that G.Chountalos would win it for the Altius on a brilliant nifty move. Those were just two times during the game that can be looked at for the Punishers where they could have avoided a crash. But perhaps another moment will be looked at was in the first period where they rode a 3-0 lead only to let that slip away as well. Funny things happened during this encounter, but one things for sure, the Altius showed they believe in themselves no matter what to circumstances are.

Brewers cruise for easy win over RCGT Knights

(8)Brew Crew vs RCGT Knights(0)

Its never fun falling in an early hole. Only three minutes had gone by, and M.Maggiore along with D.Catalano made the score 2-0. Usually two things tend to happen when teams face these challenges. They either tend to bounce back or they find themselves in an even deeper hole with no light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately for the RCGT Knights, the road ahead was grim. However, that did really happen till the later stages of the second period. Plenty of time had gone by until a three goal surge by the Brew Crew put this contest in the books. A.Belanger scored twice in the final frame to complete his hat trick, and C.Muccino kept a clean sheet stopping all 18 shots his way. The RCGT Knights did floor a decent line up with some quality players. The problem is that it takes some time to develop chemistry when adding new faces unlike the Brew Crew, who definitely have the years of experience for playing together.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Nicko Chiminian of the United Arms. The game appeared to be headed for overtime, that was until the United Arms centre man decided matters late snapping a 3-3 tie.

4vs4 Monday

Monday November 1

Dragons came to play in double rout of Orient

The Dragons were in the drivers seat for most of the night, and came away with a pair of victories over the Orient. In two games that needed everyone to step up, the Dragons had no passengers going up against a difficult challenge. After sneaking out a 5-3 shootout win, the Dragons looked even more convincing in the ensuing match. Tonight’s heroes were J.Mandracchia, making his presence felt collecting four points along with a shootout goal. Y.Gazura and G.DeMarinis were also very vital for both wins as the two players combined for five points. It looked at times the Orient couldn’t match their opponents pace, and didn’t seem as hungry. S.Morante was solid once again, keeping his club in it throughout the entire time facing close to 45 shots.

(3)Orient vs Dragons(5) S.O

(4)Dragons vs Orient(1)

Assadi Classics force Golden Knights to play till the very end

Yes, the Golden Knights won both their games against the Assadi Classics, but it didn’t come as easy compared to the way they have been dismantling other opponents. The Assadi Classics came out ready , building a 4-2 lead at one point which perhaps startled the Golden Knights that they were in for a real challenge .Slowly but surely, the Golden Knights didn’t wilt, and would eventually complete their comeback scoring three straight. M.Labrie was the driving force bagging three of the five goals en route to a 5-4 decision. The second contest remained very close as well, and was only decided passed the mid way point of the second period when the Golden Knights were awarded two power play chances. Giving them an extra body on the field is a recipe for disaster. On both their chances, M.Labrie delivered once more for his second followed with J.Fortin adding some insurance.

(5)Golden Knights vs Assadi Classics(4)

(2)Assadi Classics vs Golden Knights(4)

Degenerates impose their will to win against RCGT Knights

Over the course of the regular season, the iron will of a team to win becomes a quantifiable strength right along with goal-scoring, special teams or goaltending. And the Degenerates invoked their unflinching will on the RCGT Knights defeating them twice on Monday night. The Degenerates out shot the RCGT Knights, controlled much of the play while keeping the attack going forcing S.Sauk to make as many saves as possible. Many players contributed offensively with no other than S.Marricco feeding the back of the net five times in all. Everyone understood the importance of trying to get their identity back for the Degenerates, who have yet put it together on a consistent basis. Maybe tonight’s results can be the beginning of good things to come. Time will only tell as every week will be a difficult challenge in a division that doesn’t give much.

(5)Degenerates vs RCGT Knights(2)

(1)RCGT Knights vs Degenerates(4)

P.Lapointe and Q.Syrydiuk causing fits for the Hungry Hippos defense

It turned out to be a comfortable night for P.Lapointe and Q.Syrydiuk and the rest of the HBHA Seniors. Both players were on target clicking in a big way scoring twice in both games versus the Hungry Hippos. The Hungry Hippos did start brightly when A.Pederian opened the scoring, but that lasted only so long. The rest of the night belonged only to the higher ranked club. Both games were put to rest in the first periods alone. E.Parent gave up a total of only two goals and continues to be an essential part of a team that will rely on him as the season moves on. Its never easy going up against a skilled and experienced hockey team like the HBHA Seniors. The Hungry Hippos will need to put tonight’s experience in the rear view mirror and focus only on what’s ahead.

(1)Hungry Hippos vs HBHA Seniors(5)

(6)HBHA Seniors vs Hungry Hippos(1)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Labrie of the Golden Knights. In two very close games versus the Assadi Classics, M.Labrie was the difference maker riding a hat trick in the first encounter followed with another pair of key goals in his second match.

Masters 35+ division

Friday October 29

Even with short bench, the National manage to overpower the Brewers

Usually when your opponent comes to play with a stacked bench and you only have 1 change up, it means you’re in for a very long and frustrating night, but that wasn’t the case for the National. Yes they had a very short bench, but they dictated the pace of play throughout the game and employed a defensive and tight checking system keeping the Brewers to the perimeter. The National remained steady, calm & focused and never trailed in the game, and the Brewers offense couldn’t capitalize on their scoring chances as goalie D. Massa made some key saves and the defense took care of the rest. Like they usually manage to do on a weekly basis, Captain Marc Pinheiro & S.Laplante took care of the offense with a combined seven points between them, including a hat trick for Pinheiro. It’s still early in the season, but the Brewers need to tighten their defense and provide better support for goalie Psaroudis or the season will go off the rails very quickly as he keeps getting peppered with shots.

(6) National vs Brewers (3)

Morante solid between the pipes as Chiefs rout the Sonic

The Chiefs knew they were in for a tough test when they saw that the Sonic team had a loaded bench and compared to their 3 changeups. They had to keep things simple defensively and rely on their counterattack to produce their goals. Despite their short bench, this didn’t deter them as they stormed out to a 6-1 lead after 2 periods and never looked back. Goaltender S.Morante was simply stellar as he was making save after save and stifling the Sonic offense and giving them no second chances. Impressively enough, the Chiefs managed to get contributions from 6 different goal scorers en route to routing Sonic, with D.Galloro accumulating 5 points to lead the way. Perhaps F.Pace and his troops took the Chiefs too lightly given their short bench, but I’m sure they’ll make the necessary adjustments and be ready for their next encounter.

(7) Chiefs vs Sonic (2)

SalumiVino player of the night: S.Morante, the veteran goaltender was as solid as it gets pushing aside wave after wave of scoring chances earning an important win for his team.

Wednesday Thursday division

Thursday October 28

Punishers overcome slow start to topple Panthers

(6)Punishers vs Panthers(3)

The Punishers talked about needing a hot start, but they came out with less energy compared to the Panthers, who escaped the opening frame up 2-1. However, things did turn around-from that point on with the Punishers dominating the second and third periods by pressuring better while capitalising on the Panthers breakdowns. B.Makris did his part earlier in the game riffling two goals while four other Punishers took turns finding the back of the net. Throughout most of the game, the Punishers stayed composed in their zone and didn’t sit back offensively. Coupled with good goaltending-from N.Mackeen, it was a recipe for success.

Horsemen ride strong second period to edge out Brew Crew

(3)Horsemen vs Brew Crew(2)

Two goals in the latter stages of the second period lifted the Horsemen to a close 3-2 win over the Brew Crew. M.Kardum struck on the power play to snap a 1-1 tie, and S.Giannakis wasted no time increasing the lead by two heading into the final frame. Whether it was the Horsemen’s defensive game or M.Vinciguerra standing firm in net, the Brew Crew struggled to get much of their offense going. There last tally came a little too late with less than 30 seconds remaining in the game. The Brew Crew do have a complete roster along with a steady net minder in C.Muccino, but scoring goals seems to be an area of concern, at least for now anyway. Its not like they cant get it done with players such as D.Verta, C.Moutafis and M.Maggiore just to name a few. As for the Horsemen, things are rolling along just well as they keep finding ways to win hockey games.

Altius erase short memory with huge bounce back win over Armadillos

(2)Armadillos vs Altius(4)

The Altius felt that they were at a low point after dropping yesterdays loss to the United Arms. For a very short period of time, the hard to play against, stingy, competitive Altius had gone missing. However, that slight hic up changed, and in a hurry as their expectations for a bounce back game came into play versus the Armadillos. From-start to finish, the Altius played to their capabilities, and caught the Armadillos off guard on a dominant first period. A.Kobayati was the catalyst behind setting up P.Arkalis and F.Leclerc while C.Flikas ended the frame strong scoring for a 3-1 lead. It showed-from every shift that everyone was ready to play doing their job, playing their role which inevitably would lead to a positive result. The Armadillos weren’t able to get out of their funk trying to play-from behind. In the end, the Altius wanted nothing more that to go two straight games without a win.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to M.Vinciguerra of the Horsemen. In the very tight games so far, M.Vinciguerra is all about timing as the net minder keeps making the key saves at the right moment.

Wednesday Thursday division

Wednesday October 27

United Arms starting to get the attention they deserve

(1)Altius vs United Arms(3)

Grinding out games may be the United Arms formula for success. High scoring, wide open games are not very conductive to a team solely relying on hard work and a committed man on man game. The Altius learned this lesson in their 3-1 loss. If not for B.Bentivegna striking extremely late, the Altius would have gone empty handed on the score sheet. It took some time but A.Zakarian eventually cracked the barrier just passed the ten minute mark of the second period to put the United Arms on board. A.Papazian and H.Jerjian provided some secondary scoring, and the United Arms buckled down defensively not giving much life to a frustrated opponent. The United Arms knew they had another difficult challenge, but at the same time, they know that they can live up to it. Its safe to say at this point into the season, teams will need to get used going up against a team that will be showing up with their lunch pail every single time. In addition to their collective work ethic, R.Ricaurte gives them a legit chance to win every night as the goaltender was sharp once more stopping 27 of 28 shots.

M.Mavroudis and F.Benhamadi putting up nice numbers for Fatal Demons

(7)Fatal Demons vs RCGT Knights(2)

The Fatal Demons came to play on Thursday night as they clicked on all cylinders to down the RCGT Knights. M.Mavroudis is a force as the sniper produced again in a big way bagging a hat trick as part of a five point performance. The game remained fairly close until a quick spurt mid way through the match put the Fatal Demons in the drivers seat riding a 4-0 lead. Eventually, T.Spano was able to solve S.Fraga in the third period to at least spoil the shutout. The RCGT Knights did have a chance to get back into it on a power play chance, but it was all for nothing when M.Mavroudis potted in a greasy goal to keep the game idle. F.Benahamadi has also been consistent for the Fatal Demons as the work horse provided two goals and two assists. Many new players suited up for the RCGT Knights which is never a bad thing. However, it may take a little time for a team in search of their identity.

M.Croteau taps in OT winner, Assadi Consulting starting to find their groove

(3)Left Wings vs Assadi Consulting inc(4) O.T

Thursday night saw what was an incredible battle between the Assadi Consulting inc and the Left Wings. In the end, the Assadi Consulting inc took the back and forth affair in a game that could have gone either way. Both teams saw everyone respond at certain points during the contest. J.Rochon provided two leads for the Assadi consulting inc, but the Left Wings would respond and grab their late lead thanks to a power play marker by A.Perrault. A late hooking penalty gave the moment the Assadi Consulting inc needed in order to try and equalise. After putting on their unit for the man advantage, M.Do Couto was the one who delivered on a hard low slap shot that had eyes. That goal forced a four versus four overtime where if not for Pedram Assadi standing tall in net, the Left Wings would have walked away with the win. Instead, the result went the other way when Payam Assadi launched a perfect hard low pass that was tapped in by M.Croteau.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Robert Ricaurte of the United Arms. No doubt, a great goaltending performance-from the focused net minder. Allowing only one goal against the Altius isn’t easy to do, but Ricaurte proved that he can assume the responsibility.

4vs4 Monday

Monday October 25

Last period breakdown hands Orient two wins over Degenerates

After a disorganized start to their night, the Degenerates had no choice but to forget about their first encounter versus the Orient. Its what you get for starting late which gave the Orient an automatic team goal along with a power play which inevitably resulted in a goal. The Degenerates were scrambling trying to put their act together, and by the time they got organized, the damage had already been done. The second match had a different storyline, at least in the first period where both sides traded two goals apiece. The problem was that the Degenerates failed to play a full complete game despite competing strong to kick start their second encounter. A stretch of four goals in less than six minutes ultimately decided matters for the Orient. Amazingly enough, seven different players scored with S.Harchi setting the tone with four points.

(5)Orient vs Degenerates(1)

(4)Degenerates vs Orient(7)

RCGT Knights and Hungry Hippos go the distance in both games

If the regular season is any indication, the RCGT Knights and the Hungry Hippos are very evenly matched with both games going the ultimate distance. The RCGT Knights may argue the point that they failed to close out both encounters riding a slight 2-1 lead. The Hungry Hippos overcame a second period deficit thanks to M.Stoico and O.Allen responding to send the game into a shootout. A similar ending took place in the ensuing match when A.Pederian tied the game on the power play with just over a minute remaining. The Hungry Hippos were able to gut it out twice which gave them a pair of extra points in their season debut. The RCGT Knights grabbed an extra point by taking the first game in the breakaways courtesy of M.Dupuis and A.Ahmed getting the better of A.Zardarian. Finally, it was a satisfying night for the RCGT Knights, who have yet been able to put out four solid periods.

(4)RCGT Knights vs Hungry Hippos(3) S.O

(3)Hungry Hippos vs RCGT Knights(3) S.O

Mighty Cucs, unable to challenge an established HBHA Seniors side

The HBHA took care of business on Monday night. Q.Syrydiuk collected three first period points, and it seemed that the HBHA Seniors were determined to avoid a slow start. The Mighty Cucks had only one bright moment when A.Masi capitalised on the power play. Other than that, it was all HBHA Seniors as their offense continued to work while the defense and goaltending remained in synch. You almost cant afford to make too many mistakes against a team that will make you surely pay. The Mighty Cucs were stuck enduring a meltdown by the second encounter where nothing was working. D.Andrade scored twice, five other players contributed with goals while E.Parent remained firm collecting a 14 save shutout for the HBHA Seniors.

(4)HBHA Seniors vs Mighty Cucs(1)

(0)Mighty Cucs vs HBHA Seniors(7)

B.Daniele of Dragons and M.Mavroudis of Assadi Classics help provide split riffling hat tricks

Looking extremely good after one period, the Assadi Classics let the opening game escape them having to settle for a shootout loss. B.Daniele put on a clinic for the Dragons, bagging all three goals that helped send it to a shootout. The Dragons took it in the end with the help of J.Mandracchia and J.Scalia beating P.Assadi. As likely expected, the second encounter was an even dog fight till the very end. Both sides did most of the damage in the first period exchanging three goals each. Things did tend to slow down-from there, at least offensively but the scoring chances were still being generated-from the two sides. Only one went in, and who other than your top goal scorer to provide you the goods. M.Mavroudis, already with two goals and an assist continued to dominate adding another for his hat trick which provided the go ahead marker. That tally came with three minutes left in the game, at a point where the Dragons just didn’t seem to have the energy to keep up anymore. Overall, an entertaining performance-from two teams very familiar with each other.

(5)Dragons vs Assadi Classics(4) S.O

(4)Assadi Classics vs Dragons(3)

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Quinn Syrydiuk of the HBHA Seniors. The forward stole the show in the opening game for the HBHA Seniors participating in all fours goals that included a hat trick.

Masters 35+ division

Friday October 22

Chiefs offense breaks out in thumping of Brewers

(10)Chiefs vs Brewers(3)

It didn’t take long to see that this was not going to be the Brewers night. The Chiefs had already scored five times in the first period and they weren’t done yet. Although the offense was less urgent-from that point on, they did manage to win the second frame anyway which summed up the game carrying a four goal margin heading into the third. The scoring came-from mostly everywhere, but P.Santullo and S.Koulieris did contribute a little more with two goals each. Starting the way they did was just a horrible situation for the Brewers, who couldn’t put it together in time. You never want to fall that behind and be forced to play catch up hockey despite plenty of time left over. One full week before their next encounter will hopefully be enough time for them to correct their mistakes.

Y.Derohannessian hat trick leads Armos over National

(4)Armos vs National(1)

A hat trick-from Y.Derohannessian propelled the Armos to a 4-1 win over National on Friday night. The game was very close as expected throughout the entire time. E.Allen was able to break a 1-1 tie regaining the slight margin for the Armos. It was apparent that this game was tilting in the Armos favour due to the lack of bodies-from the National. They managed to hang in there as long as they could but perhaps felt defeated when Derohannessian widened the gap by the mid way point of the third. The Armos just kept putting immediate pressure on their opponent to make sure that National didn’t have enough time to play with the ball. The hat trick would be eventually completed in a yawning cage. Both sides knew that this contest was going to be a good measuring stick. However, neither side was fully loaded which will only be looked at as an early regular season game.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Yerik Derohannessian. Look to your high end guy to make the difference. The Armos played very well as a team but its always nice when your top gun shows up to play by notching a hat trick.